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Empire State Goes Red Tonight

The Empire State Building is to be lit up in red tonight to commemorate the Chinesse Communist Revolution sixty years ago. This  in what was one of America's symbols of freedom and capitalism? Follow the link to Left Coast Rebel  for more. As one thinks about the Obamanation and perversion of American values with this "commemoration of tyranny" in New York tonight, please think of the millions who were persecuted and denied their basic human rights to establish and maintain collectivist tyranny in China. The blood of many in China was shed to attain what the Chinese Communist Party, and apparently some in America today see as the higher ideal.

We Must Preserve Our Right to Free Speech

The Bill of Rights Article 1 states,  "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ;or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press ; or the right of the people peaceably to assembale, and petition the Government for a redress of grievances."  This became the first amendment because it was recognized for a democratic republic to remain free, the people must forever be insured of these protections. Today we stand at risk of having these very rights restricted at the hands of a misguided government. Should this occur  it will be for nothing less, and for no other reason, than institutionalizing politically correct speech. The entire first amendment is under attack. However, for the purpose of today's discussion we will concern ourselves only  with the freedom of speech and the press. The right to, and guarantee of, free speech is to insure that dissenting, unpopular and potentially offensive political

The John Galt Pledge

For those who value individualism and liberty Rational Nation USA encourages its readership to vist the following site via this link . Rational Nation USA thanks Mr.C. Jeffery Small for providing this link via comment to an earlier post at R.N. USA.

Conservative Thought from a Few Models of Conservatism

Todays past will take us  back in time. All the way back to "the father of modern conservatism" Barry Goldwater. From there we will move to the man who took Barry Goldwater's modern conservative agenda and created a modern day revolution culminating in his eventual election to the Presidency, Ronald Wilson Reagan. We will also see a clip comparing President Reagan's conservative values with a more contemporary conservative, Representative Ron Paul. Why, you may asked would you spend time on figures of the past who are no longer with us. What could be the possible relevancy with today and it's myriad of problems. You might even say Ron Paul is just following the tired old rhetoric and worn out values of 44 and 28 years ago. For a mind focused only on the immediate present, without regard for the lessons of the past or the possibilities of the future, one could say the question is reasonable. Perhaps even understandable. However, if one looks at the problems we 

The Attack on Ayn Rand and Her Proper View of Morality and Ethics

I received the following diatribe from someone that disagrees with Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism and Rational Nation USA's belief that  she was, and is, absolutely correct. This was sent to me by someone obviously agreeing with Mr. Wise irrational analysis of Rand's philosophy. Further he challenged me to post it to my blog. My first thought was to dismiss the challenge. Personally I do not believe it deserves the light of day. However, after giving considerably more thought to the challenge, I realized that the values I and all true conservatives hold requires I give my readership acknowledgement, no matter how misdirected or misguided the subject matter may be in my humble opinion. So, having said this, I present to you my dear readership the following for your consideration: Sociopathy on the Right: Ayn Rand and the Triumph of Conservative Cultism By Tim Wise September 14, 2009 (Reposted from Facebook ( ) with the author’s (genera

Howard Roark Speech - The Fountainhead

Perhaps President Obama, Pelosi, Reid et all should listen to Howard Roark's reasoned speech on the merits of individualism and productive achievement. But then again the three of them are kindred spirits with Ellsworth Toohey. There is little hope they would ever understand. "Whatever their future, at the dawn of their lives, men seek a noble vision of man's nature and of life's potential." Ayn Rand

Liberty Verses Socialism

Ayn Rand on socialism and a proper morality. The Republican Party and Libertarian Party would do well to fully understand her premise and the ultimate reason intendant in her philosophy of Objectivism. As for the far liberal left,  it is Rational Nations USA's contention they are likely to far gone to ever "get it." Following is a Rand message to GOP candidates many years ago. Her coments are still salient today.

Ayn Rand on Terrorists

Ayn Rand speaking on Middle East terrorists on the Phil Donahue show. Rand as usual was right on and Donahue as usual  babbled on with the irrational leftist position. In viewing this, one realizes how little times have changed. With perhaps the possible  exception of the left  becoming more irrational than they were thirty years ago.

Iran Going Nuclear - Our Response? Calculated Diplomacy and More

The most dangerous threat to international security and peace is the Islamic Republic of Iran.With the news just released Friday by the Obama administration confirming the secret nuclear site near the Holy City of  Qom ,  which will be capable of producing nuclear warheads when complete, can there be any further doubt of Iran's intentions? The leader of this Islamic Theocracy has proven himself to be a lunatic, and he is supported by the Islamic extremists that hold the power in Iran. Not only does his delusional claim the Holocaust is a myth created by the Jews indicate this truth, his repeated proclamations the Jewish people have no right to exist as a state, and should be wiped off the face of the earth confirms it. The evil that exits in Ahmadinejad, and the entire radical network that supports him, is reminiscent of Adolph Hitler and his Nazi party. The racism and hatred not only for and against the Jewish people, but the entire western world is evident in this maniacal de

Words of Liberty

During these times of ever encroaching government, accompanied by a corresponding loss of individual liberties reminders of America as it should be are appropriate. During these times of indoctrination of our children in the almost worship like devotion of President Obama, these words are surely needed. During these times when the mere questing of the President's policies is somehow considered wrong, and those who do are considered right wing nut cases, these words are profoundly needed. During these times when our nation's leader seems to have forgotten what our interests are, these words are needed. The enlightened wisdom, and deep understanding of the potential perils that lay ahead for our republic in it's founding days should be taught our children at home, and in our schools. Sadly it is no longer taught in our schools' and it is reasonable to think it is perhaps no longer understood as well. All across this great land left to us by our founding fathers we shoul

Some Random Thoughts

Rational Nation USA was planning to post some further thoughts on the horrific speech given by our Imperial President at the United Nations (aka The Gang of the Hopeless). While browsing the news I came across a National Review Online article by Robert Costa, whose source is Ann Bayefsky, a senior fellow with the Hudson Institute and executive director of Human Rights Voices, who said it all. The thoughts are concise and insightful. Read this outstanding article here. The Indoctrination of Our Children In the video below you will see school children being taught the praises of Our Imperial President. Rational Nation USA is quite sure this is the plan across America for proper socialist/statist indoctrination of our youth. The Christ/Obama comparison and the obvious attempt to influence these kids are despicable at best. Could His (the Imperial President) Plan Be ? Perhaps the anointed one has a grand plan. Having gained the Presidency of the United States of America he

A Blog Post Really Worth Reading

While checking in with several Blogs for insight on the Obama speech to the United Nations  I was really impressed by the post put up by Another Black Conservative . It points out a subtle contradiction and well as highlighting several major points in the speech. Interesting and informative.

Obama the Modern Chamberlain as He Trashes US Interests and Israel

It's worse than we expected. Our completely unqualified President has chosen to risk our national integrity, and security as a nation to further his idealized vision of "Hope and "Change." Further he has essentially turned his back on our only trusted Middle East ally, Israel. It is indeed perilous times we live in and we are being led by a naive and spineless leader. The President spent a great deal of his time making it clear he is not G.W.Bush, (as though the world didn't already know), without mentioning his name. It goes deeper than just distancing himself from the prior administration. The President  is radically departing from prior American foreign policy that has been designed to protect our national interests and those of our allies. Mr. Obama sees the need to " globalize " (emphasis mine) our interests in the hopes that everyone will like the United States all of a sudden just because he is in charge. Think again Mr. Obama, read some histo
On Vacation - Returning Full Time September 28th

On Vacation - Rational Nation Leaves You With #3;

A suggestion, understand deeply my dear fellow conservatives what is being said here.

On Vacation - Rational Nation Leaves You With #2;

On Vacation - Rational Nation Leaves You With;

The Imperial Presidency

It has been said that all politics are local. The concept makes a great deal of sense, and our Imperial President would do well to learn the simple concept. With the senate seat held by the late and not so great Senator Kennedy vacant , the socialist/statist at the federal level are pushing to get a suitable replacement. One that will of course represent the views of the Imperial President. The urgency is such that the highest level of government, the Imperial President, has found it necessary to intervene. Since filling a vacant seat in the senate is a state issue why is the Imperial President weighing in? One guess. If you  guessed muscle and brute force you are right. Just one more example of the Imperial President seeing no end to his influence and power. The following excerpt from an AP News  article of September 19th says it all.        RICHMOND, Mass. – Gov. Deval Patrick said Friday that President Barack Obama had personally talked to him about changing the Senate suc

A Thank You and a Few Recognitions

Rational Nation USA  sends its sincere appreciation to LCR for the kind words yesterday, and it's support for my humble efforts at helping to get America's message out. Over at LCR great work is being done. Rational Nation USA finds the work inspiring and never misses an opportunity to check in. Important stuff you are doing LCR, keep on keeping on! A couple of blogs Rational Nation USA began following recently are worthy of note. First up is Iron Mike over at Rabid Republican Blog.   Iron Mike has a sharp cutting edge to his posts. Refreshing, to the point, and on the mark. Rational Nation USA encourages you to take a trip over to his sight, you wont be disappointed. Keep up your god work Iron Mike. Second up for mention is LandShark 5150 . The work being done over at his blog is thought provoking and and always based on the principals that have sustained American for 233 years.  A sight I visit often and encourage everyone to visit as well. Last, but certainly not least

Take Our Country Back

Rational Nation USA has been talking about the loss of liberty and our way of life. From an unresponsive Congress to the Imperial Presidency of Barrack Hussein Obama we are losing America. The tea parties across America and the march on Washington are very positive signs we are beginning to wake up and demand our voices be heard. Those amongst us who value the individual, love liberty, a free market unfettered by government interventiion , and believe in the American ideal must press even harder. The forces of socialism/statism are growing in strength. Those in politics, academia, the media, and the misguided  in business will stop at nothing to insure their agenda and radical vision for America is achieved. The millions upon millions of  patriotic Americans that refuse to go quietly into the dark night are this Nation's saviors. Those holding office, and certainly this means the Imperial One, are our servants. It is we the people who have the power. Only by our consent and c

A Letter From the Recent Past -Even More Relevant Now than When Writen

Normally Rational Nation USA doesn't run an old opinion piece. However today, because there is much to do and not much time to do it, an exception is being made. The following is a letter to the editors, written by Les Carpenter III in March of this year. It was not published. No doubt because the opinions, while grounded in fact, doesn't represent the government media complex point of view.  It is running in hopes that it fires up at least one more person to become active in the efforts to take our country back. If it stirs something in 10 or a 100 all the better. Time is short and those of us who value  our liberty, individualism, and know that intrusive government is out of control, must do what is needed to win the battle for America. With the added issue of socialized national health reform and cap and trade added to the list of concerns expressed in the letter it is even more relevant now than it was in March. Make no mistake, unless we the people stop this huge and

Wisdom and Common Sense

As our government continues to take more control over our lives it is becoming increasingly obvious our leaders are lacking in both common sense  and wisdom. The individuals we have elected to represent us have sadly forgotten their power is derived from the people. Our current President, as did his predecessor, believes his power is supreme. President Obama truly believes the vision he has for America is the right and only vision. He and his supporters, those who have been mesmerized by his smooth and  flowery words, believe they have the only right answers. As Mr. President, Pelosi, and Reid are finding out, America doesn't think they have the right answers. In fact the exact opposite is true. There is a reason we are seeing such a ground swell of opposition to many of the Presidents policies. As the opposition grows the shrill words from the socialist/statist in control of our government gets increasingly more desperate. My good readers, this is simply because they fear losing

Obama and Racism

Yesterday Rational Nation USA called Former President Carter out for his wrongheaded and absurd remarks on racism. Mr. Carter believes that because millions of  patriotic American are taking issue with, and vocalizing their dissent over the direction President Obama is leading this country in is somehow equivalent to racism. As I said yesterday good ole Jimmy is in fact serving to fuel racism in the country. As I pondered  his remarks more (and the comments of the commentators) a thought occurred to me. If I am not mistaken the President is 50% black and 50% white, having a black father and a white mother. As I vividly recall , Mr. Carter said there was racism at play because President Obama is black. Lets see, half black-half white. Couldn't he just as logically be called white rather than black given his lineage? And if so would it not also follow that white folks can now claim racism is being directed at their race? Or perhaps I am missing something? The point being, the mere

Jimmy Carter on Racism

Former President Carter has went public and declared that Joe Wilson's outburst during the President Obama's address to the joint session of Congress was racially motivated. Further he maintains that certain signage displayed by those marching on Washington, as well as resistance to the Obamanation health care plan and other dissent against his policies is also racism.. Mr. Carter has once again demonstrated that he has the most flawed and illogical thought process of any former president. His comments are something one would expect from perhaps Cuba's Castro, Venezuela's Chaves, or perhaps even Britain's Brown. But from a former United States President? Appalling. Carter has in this man's judgment done more to fuel racial tensions than any recent former politician. Shame on you Mr. President. If I didn't know otherwise I would think you are becoming senile. The following video's were pulled off You Tube early this morning. How this ex lead

ACORN Prostitution Flap

ACORN, while not advocating pimping young women from foreign countries apparently have some in the organization who  see no ethical problem in "aiding and abetting" such a plan. This begs the question, does the organization it'self have deep ethical issues. Of course from their other "community" activism and voter registration activity we all know they do. The question is how deep is it embedded in ACORN. As this becomes more heated surely someone will begin an in depth official investigation. Or will they? See the Glenn Beck video here.

Our Work is Not Done

It was so refreshing to witness the throng that diverged on Washington DC this past Saturday. The "official" mainstream media outlets had the numbers at 60k give or take. After viewing data from multiple blogs, as well as reports from alternative media sites it is clear the numbers were well in the six figure range. Folks, the government media complex is down playing this march on Washington for political reasons. It simply wants you to believe there but a few that oppose the Obamanation and his socialist/statist vision and policy initiatives. As Saturday so aptly demonstrated nothing is further from the truth. The primary reason for todays post is not to revisit Saturday with pictures and videos of American taxpayers and liberty loving individuals marching on Washington. There was plenty of that posted by more accomplished bloggers than this humble rebel in  the cause for limited government and freedom from socialistic/statist altruism. Rather todays post is about the Obam

Voices of Reason

As Americans face the specter  of ever increasing socialism and statism, voices from the past are instructive. This however is true only if we listen to the voices and learn from the experiences of others who went before us. As Barrack Husein Obama, the Obamanation, strives  to radically change our country and its culture into an ever more socialist/statist nation words from the past can act as a warning for America. The powerful words of Margaret Thacher are reinforced in the following:  Words for liberty, limited government, individuality, and the hope that our nation can survive the onslaught of socialism and statism. Survive the Obamanation's desire to work against the wisdom and values of millions of finer and more qualified people. He should study the words of leaders with more gravitas and finer principals than he will ever posses.

The Death of Initiative and Productive Achievement

The sighing of  the once great economic engine is heard throughout the land. As the horses of productivity and the genius of creative capacity are ever taxed, and further burdened by the albatross that is the state, they plod on. Always confident, always struggling to support the dream. The belief that hard work, perserverance, and the right to trade freely will foster the realization of the dream. That unique and envied dream. The American Dream. In the beginning there was promise. The promise of a republic founded on the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. With this promise came the belief that through hard work and ethical behavior the republic would be kept. And so for over a century the creative, and those willing to accept risk, the risk of losing everything, resulted in an economic expansion never witnessed before in the annals of human history. The country became the most productive in the world, created the greatest wealth, raised the standard of living f

Comments on the President's Health Care Speech September 9th

The complexity of the health care reform  issue is such that it is impossible to comment on throughly in a single blog post. For the same reason it is equally as impossible for a President to lay out a 1018 page health care reform bill in a 50 + minute speech designed solely for the singular purpose of swaying the public opinion to support his (here)   vision of reform. Not surprisingly the speech was short on specifics and long on rhetoric. Few argue our present health care system is in need of reform. It is true that health care costs are exorbitant and health care coverage is costly. However, it is equally as true there exists no Constitutional or moral right to health insurance. It is true that every individual has the right to liberty, their life, and the pursuit of happiness. With these rights (as related to health care) they also carry the responsibility to; A) eat healthy, B) exercise vigorously and regularly, C) schedule annual physicals, D) heed their doctors recomendations