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Family Values, The Trump's, The GOP, and the Evangelical Thing...

I'm struggling mightily with this "Family Values" concept. Especially since the President and the First "Lady" seem to be the exact opposite of your conventional view of and on  family values.
It has always been my understanding that the GOP, Evangelicals, and conservatives place Family Values very near if not at the very top  of the value pole.
Either I've missed something or the Trump's, the GOP, the Evangelicals, and other conservatives that suppoort Trump and the GOP are huge hypocrites. My money is place on the latter.
How about yours?

After eight years of witnessing countless adorable displays of affection during the Obama administration, the current first couple looks absolutely despondent in comparison.
But the Trumps are not the Obamas, which is pretty much obvious daily.
The Trumps themselves have depicted their marriage as shallow as the sand traps at Mar-a-lago.
According to the New York Times, in 2005, the newlywed Melania Trump addressed a business class at New York University.
Why, we have no idea.
A student asked the supermodel if she would still be with Donald Trump if he was not rich.
“If I weren’t beautiful, do you think he’d be with me?” she quipped.
This candid response from the FLOTUS illustrates a marriage as lackluster as any failed Trump business venture. Donald is rich. Melania is beautiful. And so, they are married.
Of course the glimpse Melania gave into their marriage happened long before Donald Trump became candidate Trump who wooed the Republican party while touting his support for “traditional marriage”. But now that he’s President Trump, no moment of martial discourse goes unnoticed.
Many have joked about freeing Melania as if she’s unwillingly stuck with her husband and is looking for a way out like many of us are. But Melania has never given any indication that she isn’t a willing participant in the marriage, whether it’s a sham or true love behind the golden curtain.
If Melania now finds herself in a hypothetical marital prison, she holds the key to her own emancipation. No one needs to free Melania but Melania.
Remember, when a tape was infamously released of Donald bragging to Billy Bush about his sexual assault tendencies, Melania quickly dismissed them as “locker room talk.”
And Melania is just fine with the fact that Donald doesn’t want the responsibility of raising his children.
In an interview with Howard Stern, Trump said, “I mean, I won’t do anything to take care of them. I’ll supply funds and she’ll take care of the kids. It’s not like I’m gonna be walking the kids down Central Park.”

On a different but related note check out the following .

Preacher: Trump Will Bring About the “Greatest Spiritual Awakening in History”

Pastor James Robison has always been on the side of whatever Republican is in elected office. He’s currently serving on Donald Trump‘s Evangelical Advisory Board. Still, it’s strange to hear him brag about Trump as a savior rather than just supporting his policies.
In a video posted Monday, Robison argued that Trump was going to usher in the “greatest spiritual awakening in history.”
Every great and positive thing that is happening today is happening as an answer to the prayers of committed, sold-out people God often refers to as The Remnant,” Robison said. “I believe the positive things that are happening are an answer to prayer, and I believe the willingness of this man to stand up against all the assault and keep trying to do what he believes is best is a miracle of God.
“I believe if we keep praying, [God] will hear and he will have people sitting in front of [the president] who will so speak the truth with conviction, convincingly and with wisdom, and I believe he will respond,” Robison added. “I think we can witness the greatest spiritual awakening in history and one of the least likely people, many of you would say, will be used by God to accomplish God’s will for the blessing and benefit of this nation.”
 If by spiritual awakening, he meant opening our eyes from the nightmare in front of us, maybe he’d have a point, bthat’s obviously not what he was going for…
See video of the preach HERE.
I cannot help but think that if anything the Trump/GOP/Evangelical alliance will bring on a Dark Age to surpass the 1,000 year Dark Ages of antiquity.

The Delusions of a Narcissist...

The beginning of a new Dark Age? If so it's bound to be Greater than the last.

h/t: Democratic Underground

Do Christians Dehumanize with Promises of Peace?…

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The following excerpt is taken from patheosFor those with a questioning and actively curious mind consider it a teaser. A link to the complete article is provided following the excerpt.

Christians are well aware of the power of social isolation. That’s why one of their most powerful forms of retribution and retaliation is socially isolating their enemies. They call this cruel practice shunning or ostracism or disfellowshipping. In essence, they make those disagreeing with them into unknown aliens, weirdos that nobody understands or even wants to understand. Dissenters become people whose concerns make no sense at all.

People sitting out Christians’ Happy Pretendy Fun Time Game become dangerous; they rip away its context.

Thus, those enemies must go unacknowledged and ignored until they fall back into line with the group again. 

Atheists! Atheists! Barely Even Human!

Watch for how toxic Christians talk about their tribal enemies. You’d be well excused for thinking they’re discussing animals or small children. Christians treat their enemies like inferior subhumans who merit nothing more than disdain and contempt! Oh, but they’re so compassionate that they’ll take it upon themselves to provide the parenting that their enemies unfortunately missed growing up!

Most sales-minded Christians wrap their religion’s supernatural claims all up and in and around the human experience. That’s what their testimonies really are, after all: anecdotes about their experiences. The Christians who loved testimonies expect their handcrafted stories to resonate with others so strongly that they buy into the second-act miracle claim and the third act of vast improvement without much questioning the first act’s recounting of misery.

And that’s what a lot of their marketing promises really are as well.

A Promise They Can’t Deliver On.

Christian salespeople promise that humans can’t feel real love without also believing in their imaginary friend. The truest happiness only comes from Jesus-ing like our judge-of-the-moment does.

In the same way, they insist, non-Christians can’t feel peace without sharing Christians’ belief in their god.

Link to Article

When I finally sorted it all out and came to grips with the truth de-converting came natural and without the least bit of guilt. It was probably the most liberating experience of my lifetime.

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