Friday, September 28, 2018

Truth, Justice, and the American Way,,,

It is good that Jeff Flake voted to move confirmation out of committee to the senate floor. It is better that he made it clear he would vote no on confirmation unless the FBI was given a full week to do a proper complete investigation of all the allegations against the judge. Senator Flake ultimately decided that delaying the vote on confirmation until all the facts are in is the only right thing to do. Flake, again bucking party leadership, showed the kind of integrity that is sorely lacking in the republican party these days.

Also, the American Bar Association has called on the Senate to delay confirmation until the FBI has a chance to fully investigate allegations of sexual assault by nominee Kavanaugh.

In a strongly worded letter obtained by CNN Thursday, the organization said it is making the extraordinary request "because of the ABA's respect for the rule of law and due process under law," siding with concerns voiced by Senate Democrats since Christine Blasey Ford's decades-old allegations became public.

"The basic principles that underscore the Senate's constitutional duty of advice and consent on federal judicial nominees require nothing less than a careful examination of the accusations and facts by the FBI," said Robert Carlson, president of the organization, in a Thursday night letter addressed to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein.

"Each appointment to our nation's Highest Court (as with all others) is simply too important to rush to a vote," Carlson wrote. "Deciding to proceed without conducting additional investigation would not only have a lasting impact on the Senate's reputation, but it will also negatively affect the great trust necessary for the American people to have in the Supreme Court."


In the letter, the ABA president says the Senate must remain "an institution that will reliably follow the law and not politics," saying a "thorough FBI investigation will demonstrate its commitment to a Supreme Court that is above reproach."

Yale Law School is echoing the ABA
in calling for a delay and further investigation into the sexual assault allegations.

Yale Law School, where Judge Kavanaugh studied, on Friday called for further investigation into the allegations against the Supreme Court nominee.

Heather Gerken, the law school's dean, said in a statement: "I join the American Bar Association in calling for an additional investigation into allegations made against Judge Kavanaugh. Proceeding with the confirmation process without further investigation is not in the best interest of the Court or our profession."

Judge Kavanaugh in his hearing Thursday boasted of his admission to Yale Law School, saying he "got there by busting my tail in college" and describing it as the "number-one law school in the country."

These are encouraging signs that maybe, in spite of the GOP leadership's desire to steam roll Kavanaugh's confirmation, a proper determination will ultimately be made based on a thorough and non partisan FBI investigation of alleged sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Another False Narrative of the Right...

Below is a header picture on display at a rightwing trumper weblog. One of those sites that proudly supports whatever false narrative the sitting predisent declares to be true.

As they overlook tRump's xenophobia, narcissism, bigotry, misogyny, dishonesty, racism, and general incompetence for the job he was elected to they resort to posting pictures like the one below.

In their inability to counter the concerns of the knowledgable, legitimate, and intelligent opposition with legitimate credible evidence they resort to characterizing them as lazy, fat, effeminate, slovenly, and just wanting free stuff from the deep state.

There is a certain small segment of our poulation, both conservative and liberal, that is lazy and prefer to do as little as possible. These types generally refuse to accept responsibility for themselves and their lot in life prefering to blame others for their reality. But these folk constitute a clear minaority of our poulation. Whether they be liberal OR conservative.


So, in characterizing the legitimate knowledable resistance to tRump with photos (as captions) like the one above they effectively insult the majority of the populace of the nation. I wait to see how it all works out for them down the line.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Who Do You Believe, Kavanaugh or Ford & Why?...

tRump commenting on allegations by Christine Blasey Ford that SCOTUS Nominee Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her whule in high school.

abc NEWS - President Donald Trump says he wants to hear from the accuser of his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh but said it's hard for him to believe that the allegation brought by professor Christine Blasey Ford is true.

If she shows up and makes a credible showing, that will be very interesting and we'll have to make a decision," President Trump said. "But I can only say this, he is such an outstanding man. Very hard for me to imagine that anything happened."


The president again brushed off the idea of asking the FBI to reopen its background check into Kavanaugh, something he has the power to order, saying "it would seem the FBI doesn't do that" and deferring to senators to handle the process from this point forward.


The president said the Senate has already given a lot of extra time to the process due to the late-breaking allegation and questioned the motives of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, for not bringing forward a letter detailing the allegation, which she has had for months, sooner.

"Why didn't Senator Feinstein bring this up at her meeting with judge Kavanaugh?" he said. "Why did they wait until everything was finished and then bring it up? That doesn't look good."

The president expressed sympathy for his Supreme Court pick, saying "it's a very unfair thing what's going on" and calling Kavanaugh "an extraordinary man."

"This is a very tough thing for him and his family and we want to get it over with but at the same time we want to give tremendous amounts of time. If she shows up, that would be wonderful. If she doesn't show up, that would be unfortunate," he said.

Speaking for myself I must say tRump has his mind made up. Regardless what Ford might have to say. One only needs to recall tRump's history of sexual predation to grasp why that would be.

Colleagues of Christine Blasey Ford are coming forward to support Ford and talk about her integrity and honesty.

Los Angeles Times - Christine Blasey Ford, the Northern California psychology professor who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault when they were both teenagers, is described by colleagues as a rigorous statistician who doesn’t fudge the data or stray from the facts.

One psychiatrist who has collaborated with her on four academic papers told The Times that Ford is “a woman of great integrity”; another who has known her for more than 10 years described her as calm, measured and scrupulously honest.

Those assessments are certain to be challenged if Ford agrees to testify before the Republican-dominated Senate Judiciary Committee about the night, more than three decades ago, when she says a stumbling-drunk Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed, groped her, ground his body against hers and covered her mouth when she tried to scream.


Stanford psychiatry professor David Spiegel has known Ford for 14 years and co-wrote academic papers with her on subjects including people who suffered trauma from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the effects of hypnosis on depression.


“I know her to be an honorable, honest, straightforward, decent person. I can’t conceive of her doing this for any other reason than she is honestly reporting what she’s experienced,” Spiegel said of Ford, a Palo Alto University professor who teaches in a consortium at Stanford.

Spiegel, who said he was speaking personally and not on behalf of Stanford, added that Ford is a “solid biostatistician and a woman of great integrity.”

C. Barr Taylor, a retired Stanford psychiatry professor, said he has known Ford for more than a decade and that she worked with his students to improve the statistical analysis in their dissertations.

Taylor said Ford’s personality — calm, measured and kind — suits the work she does.

For certain there are questions to be answered. Many are questioning the timing of Ford's allegations, and, she has ackowleged she can't remember some key events of the occurance. Those are concerns that should easily be worked through in a fashion that results in a proper decision on the nominees fate. After all the integrity of the Senate will be on trial in the court of public opinion.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Reminders of Trump's Racism...

For at least the past 3 years we have repeatedly been exposed to tRump's racist comments . His history of racists remarks goes back much further. As a public service reminder we are reproducing some of his statements in hopes that it will encourage folks to seriously consider what party candidates to vote for in 2018 (as well as 2020) and turn out in greater numbers than is the norm.

Trump’s real-estate company tried to avoid renting apartments to African-Americans in the 1970s...

“Black guys counting my money! I hate it. … I think that the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault, because laziness is a trait in blacks.”

In 1989, Trump took out ads in New York newspapers urging the death penalty for five black and Latino teenagers accused of raping a white woman in Central Park; he argued they were guilty as late as October 2016, more than 10 years after DNA evidence had exonerated them.

“I think sometimes a black may think they don’t have an advantage or this and that. I’ve said on one occasion, even about myself, if I were starting off today, I would love to be a well-educated black, because I really believe they do have an actual advantage.”

He began his 2016 presidential campaign with a speech disparaging Mexican immigrants as criminals and “rapists.”

He uses the gang MS-13 to disparage all immigrants.

In December 2015, Trump called for a “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” ...

rump said a federal judge hearing a case about Trump University was biased because of the judge’s Mexican heritage.

In June 2017, Trump said 15,000 recent immigrants from Haiti “all have AIDS...”

Trump vulgarly called for less immigration from Haiti and Africa and more from Norway.

Trump called Obama (who was editor in chief of the Harvard Law Review) “a terrible student, terrible.”

Trump frequently claimed that Obama did not work hard as president.

Trump falsely claimed that President Obama “issued a statement for Kwanzaa but failed to issue one for Christmas.”

Trump said, “Our inner cities, African Americans, Hispanics are living in hell because it’s so dangerous. You walk down the street, you get shot.” Trump also said to black voters: “You’re living in poverty; your schools are no good; you have no jobs.”

He frequently offers false crime statistics to exaggerate urban crime, including about Oakland, Philadelphia and Ferguson, Mo.

He is quick to highlight crimes committed by dark-skinned people, sometimes exaggerating or lying about them

He frequently criticizes prominent African-Americans for being unpatriotic, ungrateful and disrespectful.

He called Puerto Ricans who criticized his administration’s response to Hurricane Maria “politically motivated ingrates.”

He has retweeted white nationalists without apology.

He called some of those who marched alongside white supremacists in Charlottesville, Va., last August “very fine people.”

Trump endorsed and campaigned for Roy Moore, the Alabama Senate candidate who spoke positively about slavery

Trump pardoned – and fulsomely praises – Joe Arpaio, the Arizona sheriff sanctioned for racially profiling Latinos

Trump took out advertisements alleging that the “Mohawk Indian record of criminal activity is well documented.”

In 1993... “I think I might have more Indian blood than a lot of the so-called Indians that are trying to open up the reservations.”

In a November 2017 meeting with Navajo veterans of World War II, Trump mocked Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas.”

Trump has trafficked in anti-Semitic caricatures, including the tweeting of a six-pointed star alongside a pile of cash.

Trump has trafficked in anti-Semitic caricatures, including the tweeting of a six-pointed star alongside a pile of cash.

Trump once referred to a Hispanic Miss Universe as “Miss Housekeeping.”

At a June 2016 campaign rally, Trump pointed to one attendee and said: “Oh, look at my African-American over here. Look at him.”

The preceding are excerpts from this article. Click on the link to read the full article and the links within the article.

tRump won the presidency of the world's greatest melting pot. A nation of immense diversity that has been successful (GREAT) in part because of its diversity. This president by his words and actions has demonstrated that he doesn't understand this and that he doesn't want to. He is obviously comfortable being the xenophobe we've come to know.

tRump, a man who seemingly has no knowledge of our history or any desire to learn it must be turned out of The White House in 2020. That is if he doesn't resign first or get impeached and removed by the senate.

On a more immediate note the 2018 mid term election is critical as well. Maybe more since republicans who have supported tRump must go as well. Ridding the House and Senate of enough republicans to flip them must be job one. Because if that becomes a reality it is a huge game changer and would tie the racist tRump in knots. IE effectively obstruct and defeat his agenda just as the rethuglicans did to President Obama.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Remembering Trump's Dishonesty, Self Aggrandizement, and Personal Gain Following 911...

We've known for quite some time now that tRump, being the narcissist that he is, makes everything about himself. Even 911. Following are recorded factual examples of tRump using the terrorist attack on America on September 11, 2001 for self aggrandizement, personal gain, and to stir hatred for Muslims.

Excerpts from the The Washington Post:

Even as the smoke was literally still rising from the World Trade Center, he saw a terrorist attack against America as an opportunity for self-aggrandizement and self-promotion. He eventually turned it into a weapon of political hate, but in the immediate aftermath, Trump saw it as an opportunity for brand enhancement and wasted no time.

Trump bragged that the destruction of the Twin Towers made his building the tallest in Lower Manhattan.

Forty Wall Street actually was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan, and it was, actually, before the World Trade Center, was the tallest. And then when they built the World Trade Center it became known as the second-tallest, and now it’s the tallest.

Trump looked out and saw a scene in which 2,753 people died, and said, Hey, that means my building is the tallest one around! Who thinks like that? Trump, that’s who.

Trump applied for and received $150,000 in state funds intended to help small businesses affected by the attacks, despite the fact that his business was not affected.

The fund was supposed to cover uninsured losses for small businesses, but Trump somehow received $150,000 in taxpayer money; his application cited “rent loss,” “cleanup” and “repair.” Yet none of Trump’s properties were actually damaged in the attack.

Trump stretched the truth about personally helping to clean up at the site.

While Trump did visit the site a couple of days after the attack and did some interviews, there is no evidence that he got down to help clear rubble, which people would certainly have remembered. In fairness, this is a minor fib, but it reveals his ongoing attempt to make himself out to be more generous than he actually is.

Trump made other false claims about his personal connection to 9/11.

I have a window in my apartment that specifically was aimed at the World Trade Center because of the beauty of the whole downtown Manhattan and I watched as people jumped. And I watched the second plane come in. Many people jumped and I witnessed it, I watched that.

Trump Tower is four miles from the site of the World Trade Center. He could not possibly have seen people jump from the buildings during the attacks.

Trump repeatedly told a vicious, racist lie about Muslim Americans celebrating the attacks — even after it was debunked.

Hey, I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down. And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering.

The next day, ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos confronted Trump with the fact that the police and journalists who investigated this rumor say that it never happened. Trump replied that he had watched it on TV, despite the fact that there is no video anywhere of such a thing happening, then said, “There were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey, where you have large Arab populations.”

The problem here isn’t just about dishonesty. It’s that Trump was using the pain and anger associated with Sept. 11 to promote hatred at Muslim Americans, and lying in order to do it.

As we know well now, all that was not at all out of character for Trump. Nor was it out of character when he bragged about how the attacks had made his building bigger by comparison, or when he claimed he helped at the attack site when he didn’t, or when he squeezed some money he didn’t deserve out of a 9/11 fund. This is who Trump is. It’s who he’s always been. And it’s who he’s always going to be.

tRump has earned the total disrespect I, as well as millions upon millions of other real Americans have for him. He is a liar (pathological), a narcissist in the extreme degree, a xenophobic bigot, and a man without a soul. If there is a hell, something I do not believe, tRump shall surely roast in hell.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Obama Hits Trump With Truth...

President Obama delivering truths the American people need to hear. Obviously over, and over, and over again.

Click for article.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

A Positive in the Era of tRump, Americans Increasingly Becoming Aware of the Con...

Its been awhile since I last posted. Vacations and other enjoyable pursuits have, thankfully, occupied our time. As I try to keep the political noise and distractions to a minimum staying away from active posting here has been most beneficial to my mental and emotional health. In other words there are by far more important activities to keep one occupied. Activities that enhance life rather than dragging it into the dirt and mud.

Going forward postings here will very likely remain light, as well as few and farther between. Also, as hard as it might be in the Era of the tRump presidency and con governance, future postings will be of a positive and uplifting variety. Today as I happily post the following I am given hope than 2018 will be the beginning of the end for the tRump abomination.

Some poll statistics from The Washington Post:
Nearly half of Americans, 49 percent, say Congress should begin impeachment proceedings that could lead to Trump being removed from office, while 46 percent say Congress should not.

53 percent — say they think Trump has tried to interfere with Mueller’s investigation in a way that amounts to obstruction of justice; 35 percent say they do not think the president has tried to interfere.

Overall, 60 percent of Americans disapprove of Trump’s job performance, with 36 percent approving

Trump’s overall popularity breaks down along lines of partisanship, ethnicity and gender, according to the poll. While 78 percent of Republicans approve of his performance, 93 percent of Democrats and 59 percent of independents disapprove. More men support him than women, and while 45 percent of whites back him, 19 percent of nonwhites approve.

But 63 percent of Americans support Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election, with 52 percent saying they support it strongly; 29 percent oppose the probe.

61 percent of Republicans opposing the probe but an even larger 85 percent of Democrats expressing support. Among independents, however, a two-thirds majority of 67 percent back the investigation.

But 67 percent of Americans think Mueller’s case against Manafort was justified, while 17 percent say it was unjustified

Two-thirds of Americans oppose Trump pardoning Manafort — 53 percent strongly oppose it — and 18 percent support a pardon.

Sixty-four percent of Americans do not think Trump should fire Sessions, with 19 percent saying he should and 17 percent saying they have no opinion. Nearly half of Republicans, 47 percent, say Trump should not fire the attorney general, with 31 percent saying he should.

Just under a quarter of Americans, 23 percent, say they agree with Trump’s criticisms of Sessions for allowing the Mueller investigation to proceed, while 62 percent say they side with Sessions, who has said he is following the law.

61 percent of Americans think that Trump committed a crime if he did direct Cohen to make the payments, while 31 percent say he did not commit a crime.

75 percent of Democrats say Congress should begin impeachment hearings, 82 percent of Republicans say lawmakers should not. Among independents, 49 percent support impeachment while 46 percent oppose it.

The above helped restore my belief that the majority of Americans get it. Even given the robust economy (started under Obama) that tRump has presided over they are beginning to realize the dangers that are inherent in the corrupt tRump administration, as well as the republican con congress of now controlling {all} the levers of government. More and more, as tRump continues to become more unhinged, We the People understand the importance of the rule of law, and independent and free press, and the time tested and honored institutions of the Democratic Republic our founders passed on to us for safe keeping. Lets not let then down.

That's all for today, see ya all next time. Whenever that may be. Hint: when the next bit of truly good and uplifting bit of information surfaces.