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Any Rand Monday

Another, and perhaps last Ayn Rand Monday at RN USA. The incredible intellect of Rand, and her love for this, the wealthiest and greatest capitalist society on earth, seems to be lost on the majority of Americans today. Perhaps when we are facing the same fate as Russia under Bolshevism we might care enough to pay attention to her warnings. Until then most will go along their safe and merry way. No doubt believing "it can't happen here." Statism in all it's various forms is alive and well all over the world, the United States of America included. As much as there are those who chose, either out of ignorance, or choice because they believe the state knows best over the will of the people, statism nonetheless is a powerful force in American politics today. Perhaps it is because the people in America today, as Europe has for centuries, want to believe government is the answer to the social and economic problems inherent in existence itself. Nothing could be furthe

Meet Thomas Jefferson

RN USA continues it's presentation of Meet Thomas Jefferson with segments five and six. it is hoped you are finding these spots informative, enjoyable, and worthwhile. Please feel free to comment, and or suggest ideas for future informative content. Feedback as to content such as this is welcome and appreciated. And now with pleasure RN USA gives you Thomas Jefferson. The series continues tomorow with segments seven and eight.

A Threat to the World at Large

The world at risk, and nobody with any real authority is doing anything about it. The useless toothless United Nations will no doubt, as usual , do nothing. The United States under the fearless Barrack Hussein Obama  administration will dither, as is it's custom, and eventually along with the western allies (whomever they may be) will call for useless sanctions. And the world at large will continue to remain at increasing at risk. As is usually the case with the extreme disillusioned lefties and rightie (for philosophically different reasons) the arguement will be made the madman in Iran, and the extreme idealogical Muslim extremists that control the Persian nation, are but exercising their right to the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Right, and for those who might believe this BS there is a market for non existent bridges for sale. Iran has just announced its approval Sunday to build ten additional uranium enrichment sites. This amounts to a significantly large expansion of

Meet Thomas Jefferson

RN USA hopes you find the series thus far on Thomas Jefferson both informative and enjoyable. The presentation continues today with segments three and four. The series will continue tomorrow with segments five and six.

Hope and Change - Check it Out

Hmm, wonder how well lobbyist and special interest reform in the Obama Administration is working differently than in prior administrations. Let us view a few examples. So much for integrity. One must come to the conclusion it is to much to hope for. Even "hope and change" can equate to the status quo in politics.

The Fraud of the Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, in his article published in The Washington Post today, is extolling the virtues of "redesigning" the federal reserve system so that it is more responsive and able to avoid the kind of almost meltdown of the financial system we experienced a year ago. His position is essentially a lie and is based on the interests of the Federal Reserve, the  U.S. financial market as well as the global financial markets. The recent success of Representative Ron Paul in getting congressional approval to audit the Fed, no doubt has Barnanke and others in the financial markets gravely concerned. When speaking to this issue here is what he had to say;      "I am concerned, however, that a number of the legislative proposals being circulated would significantly reduce the capacity of the Federal Reserve to perform its core functions. Notably, some leading proposals in the Senate would strip the Fed of all its bank regulatory powers. And a Hou

Meet Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson our third President, influenced greatly by Thomas Paine, was a stanch defender of individual liberty and favored a limited role for the federal government. As such Jefferson was an anti federalist and strong proponent of states rights. Unfortunately for our Republic, and the cause of liberty, the federalists prevailed in American politics. While it may be to late for our nation to regain the anti federalist positions, it is well if we revisit and indeed never forget the principals on which anti federalism was based. To that end RN USA is putting up a series of videos that characterize Thomas Jefferson the person, his insights and wisdom. Much can be learned in todays modern times by understanding the principals by which Jefferson lived and governed. The Declaration of Independence and Jefferson's Presidency stand as testament to his great intellect, wisdom, and patriotism. It is likely Jefferson were he here today would approve of the tea party, or tea bagger mov

Death of the U.S. Dollar

The following video is frightening. Its contents will shake you to the very core, and cause you to wonder just how we have arrived at our present state of affairs. The plan for the eventual establishment of a world currency, and indeed a one world order, has been in progress going back to the early years of our Republic. Financial corporations, and political figures have kept it a buried and well hidden secret. Some very early leaders of our Republic such as Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln foresaw the impending danger. Unfortunately this did not change the course of events.  The institution known as the Federal Reserve, and the Progressive Income Tax have much to do with the impending disaster to our currency, our way of life, and our security. Both have contributed  to the plan. The Obama administration, like many before it will encourage the continued progression to assured insolvency and  national bankruptcy.  There is little time.  Unless we act to force our nat

Charles Krauthammer on Health Care Reform

The health care debate goes on, and on, and ... on. What we have succeeded in doing is to produce a total of over 4,000 pages (House and Senate bills combined) of a bureaucratic nightmare and regulatory jungle. Of course these competing bills must go through the reconciliation process. Nonetheless,  in final form,  whatever comes through the pork grinder will likely exceed 2,000 pages. While there is little argument that our system needs reform, the current bills, as they stand are an abomination and not what we need. Charles Krauthammer, in his November 27, 2009 article in The  National Review puts forth some well reasoned arguments as to how we should go about health care reform in a reasoned and proper manner. Read the the full text of Krauthammer's article here . Via:  Memeorandum Via: NRO

Obama Administration's Initiative to Limit Lobbyist Influence

Rational Nation USA has long held that special interest lobbyist, whether they be business in nature or any other special interest, have no place influencing government policy or congressional decisions. For this reason RN USA is coming out in support of the Obama Administration's recent initiative to curb their influence. The Washington Post November 27, 2009 article on this issiue explains in some detail the inititiative. Please take a moment to read through this article . While many of us on the conservative side of the political spectrum find much to criticize the Obama administration for, this initiative is a good start to eliminating special interests. Via: Memeorandum Via: The Washington Post

Rally To The Cause Of Liberty and Pride In America

Many might feel this video divisive. However, when one listens to the words, it is most difficult to mount a rational argument against the majority of their premises. In todays environment of altruistic socialism, multiculturalism and diversity, and the falacious argument that big brother government knows best, it is criical that all who love liberty, individualism, self reliance, and personal responsibility unite to hold back, and beat the charge of socialistic statism.

More American Now Believe U.S. Health Care System Best in the World

The most recent Rasmussen poll is showing a significant shift in America's perception of our health care system. The shift is in a decidedly upward (positive) direction, and as such bears an increasing challenge to the Democratic bill that passed the House as wellas the Senate bill yet to be debated on the floor of the Senate. This is good news as both versions of healthcare reform are seriously flawed as covered by the balanced, albeit limited portion of our national media. Following are some highlights of the Rasmussen poll released November 27, 2009. 49% currently rate U.S. health care as good or excellent. The above figure shows a steady increase to the favorable side as follows; 29% 18 months ago, 39% in May of this year, and 44% at the start of October. The most recent Rasmussen poll shows that a mere 27% believe the U.S. heath care system is poor. What is significant is that only 38% favor the current legislation working it's way through Congress. Liberal vot

A Look at Thomas Paine - A Revolutionary Firebrand and Lightning Rod

Thomas Paine, the man who galvanized a people to revolution, and thus became the individual most responsible for our becoming a free and independent Republic is worth getting to know through an understanding of his works. The video clips offered here are but a brief glimpse into a self educated man of the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason. Paine, a man of great stature, is well worth the time spent to get to know his works. In doing so it could well help get America back on a path to national sanity. And inspire a second and non violent revolution in America. A re-awaking of our founding principals and a road back to greater liberty and responsibility if you will.

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to all from Rational Nation USA. As we give thanks for the bounty that America has always given us, let us remember our National Heritage and give thanks to those who formed our nation, and to succeeding generations who preserved and protected liberty so that we remain free today. George Washington established Thanksgiving as a National Day of Thanksgiving in 1789, hence his picture above. Rational Nation USA will resume daily post on Friday 11/27/09.

Rasmussen Poll - Presidential Support Continues to Decline

Judging from the tracking poll results out this morning it clear our President is losing support, and at a consistent and steady rate.   Overall 45% of likely voters say they somewhat approve of the Presidents job performance, while 54% say they now disapprove of his overall performance. The -15% in the Presidential Approval Index combined with the 20% drop in the Presidential Job Approval does not bode well for the President. As more Americans become aware of the specifics of the Presidents health care plan, combined with increasing angst over the economic situation, particularly job losses, it is likely the President will continue to suffer loss of support. The President's position on trying 911 perpetrators in civilian court in New York City, and his dithering over the decision with respect to troop levels in Afghanistan has not helped the President's standings as well. Read full report here . Via: Rasmussen Reports

Bill O'Reilly Interview's 911 Defense Attorney

This is possibly the reason that criminal attorneys are perhaps the least respected individuals in America. Bill O'Reilly called this attorney a weasel, in this persons opinion it was far to kind of a representation of him. While it is understandable this attorney is not in a position to telegraph judgement with respect to the heinous 911 criminals, he could have, and should have shown more respect and sensitivity for the thousands victims and their families. The 911 perpetrators are war criminals. Anyone with a modicum of logic knows this. They should be facing trial in a military tribunal, without any consideration for Miranda rights, and when found guilty they should be put to death. The video, one of the most reprehensible seen in recent times.

Final Segment - O'Reilly Palin Interview

Final questions from Bill O'Reilly. The last segment is pretty much like the first two. Not overly tough questions, but not all fluff either. Overall, as Interviews go, perhaps a B- grade. What do you think?

Ayn Rand / Thomas Jefferson Monday

Ayn Rand, perhaps the most misunderstood and maligned philosopher of the 20th century, never wavered from her conviction that individual rights were inalienable, and exceeded the misguided belief that the good of the collective exceeded that of the individual. Rands premise in essence was that free men and women had the right to interact with other free men and women on the basis of mutually agreed upon choice. As such, each individual was free to act as their own independent agent, free to engage in trade as they deemed fit. It goes without saying, and is implicit, that each individual would make decisions based on the mutual benefit of the parties involved. Such benefit would be determined without the involvement of, or consideration being given to, governmental influence, consideration, or prejudice. It is what is known as the free market. A market absent government subsidies, obtrusive regulation or influence, special interest influence, over burdensome and crippling taxatio

New Message From GOP Promised For 2010

Michael Steele, the Republican National Committee Chairmen, has said the GOP is considering introducing a new set of principals that would guide the GOP during the 2010 election cycle, and presumably beyond. Steele said that while not another Contract With America the GOP was planning a larger message strategy with similar goals as it's objective. In making his comments Steele said, "I and Newt and others are looking at how we define this time, a time where we have an administration that's overstepping its reach on healthcare, overstepping its reach on the economy," Steele went on by asking this question, "how do we principally make the argument, make the case to the American people that the direction the Obama administration, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid want to go is not good for America?" He went on, "I think we'll have some very interesting things to say next year about that," Steele, as would be expected, provided no specifics on wha

Health Care Reform and the Constitutional Issues

The Supreme Court of the United States of America. The guardian institution of our system of jurisprudence and the authority on the Constitutionality of legislation (laws) that affects a free people. An institution created to protect individual rights and place restrictions on the reach of the Federal Government as defined in the Constitution of the United States. To insure that legislation enacted by Congress and signed into law by the President, is constitutional. There are those, and the number is significant, that believe individuals have a right to health care, without consideration as to whether they can pay for such services or not. These same people believe it is the obligation of government to ensure that a person who is unable to pay for services receive the service compliments of the taxpayer's good will. Given todays modern and altruistic societal progression it is clear the battle against universal socialized medicine will be lost. Universal Socialized National

A Letter of American Sentiment to President Obama

The following was allegedly written by Buddy Hackett's daughter. I received these truthful and moving words from an e-mail correspondent today. I did not the check the accuracy as to whether Buddy Hackett's daughter actually wrote these words. If she did what a wonderful American. But the lasting, and most important thing is this, the words and belief's are true and right on the mark. Here then is her letter. All Americans should reflect deeply on her remarks, and think about the reality of how our current President has acted in his capacity as our national leader and Commander in Chief. This was written by Sherry Hackett, Buddy Hackett's widow........ "WE NOTICED" President Obama: Today I read of your administrations' plan to re-define September 11 as a National Service Day. Sir, it's time we had a talk......... During your campaign, Americans watched as you made mockery of our tradition of standing and crossing your heart when the Pledge

Thoughts on Liberty and Civil Discourse

I spent some time on liberal leaning political blogs the past few days and it was not surprising to see there are many on the other side of the political spectrum that love the concept of liberty just as conservatives and libertarians do. It also struck me that there is as much rancor, no strike that, more of the rancor and name calling going on at liberal blogs than I typically see on conservative political blogs. One only has to visit a few to believe it representative of most liberal political blogs. It seems almost as though while some liberals love the concept of liberty, they are locked in the thought that liberty means believing precisely as they do on all issues. There are certainly some conservatives that are guilty of this, there simply seems to be more liberals that are guilty of it. Thinking about this had me jotting down some thoughts on liberty, what it means, and how best to preserve it. For the most part it has been a constant thread through most of my posts since

Peter Schiff - On Obama Care

Peter Schiff is running for United State Senate from the state of Connecticut  in 2010. He is a conservative businessman who opposes the Obama/Pelosi/Reid heath care plan abomination. He is the right man with the right ideas at the right time for America.  His market based ideas, and  solutions, are right on the mark. Consider supporting Peter Schiff in his run for a U.S. Senate seat. Hat tip to the Left Coast Rebel . I picked the link and video off his sight to post here for East Coast Rebels to consider.

Palin Interview with Bill O'Reilly Part #2

Bill O'Reilly did a fairly decent job of asking Sarah Palin pointed and relevant policy question. His questions were, for the most part, not "fluff." Bill maintained balance and did not show a large degree of bias. The segments 11/20/09. Liberal talk show host, Leslie Marshal, reviews Palin interview. What do you think at this point. Does Sarah Palin have the intellect, grasp of important issues, and the ability and capacity to lead the worlds only super power? It does look like she is gearing up for 2012.

Recession - Blame Shifting from Republicans to Demecrats

A new CNN poll of 1,014 adults, including 928 registered voters, show a shift in public opinion as to which political party is responsible for the current economic recession. The poll, released Friday morning, reveals some interesting numbers. 38% blame the Republicans for the nations economic difficulties. This is down 15% points from a poll taken last May when 53% held the Republicans to blame. 27% blame the Democrats for the current recession. This is up 6% points from May when only 21% blamed them for the current economic situation. 27% of poll respondents hold both parties responsible for our economic difficulties. If current beliefs continue to trend as they are, it will be a serious threat to the Democratic party retaining control of Congress following the 2010 election. At the current pace of changing perceptions, approximately two to three points per month, the majority of the American public will blame the Democrats by next years mid term elections. Further troub

Palin's Interview on The No Spin Zone - Part #1

Sarah Palin continues to be forefront in the news media. On the heels of the Hannity interview Sarah is doing a two segment with Bill O'Reilly. Her are the full video segment from 11/19/09. O'Reilly Here is Bernie Goldberg's review of the Palin interview.

Senator Leahy Against Interrogation of Bin Laden

I guess Senator Leahy lumps the 911 mastermind in with your every day ordinary criminals. It is likely we will never capture Bin Laden, but if we do he certainly should be interrogated, and relentlessly so. In the process we might just squeeze out of him valuable information on other terrorists and their plans. Bin Laden is the terrorist responsible for planning and executing the horrific attack on Americas' homeland. In other words he and his fellow Jihadists committed and act of war. Should he be captured he should be treated and tried as a war criminal. Miranda rights be damned. On this issue Senator Graham is right and Senator Leahy is wrong, dead wrong. There are two possible reasons the Senator is taking this position. First, he is providing political cover for Attorney General Holder, or second he is just plain out of touch with reason. In either case his comments on the following live C-SPAN spot were just plain foolish at best. Via: Memeorandum Via: The Hill

Palin on the Hannity Show

Sarah Palin has certainly received her fair share of media attention. Unfortunately for her a large share of it has been negative, most coming from the liberal government media complex and liberal blogs. While I would be among the many who do not see her as a political heavyweight, at least not at this point in her national career, she does have potential. Many of her values are, in fact, shared by mainstream America. If you ignore the far left, who hate her, and the far right who love her, the rest of us can begin to get a pretty good idea of who she really is and what she is all about without the manipulation of political "handlers". What absolutely astounds me is the liberal lefts constant and never ending attempt to trash her. The left does everything possible to marginalize, trivialize, and misrepresent almost everything she says or does. If  Sarah Palin is the empty headed, super lightweight the left portrays her to be, why is the left spending so much time tryin

The National Debt Hits New High

Judging by the race, beginning during the G.W. Bush years, to follow policies that drastically increase our National Debt and budget deficits, it would now seem to be an appropriate time to break out the champaign. Our National Debt just hit $12,031,299,186,290.07 officially at 3:00 p.m. EST November 17, 2009. History has confirmed that American economic policies, followed by administration after administration, since FDR's beloved New Deal have  resulted over time in increasing federal deficits, the national debt, and our reliance on most everything foreign. Now that's not to say foreign competition is bad, but when our country is increasingly owned or controlled by overseas economic and political  interests we as a Nation are in serious trouble. The policies of the past 76 years ain't gonna get us out of trouble by continuing to do the same things and expecting different results. Isn't that one definition of insanity? So, lets not really break out the champaign

Palin -vs- Obama - The Resumes

Just stumbled across this. So, in light of the prevailing political winds, and with Sarah Palin being everywhere in the news these days, yours truly thought it interesting enough to post. When questioning Palin's record or ability to serve one might do well to consider this.

Chomsky - A Misguided Liberal View

Chomsky, while not one of my favorite intellects, does however make many valid points in this recent video. As a true independent conservative I share his understanding of the legitimate concerns tens of millions of Americans have. And I also share his belief that those concerns must be addressed by our government or we are in real and serious trouble. Where Chomsky and your truly part is with his essentially downplaying the many valid point made by conservatives. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck et all are not fascists plotting the fascist take over of our government by fomenting dissent. While Chomsky may have not said it directly, the implication was without a doubt clear. That is politics at its worst, and once again it is coming from the socialist/statist left. They just don't get it. Either because they choose not to, or they have been so indoctrinated by the progressive, socialist, liberal, statist educators and government media complex they have lost their abilit

New Guidelines for Breat Cancer Screening Just Released.

For years the medical profession, in its effort to fight and reduce breast cancer deaths in women, has encouraged regular self examination and regular  mammograms beginning at age forty. This may all change if a panel commissioned by The Department of Health and Human Services has its way. The new recommendations, while not applicable to women in high risk groups, suggest the following; 1) mammograms beginning at age 50, 2) mammograms administered every two years rather than yearly, 3) that physicians stop teaching women to examine their breast regularly. The justification offered is to "reduce harm from over treatment." The new guidelines are currently available for review at The Annals of Internal Medicine . It is likely the new guidelines will set off  heated controversy. Especially so as they run contrary to some professional and advocacy groups position. The National Cancer Institute is taking the initial position of re-evaluating its guidelines given the task

Many Handshakes -vs- One Bow

Rational Nation USA posts this video in case there are those who may have missed it, as I almost did. If there was ever any doubt how a head of state greets another head of state this should clear it up. Hat tip to Hot Air! Via: Hot Air

Ayn Rand Monday

Rational Nation USA's Ayn Rand Monday is to be different today. Given the current state of our nation yours truly decided to pick up his yellowed, and oft used reference book, Philosophy-Who Needs It, and stroll through the wisdom filled pages. In chapter number eighteen, "Don't Let It Go", the following words jumped off the page screaming for anyone to hear. The words that follow were written by Ayn Rand in 1971. Based on an analysis of the present state of American affairs they were ignored. Unless this nation of individual people start to listen to reason, and take action to preserve the freedoms insured by our constitution, we will one day cease to exist as the Free United States of America. T his is the position of America today. If America is to be saved from destruction-specifically, from dictatorship- she will be saved by her sense of life. As to the two other elements that determine a nations future, one (our political trend) is speeding straight to

Obama's Afghanistan Timing

The President, no doubt enjoying once again escaping the homeland for his Asian visit, bristled when asked questions with regard to his Afghan policy. Or is better stated his lack of an Afghan policy. When the Associated Press's Jenifer Loven asked the President "Can you explain to the people watching and criticizing your deliberations what piece of information you're still lacking to make that call" , the President showed his obvious displeasure. Could it be that the President lacks the "cool" to deal with anything but softball questions? The Presidents non response, "Which respect to Afghanistan Jennifer, I don't think this is a matter of some datum point of information I am waiting on. ... Critics of the process ... tend not to be folks who ... are directly involved in what's happening in Afghanistan. Those who are, recognize the gravity of the situation and recognize the unimportance of getting it right" . The Presidents response