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When You Want and Need the Truth ... Don't Follow Trump!


Is Our Nation Being Led Into Authoritarianism By Trump and the GOP...

When Ivy League-educated, formerly sane politicians spew conspiracy theories, debunked talking points and contempt for science, the question often arises: Do they believe this nonsense (i.e. have they become thickheaded by listening to Rush Limbaugh and watching all that Fox News?), or are they cynical purveyors of claptrap designed to woo unsophisticated voters? America is perhaps facing the greatest challenge yet to our democratic republic. The fact the nation's own president and his party (the GOP) are at the heart of this grave threat is somethng many of us foresaw and predicted. But approximately 40% of America (give or take) see Trump as the savior of America's white population. They are fearful of losing their white priviledge in a nation they really believe belongs to white folks. Trump's most avid suporters are therefore only too happy to throw their weight behind the Authoritarian and his party apparatus who they believe will keep the status quo and protect t

Trump's Real View Of The 98%?...


Hear The Founders As They Protest Trump's March To Authoritarianism...

As Trump continues his dismantling of our democratic republic this little tune couldn't be more timely! Lets help make it GO VIRAL!

Truth Is Possible, But Only If One Honestly and Actively Seeks It...


Trump Will Survive... Will the Responsible Electorae Respond Apropriately?

As anticipated by most the Trumpian senate voted to not consider new witnesses in Trump's impeachment trial. No matter that John Bolton, as well as potential others, would offer new and relevant insight into the corrupt manipulative Trump administration's practices. Which is exactly the reason they voted to not allow new witnesses. The Trumpian senate knows their party leader is corrupt yet it lacks the character and integrity to act in the manner it knows it should. Our founders must be spinning in their graves. It is all but certain next that next Wednesday when the vole is taken for acquittal or removal the Trumpian senate will vote to acquit. Given the ample evidence of Trump's pressure campaign on the Ukraine and his obstruction of Congress (by refusing to release documents and ordering officials not to testify) it is incredulous that those elected to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution will choose to support a president who has spent just over three years