Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Is Our Nation Being Led Into Authoritarianism By Trump and the GOP...

America is perhaps facing the greatest challenge yet to our democratic republic. The fact the nation's own president and his party (the GOP) are at the heart of this grave threat is somethng many of us foresaw and predicted. But approximately 40% of America (give or take) see Trump as the savior of America's white population. They are fearful of losing their white priviledge in a nation they really believe belongs to white folks. Trump's most avid suporters are therefore only too happy to throw their weight behind the Authoritarian and his party apparatus who they believe will keep the status quo and protect them (for the time being anyway) from getting "squeezed out" by brown and black folks.
The following excerpt from the Washington Post by Jennifer Rubin is spot on. Ms. Rubin is a conservative who understands the grave danger Trump is to our democratic republic. It would be well for tose who value freedom and personal liberty to heed her remarks.
It is not as if anti-intellectualism suddenly appeared with the election of President Trump. The habitual rejection of expertise on everything from climate change to the economic impact of immigration has been rampant in the Republican Party for some time. It is part and parcel of the invented victimization of mostly white, non-college-educated men who attribute their loss of prestige and status to “elites,” especially those in colleges and the media. Even right-wingers who should know better have felt compelled to pander to audiences that wear ignorance and anti-intellectualism as a badge of honor.
With Trump, the resort to lies, conspiracies and propaganda has become a matter of political survival for the ambitious right-wingers. Trump’s authoritarian contempt for truth sets the tone, forcing military hawks such as Cotton to remain mum when Trump dismisses traumatic brain injuries as “headaches” and former Cold Warriors such as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) to parrot Russian propaganda on Ukraine.
Their know-nothingism is sustained and hardened inside the right-wing media loop. Trump and his sycophants can repeat whatever falsehoods required to support Trump without fear of contradiction, let alone mockery, in the right-wing media world. It is only when Republicans venture out into legitimate media that refuses to play along with conspiracy theories that they run into trouble.
Trump has merged the know-nothingism of right-wing populism with a far more dangerous intellectual evolution from defense of limited-government conservatism, which was formerly at the heart of modern conservatism, to outright worship of authoritarianism. Now, far too many conservatives have reverence for executive power and reject constitutional government.
Attorney General William P. Barr and his cheerleaders from the Federalist Society embody this frightening development. Donald Ayer, former U.S. deputy attorney general under George H.W. Bush, writes that Barr advocates “the need for a virtually autocratic executive who is not constrained by countervailing powers within our government under the constitutional system of checks and balances.” For Barr, limited government means limited checks on the president, the antithesis of the framers’ vision. Ayer writes:
For whatever twisted reasons, he believes that the president should be above the law, and he has as his foil in pursuit of that goal a president who, uniquely in our history, actually aspires to that status. And Barr has acted repeatedly on those beliefs in ways that are more damaging at every turn. Presently he is moving forward with active misuse of the criminal sanction, as one more tool of the president’s personal interests.
Bill Barr’s America is not a place that anyone, including Trump voters, should want to go. It is a banana republic where all are subject to the whims of a dictatorial president and his henchmen.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Trump's Real View Of The 98%?...

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Hear The Founders As They Protest Trump's March To Authoritarianism...

As Trump continues his dismantling of our democratic republic this little tune couldn't be more timely!

Lets help make it GO VIRAL!

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Trump Will Survive... Will the Responsible Electorae Respond Apropriately?

As anticipated by most the Trumpian senate voted to not consider new witnesses in Trump's impeachment trial. No matter that John Bolton, as well as potential others, would offer new and relevant insight into the corrupt manipulative Trump administration's practices. Which is exactly the reason they voted to not allow new witnesses. The Trumpian senate knows their party leader is corrupt yet it lacks the character and integrity to act in the manner it knows it should. Our founders must be spinning in their graves.

It is all but certain next that next Wednesday when the vole is taken for acquittal or removal the Trumpian senate will vote to acquit. Given the ample evidence of Trump's pressure campaign on the Ukraine and his obstruction of Congress (by refusing to release documents and ordering officials not to testify) it is incredulous that those elected to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution will choose to support a president who has spent just over three years ignoring the Constitution he doesn't understand. The republicans know that acquitting Trump is the wrong decision, they simply haven't the courage to do the right thing.

Since before he was elected Trump has been doing everything in his power to undermine  faith in America's free and independent press. He has worked daily to try and convince people that everything coming out of the media is Fake News. Unless of course it is from a news outlet that supports his misstatements and lies while singing his praises. Sure sounds like something out of George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984.

After the senate's acquittal of Trump the potential for even greater abuses of power is very real. Given Trump's narcissism and belief that he, and he alone is always right,  it is quite possible he will view his acquittal as an exoneration and that he is truly the law. IOW he gas the power to do whatever he damn well pleases. Beliefs shared by all the world's tyrants.

If, and this is an unnerving thought, Donald J. Trump is able to mount a successful reelection campaign and he is seated for four more very long years America will likely be changed forever. We will be less free (fewer choices) and little if anything will be accomplished on improving healthcare access and affordability, slowing and reversing climate change, rebuilding relationships with allies that Trump has damaged, or controlling annual deficits and managing the national debt to name just a few.

Yes, I know congress has the purse strings. But look at Trump's track record on deficits and the national debt during his first three years and a month. Not at all impressive. And the party who likes to call itself the fiscally responsible one did nothing really to  throttle Trump's spending. Other than giving him a hearty wink and a nod. Oh, almost forgot to mention, tax cuts were supposed to generate more revenue to bring things closer to balancing. RIGHT. Republicans have been pitching that for years. Ain't ever worked out that way yet. Likely it never will.  What's the definition of insanity?

America is in a pickle whether or not it knows it. The only way out? Defeat Trump by a Landslide Margin in November 2020!

A must read... The GOP doesn’t deserve to survive this debacle