Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Pointing Out the Glaring Hypocrisy of the Trumpublican Right...

 We open this weblog today for one post only. It shall be the absolute final post. Posted to highlight the complete total hypocrisy of the Trumpublican right. Which is nothing more than a confrontational, unbending, ridiculousy authoritarian and facist leaning band of THUGS.

Today's post was authored by an elderly person and was penned during the final year of the Trumpuglican administration. Unfortunately this elderly individual pased away some time ago. He was an avid Trump supporter and no doubt would have been supportive of the January 6,  insurrection at the Capitol, incited by Trump himself. As well as Trump's many seditious atempts to get some Secretaries of State to falsify the vote in their states to reflect Trump as the winner. He lost.

All which SHOULD have resulted in Trump's arrest, trial, and ultimate sentenncing for TREASON against the duly elected government of The United States of America. However, thanks to republicans and Trump we should nw be officially recognized as the States of America.  Because THAT is exactl;y what we now are.

Today's post is historically correct in its argument relative to our democratic republic and the rational used in crafting it. Pure democracy is, always has been, and always will be a nightmare. And for the exact reasons cited by Franco Aragosta, the deceased author of today's post.

My purpose for republishing Mr. Aragosta's article of 2020? To point out the current hypocritical and authoritarian posistions the Trumpublican party has taken and is continuing to take in red states to purposefully and undemocratically disenfranchise people of color as well as liberals and progressive in general. By pointing out the hypocrisy of the Trumpublian right I mean specifically in relation to the sentiments in Mr. Aragosta's post . Because what the Trumpublican's are attempting to do is EXACTLY wat Mr. Aragosta correctly argues AGAINST. 

While no one can be sure whether or not Mr. Aragosta would be supporting the attempts of Trumpublicans to essentially insure ironclad conservative rule for generations were he here today it is our educated guess he would. On to Mr. Aragosta's article...

Monday, August 3, 2020

To a Leftist on Our Need for the 

The idea that ONLY the cities on the east and west coasts, –– and the equally verminous likes of Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit and St, Louis –– should be granted the responsibility of deciding The Fate of the Entire Nation is frankly preposterous.

Different geographical regions have particular needs and interests of their own to attend to, and are in fact responsible in many cases for providing us with vital raw materials, desirable produce and unique goods –– to say nothing of vast stretches of exquisite natural scenic beauty and access to aw materials that need to be responsibly attended to.

Your advocacy of Direct Democracy would mean that these important areas that comprise roughly NINETY-PERCENT of the sovereign territory of these United States would have have NO meaningful lREPRESENTATION in the federal government, which would, of course ride roughshod over these areas and quickly make "mincemeat" of them, 

That would mean that ninety percent of the country would soon become BLIGHTED from neglect, increasingly IMPOVERISHED, and DERELICT –– like a Ghost Town or an Abandoned Mine of Western movie fame..

The BEAUTY –– and the GENIUS –– of FEDERALISM –– as conceived and established by our Founding Fathers –– is the way it made sure that political power would remain DIFFUSE and as LOCAL as possible.

Our Founders wisely feared –– and rightly abhorred –– an excess of CENTRALIZED POWER, which cannot help but result in the CORRUPT, increasingly ARBITRARY exercise of wrongheaded decision making by arrogant ignorant oligarchs who care for little but the perpetuation of their own incumbency and the proliferation of increasingly extravagant perquisites reserved for the over-privileged selves.

How any thinking person could imagine this could in any way be desirable escapes me, I have to admit.

I must say here that Mr. Aragosta's argument makes a lot of sense. It is unfortunate that sone Trumpublicans don't see it that way. Which should give the rest of us (the majority) great concern.

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Justice Moves Slowly. But Eventually Justice WILL be served in full measure. Its ONLY a matter of time Tumpublicans. It's only a matter of time.