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Pointing Out the Glaring Hypocrisy of the Trumpublican Right...

  We open this weblog today for one post only. It shall be the absolute final post. Posted to highlight the complete total hypocrisy of the Trumpublican right. Which is nothing more than a confrontational, unbending, ridiculousy authoritarian and facist leaning band of THUGS. Today's post was authored by an elderly person and was penned during the final year of the Trumpuglican administration. Unfortunately this elderly individual pased away some time ago. He was an avid Trump supporter and no doubt would have been supportive of the January 6,  insurrection at the Capitol, incited by Trump himself. As well as Trump's many seditious atempts to get some Secretaries of State to falsify the vote in their states to reflect Trump as the winner. He lost. All which SHOULD have resulted in Trump's arrest, trial, and ultimate sentenncing for TREASON against the duly elected government of The United States of America. However, thanks to republicans and Trump we should nw be officially