Thursday, May 28, 2020

Drain the Swamp and Dump Its Lerader In 2020...

May 28, 2020-The Lincoln Project’s latest ad released today shows that U.S. Senate Majority Leader and senior senator from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell, made tens of millions of dollars since he was first elected to office. Meanwhile, Kentucky ranks 40th in job opportunity in the nation, 45th in education, and 43rd in health care.
“I’m a conservative lawyer of the type that McConnell has prided himself for putting on the bench. But precisely because I’m a conservative lawyer, I believe most fundamentally in the Constitution and the rule of law,” said Lincoln Project co-Founder George Conway. “When he fixed the impeachment trial by blocking evidence of Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors, McConnell violated and abased the solemn oaths he took as a United States Senator. Add in the fact that, as our ad shows, he’s managed to do much better for himself than for the people of Kentucky, and it becomes a no-brainer: McConnell has to go.”

It is most critically important that we DUMP TRUMP in November 2020. But that alone is NOT enough. Patriotic Conservatives must join with independents and democrats to DRAIN the swamp of corrupt, self serving, unethical public "servants" like Mitch McConnel as well.

Holding swamp dwellers like Mitch McConnel and all his ilk accountable for their deceitfulness  is as important to restoring our democratic republic and the rule of law as defeating their cult leader Donald J. Trump.


Monday, May 25, 2020

A Memorial Day Tribute - TheLincoln Project...

Rational Nation USA's Special Post, In Honor Of Our Founders

We're pretty sure our Founding Fathers would be saying or singing this or something similar were they with us in the present watching Donald J. Trump as he works to undermine the Constitution, the rule of law, and the democratic republic they gave us for safe keeping.


Save Our Democratic Republic!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

A Trump Parady...

Enjoy cause it ain't gonna change until 2021. Only then if Americans who actually LOVE their country and RESPECT our Democratic Republic vote en masse for Vice President Joe Biden, a man and leader with honor and integrity.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Support the Lincoln Project - They are Supporting America's Desire to Truly Make America Great... After Trump!

Last Friday morning, Donald Trump attacked the Lincoln Project on Fox Business.


He knows our ads are the reason his poll numbers are falling in key states, and why the movement of current and former Republicans (and independents) against him is growing faster than ever.

Trump is after us because he knows we're a threat: the more people who see our ads, the lower his numbers go

Trump knows it too. If we succeed, he fails.

You see, every person who sees our ads, every American who joins this movement, and every contribution you make amplifies the threat to his re-election.

So let's give him one more thing to worry about today.

Can you pitch in $75 right now to keep up the pressure?


If you're a patriotic American concerned about what Donald J. Trump is doing to our formerly GREAT NATION please consider contributing to the Lincoln Project to help insure his defeat in November. Seventy Five Dollars would be GREAT, but whatever amount you can afford to help rid America of its greatest threat since the Civil War WILL be greatly apreciated!

Friday, May 15, 2020

Another Trump Syncophant Targeted By the Lincoln Project...

“It’s more important to Thom Tillis to be “in” with the President than to serve the people who sent him to Washington to begin with. While North Carolina continues to lag in getting the PPP assistance they so desperately need, Tillis stands silent,” said Jennifer Horn, Lincoln Project co-founder.

“What’s truly deplorable is Tillis’ silence in the face of Trump’s gross negligence in the handling of the coronavirus crisis. Over 83,000 American lives have been lost, including nearly 600 North Carolinians - and still, Tillis lacks the courage to speak up to Donald Trump.”The Lincoln Project is a group of prominent republicans working to defeat the re-election of Donald J. Trump and those who support him and Trumpism, such as Thom Tillis, the junior senator from North Carolina.

How any American that loves their country and our democratic republic can continue to support this monster of a human being escapes ALL logic or rational thought. PERIOD.

Following this totally off the wall bizarre comments by this so called president of the USA the other day any rational intelligent person would put on their running shoes in November to vote to oust the worst, dumbest president in our country's history.

"When you test, you have a case. When you test, you find something is wrong with people' If we didn't do any testing, we would have very few cases."

Read that slowly, very slowly and let it sink in. What trump said translated is this... Testing gives us data. Data that I (trump) do not want you, the American public to be aware of.

Ignorance, lies, lies, and more lies. Trump's MO, Always has been. Will continue as the only thing he cares about is HIMSELF. His wealth and his reelection. PERIOD.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

A 24 Hour Recap...

The Most Honorable Lincoln Project has gotten Donald John Trump's attention. And he AIN'T happy! Which for me at least is most satisfying. It clearly signal Trump is scared so he has begun his trademark whining and  lying about The Lincoln Project,

Without further ado here is a last 24 hour recap.

Here are a few highlights:

📱 Trump attacked us in an insane Twitter rant at 1 A.M.

📺 Then MSNBC covered our ad, 'Mourning in America' on Morning Joe.

✈️ Then Trump attacked us again boarding Air Force One.

📰 News around the world began to cover Trump's unhinged rants against us — with more than 40 stories, 16 hits on cable news, and viewership in the tens of millions.

The Lincoln Project - Conservative Republican's With a Clue

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

As American's Mourn the Deaths of Over 68, 000 of Our Felow Citizens...

A new ad from the Lincoln Project. As far as is known this has not yet hit the airways via the MSM. This worthwhile project to bring the glaring truth to the American voting public about Donald John Trump  massive failures is as honorable as it is necessary.

We know we'll be sending another donation to The Lincoln Project to help in the ad buy. This time to the tune of $63.00.  We encourage all our readers who support honesty and integrity in our President to consider donating whatever they can to help defeat the most incompetent, corrupt, and dishonest President in modern American history.

Here's the HOT LINK to The Lincoln Project if you decide to make a donation to support the worthy cause of insuring the deeat of Donald John Trump come November 2020.

Please remember in November who it was that is MOST RESPONSIBLE for the USA having the highest death toll anong nations and the highest confirmed cases in the world.

Thank You...

Monday, May 4, 2020

Leave It To The Christians (Evangelicals In Particular)...

Was not going to do a post today. Posting has been sporadic and not consistent, and, it will remain that way well into the distant future. Time has grown too precious to waste good productive hours or minutes babbling on about political stuff  that half the nation doesn't worry or care about anyway. Don't even get that warm and fuzzy feeling when post are completed and published.

But today I was doing some random reading and just happened to come across an article I found as interesting as I found not unusual. It seems as though Christians (in this case we assume the majority are Evangelicals) are getting into, gasp, porn of all things. Rather than spending any more precious time writing more I'll just copy and paste the entire piece.

Without further ado here is...

Due To Lockdown, Christians Are Developing Huge Porn Addiction, Evangelist Warns
Josh McDowell - Christian Author
When boredom strikes and no one’s around, people’s thoughts may turn to spending some quality time wrestling the eel or paddling the pink canoe.
I don’t think 80-year-old Christian author and evangelist Josh McDowell approves, but he really hates it if you look at pictures of nekkid people while you’re, you know, in the process.
Porn, says McDowell,
“… is right at this moment destroying… more marriages, more people’s lives, more relationships than any one thing has ever done simultaneously in history.”
Citation needed.
And if Christians view porn, whoo boy. They’re doing it in greater numbers than ever thanks to the lockdown, McDowell says; and he thunders that
Porn is by far the greatest cancer ever to the church.”
Huh. So, a greater cancer than Christianity’s serial crusades. Worse, too, than conservative Christians promising everyone outside the tribe torture by fire in the afterlife. Worse than drawing and quartering apostates and heretics or burning them alive. Worse than excusing the slave trade with Bible verses. Worse than Christianity’s 1,500 years of antisemitism and pogroms. Worse than not caring about the lives and the safety of others and blithely spreading contagion in a pandemic. Worse, even, than the rape of at least several sports stadiums’ worth of children by pastors and priests — and that’s in the last 50 years alone.
People like McDowell may be really good at never touching their nethers for pleasure (though I kinda doubt it), but they’re just not that talented at producing compelling phrases that don’t make their propositions sound ludicrous from the start. I’m reminded of Pastor Jay Dennis, who in 2013 referred to porn as
“…the new bubonic plague.”
According to McDowell
98 percent of people who start watching and become addicted to porn will not make it out [of the addiction] without others around them.”
Just like that. No facts, no research, no proof.
The smutfighter also says that pornography “rewires” the human brain and believes that it takes “three to four years” to break free from porn once you’ve become “addicted.” Those claims have been repeatedly refuted by psychologists and neurologists, including here and here.
McDowell further believes that it’s imperative for parents to talk to their children about the dangers of porn before the kids are even five years old. (Is it just me, or does that actually sound a bit skeevy?)
Oh, and he claims that if you were to “print out the data” from just one porn site (which he doesn’t want to name!), you’d have
“…enough pornographic materials to fill the Empire State Building every single day for a year.”
What kind of metric is that? (And print out what? A list of available photos and videos? Screenshots? Every frame in every dirty video on offer?)
It’s like religion itself, apparently. Once you’ve willed yourself to just have faith, you can toss around all the twaddle you want. Most people on the receiving end will stay silent for one of two reasons: because it’s not “polite” to challenge another person’s religion-based convictions, or because they hope that slowly backing away and ignoring the crazy guy is most likely to get him off their backs.
The whole notion of porn (or sex) causing addiction is pretty much hogwash. Since a lot of people, with excellent justification, see addicts as patients rather than sinners, it’s tempting for an incorrigible Christian masturbator to don the mantle of porn addiction, rather than to say, “You know, I just really love to spank the monkey.” These habitual hand-jivers with guilt complexes can now medicalize their behavior and claim that it’s a condition. Better to be a victim than a pervert, I suppose; perverts get no sympathy and very little forgiveness, and addicts just might.
The best words on the topic may have been spoken years ago by one of the characters on the TV series Louie:
“Tiger Woods claims to be addicted to sex. Bullshit! These are hot women he was having sex with. If he was having sex with a dead chicken, I’d say, wow, that guy is addicted to sex.”
Amen and hallelujah to that.

One would think that Christian authors and Evangelicals, rather than worrying about how good people spend their lockdown time (which is NONE of anybody's business) would start addressing REAL concerns that actually have negative consequences for people. Perhaps Evangelicals ought to start by addressing Donald John Trump, America's number one porn star shagger.
Later good people!

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Thoughts, Past, Present, Future...

This weblog sprang to life in June of 2009 with the thought of creating a forum where conservatives like myself  and liberals or progressives could exchange meaningful yet divergent dialogue. The thought was to find a couple liberals and conservatives that would contribute articles presenting their unique perspectives on issues and then turn it over to a full on thoughtful data driven discussion within the community. Unfortunately this never materialized  because finding liberals or progressives willing to sign on as a contributor to a conservative site was an illusory idea. Not sure why but maybe it was because  liberals and progressives believed it would cause them to lose creds with the fold. Who knows?

Conservatism once shared a feeling of being one with Liberals and vice versa. Conservatives and liberals loved their country equally. Even though significant differences in policy and governing philosophies existed back in the day those issues were put aside and the nation pulled as one to overcome threats and great obstacles when they presented themselves. Something has happened over the last 31 years and we are now essentially a nation at spiritual war with itself. This war, if it continues on at its present course will, sooner or later destroy this democratic republic we all profess to love and honor.

We Americans have become so divided, so stubborn, and so unwilling to consider views that challenge our long cherished opinions that we are no longer able to find common ground with anybody outside of our own tribe. If this continues we are doomed as a great nation. Why? Because the very bedrock that has always made this a great nation is the diversity of opinions and people working together for the greatest good for every American. It is as simple as that. PERIOD.

Neither conservatives or liberals/progressives have a lock on this counterproductive phenomenon. Both are guilty from time to time to varying degrees. If one is to be honest they must recognize and be willing to admit the GOP and its "conservative" majority is, and has been for at least 11 1/2 years the most egregious. Since the illegitimate conservative Donald J. Trump has been president this phenomenon has been on steroids that have been juiced. It pains me greatly to have to say this because for 30 years loyalty to the GOP and conservative principals (think William F. Buckley and John McCain) was never questioned. But to crib Ronald Reagan, I didn't leave the GOP or conservatism, the GOP changed its conservatism and left me.

Now a proud independent totally supportive of  anything that will ultimately bring down the GOP and Trump's illegitimate conservatism. Morality, decency, integrity, honesty, empathy, consistency, true equality, intelligence, and real value based patriotism is so very important if we are to ever regain and maintain that which we once were. Trump specifically and GOP lawmakers in general are lacking in some if  not all of those character traits.

Anybody But Trump 2020. Flip the Senate 2020. Keep the House Democratic 2020. 

American's Safety, Liberty, and Stability Depends On It.

And The World Laughs At Trump...