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Another Sign Of Irrationality From The United Nations

By: Les Carpenter III Rational Nation USA The United Nations, in it's irrational and perverted sense of  right, just elected Iran to the U.N.'s Commission on the Status of Woman. Without fanfare or explanation the body that continues to prove itself worthless (IMO) awarded a four year seat to the the Islamic Republic of Iran. A state that denies women basic human rights, and in fact enshrines stoning a d lashings in law. The gruesome picture above is one of an Iranian women who has been abused and without any means to defend herself. But the United Nations apparently finds it sensible to reward a nation with a horrendous record on womens rights with a seat on this council. The professed purpose of the Commission on the Status of Women is dedication to gender equality and advancement of women. Perhaps the U.N. views the denial of basic human rights to woman, combined with physical abuse to be an "advancement." This body has no shame apparently. What is most st

Immigration Insecurity -- A Discussion

By: Les Carpenter III Rational Nation USA Rational Nation USA's post yesterday discussing Arizona Senate Bill 1070, which is a) specifically concerned with controlling and stopping the influx of illegal aliens, b) has nothing in it that is unreasonable or unlawful, and c) is not racist... was an attempt to move beyond emotionalism and political pandering that is becoming so evident. The following video, a discussion with Hannity, Malkin, and Hernandez points up the disagreements between  those who support  rational thought and rule of law as opposed to the emotionalism and race baiting of the progressive left, and quite frankly the POTUS. Now that you have viewed the video take a moment to read what an individual had to say to Michelle Malkin in a letter addressed to her via e-mail. A person who readily admits to knowing or hearing nothing about Michelle until today. Click on the link here  to this e-mail. And so I ask you this... who are the REAL racists? Also for

Arizona Immigration Law - Senate Bill 1070

By: Les Carpenter III Rational Nation USA Arizona's new immigration bill recently signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer certainly has created a firestorm. Politicians from both the progressive and conservative sides of the political spectrum seem to be at least in partial agreement, that the bill is ill advised. Of course with all the media attention being given to this what is really a rather mild law, (more on this later) and Obama criticizing Arizona legislatures for doing something to control their huge illegal immigration problem , something the Feds have neglected for years with a wink and a nod, I decided to do a little research. In a matter of a few minutes, after a Google search,  I had the  full text printed out to review. I was moved to look at the Arizona law after visiting the typical off the wall emotional driven leftist blogs to see what truth there may be in the allegations of that the law would turn the state into a Nazis right wing fascist camp of racis

Alan Keyes Tells It Like It Is

By: Les Carpenter III Rational Nation USA Perhaps Alan Keyes and Ron Paul ought to consider teaming up. Both are independent and not slaves to party loyalties. I know it won't happen, but one can hope and dream. Breaking the mold, and stranglehold  of the modern progressive/socialist/statist plan for America is the only real answer to solving our problems. Neither of the  major parties, nor their power bases are concerned about We The People. Alan Keyes has it just right when he says throw the bums out. The American taxpayers and voters must vote in 2010 to replace the current batch of special interest bought and paid for politicians with real Americans. And now, more reasoned words from another America Patriot in an open letter to the President.

Independent Conservatism And The Opposition To Modern Progressivism

By: Les Carpenter III Rational Nation USA I stand proud to declare my independent conservatism. I stand proud to declare the wisdom of our founding fathers. I stand proud to embrace the principals of men that have valued liberty through the generations. I stand tall and proud in my call to oppose the elitist Leninist/Stalinist such as Chairman TAO who stand ready to destroy all that made the nation great. Make no mistake... The Chairman has only one thing in mind. Control of your life and everything that is of value to the individual. He would have you believe that the collective good far outweighs the individual good. He believes the bureaucracy and the power of  an all intrusive government is far superior to the ability of the market to create opportunity and wealth. In short he is a sellout to the influences of Big Brother Government. The very same that works with the  Huge Corporations to control YOUR destiny. Chairman TAO is part of the front for the current onslaug

Some Viewpoints That Actually May Make Some Sense... You Be The Judge

By: Les Carpenter III Rational Nation USA A collection of videos that make sense. If not in the entirety at least in part. Unlike the flaming Leninist/Stalinist left as epitomized by Chairman TAO ,   Rational Nation USA's belief is in the individual and their ability to think for themselves. America is indeed at a crossroads. The choices we make today will determine the reality of tomorrow for future generations as well as this generation in the near future. As a true independent conservative I have no desire other than to see the individual, and the individual states of this nation retain their own unique identity. Funny thing... in my ignorance as the Chairman is so quickly to point out, this sounds an awful a lot like Jeffersonian principals. The rancor that the Chairman has cultivated aside, I hope the following gives thought to those with open minds... unlike the Chairman. Chairman TAO's vision. I leave it to you, the reader to decide:

The Truth The Government (And Corporate Banking) Doesn't Want You To Know

By: Les Carpenter III Rational Nation USA   I found this video hard hitting. Packed with information that should scare everyone who values their individualism and liberty. Presented  for your consideration. Not new stuff, just stuff that makes sense to an independent conservative. What side do you believe the current administration is really on?

The Views Of An Independent Conservative... Or At Least As I See It

By: Les Carpenter III Rational Nation  USA I ask first that you indulge me and read the following manifesto... It is perhaps not as inclusive at it should be as it was written almost a year ago when Rational Nation USA was born and first became a voice for the conservative cause in America. I stand by the principals enumerated in my Conservative Manifesto and make no apologies to the likes of Chairman TAO who has for the last several weeks maligned my positions and those of all Americans that understand we have serious problems but know that a larger government is not the solution.  The Chairman, IMO, believes the government with the greatest degree of powers to control the individual is the best for a society as a whole. Rational Nation USA,  and likely all other conservatives, Libertarians, and true Independents that value liberty will simply disagree. I am certainly not an expert in these things, I simply know what is right. At least for me and the true conservative mov

The Power Of The State

The following is a befuddling situation. I am not just sure how to approach it other than to say it has the stench of  political manipulation. Certainly something our republic has devolved into over the last few decades. I am posting the following from the web. I take no edit as to the content or seek any personal gain from posting the content at Rational Nation USA . Mysteriously the video on YouTube is no longer available. Could it be political forces behind the s cences had influence on the decision to pull the video? Following is the post at Hot Air . Congressman Jim Obertar (D-MN) wants to amend the Clean Water Act after almost 40 years by removing the word “navigable” when limiting federal jurisdiction. Stephen Hayes, Mara Liasson, Charles Krauthammer, and Bret Baier debate whether Oberstar’s measure would simply solidify current federal authority, or eliminate every last vestige of federalism and state sovereignty: This could be an even larger threat to privat

Famous Quotes By Great Americans.

By: Les Carpenter III Rational Nation USA It has been a while since I have posted quotes with meaning and value. I discontinued my customary practice of doing so frankly because I was tired of being beat up by the extreme liberal left. The lies and misrepresentation by the extreme left was taking it's toll. If I am truthful I must also acknowledge there were few in the conservative ranks that were there to defend my values of independent and true conservatism. Those of you who were there I thank you. I have decided it it is not important what a few delusional leftist commies, or right delusional fascist may think. What is important is what the truth is. For this reason I have determined to publish quotes that will, for the thinking person give pause for consideration. To the collectivist who chose to hide behind the masses of the non thinking, such as Chairman Tao , I can only say this... Your choice of continuing to visit a site that stands for everything you are adamantly

Party Affiliation Gap in U.S. Narrowest Since 2005

By: Les Carpenter III Rational Nation USA A new Gallup poll shows that the public support the Democratic Party built during the later years of the Bush administration, and the beginnings of the Obama administration is quickly evaporating. Forty six percent of Americans self identified as Democrat or leaning Democrat while forty five percent self identified as Republican or leaning Republican. The Democratic party has enjoyed double digit advantages during during eleven of twelve quarters spanning the second quarter of 2006 until the first quarter of 2009. At the end of last year the advantage had shrunk to just five points. The growth in Republican support has come from the increasing numbers of Independents who now lean to the Republican Party. To read the entire article click on the link below. Is it any wonder the rabid left is up in arms today? They see the tide shifting in America and they are having difficulty coping with it. Not that Rational Nation advocated the p

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Signs Rational Immigration Bill

By: Les Carpenter III Rational Nation USA Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, has shown political independence and strength by signing into law a tough immigration bill that is at odds with the Obama administrations position on immigration. The bill will become the law in Arizona in ninety days. When signing the bill the governor had this to say; "Respect for the rule of law means respect for every law. People across America are watching Arizona." We in Arizona have been more than patient waiting for Washington to act. But decades of inaction and misguided policy have created a dangerous and unacceptable situation".   As the governor of a state highly impacted by illegal immigration she understands the cost to her state, and indeed the nation as a whole. Her announcement came hours following the Presidents pronouncement that the the bill is " misguided ." The bill once it becomes law will make it illegal in the state of Arizona to be in the country illegally. Mi

It Bears Repeating... Again, and Again, and Again

By: Les Carpenter III Rational Nation USA Here I go again. The progressive/socialist type that visit this site occasionally will no doubt be shaking their heads, and I suspect once again will try to marginalize the content presented here. Progressive/socialists take great pains to paint all conservatives, libertarians, and anyone who disagrees with their destructive message as lunatics. They even resort to categorizing us as criminals. My friend and fellow conservative blogger over at    Left Coast  Rebel (visit his site here ) demonstrates the visceral hate that many in the progressive/socialist circles have for the more rational amongst us. Following is just a sample of the hateful language used by the left with respect to those that dare disagree with their agenda.  LC R provided the sample via a recent commnt on one of my posts. At the same time I will say I know many thoughtful, respectful, and intelligent progressive/socialists that do not hold with that I am abou

Tea Party Demonstrations More Peaceful Than Anti War Demonstrations

By: Les Carpenter III Rational Nation USA The irrational left wing media, pundits, and comedians have been all fired up over the Peaceful Tea Party  demonstrations and other activities of this Patriot Movement. The typical leftist tactics are  to slander, demonize, mock, belittle, fabricate... and anything else they can dream of to discredit the movement. The truth however is that the activities of the Tea Party have been peaceful and free of violence. Candance Moore, reporting for NewsBusters had this to say... "On Monday, the Christian Science Monitor bucked its mainstream peers by reporting something truthful about the TEA party movement: police officials have begun to relax security requirements at conservative rallies because of the remarkable absence of violence." "Yes, you read that right: despite nonstop media warnings about hateful protests, violence from TEA party attendants is so nonexistent that police feel safe allowing them to bring l

Are You Tired?

Every so often I receive e-mails that are, in my estimation worth passing on. Today one of those just happened to be in my in box. It was written by a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He, like many of us are tired. This American Patriot makes many valid points. Anyone with a modicum of rational sense , whether they are conservative, progressive, libertarian, or some other political leaning will have to agree. His experiences throughout his life have been many. For a quick biological sketch please read here . He also maintains a blog which he calls "The Old Jarhead," which can be found here . So without further editorial comment I present Robert A. Hall. I'm 63 .    Except for one semester in college when jobs were scarce and a six-month period when I was between jobs, but job-hunting every day, I've worked, hard,   since I was 18. Despite some health challenges, I still put in 50-hour weeks, and haven't call