Saturday, April 30, 2016

Virginia's KKK Grand Wizard is Backing Trump...

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It comes as absolutely NO surprise. Trump brings out the worst in America. Repeatedly.

Trump has also been backed by KKK member David Duke

TPM - While the Imperial Wizard said Obama’s presidency has been “a very good recruiting tool,” he said it's because of Obama’s politics, not his race.

“We are not white supremacists, we’re white separatists,” the leader said on camera. “We’re not the big bad hate group people think we are.”

It's not the first time Trump has earned the support of the KKK. Former leader David Duke endorsed the Republican in February, sparking outrage over Trump's delayed response in distancing himself from Duke. More Here

Click  HERE  to watch first video and then watch the interview below.

Profoundly disturbing stuff.

Friday, April 29, 2016

First Light...

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To hell with politics, politicians, the media, and pundits...

One Can Only Question...

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Can someone check on Glenn Beck? Is everything alright, buddy?

To make some vaguely anti-Donald Trump point, the conservative pundit rounded up some friends to completely and utterly humiliate themselves in front of the whole internet on Friday.

While donning swim goggles, Beck wondered aloud whether "If you stuck your face in Cheetos, you would look like Donald Trump in the end."



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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Speaker John Boehner Speaking The Truth...

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John Boehner, in a moment of brutal truth telling defined quite simply the reality of the current republican party and what it has devolved into. The party of Lincoln and TR no longer represents the values it once did. Hell, it no longer represents the values of Reagan.
VOX - Speaking at Stanford University, former House Speaker John Boehner went the full Bulworth.

"You can call me boner, beaner, jackass, happy to answer to almost anything," he said. Mostly, though, the name-calling was directed outward.

Boehner called Ted Cruz "Lucifer in the flesh," and said, "I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life." He admitted he would vote for Donald Trump, if it came to it, but not for Cruz.

He repeatedly called the House Freedom Caucus — the loose group of anti-establishment conservatives who are thought to have forced him out of the speakership — "knuckleheads" and "goofballs."

"I love all these knuckleheads talking about the party of Reagan," Boehner continued. "He would be the most moderate Republican elected today."

It's easy to laugh this off. After all, didn't everyone kind of believe this is what Boehner would say after a couple of glasses of Merlot?

But don't laugh it off. John Boehner was the Speaker of the House as recently as a single year ago. He is, himself, a conservative Republican. And he is saying, flatly, that the Republican Party has been captured by morons, goofballs, and "Lucifer." He is saying that the party has moved so far to the right that Ronald Reagan wouldn't recognize it.

Boehner is validating one of the most persistent and controversial critiques of the modern Republican Party. And he has the authority to do so.

Has the Republican Party become "an insurgent outlier"?
In 2012, the congressional scholars Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein wrote a column for the Washington Post diagnosing what they saw to be the central problem in modern American politics.

"The GOP has become an insurgent outlier in American politics," they wrote. "It is ideologically extreme; scornful of compromise; unmoved by conventional understanding of facts, evidence and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition.
Continue Reading Below the Fold

Unfortunate as it may be there seems no end in sight to the lunacy of the present day republican party. Unless maybe, and this would be a positive development, the party self destructs following the 2016 election and reinvents and rebuilds itself from the ground up.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Drumpf, A Clown For All Times...

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Collusion - secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others:

Donald J. Drumpf loosely tossing around the allegation of collusion between Cruz and Kasich, the result of their strategy to deny Drumpf the republican nomination on the first ballot. On the surface Drumpf's claim of collusion seemed just plain foolish and sure enough, checking definition of the word confirmed it is indeed foolish.

First, the strategy is not secret as the specifics are out and all over the news. Second, Neither Cruz or Kasich has denied the strategy. Third, Cruz and Kasich are quite simply making decisions as how to allocate their individual resources in the manner they each believe serves their best interests as they pursue the GOP nomination. Forth, there is absolutely no evidence of deception, although in Mr. Drumpf's mind he certainly believes they are trying to cheat him out of the winning the GOP nomination. Fifth, there is nothing illegal in allocating ones resources as they see fit. As long as the resources were acquired legally and the candidate is playing by the party's established rules. There is no evidence this isn't the case.

In a nutshell Drumpf is simply being Drumpf. Proving once again he is the demagogue most rational people know him to be. He is simply playing to the emotions of his ardent followers. For the rest of us, well, we simply hope Cruz and Kasich are successful.

New York Times Article BELOW THE FOLD.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

First Lady's Mississippi Commencement Speech...

First lady Michelle Obama delivers the commencement address for Jackson State University's Class of 2016 at the Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium in Jackson, Miss., Saturday, April 23, 2016. - Rogelio V. Solis/AP Photo

"So we've got to stand side by side with all our neighbors –- straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender; Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu immigrant, Native American -- because the march for civil rights isn't just about African Americans, it's about all Americans. It's about making things more just, more equal, more free for all our kids and grandkids. That's the story you all have the opportunity to write. That's what this historic university has prepared you to do."

First Lady Michelle Obama, Saturday, April 23, 2016.

Sadly there are many who still disagree with the First Lady's words of truth.

Find more with links HERE.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Found On Conservative/Reactionary Weblog...

Waiting for a) Concrete Factual Evidence Of Obama Destroying America, and b) Concrete Rational Explanations As To Exactly What The Solutions Are And Exactly How Trump Will Accomplish Them.


Death Threats From Trump Supporters...

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Donald Trump, his rhetoric heavily steeped in xenophobia, misogyny, bigotry, nationalism, and yes even laced with violent undertones, must be not< at all surprised by the response to his inflammatory verbiage. In fact it is very likely Mr. Trump anticipated such a response. Being the "smart" man his supporters believe he is.

To witness The Party of Lincoln devolve into such a shameful state is as sad as it is alarming. Ronald Reagan, two term conservative President revered by the right, would be spinning in his grave were that possible.

The behaviors by Trump supporters, highlighted in the POLITICO article following, is reprehensible and should be condemned by the RNC, state republican committees, republican elected representatives and senators.

It is telling, although not surprising, the Trump campaign had not responded to requests for comment as of press time

First it was an email warning Steve House, the Colorado GOP chairman, to hide his family members and “pray you make it to Cleveland.” Then there was the angry man who called his cellphone and told him to put a gun down his throat.

“He said, ‘I’ll call back in two minutes, and if you’re still there, I’ll come over and help you,’” House recalled.

Since Donald Trump came up empty in his quest for delegates at the Republican state assembly in Colorado Springs nearly two weeks ago, his angry supporters have responded to Trump’s own claims of a “rigged” nomination process by lashing out at Republican National Committee delegates that they believe won’t support Trump at the party’s convention — including House.

The mild-mannered chairman estimates he’s gotten between 4,000 and 5,000 calls on his cellphone. Many, he says, have ended with productive conversations. He’s referred the more threatening, violent calls to police. His cellphone is still buzzing this week, as he attends the RNC quarterly meetings in Florida, and he’s not the only one.

In hotel hallways and across dinner tables, many party leaders attending this week’s meetings shared similar stories. One party chairman says a Trump supporter recently got in his face and promised “bloodshed” if Trump doesn't win the GOP presidential nomination. An Indiana delegate who criticized Trump received a note warning against “traditional burial” that ended with, “We are watching you.”

The threats come months ahead of a possible contested convention, where Trump is all but certain to enter with a plurality of delegates bound to him on the first ballot, but he could lose support on subsequent ballots, as rules will allow delegates to vote however they choose. And although the harassers are typically anonymous, many party leaders on the receiving end of these threats hold Trump himself at least partly responsible, viewing the intimidation efforts as a natural and obvious outgrowth of the candidate’s incendiary rhetoric.

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

The party chairman who said a Trump backer threatened "bloodshed" at the convention also said the man told him he would "'meet me at the barricades’ if Trump isn't the nominee.” The chairman spoke on condition of anonymity.

How any fully rational man or women can support a candidate for president of The United States given what we have learned about him, his campaign tactics, and many of his irrational positions simply defies reason.


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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Looking At The World From A Different Perspective...

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This morning the following slide show arrived in the mail box of Rational Nation USA with this message,

A different way of describing the World's Populations.

Lightening in a jar.

This illustrates how truly fortunate we are.

So, without further ado, click and enjoy your slide show.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Trump and the Case Of the Unregistered Aircraft...

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My, My, My... Mr. Trump may have to lower his flying comfort if his Cessna 750 is grounded for awhile, possibly months. It seems whoever was responsible for registering the plane neglected to do so before the January 31st expiration date. The aircraft has been flying illegally since then.

Over the past several months, Donald J. Trump has crisscrossed the country making dozens of campaign stops in places like Sioux City, Iowa, and Jackson, Miss., often in his sleek Cessna jet. There is just one hitch: The plane’s registration is expired.

Records kept with the Federal Aviation Administration show the aircraft’s registration lapsed on Jan. 31. Laura J. Brown, a spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration, confirmed that the plane’s registration was not in good standing and said the owner had not renewed it.

With few exceptions, aircraft must be registered in order to fly. Mr. Trump’s plane could be grounded for several days, or even months, while the issue is sorted out. In the event of an accident, the company that insures the plane could use the expired registration as a reason to decline any claims.

The F.A.A. could also fine or assess other penalties against the owner, the operator or both; Mr. Trump owns the plane through a limited liability company. Though it is unlikely that the agency would seek the maximum penalty, flying with no registration could result in a civil penalty of up to $27,500, a criminal fine of up to $250,000 and imprisonment for up to three years, it said.

Ms. Brown declined to comment on any action the F.A.A. might take. Hope Hicks, a spokeswoman for the Trump campaign, did not respond to requests for comment.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Cruz Making the "State's Right" Argument When Responding to Gay Married Man...

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Republican presidential candidate Ted (Rafael) Cruz, after telling a gay man the constitution guarantees and protects the rights of all citizens equally, invoked the age old state's right argument with respect to marriage law.

Lets cut to the chaise. His invoking the state's right argument is simply arguing for discrimination against gays and lesbians who wish to marry. In other words it an argument for continued homophobia and bigotry.

ABC -Sen. Ted Cruz today invoked the protections included in the Constitution when a gay man asked the Republican presidential candidate about his work protecting the rights of gay voters.

Responding to a question from Todd Calongne, a married gay man who is a registered Republican and owner of a pizza parlor in New York City, Cruz said the Constitution protects the rights of all citizens equally.

"When it comes to religious liberty, religious liberty is something that protects all of us; it applies to Christians, it applies to Jews, it applies to Muslims, it applies to atheists," Cruz said during a “Good Morning America” town hall at ABC News' Times Square studios.

"That freedom ultimately protects each and every one of us."

When asked further about the Supreme Court decision allowing gay marriage nationally and what would happen to gay people who are already married, Cruz said marriage laws should be settled on the state level rather than the federal level.

"If someone wants to change the marriage laws, I don't think it should be five unelected lawyers down in Washington," he said, referring to the five Supreme Court justices who voted in favor of allowing same-sex marriage.

"We would expect the people in New York to adopt different laws than perhaps in California or Texas or Florida," he said.

For video CLICK HERE.

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Proper Phrasing and The Politics Of Personal Destruction...

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Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary R. Clinton must be getting worried about Trump and things he says about her. At least a tad bit anyway. On "This Week With George Stephanopoulos" she made the following statement, He can say whatever he wants to say about me, I really could care less.

While her intention was obviously to give the impression that she doesn't care, her choice of words says otherwise. I really could care less is saying that she actually cares. If in fact she really does not care what Trump says and is not bothered by it her statement should have been something like this, I really couldn't care less.

On to a related issue. The politics of personal destruction. A phrase coined by Bill Clinton during his impeachment hearings, it is certainly not new to politics and has existed to some degree throughout our political history. In today's overheated partisan atmosphere it has reached new heights and Trump is presently the Master Of The Politics Of Personal Destruction.

If Donald Trump was hoping to get a quick rise out of Hillary Clinton with a new nickname - "Crooked Hillary" - it didn't work.

"He can say whatever he wants to say about me, I really could care less," Clinton said on ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopoulos," "I don't respond to Donald Trump and his string of insults about me."

Trump unveiled his new nickname for Clinton at a Saturday rally in Watertown, New York. It's the latest in a long list of nasty names aimed at undermining his rivals: "Lyin' Ted" for Ted Cruz, "Little Marco" for Marco Rubio, and "Low Energy Jeb" for Jeb Bush.

"So I'm self funding. All of this is mine. When I fly in, it's on my dime right, it's on mine. And what does that mean? That means I'm not controlled by the special interests, by the lobbyists," Trump said while campaigning in New York. "They control crooked Hillary and they control lyin' Ted Cruz right? They control lyin' Ted."

"I can take care of myself," Clinton said on "This Week" when asked to respond to Trump's jab. "What I'm concerned about is how he goes after everybody else. He goes after women. He goes after Muslims. He goes after immigrants. He goes after people with disabilities. He is hurting our unity at home. He is undermining the values that we stand for in New York and across America. And he's hurting us around the world."

As it is, as it has been, and as it will continue to be, that is an almost certain bet.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

When The Alternative Is Far Worse...

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The above excerpt from today's Boston Globe is spot on. While Trump (Drumpf), as odious as he is for a majority of Americans, Cruz is equally as odious and indeed far more dangerous to American civil liberties. The GOP field, with the exception of perhaps Kasich who doesn't stand a chance, is one of, if not the worst in modern GOP history. In fact, and it pains me to say this, the GOP is currently the best argument for voting democratic this year.

With his archaic views, ill-informed grasp of civil rights, and noxious ambition, Cruz shouldn’t be allowed any closer to the Oval Office than a White House tour. This is a man whose crowning achievement has been the 2013 government shutdown, which he engineered to force President Obama and the Democrat-led Senate to gut the Affordable Care Act. Of course, Obamacare remained intact, and what most people remember about their government being held hostage is Cruz reading “Green Eggs and Ham” during a 21-hour speech.

It was, as Josh Holmes, a former aide to Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell told The Washington Post, “like a toddler’s version of legislating.”

And as every toddler knows, if you act up long enough, you’ll get your way. In the case of Cruz, then a freshmen senator and a Tea Party darling, it was about juicing his national profile in preparation for the presidential run he is now inflicting on us. No wonder his fellow Republicans, blamed for the shutdown, are loath to support a man willing to torch his party and country in order to further his own career.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Likelihood Of A Contested Convention Grows...

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It really isn't looking good for Trump. Not understanding the rules of the game, at least not fully, Trump has failed to built the depth of support that would place him in a stronger position on a second ballot. Trump is obviously feeling the strain of the campaign and for a man who caims to never lose he is quite possibly facing a yuge loss in July.


-- If Donald Trump cannot get 1,237 delegates on the first ballot at the Republican National Convention in July, his campaign will be all but over – except for the shouting.

Many delegates who will be bound to support Trump on the first, and in some cases second, ballot tell us both publicly and privately that they will defect to Ted Cruz or whoever has momentum once they’re freed up from their obligation.

In some places, such as North Carolina, the Cruz campaign has put their most loyal and reliable grassroots supporters into the Trump delegate slots at district-level conventions.

Trump has lashed out so hard in recent days because this reality is finally sinking in. "The system, folks, is rigged … It’s a rigged, disgusting, dirty system,” he said in New York yesterday. “When everything is done, I find out I get less delegates than the guy who got his a** kicked."

This dynamic is also why he’s redoubling his focus on locking up the nomination during the primaries that remain through June.

This problem is not unique to Trump. Veteran strategists who have worked contested GOP conventions at the state level agree that the front-runner’s support usually tends to peel off if he cannot break 50 percent on the first ballot. The pressure will be especially high in this case because Trump is such a polarizing figure. More Below The Fold.

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Rapidly Approaching the Time to Punt...

Debunking More Trump BS...

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NBC News - Donald Trump blasted the GOP's delegate rules Sunday, saying a "corrupt" system is denying him delegates in states he won. According to a new NBC analysis, however, Trump has benefited far more than Ted Cruz under the party's arcane rules for allocating delegates.

Trump now leads the Republican field with 756 delegates — or 45 percent of all delegates awarded to date. Yet he has won about 37 percent of all votes in the primaries, according to the NBC analysis, meaning Trump's delegate support is greater than his actual support from voters.

For each percentage point of total primary votes that Trump has won, he has been awarded 1.22 percent of the total delegates.

In other words, as a matter of Republican Party math, Trump has been awarded a delegate bonus of 22 percent above his raw support from voters.

By contrast, Cruz has been awarded about 1.14 percent of the delegates for each percentage point of votes he has won — a delegate bonus of 14 percent above his raw support.


Taken together, the data show Trump has been awarded 8 percent more delegates than Cruz for the same rate of voter support.

It is Trump, however, who is leading the charge against how delegates are awarded.

"We've got a corrupt system. It's not right," Trump said at a Sunday rally in Rochester, New York. "We're supposed to be a democracy."

So, Drumpf is complaining about a corrupt system that in reality benefits him? Is he arguing for a more equitable and fair system? One in which the playing field is level and there exists no plus or minus factor? Or, as we suspect, is Drumpf simply whining because the benefit to himself isn't larger?

Article continues BELOW THE FOLD.

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Trump (Drumpf), the Irrational Man for Irrational Times...

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Those among us who get the threat Trump (Drumpf) represents to our democratic republic and our civil liberties simply get it. As for those who don't, well, it is likely they likely never will. Until it's too late.

BETHPAGE, N.Y. - As I walked into a soundstage Wednesday night at Grumman Studios, which was filled with thousands upon thousands of Donald Trump supporters penned into metal barricades and donning all manner of Trump paraphernalia, I immediately thought of the words Richard Strout of The New Republic used more than four decades ago to describe the scene at a George Wallace rally during the 1968 presidential campaign.

“There is menace in the blood shout of the crowd,” wrote Strout. “You feel you have known this all somewhere. Never again will you read about Berlin in the ’30s without remembering this wild confrontation here of two irrational forces. The American sickness has finally localized; Wallace is the ablest demagogue of our time.”

The analogy to Germany in the 1930s is, to be sure, inexact. But the atmosphere in Bethpage was unlike anything I’ve seen at a political rally. There was an electricity and energy in the room that felt venomous, violent, terrifying — like the political equivalent of parched kindling before a conflagration. If Trump had told the throngs there to go rampage in the streets, I half think most of them would have complied.

The crowd was almost all white, overwhelmingly male, and disproportionately young. There were constant chants of “USA! USA! USA!,” “Hillary for prison!,” and “Build the wall!” When protesters raised their voices they were drowned out by a particular chant, more regularly heard at football games, that resounded across the hall. “I’d like to tell them they’re going to be on the southern side of the wall,” said one woman about the protesters. Trump’s omnipresent security guards, many of whom looked like they’d overdosed on muscle mass supplements, soon escorted them out. Thankfully, most of the hecklers who are usually a mainstay at Trump events stayed home or perhaps thought better of riling up the crowd.

A smiling old man proudly displayed to me a T-shirt that read “Trump: Get On Board or Get Run Over.” Another read: “Up Yours Hillary.” When I asked the man to pose for a picture, his wife pulled me over and told me “everything in America is terrible” — the economy, health care, the military. “Don’t you worry about your kids future?” she asked me as she demanded to know if I was voting for Trump.

At other Trump events, there is occasionally concern expressed over some of his more inflammatory statements. Not here. “Trump speaks the truth,” ‘Trump is going to fix things,” they told me. “He’s the only person who can beat Hillary,” said another. One man I talked to so frequently parroted Trump’s catchphrases about getting rid of all the “bad deals” signed by stupid politicians and the foreign countries “ripping us off” that he joked“maybe I should be working for the campaign.” If there was doubt about Trump or fear that perhaps he’s pushing the envelope too far it wasn’t evident in Long Island.

Indeed, the more aggressive that Trump was in his comments, the more the crowd responded. When he said “We’re gonna kick the hell out of ISIS,” the ovation was deafening. When he made his obligatory attack on the media for being “terrible people” the crowd reacted on cue, turning toward the press risers and screaming at us or pointing fingers. And when he asked who is going to pay for the wall he wants to build, the crowd yelled back, “Mexico” and then soon began another chant of “Build the wall!”

Trump’s stump speech was the same he’s now delivered countless times — a litany of complaints about stupid politicians who “don’t know what the hell they’re doing,” journalists who don’t tell the truth about the size of Trump’s rallies, heartless corporations who ship jobs overseas (which won’t happen anymore when Trump takes office), and America’s inability to win anymore. “We don’t fight like people from Long Island,” he said when talking about the war against ISIS.

There were the obligatory attacks on Obama, Clinton, and Lyin’ Ted Cruz. And of course, there was the usual Trump bombast about how he’s “gonna turn this country around so fast” and how voters love him. “The Christians like Trump,” he said bragging about his support with evangelicals.

There was even Trump’s now regular reading of “The Snake,” an Oscar Brown song (Trump still incorrectly says it was written by Al Green) that tells the story of a “tender-hearted woman” who saves a snake’s life only to have it bite and kill her. This is Trump’s explanation for why the United States can’t allow Muslim refugees into America. CONTINUE READING BELOW THE FOLD.

BTW, Ted Cruz represents an equal, if not greater threat to our American way of life. Xenophobia, bigotry, misogyny, and uncontrolled irrational nationalism all present grave danger to America. As well as the world at large. Think about it, seriously and unemotionally.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Trump Accuses Cruz Of a Federal Crime...

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Given Trump's almost immediate response to his shellacking in Wisconsin it is clear The Donald is a very sore loser. Resorting once again to name calling, as well as levelling serious and unsubstantiated claims against Rafael (Ted) Cruz, Trump displays his lack of presidential polish. Believing Trump is presidential material is almost to defy reason.

So far, we've seen Donald Trump be gracious on election night once. That was the night of Feb. 1, after Trump unexpectedly lost Iowa to Ted Cruz. No one knew how Trump would react, and Trump came out and presented a new Donald. Calm, brief, gracious. Then, within a day or two, he started accusing Cruz of having stolen the election, setting up his long-standing critique of Cruz as "Lyin' Ted."

After he lost Wisconsin on Tuesday night, it was the non-gracious Trump that appeared, in the form of a statement about how Cruz won the state.

There's a lot of bitterness and anger in there -- no doubt in part the product of having to still be slogging through random states in an increasingly desperate push to get to the 1,237 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination. That's got to be annoying to a guy who doesn't even have to show up in the studio to be interviewed on TV.

Hopefully as the campaign slogs on more republicans and conservatives will begin to see beneath the surface Teflon that has obviously covered Trump during the campaign and see him for the person he really is. An extremely flawed individual with very questionable principles and values.

Continue reading the story BELOW THE FOLD.

Comedy Central's Trevor Noah On Trump's Misogyny...

Some content inappropriate for children.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Keeping the Five Year Old in the Spotlight...

If you want a ride to disaster stick with Trump.

Republican presidential underdog Ted Cruz has pulled into a statistical dead heat with front-runner Donald Trump, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling.

The U.S. senator from Texas has 35.2 percent support among Republicans to Trump’s 39.5 percent, according to the survey taken from April 1-5, putting the two within the poll’s credibility interval of 4.8 percentage points. The two were also briefly in a dead heat on March 28.

Trump first jumped to the top of the Reuters/Ipsos national poll in July 2015. The only time a rival came close to Trump’s lead in the poll before Cruz was Nov. 7. when neurosurgeon Ben Carson briefly tied him.

Cruz had trailed Trump nearly 20-points a month ago.

Tennessee Lawmakers On the Slippery Slope...

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In a solidly republican state lawmakers have decided The Bible should be the state book. Not at all surprising really. Conservatives, republicans, and evangelicals have been pursuing this agenda for sometime now. An agenda in which the natural conclusion is integrating the Christian faith with secular law. Of course those supporting measures such as this one will deny the obvious.

If the governor of Tennessee is possessed with reason and rational though he will veto this bill.

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Kasich Tells the Truth, He's the Best Hope for Republicans to Regain the White House...

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Irrespective of Trump's constant babble about being a winner the reality is as Kasich states it. Trump is a sure loser against Hillary Clinton, so, if republicans are to stand a chance of winning the Whitre House Kasich is their best bet.

The Hill - Republican presidential candidate John Kasich said he thinks he has a good chance at a contested convention this summer.

"I believe that a convention will look at somebody like me, and that’s why I think I’m going to be the nominee," the Ohio governor said on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday.

Kasich said he expects to continue gaining momentum and picking up delegates until the convention.Kasich then touted his poll numbers in head-to-head match-ups against Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, saying he beats Clinton in "virtually every poll."

"I'm the only one that does it on the Republican side," he said.

He also talked about his record on job growth, adding he has international foreign policy knowledge and the experience to be a competitive candidate.

"We just have to keep going, and we’re going to have an open convention," Kasich said.

"It’s going to be so much fun. Kids will spend less time focusing on Bieber and Kardashian and more time focusing on how we elect presidents. It will be so cool."

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Will Trump, if Nominated, Receive More Than 200 Electoral College Votes?...

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Donald (Drumpf) Trump at this stage of his presidential campaign has managed to achieve the lowest favorability ranking of any candidate regardless of party since 1984. For the man who really believes America wants his xenophobic, misogynist, and bigoted leadership it must be devastating for him to look at the facts. Facts which clearly shows much of America sees his brand of politics in a most unfavorable light.

Donald J. Trump’s presidential candidacy has stunned the Republican Party. But if he survives a late revolt by his rivals and other leaders to become the party’s standard-bearer in the general election, the electoral map now coming into view is positively forbidding.

In recent head-to-head polls with one Democrat whom Mr. Trump may face in the fall, Hillary Clinton, he trails in every key state, including Florida and Ohio, despite her soaring unpopularity ratings with swing voters.

In Democratic-leaning states across the Rust Belt, which Mr. Trump has vowed to return to the Republican column for the first time in nearly 30 years, his deficit is even worse: Mrs. Clinton leads him by double digits in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Mr. Trump is so negatively viewed, polls suggest, that he could turn otherwise safe Republican states, usually political afterthoughts because of their strong conservative tilt, into tight contests. In Utah, his deep unpopularity with Mormon voters suggests that a state that has gone Republican every election for a half-century could wind up in play. Republicans there pointed to a much-discussed Deseret News poll last month, showing Mrs. Clinton with a narrow lead over Mr. Trump, to argue that the state would be difficult for him.

Horse-race polls this early are poor predictors of election results, and candidates have turned around public opinion before. And the country’s politics have become so sharply polarized that no major-party contender is likely to come near the 49-state defeats suffered by Democrats in 1972 and 1984.

But without an extraordinary reversal — or the total collapse of whoever becomes his general-election opponent — Mr. Trump could be hard-pressed to win more than 200 of the 270 electoral votes required to win.

To view favorability chart CLICK HERE

Mr. Trump has become unacceptable, perhaps irreversibly so, to broad swaths of Americans, including large majorities of women, nonwhites, Hispanics, voters under 30 and those with college degrees — the voters who powered President Obama’s two victories and represent the country’s demographic future. All view him unfavorably by a 2-to-1 margin, according to a recent New York Times/CBS News poll.

Donald (Drumpf) Trump is out of step with the majority of Americans and he most certainly is blind to changing demographics and changing times. The Donald is likely the best thing to happen for democrats since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Complete article BELOW THE FOLD.

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