Thursday, July 30, 2020

Trump's Suggestion To Postpone The Election Today...

‘He’s Terrified of Losing’—Trump Goes Into Hyperdrive to Delegitimize The Election

Trump, who tweeted about postpoing the election today, something everyone understands is unconstitutional, is really concerned with setting the stage to question the legitimacy of the election results should he lose. Trump, perhaps the worlds biggest narcisisist and con artist, will, without a doubt, not go down without putting the nation through hell. Something he has shown himself to be quite good at.

Defund the Police, Or More Appropriately Stated Redirect A Percentage To Funding Social Serviice Workers...

Kentucky town hires social workers instead of more officers - and the results are surprising

For those who have great concern over redirecting of money away from police departments to fund social service workers better trained to handle certain issues now handled by police officers please take a moment to click on the above linked article and read the story as well as watching the four minute video. Your time will be well spent. And, hopefully your perspective will be positively altered in support of redirecting funds as described in the article.

Doctors On The Frontlines Endorse Joe Biden...

The following appeared on Twitter a few days ago. It is a powerful endorsement of Joe Biden by Doctors on the frontlines of the fight against the Covid-19 panndemic . Please consider this when making your decision as to who to cast your vote for in November.

WE ARE DOCTORS. We are on the frontlines of this crisis. We will never, ever forget the pain and the loss we seee and experience each and every day. We are releasing this video because @JoeBiden understands pain and loss and wil do what's right for ALL Americans. #JoeUnderstands

Je Biden Understands the Pain & Loss Faced by Frontline Doctors.

Copy and paste this web address < > into your brower to view the video put out by these Doctors on Twitter.

Please consider what is at stake here. Thank You

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Susan Collins, Maine's Trumpist and Enabler of a Racist Incompetent President...

July 29th, 2020 - The Lincoln Project today released a new video, “Trump Stooge,” holding Senator Susan Collins (T) Maine accountable for her consistent capitulation to the Trump administration and failure to hold the President accountable.

Collins has become infamous for voicing empty criticism of Trump alongside statements that he will somehow, eventually, transform into a noble and responsible leader.

“Susan Collins doesn’t live up to what Maine expects or deserves,” said Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. “Maine is waking up to who she is and her inability to lead. For the first time in her Senate career, she should be concerned.”

When moments of challenge arrive, Susan Collins worries. Collins is no longer a Republican nor a conservative. She’s a Trumpist.

Republicans believe in a strong foreign policy. Trump and Collins do not. Republicans believe in individual liberty, states’ rights and the 10th Amendment. Trump and Collins do not. Republicans don’t believe in excessive use of federal power. Trump does, and Collins silently ‘worries.’

Defeating Trump means defeating his network of enablers as well. Come November 3rd, it’s time for Senator Collins to go.

Trump must go in November. So must his supporting cast of sycophant Trumpists. And that includes Susan Collins.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Change, The Only Constant...

Dump Trump 2020...

Truth Of The Ages...

Memories, Past, Present, and Future...

July 28th, 2020 - The Lincoln Project today released a new video, “Memories,” a reminder of the loss of life’s most sentimental moments as a result of President Trump’s calamitous response to the COVID-19 crisis.

“We’ve lost millions of moments that make life worth living. And while people around the world are going to movies, eating at restaurants, and sending their kids back to school, Americans continue to live in purgatory,” said Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project.

When it comes to handling the COVID-19 pandemic, President Trump has never truly put the American people first. As a result, Americans are suffering in an ongoing year marred by loss – of livelihoods, dreams, and loved ones.

Come November, we’ll have the chance to begin a shared, nationwide healing by removing Donald Trump from office and electing a thoughtful, responsive leader.

Yes, we remember a time before Trump. We now know it is time to replace Trump. To find our way back to sanity as a nation. Together. As One. To Create New and Much Better Memories.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Another True Conservative Encouraging Americans To Vote Biden 2020...

Given that Trump's campaign is imploding under horrible direction, the surging cnronavivius pandemic Trump has totally mismanaged nationaly, the fascist removal of innocents from our streets by federal thugs, Trump's support for white supremacists and the traitorous confederate monuments, combined with so much more that is both negative and un-American, chances are good and increasing Trump is destined to be a BIG loser and a failed one term POTUS.

July 27th, 2020 - The Lincoln Project released a new video today, “Conservative,” the second to feature former Navy SEAL Dan Barkhuff calling for conservatives to vote for Joe Biden.

Barkhuff, first featured in The Lincoln Project’s “Betrayed,” returns to remind Republicans that Biden will conserve the cornerstones of our nation — the rule of law, the American Dream, and the tenets laid out in our Constitution.

“President Trump is lost. He’s lashing out, and has resorted to displays of force in American cities to fire up his base,” said Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. He continued, “While Donald Trump thinks federal thugs harassing peaceful American citizens makes him look strong, all we see is weakness.”

All Americans must be vigilant in protecting the rights that Donald Trump seeks to destroy. He knows his days are numbered and, as we approach November 3rd, his attacks will become even more aggressive.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Trump, Okay With Pedaphiles..

July 24th, 2020 - The Lincoln Project  today released a new video, “Maxwell 2,” contrasting the way President Trump speaks about women that call him to task with his recent sympathies for accused child sex trafficker Ghislane Maxwell.

Coming on the heels of misogynistic comments made by a Republican House Representative, the video serves as a reminder of the way President Trump’s shameful rhetoric towards women has permeated the Republican party.

“President Trump has repeatedly shown disrespect towards women, but he often voices a particular disdain for those in leadership roles,” said Sarah Lenti, Executive Director of The Lincoln Project. She added, “It’s reprehensible that the one woman he is able to muster some compassion for is the alleged leader of a child sexual abuse operation.”

As the President continues to reserve his respect for women to a select few, the majority will lead the charge for his removal in November.

Trump is damaged goods. Severly so. America CAN and WILL do much better November 3rd 2020.

Friday, July 24, 2020


Timeless Truths...

Without Federal Executive Leadership Covid - 19 Is Out Of Control...

July 23rd, 2020 - The Lincoln Project today released a new video, “Failure,” highlighting the last several months’ worth of President Trump’s often erratic and erroneous comments on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

As new daily cases continue to rise to double what they were in April, President Trump offered little guidance and support during his Tuesday briefing.

“President Trump is incapable of handling the multiple crises we face. Because of his failures, America, a country with 5% of the world’s population, has 25% of the world’s new coronavirus cases,” said Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. He continued, “We need a president who is ready and able to lead America.”

And then there is this.

July 24th, 2020 - The Lincoln Project today released a new video, “Maxwell,” taking aim at President Trump’s recent well wishes for accused, child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.

Maxwell has been charged with helping to recruit, train, and manage a harem of young women, some minors at the time, as part of a child sexual abuse ring centered around Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein and Maxwell were both well acquainted with President Trump.

“It’s despicable to hear the president express sympathy for an accused child sex trafficker,” said Tara Setmayer, Senior Advisor to The Lincoln Project. She added, “While the country continues to grieve unspeakable loss from the Trump Administration’s failed COVID-19 response, the President wishes an alleged pedophile pimp well from the White House podium. Shameful.”

For now, Trump continues to sully the Office of the Presidency through his seedy and corrupt connections. In November, Americans will restore its dignity by removing him from office.

Indeed America WILL dump Trump come November 3rd 2020.

We Are Better Than Trump

Americans  Are Better Together, United In Pursuit Of A More Perfect Union

Truth, Decency, And  Integrity Will Prevail

Monday, July 20, 2020

Watch Out For The Brown Shirts...

July 19th, 2020 - The Lincoln Project today released a new video, “How It Starts”, a warning about how Trump, Bill Barr and Chad Wolf are ordering unnamed and unmarked agents into our streets.

 Against a backdrop of falling poll numbers, rising COVID-19 infections, and a revealing Fox News interview, it’s clear that President Trump is rapidly losing control.

“The videos of masked, anonymous government officers attacking American citizens who pose no threat is shocking to watch. Federal agents with no badge are kidnapping civilians into unmarked vans. How is this America?” said Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen. He continued, “All Americans must be vigilant.”

It is unthinkable that today, in a major American city, there are unmarked vans driven by nameless, badgeless armed forces snatching people from the streets in a terrifying attempt to oppress peaceful protest. Trump may believe this is how his takeover starts, but on November 3rd, Americans will put his abuse of power to an end.

Wake up America. Before it's too late. We do not want topay the price Germany did from 1933 to 1945.

Current State Of Our Republic...

But America can change this November 3'rd 2020.


Rare Wisdom...

Sunday, July 19, 2020

A Tribute To A Freedom Fighter and a Great American...

July 19th, 2020 - Today, The Lincoln Project released a video, paying its respects to the life and legacy of Civil Rights leader, and Georgia Congressman, John Lewis. In the video his voice calls out to Americans, asking them to, “Wake up!” It is our duty to ensure his message lives on.

“John Lewis deeply loved America and her people. So much so, that he made it his life’s mission to ensure that this great country lives up to its original promise, freedom and justice for all. And when America failed and faltered in carrying out this promise, John Lewis, for six decades, willingly and patriotically sacrificed himself to right her course,” said Lincoln Project co-founder, Reed Galen. He continued, “he exemplified love, dignity and perseverance, and understood that ‘good trouble’ is what America has always been about.”

Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver said, “American hero, Rep. John Lewis, gave voice to the Beatitudes through his fight for the poor, the meek, the hungry. With us in both spirit and energy is John as we get into Good Trouble, sweeping out the evil and injustices of this barbaric Administration.”

On November 3rd, Americans will have the opportunity to embody Lewis’ spirit, take up his mantle, and finish his task by exercising their right to vote. In doing so, Americans will return dignity to the White House.

And where is Trump's tribute to  this remarkably courageous man and true PATRIOT? He's silent. And we all know why.

He did do a Condolence Tweet. At least there's that.

The President Who Cares Not About The People or Their Health and Safety...

Trump administration pushing to block new money for testing, tracing and CDC in upcoming coronavirus relief bill

Gee What a surprise! NOT!!

The Trump administration is trying to block billions of dollars for states to conduct testing and contact tracing in the upcoming coronavirus relief bill, people involved in the talks said Saturday.
The administration is also trying to block billions of dollars that GOP senators want to allocate for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and billions more for the Pentagon and State Department to address the pandemic at home and abroad, the people said.

The administration’s posture has angered some GOP senators, the officials said, and some lawmakers are trying to push back and ensure that the money stays in the bill. The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to reveal confidential deliberations, cautioned that the talks were fluid and the numbers were in flux.
The negotiations center around a bill Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is preparing to unveil this coming week as part of negotiations with Democrats on what will likely be the last major coronavirus relief bill before the November election.
Negotiations are expected to kick off with increased urgency because of the rapid growth of cases — and steady uptick in deaths — in the United States. The number of cases began falling in April but accelerated sharply after Memorial Day, shattering records in the past two weeks.
In late May, there were fewer than 20,000 new cases of coronavirus reported each day. On Friday, there were more than 76,000 new cases reported.

The two political parties are far apart on a number of contentious issues, such as unemployment insurance, but the conflict between Trump administration officials and Senate Republicans on money for testing and other priorities is creating a major complication even before bipartisan negotiations get under way. Some lawmakers are trying to reach a deal quickly, as enhanced unemployment benefits for millions of Americans are set to expire in less than two weeks.

One person involved in the talks said Senate Republicans were seeking to allocate $25 billion for states to conduct testing and contact tracing, but that certain administration officials want to zero out the testing and tracing money entirely. Some White House officials believe they have already approved billions of dollars in assistance for testing and that some of that money remains unspent.

Roughly 3.7 million Americans have already tested positive for the coronavirus in the United States, according to a Washington Post analysis. Wait times for test results can vary by state, but in some places people have to wait more than a week to find out if they tested positive.

Trump and other White House officials have been pushing for states to own more of the responsibility for testing and have objected to creating national standards, at times seeking to minimize the federal government’s role.

More beneath the FOLD

If only this nation actually had a competent leader.

The USA, World Leader In Deaths From The Coronavirus, Trump Says We're The Best - MAGA

July 18th, 2020 - The Lincoln Project today released a new ad, “Wall”, calling out the Trump administration’s inaction on the global COVID-19 pandemic by comparing the number of American lives lost, illustrated by a wall of coffins, to Trump’s infamous U.S.-Mexico border wall.

“140,000 American lives have been lost because of Donald Trump. And millions of families will never be the same again. It’s imperative we vote him out this November.” said Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver.

With 140,000 lives lost and counting, Americans continue to witness the Trump administration’s ineptitude in overdrive. Our shared suffering must end on November 3rd.

The "man" in the White House is either simply a liar trying to lipstick on a pig, or, he's just plain ignorant AND incompetents. Quite likely he is both.

Friday, July 17, 2020

America Knows Competence When It Sees It, Except For Trump and His Sycophants, Which Thankfully Is America's Minority...

Another spot on ad spot from The Lincoln Project.

Trump MUST Go 2020

July 15, 2020 - The Lincoln Project’s latest ad, “Fauci”, lauds Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has steadfastly served the American people for decades, including as a leader of the current White House Coronavirus Task Force, and admonishes President Trump’s neglectful and incompetent response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Dr. Fauci has served both Republican and Democratic administrations. He is a profoundly respected physician, whose work has improved the lives of millions of Americans,” said Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. He continued, “President Trump’s incompetence has cost 130,000 Americans their lives, sickened millions more and wrecked our economy.”

Come November 3rd, Americans will elect a new proven and capable leader — one who respects and listens to our experts.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

State Of Mind...

A Brief History Of DJT's Racist Statements and Actions.../

As much as many want to believe DJT is not racist the following will bring things into sharper focus. There is no deny DJT's racist history and his wink and a nod to whiten supremacists. Read on.

VOX  06/24/2020 - If you ask President Donald Trump, he isn’t racist. To the contrary, he’s repeatedly said that he’s “the least racist person that you’ve ever encountered.”

Trump’s actual record, however, tells a very different story.

On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly made explicitly racist and otherwise bigoted remarks, from calling Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists, to proposing a ban on all Muslims entering the US, to suggesting a judge should recuse himself from a case solely because of the judge’s Mexican heritage.

The trend has continued into his presidency. From stereotyping a Black reporter to pandering to white supremacists after they held a violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, to cracking a joke about the Trail of Tears, Trump hasn’t stopped with the racist acts after his 2016 election.

Most recently, Trump has called the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus the “Chinese virus” and “kung flu” — racist terms that tap into the kind of xenophobia that he latched onto during his 2016 presidential campaign.


Trump has a long history of racist controversies

Here’s a breakdown of Trump’s history, taken largely from Dara Lind’s list for Vox and an op-ed by Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times:

1973: The US Department of Justice — under the Nixon administration, out of all administrations — sued the Trump Management Corporation for violating the Fair Housing Act. Federal officials found evidence that Trump had refused to rent to Black tenants and lied to Black applicants about whether apartments were available, among other accusations. Trump said the federal government was trying to get him to rent to welfare recipients. In the aftermath, he signed an agreement in 1975 agreeing not to discriminate to renters of color without admitting to previous discrimination.

1980s: Kip Brown, a former employee at Trump’s Castle, accused another one of Trump’s businesses of discrimination. “When Donald and Ivana came to the casino, the bosses would order all the black people off the floor,” Brown said. “It was the eighties, I was a teenager, but I remember it: They put us all in the back.”

1988: In a commencement speech at Lehigh University, Trump spent much of his speech accusing countries like Japan of “stripping the United States of economic dignity.” This matches much of his current rhetoric on China.

1989: In a controversial case that’s been characterized as a modern-day lynching, four Black teenagers and one Latino teenager — the “Central Park Five” — were accused of attacking and raping a jogger in New York City. Trump immediately took charge in the case, running an ad in local papers demanding, “BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY. BRING BACK OUR POLICE!” The teens’ convictions were later vacated after they spent seven to 13 years in prison, and the city paid $41 million in a settlement to the teens. But Trump in October 2016 said he still believes they’re guilty, despite the DNA evidence to the contrary.

1991: A book by John O’Donnell, former president of Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, quoted Trump’s criticism of a Black accountant: “Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day. … I think that the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault, because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that. It’s not anything they can control.” Trump later said in a 1997 Playboy interview that “the stuff O’Donnell wrote about me is probably true.”

1992: The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino had to pay a $200,000 fine because it transferred Black and women dealers off tables to accommodate a big-time gambler’s prejudices.

1993: In congressional testimony, Trump said that some Native American reservations operating casinos shouldn’t be allowed because “they don’t look like Indians to me.”

2000: In opposition to a casino proposed by the St. Regis Mohawk tribe, which he saw as a financial threat to his casinos in Atlantic City, Trump secretly ran a series of ads suggesting the tribe had a “record of criminal activity [that] is well documented.”

2004: In season two of The Apprentice, Trump fired Kevin Allen, a Black contestant, for being overeducated. “You’re an unbelievably talented guy in terms of education, and you haven’t done anything,” Trump said on the show. “At some point you have to say, ‘That’s enough.’”

2005: Trump publicly pitched what was essentially The Apprentice: White People vs. Black People. He said he “wasn’t particularly happy” with the most recent season of his show, so he was considering “an idea that is fairly controversial — creating a team of successful African Americans versus a team of successful whites. Whether people like that idea or not, it is somewhat reflective of our very vicious world.”

2010: In 2010, there was a huge national controversy over the “Ground Zero Mosque” — a proposal to build a Muslim community center in Lower Manhattan, near the site of the 9/11 attacks. Trump opposed the project, calling it “insensitive,” and offered to buy out one of the investors in the project. On The Late Show With David Letterman, Trump argued, referring to Muslims, “Well, somebody’s blowing us up. Somebody’s blowing up buildings, and somebody’s doing lots of bad stuff.”

2011: Trump played a big role in pushing false rumors that Obama — the country’s first Black president — was not born in the US. He even sent investigators to Hawaii to look into Obama’s birth certificate. Obama later released his birth certificate, calling Trump a “carnival barker.” (The research has found a strong correlation between “birtherism,” as this conspiracy theory is called, and racism.) Trump has reportedly continued pushing this conspiracy theory in private.

2011: While Trump suggested that Obama wasn’t born in the US, he also argued that maybe Obama wasn’t a good enough student to have gotten into Columbia or Harvard Law School, and demanded Obama release his university transcripts. Trump claimed, “I heard he was a terrible student. Terrible. How does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard?”


As a candidate and president, Trump has made many more racist comments

On top of all that history, Trump has repeatedly made racist — often explicitly so — remarks on the campaign trail and as president:

Trump launched his campaign in 2015 by calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” who are “bringing crime” and “bringing drugs” to the US. His campaign was largely built on building a wall to keep these immigrants out of the US.

As a candidate in 2015, Trump called for a ban on all Muslims coming into the US. His administration eventually implemented a significantly watered-down version of the policy.

When asked at a 2016 Republican debate whether all 1.6 billion Muslims hate the US, Trump said, “I mean a lot of them. I mean a lot of them.”

He argued in 2016 that Judge Gonzalo Curiel — who was overseeing the Trump University lawsuit — should recuse himself from the case because of his Mexican heritage and membership in a Latino lawyers association. House Speaker Paul Ryan, who endorsed Trump, later called such comments “the textbook definition of a racist comment.”

Trump has been repeatedly slow to condemn white supremacists who endorse him, and he regularly retweeted messages from white supremacists and neo-Nazis during his presidential campaign.

He tweeted and later deleted an image that showed Hillary Clinton in front of a pile of money and by a Jewish Star of David that said, “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” The tweet had some very obvious anti-Semitic imagery, but Trump insisted that the star was a sheriff’s badge, and said his campaign shouldn’t have deleted it.

Trump has repeatedly referred to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) as “Pocahontas,” using her controversial — and later walked-back — claims to Native American heritage as a punchline.

At the 2016 Republican convention, Trump officially seized the mantle of the “law and order” candidate — an obvious dog whistle playing to white fears of Black crime, even though crime in the US is historically low. His speeches, comments, and executive actions after he took office have continued this line of messaging.

In a pitch to Black voters in 2016, Trump said, “You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?”

Trump stereotyped a Black reporter at a press conference in February 2017. When April Ryan asked him if he plans to meet and work with the Congressional Black Caucus, he repeatedly asked her to set up the meeting — even as she insisted that she’s “just a reporter.”

In the week after white supremacist protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017, Trump repeatedly said that “many sides” and “both sides” were to blame for the violence and chaos that ensued — suggesting that the white supremacist protesters were morally equivalent to counterprotesters who stood against racism. He also said that there were “some very fine people” among the white supremacists. All of this seemed like a dog whistle to white supremacists — and many of them took it as one, with white nationalist Richard Spencer praising Trump for “defending the truth.”

Throughout 2017, Trump repeatedly attacked NFL players who, by kneeling or otherwise silently protesting during the national anthem, demonstrated against systemic racism in America.

Trump reportedly said in 2017 that people who came to the US from Haiti “all have AIDS,” and he lamented that people who came to the US from Nigeria would never “go back to their huts” once they saw America. The White House denied that Trump ever made these comments.

Speaking about immigration in a bipartisan meeting in January 2018, Trump reportedly asked, in reference to Haiti and African countries, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” He then reportedly suggested that the US should take more people from countries like Norway. The implication: Immigrants from predominantly white countries are good, while immigrants from predominantly Black countries are bad.

Trump denied making the “shithole” comments, although some senators present at the meeting said they happened. The White House, meanwhile, suggested that the comments, like Trump’s remarks about the NFL protests, will play well to his base. The only connection between Trump’s remarks about the NFL protests and his “shithole” comments is race.

Trump mocked Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign, again calling her “Pocahontas” in a 2019 tweet before adding, “See you on the campaign TRAIL, Liz!” The capitalized “TRAIL” is seemingly a reference to the Trail of Tears — a horrific act of ethnic cleansing in the 19th century in which Native Americans were forcibly relocated, causing thousands of deaths.

Trump tweeted later that year that several Black and brown members of Congress — Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) — are “from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe” and that they should “go back” to those countries. It’s a common racist trope to say that Black and brown people, particularly immigrants, should go back to their countries of origin. Three of the four members of Congress whom Trump targeted were born in the US.

Trump has called the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus the “Chinese virus” and “kung flu.” The World Health Organization advises against linking a virus to any particular region, since it can lead to stigma. Trump’s adviser, Kellyanne Conway, previously described the term “kung flu” as “highly offensive.” Meanwhile, Asian Americans have reported hateful incidents targeting them due to the spread of the coronavirus.

This list is not comprehensive, instead relying on some of the major examples since Trump announced his candidacy. But once again, there’s a pattern of racism and bigotry here that suggests Trump isn’t just misspeaking; it is who he is.

To go deeper into the racism of Donald J. Trump follow the the link - HERE

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Republicans Wall Of Shame...

July 14, 2020 - The latest ad from The Lincoln Project, “Walk of Courage,” asks the question, who in this time in our country’s history is meeting the moment: individual Americans or Republican senators?

Facing spiking COVID-19 infection rates, mass unemployment, and the threat of violence, everyday citizens somehow find the courage to stand up to and fight for what’s right. Meanwhile, Republican Senators with a platform and the full force of the United States Constitution behind them, would rather scuttle away in shame from Donald Trump than risk a mean tweet from the president.

“These Republicans know that Trump is unfit for office. They know what he’s doing to this country is wrong. Yet they say nothing. Their continuing silence is disqualifying.” said Lincoln Project co-founder, Reed Galen.

These Senators have made their choice. They stood with Trump when they should have stood with America.

Soon, the people of this country will get to make their choice, too.

This is all that needs be said. Truly patriotic Americans, those who love their country and ALL its people understand. Those who do not already understand likely NEVER WILL. They are cons and republicans.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Trump Administration Plants 137,000 Corpses In Fauci’s Bed To Frame Him For Coronavirus Deaths

WASHINGTONPlacing an anonymous phone call to report a foul smell emitting from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director’s home, officials from the Trump administration reportedly planted 137,000 corpses in Anthony Fauci’s bed Monday to frame him for the country’s coronavirus deaths. “We finally got the guy responsible for coronavirus,” said White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who cited police reports that found information on the coronavirus dating back to January on Fauci’s laptop. “Police had good reason to believe Fauci is the perpetrator of Covid-19 after linking him to past pandemics. They found hundreds of video interviews where he relentlessly talked about coronavirus. He’d clearly developed some kind of obsession. You know, 130,000 dead bodies don’t just appear by accident.” At press time, authorities suspected that Fauci was working with an accomplice after the coronavirus death toll continued to increase despite his arrest. 

Defeating Trump & Trumpism In 2020...

While perusing the blogosphere for articles shedding more light on the the threat Trumpism and its chaotic and incompetent architect, Donald J. Trump, the following USA Today article by Kurt Bardella caught my eye. Kurt's perspective is, IMO, spot on. So I took the liberty of reproducing, in part, here at Rational Nation USA. Home of truthful and anti GOP tyranny blogging. 
Our nation's top priority, if we value our democratic republic, is defeating the enemies of  the people. In our time that enemy is Trump and Trumpism.

On Nov. 3, the American people will participate in what I believe to be the most pivotal election of this young century. In a short amount of time, the unthinkable has happened. A feckless thug with no regard for constitutional norms has ascended to the highest office in the land. Every day, he leads an assault against our most precious freedoms.
He has threatened to unleash military force on his own citizens. He has looked the other way while a foreign adversary reportedly put a bounty on our men and women in uniform. He has ignored warnings from medical professionals and presided over the mass spreading of a deadly disease. He has inflamed racial tensions in this country in a desperate attempt to cling onto power. He is the greatest threat to freedom and democracy that this republic has ever confronted. This is an all-hands-on-deck situation and for that reason, I have joined the political crusaders known as the Lincoln Project.
As described by its founders, long-time Republican consultants Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt, John Weaver, George Conway and Reed Galen, the Lincoln Project is an effort that “transcends partisanship and is dedicated to nothing less than preservation of the principles that so many have fought for, on battlefields far from home and within their own communities.”
The identity and ideology of this organization isn’t left or right, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative — it’s simply the truth. To me, the Lincoln Project is the pirate ship I’ve been looking to join for the better part of four years.
In March of 2016, I made the decision to stop representing Breitbart News as its public relations consultant. Up until that moment, I had spent the entirety of my professional career, which started when I was 17 years old, working with and for Republicans at all levels of government. I was done with politics, and it seemed, politics was done with me. ...
In ways I could not have forecast, this passion project became my liberator. My professional identity was no longer tied to a political party, political figure or partisan media company. My livelihood was not at the mercy of an election cycle or reliant upon political patronage. For the first time in my life, I was free to say whatever I wanted, about whomever I wanted, with no regard for the political implications.
As time went on, I began writing for publications like USA TODAY and appearing on cable news channels, like MSNBC and CNN, to give my unfiltered perspective about what was happening to the Republican Party as Trumpism began to rise.

It may take Republicans to beat Trump

For years, I have been frustrated with what I perceived to be the Democrats’ hesitancy to take the fight to Trump and his Republican accomplices. Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s famous catchphrase, “When they go low, we go high,” makes for stirring oratory, but is not a recipe for defeating the cancer that is Trump. Maybe it’s as simple as it takes a Republican to beat a Republican. In just six months, the Lincoln Project has built a digital content machine producing dozens of viral videos and ads that has infiltrated the narrow head space of Trump and his campaign.
The Lincoln Project has become the tip of the spear in the battle to repel Trumpism and wipe out those who have cravenly enabled his tyranny. Cycle after cycle, truth has become cannon fodder in campaigns waged over the same ideological entrenchments. In reality, most of Americans agree on most of the issues, most of the time. Given that, maybe it’s time to move the goal posts and reframe what our elections are really about. This coming one could not be more clear: One side believes in truth, the other does not.
Kurt Bardella is a senior adviser for the Lincoln Project, a member of USA TODAY’s Board of Contributors and an MSNBC contributor. He was the spokesman and senior adviser for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Republicans from 2009-2013. Follow him on Twitter: @kurtbardella

State of the Race

A reproduction of a recent letter by The Lincoln Project. It targets folks that are not comfortable with Trump's egregious lack of leadership and his gross incompetence and ineptitude. Come November 3'rd 2020 this nation has a historic choice to make. We either choose the preservation of our democratic republic and the rule of law or, we choose the continued acceleration into chaos, confusion, and the eventual complete unraveling of our government.


07/12/2020 - The Lincoln Project

The Lincoln Project launched six months ago in a different time and place in America. The country was preparing to experience its third impeachment trial in the history of the United States. The impeachment of President Donald J. Trump for abuse of power ended in political farce as Mitch McConnell and his supine Senate majority looked away from the clear evidence that President Trump had extorted a foreign government to assist his re-election. It is in that context, and the previous three years of Trump’s administration that The Lincoln Project began its efforts with a clear message: To rid American politics of Donald Trump and Trumpism in the November general election. At that moment, saving the Republic from the worst of Trump’s behavior was paramount. That goal was ambitious, but we knew even then that it would be an uphill fight.

As the coronavirus made its way to our shores, Donald Trump’s inability to lead changed our outlook on how to conduct our efforts against him. As we learned – along with a horrified America – that Trump was repeatedly warned by the intelligence and public health communities that an immediate,

swift and comprehensive response was necessary to stem its spread, he did nothing. He delayed. He deceived the American people about the scope and severity of the disease. He didn’t listen to experts, and his failures have led America into a medical and economic calamity. We now know the all-too- awful consequences of Trump’s failure to perform the duties of the presidency.

With COVID-19 spiking across the country and thousands of Americans dying daily, it further crystallized The Lincoln Project’s mission: Political choices have consequences. In the case of the coronavirus, they were life-and-death consequences for American families and for the economy.

Trump’s defeat at the ballot box in November is about much more than simply who controls the levers of government. America’s decision this fall will be an indication of whether we care about our fellow citizens, and whether the American experiment deserves to continue.

George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers put the racial tensions in America into stark relief. Hundreds of thousands of mostly peaceful demonstrators took to the streets. Organizations such as the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and NASCAR banned the Confederate Flag. A long-overdue reckoning on race is underway.

Trump’s response? Division, violence, real and threatened against peaceful Americans, and the language of George Wallace and Bull Connor. When we witnessed a President willing to gas, beat, and deploy stun grenades against unarmed protesters to engineer a pathetic photo-op, it was clear this was no longer a simple political challenge; it was a moral challenge.

The events that began with Mr. Floyd’s killing continue today. They also further distilled for The Lincoln Project the nature of the fight we’re in this year. Politically, this race would always be a binary choice between a Republican and a Democrat. It’s also a binary choice between the forces of darkness and light, right and wrong. Ultimately, it’s America or Trump.

If the polling we see at both the national and state-by-state levels is to be believed, with all the attendant disclaimers, Donald Trump finds himself in an increasingly difficult position to win reelection this November. For all that he has fallen in the polls, Donald Trump is a dangerous candidate in the most powerful office in the land; our work, and the work of allied groups in this fight is far from over, and the months ahead will require the full measure from all of us. 2016 should remain a stark lesson; it’s not over until Joe Biden puts his hand on the Bible and swears the oath of office.

The three crises we face today: COVID-19, massive unemployment, and racial unrest must all be laid at Trump’s feet. He has personally refused to respond to or mitigate any of them. Instead, his behavior and actions have led to further infection and death, millions more Americans out of work, and racial tensions at a pitch not seen in decades.

Key Issues

The Lincoln Project will focus its efforts on the following issues during the remainder of the campaign:

● COVID-19: Trump’s failure to respond has cost more than 130,000 Americans their lives and three million more are currently infected;

● The Economy: Tens of millions of Americans are out of work and the number will grow as infection rates spike and states and cities are forced to shut down again;

● Unity vs. Division: We are in unprecedented times. The most divisive President in American history will seek to weaponize race, ethnicity, and class tensions for political gain.

● Competence, corruption, and character: Trump lacks both, and voters who were sold the reality-show image of Trump in 2016 will be starkly disabused of those illusions. Trump’s abuse of power, corruption, and lawlessness will strike an ugly chord with voters in a struggling economy.

● The Validity of the 2020 Race: Trump has already begun his attempts to call into question the legitimacy of an election he is likely to lose badly. We will not allow him to make this charge, and must beat him so decisively that he doesn’t have a legal or messaging leg to stand on.

● Election Security and Voter Rights/Voter Access: We believe that any American citizen who wants to cast a ballot should be able to do so safely. We will take substantive action to ensure that any and all voters who are able to apply for absentee ballots have the information and opportunity to do so;

● A Season of Surrender: Trump is unable to contend with any issue, large or small. Instead, he surrenders the nation to its fate as he takes to Twitter to express his grievances and sow further division.

The Presidency

As noted above, Donald Trump is trailing former Vice President Joe Biden by double digits in every national survey. Trump is well behind in most, if not all the so-called target states. Worse for him, in traditionally Republican states such as Iowa, Texas, and Georgia, Trump finds himself within the margin of error.

Despite the Trump campaign reserving more than $100 million in television advertising for the Labor Day— Election Day stretch, his campaign is currently advertising in such places as Texas, Georgia, and the Panhandle of Florida. This is not the strategy of a campaign that sees itself in the ascendant, but one that knows that its base is softening, perhaps beyond repair.

Trump’s decision to make this election about racial division should come as no surprise. Resentment and division were how he began his campaign five years ago, and they will be the reason his presidency ends next January 20th.

However, this does not imply complacency. This race will tighten before November as voters turn their attention to the election before them. The press will write stories about “the Trump comeback,” Democrats will panic, and Republicans will crow about how they know the country best.

As of this week, The Lincoln Project believes that:

● Michigan is now all but lost to Trump. This puts a severe dent in his Upper Midwest strategy;

● Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are leaning heavily toward Biden as independents and soft Republicans move away from the president;

● Arizona is increasingly likely to go to Biden in November as a large Latino population makes its voice heard. The Democrats also have a very strong US Senate candidate in Mark Kelly, who may convince voters to cross the line;

● North Carolina is critical to this November’s outcome. 2016’s margin of 150,000 votes will likely be even narrower this fall;

● Republican stalwarts like Ohio and Florida will require far more time, money, and attention from Trump and his campaign if they want to ensure victory in November.

The United States Senate

The Lincoln Project pledged to remove not simply Donald Trump, but the scourge of his nationalist-populist movement—Trumpism—from American politics. Republicans in the United States Senate have been the exemplars of Trumpism during the last three and a half years.

Terrified of a mean tweet or a demeaning nickname, Republican senators, with the lone exception of Mitt Romney, have toed Trump’s line, regardless of the circumstance. In January, these senators, sporting Cheshire Cat grins, could not get to the cameras and microphones fast enough to downplay the evidence against the president and stand strong by his side, despite his actions against a small, allied nation living under the constant threat of Russian aggression.

Today, however, the cats seem to have their tongues. Regardless of the circumstance: the failed federal response to Covid-19, Trump’s racial arson, or the recent revelations that Russian security services offered bounties for dead American soldiers and Marines, not one of them will take him to the task.

It is now accepted in political circles and among many in the media that the Republican members of the Senate are mere “hostages” to Donald Trump and Trumpism. We reject this self-serving notion. The Constitution and governing rules of the U.S. Senate grant members important power and influence and unique ability to be a check and balance on an unfettered executive branch.

These members have aided and abetted Donald Trump with both their actions and their silence, never more evident than during the COVID response debacle and their craven silence about Trump’s refusal to deal with Putin’s bounty on American soldiers and Marines. To be a hostage is to acknowledge a lack of agency in the decisions one can or cannot make. If these United States senators have no agency over their actions, they don’t deserve to hold high office.

Their cowardice will be their undoing. If they criticize Trump, the retribution they fear from his followers and his media outlets will be unleashed upon them. If they continue to say nothing, voters will judge them accordingly. Don’t expect to hear from any of them before November.

But do expect to hear from us about them, collectively and individually. And, not being up for election won’t protect them; the Lincoln Project is here for the long haul, even after Trump himself is defeated. These Senators have a stain that won’t easily wash off.

As of this week, The Lincoln Project believes that:

● Arizona and Colorado are off the board for Republicans. Neither Martha McSally nor Cory Gardner has the talent, resources or record to be reelected;

● Thom Tillis in North Carolina is slipping in the polls to Cal Cunningham. If Trump’s numbers nationally continue to slide, it is unlikely Tillis wins a second term;

● Susan Collins and Joni Ernst face extremely difficult paths to reelection. Collins has long attempted to straddle a middle ground with her voters, publicly mouthing pieties while marching in lockstep with Mitch McConnell. Ernst has done little of note with her first term and must now rely on Trump’s coattails in Iowa if he has any;

● In Montana, Governor Steve Bullock is running a strong race and will likely defeat Senator Steve Daines in November;

● States such as Alabama, Alaska, and South Carolina are now toss-ups. In Alabama, Tommy Tuberville will have a much more difficult race than expected. In Alaska, Dan Sullivan will likely face a talented challenger;

● In South Carolina, Lindsey Graham’s continued role as Trump’s favorite golf partner/pilot fish harmed him significantly in the Republican primary and is dragging down his reelection chances against Jaime Harrison, who is running an excellent – and well-funded – campaign;

● Kansas could enter into the discussion as the voters in the Sunflower State are rejecting Trumpism and if extremist Kris Kobach is the nominee, all bets are off;

● Mitch McConnell will have a fight on his hands against a well-funded Amy McGrath challenge. This race is too close to call, but we do expect McConnell’s campaign and associated super PACs to pull money back into Kentucky to save him in favor of other seats around the country.

The Days, Weeks, and Months Ahead

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, has announced his reelection themes: Division, disunion, and racial animus. Over the next 120 days, we will see very little from Trump or his campaign regarding COVID-19 and the economy. We will see an overwhelming amount of George Wallace-like rhetoric, discussion of “heritage” as he continues to scare suburban voters into voting for him.

According to media reports, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has given Trump until Labor Day to get his message and his campaign turned around. After that, it is expected that he will allow his members to publicly break with the president. This will further accelerate the self-immolation of the Republican Party and further depress Trump’s numbers among GOP voters.

COVID-19 infection rates are soaring in those states in which Republican governors, afraid of upsetting Donald Trump, refused to take appropriate steps to mitigate and minimize the effects of the coronavirus. Governors Greg Abbot of Texas, Ron DeSantis of Florida, and Doug Ducey of Arizona now face massive spikes due to their unwillingness to listen to their public health experts. Their constituents are unfortunate and unnecessary victims of politicians who believed belonging to the cult of personality is more important than conducting themselves as leaders and protectors of their people.

We have seen other Republican governors, such as Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, Mike DeWine of Ohio, and Larry Hogan of Maryland, listen to their experts, and attempt to keep their citizens safe while attempting to restart economic activity in their states. They are leaders who put their duty above loyalty to any one person or political party.

We know Election Day will be November 3rd. However, given the number of vote-by-mail ballots likely to be cast, we may not have the results in states for several days. The Lincoln Project’s mission will not be over until Joe Biden takes the oath of office on January 20th, 2021, and we will resist any and all attempts by Donald Trump and his allies to throw the results of the election into question during the interregnum.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Special Prosecutor's Response To Trump's Granting Clemency To Roger Stone...

As tRump continues his slide into deep corruption Special Prosecutor Robert S. Mueller speaks out. His rebuttal to tRump IS honest and spot on. The volume of credible evidence is huge. America needs to hear this message over, and over, and over again until 80% or better of the nation grasps corruption and incompetence of the man it elected president in November of 2016. Our democratic republic depends on it.

Robert S. Mueller III served as special counsel for the Justice Department from 2017 to 2019.

The work of the special counsel’s office — its report, indictments, guilty pleas and convictions — should speak for itself. But I feel compelled to respond both to broad claims that our investigation was illegitimate and our motives were improper, and to specific claims that Roger Stone was a victim of our office. The Russia investigation was of paramount importance. Stone was prosecuted and convicted because he committed federal crimes. He remains a convicted felon, and rightly so.

Russia’s actions were a threat to America’s democracy. It was critical that they be investigated and understood. By late 2016, the FBI had evidence that the Russians had signaled to a Trump campaign adviser that they could assist the campaign through the anonymous release of information damaging to the Democratic candidate. And the FBI knew that the Russians had done just that: Beginning in July 2016, WikiLeaks released emails stolen by Russian military intelligence officers from the Clinton campaign. Other online personas using false names — fronts for Russian military intelligence — also released Clinton campaign emails.

Following FBI Director James B. Comey’s termination in May 2017, the acting attorney general named me as special counsel and directed the special counsel’s office to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The order specified lines of investigation for us to pursue, including any links or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the Trump campaign. One of our cases involved Stone, an official on the campaign until mid-2015 and a supporter of the campaign throughout 2016. Stone became a central figure in our investigation for two key reasons: He communicated in 2016 with individuals known to us to be Russian intelligence officers, and he claimed advance knowledge of WikiLeaks’ release of emails stolen by those Russian intelligence officers.

We now have a detailed picture of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. The special counsel’s office identified two principal operations directed at our election: hacking and dumping Clinton campaign emails, and an online social media campaign to disparage the Democratic candidate. We also identified numerous links between the Russian government and Trump campaign personnel — Stone among them. We did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian government in its activities. The investigation did, however, establish that the Russian government perceived it would benefit from a Trump presidency and worked to secure that outcome. It also established that the campaign expected it would benefit electorally from information stolen and released through Russian efforts.

Uncovering and tracing Russian outreach and interference activities was a complex task. The investigation to understand these activities took two years and substantial effort. Based on our work, eight individuals pleaded guilty or were convicted at trial, and more than two dozen Russian individuals and entities, including senior Russian intelligence officers, were charged with federal crimes.

Congress also investigated and sought information from Stone. A jury later determined he lied repeatedly to members of Congress. He lied about the identity of his intermediary to WikiLeaks. He lied about the existence of written communications with his intermediary. He lied by denying he had communicated with the Trump campaign about the timing of WikiLeaks’ releases. He in fact updated senior campaign officials repeatedly about WikiLeaks. And he tampered with a witness, imploring him to stonewall Congress.

The jury ultimately convicted Stone of obstruction of a congressional investigation, five counts of making false statements to Congress and tampering with a witness. Because his sentence has been commuted, he will not go to prison. But his conviction stands.

Russian efforts to interfere in our political system, and the essential question of whether those efforts involved the Trump campaign, required investigation. In that investigation, it was critical for us (and, before us, the FBI) to obtain full and accurate information. Likewise, it was critical for Congress to obtain accurate information from its witnesses. When a subject lies to investigators, it strikes at the core of the government’s efforts to find the truth and hold wrongdoers accountable. It may ultimately impede those efforts.

We made every decision in Stone’s case, as in all our cases, based solely on the facts and the law and in accordance with the rule of law. The women and men who conducted these investigations and prosecutions acted with the highest integrity. Claims to the contrary are false.

A Corrupt Party Lead By An Egregiously Corrupt Leader, Donald J. Trump...

Below are the two most recent Lincoln Project ad spots. It is becoming increasingly evident that not only must America defeat Trump on November 3'rd 2020, we must also defeat the GOP, a party that has become so corrupted by Trumpism that the health and well being of our democratic republic is at grave risk right now.  While I personally would prefer a less stridently liberal democratic agenda the truth is, if we continue down the road the corrupt GOP and its even more corrupt president has this nation on this nation will lose every bit of the credibility we once had amongst the free nations of the world. And rightly so. As well as experiencing a tyranny we have never known before.

Vote Democratic Across The Board Nationally This November 3'rd 2020!

July 8, 2020 - The Lincoln Project’s latest ad, “Names,” laments the Republican Senators who have flagrantly violated their oaths of office to protect President Donald Trump.

Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project, said, “These are senators who have abandoned their consciences, left the American people behind, and fail to stand up for the Constitution and common decency.”

“They’re among the highest elected officials in our country, yet they act as if they have no agency to make their own decisions,” Galen continued, “If that is indeed true, they have no business serving one more day, let alone another term.”

President Trump’s support for the Confederate Flag, his strident language, his inability to lead, are a grave danger to the United States. Elected leaders who fail to speak out are just as dangerous and they must be removed. This November, it’s America or Trump.


July 11, 2020 - The Lincoln Project’s latest ad, “Law and Order,” condemns President Trump’s choice to commute Roger Stone’s sentence. Stone was an informal advisor to the President and convicted of several felonies for lying under oath, obstructing a congressional inquiry, and obstructing witness testimony –– in order to protect the president. This continues a pattern of numerous convicted felons who have festered in the Trump Administration and campaign.

Sarah Lenti, Executive Director of The Lincoln Project, said, “President Trump’s commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence sent a message to all would-be Trump co-conspirators: protect Trump, and he’ll protect you. This isn’t how Law & Order works in America.”

“Roger Stone lied under oath, he was given a fair trial, found guilty by a jury of his peers and sentenced. But because he’s cozy with Trump he gets a break.” Lenti continued, “This administration’s inner circle of convicted felons cannot have another chance to bury our country into the ground any further than they already have.”

President Trump’s administration looks out for one person and one person only –– and that’s Trump. He’s not an honorable commander in chief. He scammed the American people who voted for him into thinking he’d actually work for them –– he’s shown himself to be the failed businessman he truly is.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

More Truth About DJT Is Coming Out This Month...

Mary Trump's new and very unflattering yet truthful book about her uncle, DJT, is scheduled for release soon. Trump of course is doing his best to prevent his niece from publishing her tell all book. Typical Trump strategy, irrespective of the fact it would be a violation of first amendment rights of free speech. That alone should tell one all they need to know about DJT.

Whispers and Corruption...

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth...

This nation simply cannot risk another four years of the most inept, incompetent, and corrupt president in ALL of modern political history. Not even Jimmy Carter, a fully decent and truly devout man, was as inept and incompetent as Donald J. Trump. He wasn't even close.

We MUST defeat tRump November 3'rd 2020!!

July 5, 2020 - The Lincoln Project today released their latest ad, “Historic”, highlighting the staggering levels of unemployment amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, plaguing both its citizens as well as the U.S. economy.

This pain of lost employment cuts through gender and race—with men and women, African Americans and Hispanics alike, all experiencing significant job loss.

Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project said, “Every American right now is asking themselves, ‘Am I better off than I was four years ago?’ With 8 million fewer Americans working today than when Donald Trump first took office, we know the answer.”

“Millions of hardworking Americans are facing looming evictions, past due bills, and an uncertain job market, while the President continues to boast about the NASDAQ on Twitter. He’s completely out of touch.” Galen continued.

With every other wealthy nation on Earth reopening and having contained this virus, it’s obvious Donald Trump completely mishandled our response to the pandemic. He politicized masks, went out of his way to downplay the seriousness of the virus, likening it to the flu. He even called it a hoax.

How many people have died due to his negligence? How many jobs and small businesses are never coming back because of his lack of leadership?

And now, coronavirus cases are on the rise, stalling state re-openings, and we continue to have an Executive branch that’s failed to deliver a clear plan of action. So, when the country is asking if we can afford four more years of Donald Trump, the answer is clear: no.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Our Fake Christian Presnit...

How it is that so many Evangelical Christians, tRump's base, have sold their soul to Satan in their efforts to pretend tRump is a Christian or even a decent nan is, perhaps the most puzzling contradiction of the tRump years.

Stupidly Bigly...

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

A Trio Of Lincoln Project Ads Wit More Truths About the Inept and Corrupt tRump...

As we come upon our nation's Independence Day and its many Celebrations we are posting the prior three ad spots from The Lincoln Project. This group of real conservatives and republicans present the truth about DJT and the very real dangers that the inept, corrupt, and traitorous Trump presents our nation. Please take a moment to consider the importance of getting the message of truth out to the American people and if possible donate whatever you can afford to help save our nation from the ravages of DJT and his egregiously misguided and damaging policies and practices.

Click on the highlighted link in the preceding paragraph for more information on The Lincoln Project.

June 28, 2020 - Today, The Lincoln Project with the meaningful contribution of John Orloff, released their latest Ad, “Debt,” commemorating the legacy of the Greatest Generation, the patriots who heeded President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s call to protect Democracy, both domestically and abroad, and saved the world in World War II. The same generation President Donald Trump thinks is acceptable to sacrifice to COVID-19 in order to hastily re-open the economy.

“It is both disheartening and disturbing that the generation we owe for bravely taking up arms and conquering fascism is now at risk of being extinguished by the authoritarian residing in our own White House,” said Rick Wilson, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. “There is absolutely no equivalency between American lives and our economy, especially those of the most hallowed generation of Americans ever, the patriots singularly responsible for our continued existence as a nation and a democracy.”

“Only a leader completely devoid of humanity and empathy would find it reasonable to sacrifice the lives of millions of citizens to assuage his own ego, nevermind those that sacrificed everything for our country in its greatest time of need. Americans have to question not just the judgment of Trump, but also his heart and faith, on a human level, for viewing his own citizens as expendable,” said Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project.

Against the better judgment of the nation’s best scientists and medical experts, including Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, President Trump has repeatedly pushed to hastily reopen the country, with full knowledge of the likely effect on American lives, particularly those of America’s Greatest Generation. We owe this generation a debt that cannot be repaid. We must protect them from the President.


June 30, 2020 - The Lincoln Project’s latest video, “Betrayed,” released today, lays bare the thoughts of former U.S Navy Seal Dan Barkhuff and his feelings towards the President. Many current and former American service members feel betrayed by Donald J. Trump. Navy Seal Barkhuff is just one story.

We now know Trump received written briefings as early as 2019 outlining the conclusion that the Russian military had secretly offered and paid bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan. The Trump administration lied when they denied that President Trump had been briefed. Trump, through his cowardice, has put the U.S military and armed forces lives in danger.

“Donald Trump knew Russia was hunting our soldiers and the president did nothing about it,” said Jennifer Horn, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. “Patriotic Americans like Dan, who have honorably served to protect our freedoms, deserve a commander in chief they can trust. The president defiles their service.”

“As the mother of a Marine, I lived with the fear of receiving a knock on the door and hearing the news no mom ever wants to hear: my son could have been taken from me,” said Jennifer Horn co-founder of The Lincoln Project. She continued, “It enrages me to think of the parents who lost their child because of Trump’s complete dereliction of duty. He is a stain on their memories.”

Dan Barkhuff graduated from the United States Naval Academy in May of 2001. For seven years he served on active duty as a member of Naval Special Warfare and has completed multiple combat tours. Barkhuff attended Harvard Medical School after his active duty tour. He is now a faculty member and Emergency Medicine doctor at the University of Vermont.

Dan lays it out simply: “I’m a pro-life, gun-owning combat veteran, and I can see Trump for what he is. A coward. We need to send this draft dodger back to the golf course he came from. The lives of our troops depend on it.


July 1, 2020 - The Lincoln Project’s latest video, “Which Side of History,” released today, commends Mississippi for taking a historic step in lowering their state flag, the last to feature the Confederate emblem, and beginning the process of reconciling our country’s painful past, while lamenting President Trump for continuing to sow hate and division, this time tweeting out a video of alleged supporters in Florida yelling, “White Power!”

Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project said, “This week, Mississippi chose the right side of history. Unfortunately, it’s not a choice our problematic President cares to make. It’s more important to Trump to peddle his deplorable racist agenda — stoking division, fear, and chaos — rather than to help our country heal.”

“If the last three and half years weren’t reason enough, Trump has succeeded in making it impossible for any true, patriotic Republican or Independent to support anyone but Joe Biden this November. The Lincoln Project endorses Biden, and is confident he will restore integrity and character to the office of the Presidency once again,” said Galen.