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Truth Must Be Heard Loud And Clear... November 3'rd Is America and Puerto Rico's Chance To Exact Justice... Vote The Ba*tard Out Of Office... Send Him Packing



A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Puerto Rico. We must never forget Donald Trump's inactions led to the loss of over 3000 American lives. 

The Lincoln Project

Another Lying trump Sycophant... Andrea Mitchell decimates a lying Trump campaign communications director


These lying a*sh*les are nothing but anti American pro authoritarian bast*rds. Every last one of them must be outed and then tried and convicted for crimes against the American people. PERIOD!

Only A trump Cultist Believes The BS trump And The GOP Are Pushing And Have Been Since His Election... Get Smart America... Elect BIDEN/HARRIS... Take The Senate And Increase The House Majority...


And now, THE TRUTH:

United States cases
Updated Oct 30 at 1:05 PM local

One Looney Tune After Another...

 RIGHT WING WATCHThursday night’s episode of the “America Stands: Flashpoint” program airing on televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s Victory Channel network featured an interview with Glenn Beck in which Beck revealed that he had a frightening prophetic dream in which he was shown that the 2020 election is a spiritual battle against “Satan himself.”

Beck​, who owns the right-wing web-based network called The Blaze, claimed that he had a prophetic dream several years ago “that was so terrifying” that he refused to tell anyone about it. A while later, he had the same vision again when an unnamed religious leader called Beck out of the blue and asked to meet with him.

Beck said he got on a plane and went to see this person, who sat him down and told him, “Sometimes the Lord speaks to us in dreams. … And you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

After promising not to dismiss this prophetic dream he had supposedly received, Beck then returned home where he said he eventually realized its terrifying significance.

“All of a sudden it took on a completely new meaning,” Beck said. “I just warn you that we are in a spiritual battle against evil unleashed. We are not fighting the Democrats; we are fighting Satan himself.”

To give further reference to this looney toon Beck and his celestial delusions.

Republican/Conservative Desperation Is A Sweet Smell... Or, What Goes Around Comes Around... America Has Had Enough Of The BS Of Trumpism and Republicanism

In the following article David Frum lays out the republicans shenanigans and their current desperation as the most important election in at least a generation happens in 4 days.

It is very true that what goes around comes around and the American people, with the exception of trump cultists, have had enough of trump's and the GOP BS.

I certainly do not know for a fact God exists. But if he/she does it is almost certain that the Omnipotent One  has been working in mysterious ways to see to it that the most corrupt, immoral, and ineffective presnit in our history goes down in a ball of flame. Something presnit death most certainly deserves.

There has NEVER been a more un-American president or a more un-American party than Donald J. Trump and the present GOP. Quite literally trump and the GOP are America's most sinister Clear and Present Danger Ever.

trump and the GOP must be defeated to preserve and protect our Democratic Republic and our Constitution. PERIOD.


The Atlantic - I doubted that Mitch McConnell could do it, but he did. With only a week remaining before Election Day, McConnell crammed through the confirmation of a sixth conservative justice to the U.S. Supreme Court. The people who tally such things reckon that Amy Coney Barrett is the first justice since 1869 to receive not a single vote from the minority party in the Senate.

It was a move of raw power. But it was also motivated by raw desperation.

Polls suggest Republicans are facing defeat in the 2020 races, and probably by big margins. Joe Biden and Donald Trump are neck and neck in Georgia and Texas, nobody’s previous idea of swing states. Republican senators are at risk not only in Maine and Colorado, but also in Iowa and even Kansas.

Republicans are in danger of losing something more than seats and chambers in 2020. They are in danger of losing an entire system of political control.

[Tom Nichols: This Republican Party is not worth saving]

Measured by elections won and lost, the 2010s were the most conservative decade since the 1920s. At their zenith of power, in 2017–18, Republicans controlled the presidency, the Senate and House, 33 state governorships, and 67 of 99 state assemblies and senates. Not since the administrations of Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover had the GOP so utterly dominated the machinery of government.

But this time, unlike the days of Coolidge and Hoover, that dominance was highly artificial.

The Republican Party’s signature issue, under the Senate leadership of McConnell and the House leadership of Paul Ryan, was the repeal of the Affordable Care Act—a priority supported by only 35 percent of Americans in 2014 and opposed by 60 percent.

The McConnell-Ryan instinct to cut taxes for corporations and upper-income people was even more unpopular. In 2016, 67 percent of Americans favored some kind of additional tax on millionaires.

The party’s stance on social issues was likewise out of date. By 2011, more Americans favored than opposed same-sex marriage; support for same-sex marriage passed the 50 percent mark in 2014, and surpassed 60 percent in 2017.

Nor were the McConnell-Ryan Republicans really much in the way of vote-winners. Less than 37 percent of those eligible showed up to vote in the big Republican year of 2014, the lowest percentage since 1942. Turnout was especially low in the states where Republicans did best: less than 30 percent in Indiana, Tennessee, and Texas, for example.

Where the Republicans excelled was in converting votes into seats. In 2014, the almost 10 million people of North Carolina cast 2.9 million votes in House elections. Republicans won that vote by a margin of 321,337, or 11 percent. They converted that margin into control of 10 of the state’s 13 House seats.

The secret of Republican success in the 2010s was not votes, but maps and rules. Republicans scored their big comeback election in 2010, a census year. That allowed state-level Republicans to redraw maps in 2011 to favor their own party. That redrawing occurred at a time when a conservative federal judiciary was stepping back from oversight of voting processes.

In 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court let stand an Indiana law requiring photo ID for would-be voters. The decision was written by Justice John Paul Stevens, at the time one of the court’s leading liberals. It was written in hedged, balancing language denying that any big change was being instituted. “On the basis of the record that has been made in this litigation, we cannot conclude that the statute imposes ‘excessively burdensome requirements’ on any class of voters.”

For the new Republican state governments elected in 2010, however, Stevens’s opinion in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board flashed a green light to experiment with ways to discourage voting by unwanted voters. And those experiments accelerated after the Supreme Court struck down important elements of the Voting Rights Act in 2013.

Presnit Spreader, Otherwise Know As Dotard Death... Confirmed Cases 9,043,390 (+ 94,058) - Deaths 232,194 (+1,161)


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Trumpian Christians Are Now Immune To Covid-19...

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Claims Christians Are Now Immune To COVID-19

Dangerous Scamvangelist: Televangelist Kenneth Copeland declares that God has given Christians “holy spirit immunity” from COVID-19, and claims that Donald Trump proves it.

Right Wing Watch reports:

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland declares that Trump is now immune to COVID-19, which is evidence that Christians are immune to the virus.

The Present Republican Party Should Be Destroyed and Replaced With a Rational Center Right Party...

Following is an article by Republican Max Boot. A sensible and fully rational republican that like this writer identified in 2016 that Donald J. Trump is a) not a real conservative, and b) he presents the greatest clear and present danger to our democratic republic in tghe modern era. Mr. Boot, very much like myself believes this nation actually does need a rational and sane functioning center right party. If for no other reason than to keep a check on the wild eyed far left progressive movement in the United States of America.

America works best when the parties in power have either a center right or a center left agenda and actually work TOGETHER in efforts to address and resolve our national challenges and problems. Unfortunately this has been sorely lacking for at least the last 16 years if not longer. Since the 2008 election of President Obama, the last real president, cooperation has been in short supply. And the reason? Because the republicans since 2008 have been concerned only with winning at all costs and undoing the many actual positive initiatives Pesident Obama was able to accomplish in spite of the republican party's egregious obstructionism.

Donald J. Trump simply put the party on steriods as he pushed his authoritarian agenda, rule of personality, and utterly ridiculous and debunked conspiracy theories. The once great party of Lincoln became the party of the minority and gave full throated support for the nation's arguably worst president in our history.

The present republican party does indeed need to be destroyed before the process of rebuilding a rational and sane center right conservative party.

President Trump speaks during a campaign rally Tuesday night in West Salem, Wis. (Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

The Washington Post - "We had to destroy the village in order to save it.” That famous, if probably apocryphal, quote from the Vietnam War describes how I feel about the Republican Party. We have to destroy the party in order to save it.

As a lifelong Republican until Nov. 9, 2016 — and as a foreign policy adviser to three Republican presidential candidates — it gives me no joy to write those words. It’s true that the party had long-standing problems — conspiracy-mongering, racism, hostility toward science — that Donald Trump was able to exploit. But he has also exacerbated all of those maladies, just as he made the coronavirus outbreak much worse than it needed to be.

I have watched with incredulity the GOP’s descent into collective madness. Many Republicans I know began by holding their noses and voting for Trump because of judges and taxes and their hatred of Hillary Clinton. Now the whole Republican Party seems to inhabit the Fox News Cinematic Universe, an alternative reality where President Barack Obama spied on Trump and Joe Biden is a socialist who will let “anarchists” and “arsonists” run riot.

The party has even become infected by the lunatic QAnon cult, whose followers believe Trump’s opponents are blood-drinking, Satan-worshipping pedophiles. In one recent poll, half of Trump supporters said top Democrats are involved in child sex trafficking. Georgia’s Senate primary offers a disturbing snapshot of the state of the party: Rep. Douglas A. Collins promotes his endorsement from two convicted felons (former Trump advisers Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos) while Sen. Kelly Loeffler touts her support from Marjorie Taylor Greene, a soon-to-be House member who questioned whether the Pentagon was really attacked on 9/11.

The same trickle-down craziness is evident in Republican mishandling of the coronavirus. Trump has given up trying to control the pandemic, mocks masks and promotes conspiracy theories such as his claim that death counts are inflated because “doctors get more money and hospitals get more money” if they say people died of covid-19. This specious allegation is faithfully echoed by Republicans such as Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa. Red states are paying a devastating price for pandemic denialism: North Dakota has the lowest rate of mask-wearing in the country and the highest covid-19 death rate per capita in the world.

Trump has given permission for Republican bigots to come out into the open — to replace dog whistles with wolf whistles. Sen. David Perdue (R.-Ga.) mocked Sen. Kamala Harris’s Indian first name. Madison Cawthorn, a House nominee in North Carolina, proudly visited Hitler’s lair and created a website attacking a journalist for having worked “for non-white males, like Cory Booker, who aims to ruin white males running for office.” Laura Loomer, a Republican candidate for a House seat from Florida, calls herself “a proud Islamophobe” and cheered the deaths of 2,000 refugees crossing the Mediterranean (“Good. 👏 Here’s to 2,000 more”).

The longer Trump stays in office, the more damage he does — and the more loyal Republicans become. “Axios on HBO” found that, among 178 congressional Republicans who have been in office since Trump began his run for president, 42 percent criticized him after the “Access Hollywood” tape was released in 2016. Only 12 percent criticized him for the attack on peaceful demonstrators and Bible photo-op this year.

Republicans flatter Trump the way Trump flatters Kim Jong Un. Ken Cuccinelli, acting deputy secretary of homeland security, just tweeted that Trump is the “greatest SCOTUS [Supreme Court] President since the founding era (at least), and possibly of all time,” and that his “Nobel Peace Prize for Mideast peace” is a “sure thing.” Internet memes depict the portly president as a superhero.

Trump has no second-term agenda, and the party has no platform other than supporting him. Even the editor of National Review — supposedly the intellectual leader of conservatism — suggests that the primary reason to vote for Trump is to extend a middle finger to his critics. This is sheer nihilism — and it will get worse if Trump wins reelection. By next year, fewer than 1 in 6 House Republicans will have been in office during George W. Bush’s presidency. Trumpism is their reality now.

The V-Dem Institute at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden just released a study showing that in four years the GOP has been transformed into an autocratic party that has much in common with the Fidesz Party in Hungary, the Law and Justice party in Poland and the Justice and Development Party in Turkey.

America needs a sane center-right party. It doesn’t need an extremist party that undermines democracy, caters to White grievances, and rejects science and reason. The only way Republicans will come to their senses is if they see that the path they are on leads to electoral oblivion. That’s why, even though I’m not a Democrat, I’m voting straight-ticket Democratic on Nov. 3 — and for as long as necessary to make Republicans come to their senses. The GOP needs to be detoxified and de-Trumpified.

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Elect Joe Biden - trump Administration Officials...

 h/t Progressive Erruptions


 Unseating the incompetent, ineffectice, anti American, dishonest, racist presnit trump is the priority of ALL REAL PATRIOTIC Americans!


How Fast and Far We Have Fallen Since trump's presidency... A Clear and Present Danger To Our Democratic Republic

Militia leader Stewart Rhodes says that his group will be at polling locations and is ready to kill Democrats

With the anti American presnit fueling the rightwing anti American anti Democracy fever it is a grim possibility that we will be confronted with violence and death on election day/evening. Should this possibility become a reality the full weight of blame will rest on the shoulders of conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, et all and Donald J.Trump who has fueled the conspiratorial ferver with great glee.

The evil bastard currently defiling our White House and the nation must be removed from office. VOTE - VOTE - VOTE   BIDEN/HARRIS. Our democratic republic and our lives depend on it!

MEDIAMATTERSOath Keepers militia leader Stewart Rhodes said members of his militia will be at polling locations on Election Day to “protect” Trump voters during an appearance on far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ program.

After making that claim, Rhodes made a number of unhinged statements, including saying Oath Keepers would follow directives from President Donald Trump to take members of the “deep state” into custody and “do what we have to do,” that Trump should invoke the Insurrection Act before the election, that Oath Keepers will “be in range” of Washington D.C., to stop a “Benghazi-style” attack on the White House on election night, and that a war will have to be fought against Democrats on the West Coast who are “bought” by the Chinese government. Rhodes also hyped the possibility of a second civil war where his “battle-hardened” supporters kill the “street soldiers” and “command and control” of “the radical left.” He later claimed the United States is already in a civil war because “you have sitting politicians who are part of the enemy’s ranks.” 

Disturbingly, Rhodes telegraphed how he will interpret election results, saying that he would consider a win by Democratic nominee Joe Biden illegitimate and evidence the election had been stolen, presaging how he and his militia might react to that outcome.

Rhodes’ Oath Keepers militia, which is comprised of “former law enforcement officials and military veterans,” is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “one of the largest radical antigovernment groups in the U.S. today.” The Los Angeles Times reported Rhodes has indicated that some Oath Keepers “have signed up as poll watchers, while others plan to monitor the election armed and ‘undercover,’ drawing their weapons if needed.”

Continue reading BELOW the FOLD.

How Much Damage Will trump Do If He Loses To Biden?...

In as much as millions upon millions of Americans are looking forward to what now appears to be a DEFINITE possibility, a Biden/Harris win, the reality is that trump, a viciously vindictive "man" will have the opportunity to exact almost irreparable damage to our institutions of government and the democratic republic he is charged with protecting and preserving.

Unfortunately trump is not the least bit concerned about any of that high ideals stuff. He is concerned only with maintaining his own wealth (over stated as it is) and whatever power he can effectively wield for his own benefit.

The following article from POLITICO lays out some of the nefarious actions this presnit may very well take when he loses to a far superior, far more ethical and moral individual, Joseph Biden.

As we count down the days to Election Day, the pundit class is wringing its hands in worry over whether President Donald Trump will accept a possible win by Joe Biden and agree to leave the White House.

But even if Trump calmly walks out the door of the White House on the morning of January 20th, a more immediate problem looms: What might Trump do with the final 77 days of his presidency if he loses? There are 1,860 hours between Wednesday, Nov. 4, and noon on Jan. 20, when Trump’s first term expires. And that’s plenty of time for him to upend plenty of presidential traditions.

The lame duck period is always a time when outgoing presidents feel free to stir up controversy. Even presidents who care deeply about their legacies and abide by democratic norms often take uniquely unpopular actions in the closing weeks of their presidencies: George H.W. Bush pardoned six officials behind the Iran-Contra scandal; Bill Clinton pardoned more than 140 people on his final day in office — a third of all the clemencies he granted as president — including financier Marc Rich, a controversy that dogged him as he moved into the post-presidency and launched one final investigation of his time in office. Just days before he left office, Barack Obama commuted the sentence of leaker Chelsea Manning.

So, imagine what might happen in a post-election period when Trump — a president who has spent four years demonstrating his lack of interest in norms and practices of a democracy — retains all the powers and authority of the presidency and officially has nothing left to lose?

Conversations with presidential legal experts, Constitutional scholars and national security officials identified six areas where Trump could do real damage to the country, his successor or presidential traditions — a list informed both by his past executive actions as well as the considerations he’d face as he considered a life outside the White House for him and his family. From a last-minute resignation to guarantee himself legal immunity to destroying historic records to launching a war, there’s reason to wonder if a Trump transition might actually be the start of the wildest chapter of an already controversial presidency.

Here’s what a Trump transition could include:


No, We Have Not Rounded the Corner and trump Sure As Hell Has NOT Ended the Pandemic...


White House science office says Trump ended COVID-19 pandemic as US hits record cases

THE HILL - The White House science office listed "ending the COVID-19 pandemic" as the top accomplishment of President Trump's first term, even as the U.S. has set records for new daily infections and numerous hospitals across the country are stretched to their breaking points.

According to a press release intended to highlight the administration's science accomplishments, the Trump administration said it "has taken decisive actions to engage scientists and health professionals in academia, industry, and government to understand, treat, and defeat the disease."

The rosy outlook flies in the face of reality and underscores Trump's efforts to continuously downplay the severity of the pandemic that continues to rage nearly uncontrolled across the country.

As Covid-19 cases surge across the United States of America the trump White House begins spreading the totally false narative that trump has ended the pandemic.

Does this moron presnit actually believe that the American people are as stupid as he obviously believes we are. This completely selfish, unethical, immoral, and lying presnit and his administrtatiion does not give a rats a*s about you, your family, or the welfare of any American. Save trump's own ass.

It is WAY past time for trump supporters to open their eyes and stop deluding themselves about the true character of the monster now defiling the office of the presidency and indeed the nation.

There is no question but what trump is a pathological liar and that he will do whatever he feels is neccessary to to pull the wool over his adoring supporters eyes and ears. Listenig to his BS is highly ill advised because if you value your health and that of your family members you'll do the EXACT opposite of whatever trump says to do. Because whatever he says is designed to benefit no one but himself and his personal financial interests and that of his billionaire friends.

Read the full story of the trump administation's most egregious and dangerous lie HERE.

It Didn't Have To Be This Way... Were It Not For Donald J. Trump


America's Unethical and Immoral Orange Monster Of A "Man"... Vote BIDEN/HARRIS On November 3'rd


America has the historic opportunity to reaffirm its belief in democracy, decency, integrity, empathy, science, truth, and logic by defeating the most unethical and immoral "man" to EVER hold the office of the presidency of the United States of America. 

When you ast your ballot stand for the values that made America the great nation it was BEFORE Donald J.Trump begin his work to destroy all that made the United States of America a great nation.



Tuesday, October 27, 2020

It Didn"t Have To Be This Way, Were It Not For trump...


‘Death Panels’ – Utah Hospitals Prepare To Ration Care As COVID Cases Spike

And So It Begins: Utah Hospitals are preparing to ration care as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to place an intolerable strain on the state’s healthcare industry.

Greg Bell, president of the Utah Hospital Association, reports that administrators of the state’s hospitals gave Governor Gary Herbert a criteria they will be using for rationing care when “they are forced to decide which patients can stay in overcrowded intensive care units.” 

Complete story BELOW the FOLD.

UPDATE: Hat tip Progresive Eruptions

Save America... Dump Trump

The following TOWNHALL article is very representative of the far rightwing authoritarian Trumpism and conspiritorial hogwash that Trump has been spewing since 2015when he made the fateful decision to run for pesident. And to think, America rewarded him for his pathological lying and pure bullshit. Pardon my French. But the TRUTH is the TRUTH and somebody has to say it free of political correctness.

Glories? Since when has it become glorious to spout over 20,000 documented mis-statements and lies? Is this what America now takes pride in? Apparently it is according to the playbok of Trumpism. The conservative/libertarian/republican playbook of the 21st century. A playbook that is certain to make America more authoritarian, less free, more racist than it already is, and disdained throughout the world as well. 

The garbage conspiracy "journalism" of extreme rightwing partisan TOWNHALL and other conspiracy theory sites like them are the tools Trump and his sycophants are using to sow division and distrust across America. Trumpism's primaty goal and agenda is to secure power forTrump as long as he can hang on to it. That and turn America into a rightwing shit hole that sereves only the interests of Trump, the Trump family, and his sycophants, lackeys, and cultists. A group bent on destroying our institutions and indeed our democratic republic itself.

It is very likely that these dupes really believe they are doing "the right thing" by supporting Trump and his authoritarian rightwing agenda. They no doubt even believe they are doing the "Patriotic Thing" buy suporting Trump. I'm quite certain the German people beieved they were doing the right thing when thet supported Hitler, one of the worlds most horrific authoritarian madmen. Trump kept a copy of Mein Kampf  by his bedside.

November 3'rd 2020 is the final day Americans can act to thwart the threat of Trumpism and begin the process of restoring America to sanity and truth. If America fails to to pull itself up by its bootstraps and defeat Trump/Pence and their sycophants in the house and senate America will condemn itself to a severely diminished country and one much less respected throughout the world. In short we WILL become the nation entering historic decline.

We ARE better than Trump or his sycophants.


trump Is NOT A Normal Person, His Behavior Is That Of A Seriously Disturbed Individual... So, What Does That Say About America?



 Crickets from the cons and republicans. 


What America's Trumpian Conservatives and Republicans Have Sunk To... Full On Support For Athoritarianism!


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Changing America - Send Trump Home January 20, 2021

What you're about to read is not anything close to a comforting read. But it is the TRUTH.

A TRUTH that only informed knowledgeable Americans can change. 

Your vote matters!

Be sure to VOTE. Either early or at the polls November 3'rd.

Click on the highlighted link below.

Trump’s America in 2024


Preserving Our Democratic Republic... 2020

 For those concerned about the direction of our nation and the very real threat Donald J, Trump poses for our democratic republic the following is a guide developed by concerned patriotic Americans. It is a guide to defend and protect democracy in the USA.

You can find the guide HERE.

Donald J. Trump is not a proponent of democratic principals nor is he at all concerned with preserving and protecting our democratic republic. He is, at his political core an authoritarian. His has, by his political genuflecting to Putin, Kin Jong Un, and other authoritarian tyrants demonstrated his admiration for some of the worlds worst tyrants. there is a reason Trump kept a copy of Mein Kampf by his bedside.

Anyone who has taken the time to closely observe Trump 's behaviors and listen to his words as he lies his way through his embattled presidency knows that our nation, its ideals, and the very foundations on which it was built is under attack by this anti American president. Reelecting this megalomaniac will, in the eyes of those who understand human motivations, result in a move to a more authoritarian and tyrannical government. Trump admires strong-arm tyrants and is desirous of being one himself.

Throughout Trump's presidency be has sowed division and refused to forcefully and effectively denounce white supremacy and racism. He has in fact employed the use dog whistles to send messages of approval to his base.  His xenophobia has been evident since before his ascension the the highest office in the land. From his remarks that Mexicans are rapists and druggies when he announced his first bid for the presidency to his their are good people on both sides remark after Charlottesville to his most recent remark the the Proud Boys to stand by and stand down there can be no question as to Trump's intent.

Trump's extreme narcissism leads him to believe he is infallible. It is not a stretch to believe that Trump sees himself as being God like or having God like qualities. Every shred of evidence points to the reality he is more devil like than God like. To everyone other than his base of loyal cultists.

Trump hasn't the capacity to show empathy because he has none for others. His denial of the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic that has been sweeping the USA and the world since January of 2020 is all the evidence one needs to know this is true. His lies that the virus is going to disappear like a miracle, his continually lying that we are rounding the corner even as ALL evidence points t the exact opposite, and his continual mocking of those taking the virus very seriously (as they should) points conclusively that Trump is only and totally concerned about his own reelection. He believes lying to and duping the American people is his path to election victory. As America continues to lose a 1,000 plus souls a day. Under Trump's "leadership" this death toll and the carnage to American families will 0nly continue and worsen.

Effective Leadership demands intelligence, wisdom, moral character and strength, empathy, vision, it requires the ability to foster a sense of unity and purpose, the ability to foster compromise and the understanding that you are a vehicle to improving the lives of ALL Americans, not just those that share your beliefs and support your agenda, Trump has egregiously failed  on ALL of the above.

It is likely few minds are being changed as America stands divided and polarized. It is however a FACT that Donald J. Trump's actions and words have been responsible for ripping America apart from within. He is, and always has been A Clear And Present Danger to our democratic republic,

We hold our future, the future of our children and grandchild, and the future of the USA in our hands, and, our democracy hangs in the balance. Vote and vote wisely. Your liberty depends on it.




Friday, October 23, 2020

trump's Era In Pictures and Less Than 200 Words...

 For those who haven't seen this it nicely sums up the trump era. Click on the highlighted text below to view.