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Truth Must Be Heard Loud And Clear... November 3'rd Is America and Puerto Rico's Chance To Exact Justice... Vote The Ba*tard Out Of Office... Send Him Packing

    A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Puerto Rico. We must never forget Donald Trump's inactions led to the loss of over 3000 American lives.  The Lincoln Project

Another Lying trump Sycophant... Andrea Mitchell decimates a lying Trump campaign communications director

  These lying a*sh*les are nothing but anti American pro authoritarian bast*rds. Every last one of them must be outed and then tried and convicted for crimes against the American people. PERIOD!

Only A trump Cultist Believes The BS trump And The GOP Are Pushing And Have Been Since His Election... Get Smart America... Elect BIDEN/HARRIS... Take The Senate And Increase The House Majority...

  And now, THE TRUTH: United States cases Updated Oct 30 at 1:05 PM local Confirmed 9,043,390 +94,058 Deaths 232,194 +1,161 Recovered 5,514,583 +30,053

One Looney Tune After Another...

  RIGHT WING WATCH -  Thursday night’s episode of the “America Stands: Flashpoint”   program   airing on televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s Victory Channel network featured an interview with Glenn Beck in which Beck revealed that he had a frightening prophetic dream in which he was shown that the 2020 election is a spiritual battle against “Satan himself.” Beck​, who owns the right-wing web-based network called The Blaze, claimed that he had a prophetic dream several years ago “that was so terrifying” that he refused to tell anyone about it. A while later, he had the same vision again when an unnamed religious leader called Beck out of the blue and asked to meet with him. Beck said he got on a plane and went to see this person, who sat him down and told him, “Sometimes the Lord speaks to us in dreams. … And you know exactly what I’m talking about.” After promising not to dismiss this prophetic dream he had supposedly received, Beck then returned home where he said he eventually realized

Republican/Conservative Desperation Is A Sweet Smell... Or, What Goes Around Comes Around... America Has Had Enough Of The BS Of Trumpism and Republicanism

In the following article David Frum  lays out the republicans shenanigans and their current desperation as the most important election in at least a generation happens in 4 days. It is very true that what goes around comes around and the American people, with the exception of trump cultists, have had enough of trump's and the GOP BS. I certainly do not know for a fact God exists. But if he/she does it is almost certain that the Omnipotent One  has been working in mysterious ways to see to it that the most corrupt, immoral, and ineffective presnit in our history goes down in a ball of flame. Something presnit death most certainly deserves. There has NEVER been a more un-American president or a more un-American party than Donald J. Trump and the present GOP. Quite literally trump and the GOP are America's most sinister Clear and Present Danger Ever . trump and the GOP must be defeated to preserve and protect our Democratic Republic and our Constitution. PERIOD . BID E N/HARRIS 2

Presnit Spreader, Otherwise Know As Dotard Death... Confirmed Cases 9,043,390 (+ 94,058) - Deaths 232,194 (+1,161)


Trumpian Christians Are Now Immune To Covid-19...

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Claims Christians Are Now Immune To COVID-19 Dangerous Scamvangelist: Televangelist Kenneth Copeland declares that God has given Christians “holy spirit immunity” from COVID-19, and claims that Donald Trump proves it. Right Wing Watch reports: Televangelist Kenneth Copeland declares that Trump is now immune to COVID-19, which is evidence that Christians are immune to the virus. Yup folks. Things will be fine. If your a Trumpian Christian. Your Lord has bestowed Covid-19 immunity to his flock. Go ahead! Forget social distancing and face maks! Party hardy and attend all the huge holiday gatherings your loittle ole hearts desire. Ignore the science and truth. Embrace the totally absurd.  Read the full article BELOW the FOLD.

The Present Republican Party Should Be Destroyed and Replaced With a Rational Center Right Party...

Following is an article by Republican Max Boot. A sensible and fully rational republican that like this writer identified in 2016 that Donald J. Trump is a) not a real conservative, and b) he presents the greatest clear and present danger to our democratic republic in tghe modern era. Mr. Boot, very much like myself believes this nation actually does need a rational and sane functioning center right party . If for no other reason than to keep a check on the wild eyed far left progressive movement in the United States of America. America works best when the parties in power have either a center right or a center left agenda and actually work TOGETHER in efforts to address and resolve our national challenges and problems. Unfortunately this has been sorely lacking for at least the last 16 years if not longer. Since the 2008 election of President Obama, the last real president, cooperation has been in short supply. And the reason? Because the republicans since 2008 have been concerned on

Elect Joe Biden - trump Administration Officials...

 h/t Progressive Erruptions    Unseating the incompetent, ineffectice, anti American, dishonest, racist presnit trump is the priority of ALL REAL PATRIOTIC Americans! BID E N/HARRIS 2020 A TEAM THAT CARES ABOUT YOU A TEAM YOU CAN TRUST

How Fast and Far We Have Fallen Since trump's presidency... A Clear and Present Danger To Our Democratic Republic

Militia leader Stewart Rhodes says that his group will be at polling locations and is ready to kill Democrats With the anti American presnit fueling the rightwing anti American anti Democracy fever it is a grim possibility that we will be confronted with violence and death on election day/evening. Should this possibility become a reality the full weight of blame will rest on the shoulders of conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, et all and Donald J.Trump who has fueled the conspiratorial ferver with great glee. Th e evil bastard currently defiling our White House and the nation must be removed from office. VOTE - VOTE - VOTE     BID E N/HARRIS. O ur democratic republic and our lives depend on it! MEDIA MATTERS -  Oath Keepers militia leader Stewart Rhodes said members of his militia will be at polling locations on Election Day to “protect” Trump voters during an appearance on far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ program. After making that claim, Rhodes made a number of unhinged s

How Much Damage Will trump Do If He Loses To Biden?...

In as much as millions upon millions of Americans are looking forward to what now appears to be a DEFINITE possibility, a Biden/Harris win, the reality is that trump, a viciously vindictive "man" will have the opportunity to exact almost irreparable damage to our institutions of government and the democratic republic he is charged with protecting and preserving. Unfortunately trump is not the least bit concerned about any of that high ideals stuff. He is concerned only with maintaining his own wealth (over stated as it is) and whatever power he can effectively wield for his own benefit. The following article from POLITICO lays out some of the nefarious actions this presnit may very well take when he loses to a far superior, far more ethical and moral individual, Joseph Biden. As we count down the days to Election Day, the pundit class is wringing its hands in worry over whether President Donald Trump will accept a possible win by Joe Biden and agree to leave the White House.

No, We Have Not Rounded the Corner and trump Sure As Hell Has NOT Ended the Pandemic...

  White House science office says Trump ended COVID-19 pandemic as US hits record cases THE HILL - The White House science office listed "ending the COVID-19 pandemic" as the top accomplishment of  President Trump 's first term, even as the U.S. has set records for new daily infections and numerous hospitals across the country are stretched to their breaking points. According to a press release intended to highlight the administration's science accomplishments, the Trump administration said it "has taken decisive actions to engage scientists and health professionals in academia, industry, and government to understand, treat, and defeat the disease." The rosy outlook flies in the face of reality and underscores Trump's efforts to continuously downplay the severity of the pandemic that continues to rage nearly uncontrolled across the country. As Covid-19 cases surge across the United States of America the trump White House begins spreading the totally fal

It Didn't Have To Be This Way... Were It Not For Donald J. Trump


America's Unethical and Immoral Orange Monster Of A "Man"... Vote BIDEN/HARRIS On November 3'rd

  America has the historic opportunity to reaffirm its belief in democracy, decency, integrity, empathy, science, truth, and logic by defeating the most unethical and immoral "man" to EVER hold the office of the presidency of the United States of America.  When you ast your ballot stand for the values that made America the great nation it was BEFORE Donald J.Trump begin his work to destroy all that made the United States of America a great nation.     VOTE BID E N/HARIS 2020  A TEAM WHO CARES ABOUT YOU  A TEAM YOU CAN TRUST

It Didn"t Have To Be This Way, Were It Not For trump...

  ‘Death Panels’ – Utah Hospitals Prepare To Ration Care As COVID Cases Spike And So It Begins: Utah Hospitals are preparing to ration care as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to place an intolerable strain on the state’s healthcare industry. Greg Bell, president of the Utah Hospital Association,  reports  that administrators of the state’s hospitals gave Governor Gary Herbert a criteria they will be using for rationing care when “they are forced to decide which patients can stay in overcrowded intensive care units.”  Complete story BELOW the FOLD . UPDATE: Hat tip Progresive Eruptions

Save America... Dump Trump

The following TOWN HALL  article is very representative of the far rightwing authoritarian Trumpism and conspiritorial hogwash that Trump has been spewing since 2015when he made the fateful decision to run for pesident. And to think, America rewarded him for his pathological lying and pure bullshit. Pardon my French. But the TRUTH is the TRUTH and somebody has to say it free of political correctness. One of the many glories of Donald Trump is his remarkable ability to clarify the truths than have been hidden, or that weak and stupid people have just preferred not to see. Our garbage institutions are teetering, victims of age, technology, and the utter corruption and incompetence of our allegedly elite ruling caste, and for years the soft conservatives have refused to see what is right in front of their dumb, pasty faces. Thanks to Trump breaking them in mind, body, and spirit, there’s no denying it anymore. Glories? Since when has it become glorious to spout over 20,000 documented m

trump Is NOT A Normal Person, His Behavior Is That Of A Seriously Disturbed Individual... So, What Does That Say About America?

     Crickets from the cons and republicans.   BIDEN/HARRIS 2020  A TEAM THAT CARES ABOUT YOU  A TEAM YOU CAN TRUST

What America's Trumpian Conservatives and Republicans Have Sunk To... Full On Support For Athoritarianism!


Changing America - Send Trump Home January 20, 2021

What you're about to read is not anything close to a comforting read. But it is the TRUTH . A TRUTH that only informed knowledgeable Americans can change.  Your vote matters! Be sure to VOTE . Either early or at the polls November 3'rd. Click on the highlighted link below. Trump’s America in 2024 BID E N/HARRIS 2020 A TEAM THAT CARES ABOUT YOU A TEAM YOU CAN TRUST

Preserving Our Democratic Republic... 2020

 For those concerned about the direction of our nation and the very real threat Donald J, Trump poses for our democratic republic the following is a guide developed by concerned patriotic Americans. It is a guide to defend and protect democracy in the USA. You can find the guide HERE . Donald J. Trump is not a proponent of democratic principals nor is he at all concerned with preserving and protecting our democratic republic. He is, at his political core an authoritarian. His has, by his political genuflecting to Putin, Kin Jong Un, and other authoritarian tyrants demonstrated his admiration for some of the worlds worst tyrants. there is a reason Trump kept a copy of Mein Kampf by his bedside. Anyone who has taken the time to closely observe Trump 's behaviors and listen to his words as he lies his way through his embattled presidency knows that our nation, its ideals, and the very foundations on which it was built is under attack by this anti American president. Reelecting this me

trump's Era In Pictures and Less Than 200 Words...

 For those who haven't seen this it nicely sums up the trump era. Click on the highlighted text below to view. The Trump era, so far, in 10 drawings and fewer than 200 words By  Sergio PeΓ§anha OCTOBER 23, 2020 BIDEN/HARRIS 2020 A TEAM THAT CARES ABOUT YOU A TEAM YOU CAN TRUST