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The Final Farewell......

After 10 years on Blogger it is time to say goodbye. It’s been an interesting up and down run, one that has been both fun and frustrating. In fact with so many ill-informed and hyper partisan folks out there it has even been maddening from time to time. I know our American politics have always been somewhat lively and partisan, but, I honestly don’t recall any time in my adult life that they have been as divided and nasty as they are right now. Trump bears a GREAT deal of responsibility for the rapid deterioration of civil and rational discourse over the last 3 + years. When America elected its first bi-racial President division took on a new and more sinister face. I say this not because Barack Obama actively attempted to divide our nation, I say this because the white conservative/republican/Evangelical alliance against President Obama set about to insure his Presidency would fail. You may remember the republican leadership actually verbalizing their desire to see Obama fail. Wh

Irony In The Era Of Trump...

The above header was found on a right-wing weblog that is an ardent Trump supporting sheeple site. How the irony of this header is lost on the site owner and its faithful is comical. Almost. By Chuck Todd, Mark Murray and Carrie Dann: WASHINGTON — You have a problem on your hands when a man who’s pleaded guilty for lying to Congress is perceived as being more honest than you are. That’s precisely the situation President Trump is facing when a Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday found voters saying — by a 50 percent-to-35 percent margin — that they believe Michael Cohen more than his former boss. The only groups who believe Trump more than Cohen are Republicans (79 percent to 11 percent), whites without college degrees (50 percent to 37 percent) and white men (51 percent to 37 percent)... More: By Glenn Kessler, Salvador Rizzo and Meg Kelly April 1 It was only 200 days ago, on his 601st day in office, that President Trump exceeded 5,000 false or misleading claims.