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Making America Great Again, The Trumpian Way...

As the POTUS and congress attempts to sell another bill of goods to the public. As always the ultimate burden to pay for the "tax break" falls on the middle class and the retired who bust, and busted their asses for 40-50 plus years Making America Great. A bad deal being sold to a sleeping American electorate. More HERE Afterthought, the cuts may be needed to pay for America's next war.

Are We Americans Capable of Entering Into Rational, Honest, and Productive Discusion Over Sensitive Matters?...

  Rape -  The crime of rape generally refers to non-consensual sexual intercourse that is committed by physical force , threat of injury, or other duress. Common law defined rape as unlawful intercourse by a man against a woman who is not his wife by force or threat and against her will. A sexual predator is a person seen as obtaining or trying to obtain sexual contact with another person in a metaphorically predatory or abusive manner. Pedophilia is considered a paraphilia, an "abnormal or unnatural attraction." Pedophilia is defined as the fantasy or act of sexual activity with prepubescent children. Pedophiles are usually men, and can be attracted to either or both sexes. How well they relate to adults of the opposite sex varies. Sexual harassment is bullying or coercion of a sexual nature, or the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors. In most modern legal contexts, sexual harassment is illegal. As defined by th

Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone, Friend and Foe Alike... !!!

The Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving (Edgar Albert Guest, 1881-1959) It may be I am getting old and like too much to dwell Upon the days of bygone years, the days I loved so well; But thinking of them now I wish somehow that I could know A simple old Thanksgiving Day, like those of long ago, When all the family gathered round a table richly spread, With little Jamie at the foot and grandpa at the head, The youngest of us all to greet the oldest with a smile, With mother running in and out and laughing all the while. It may be I'm old-fashioned, but it seems to me to-day We're too much bent on having fun to take the time to pray; Each little family grows up with fashions of its own; It lives within a world itself and wants to be alone. It has its special pleasures, its circle, too, of friends; There are no get-together days; each one his journey wends, Pursuing what he likes the best in his particular way, Letting the others do the same upon Thanksgiving

When Madness Overtakes Reason...

THE HILL - Two prominent progressive groups are calling on Sen. Al Franken to resign in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against him. Credo Action and Indivisible called for Franken’s resignation Monday after a second woman accused Franken of groping her without her consent. “Sen. Al Franken had the chance last week to take full responsibility for past sexual harassment, sexual assault and any other behavior that demeaned women. He failed to do so,” Credo said in a statement. “We believe that Sen. Franken should immediately resign from the U.S. Senate and that Gov. Mark Dayton should appoint a progressive woman to replace him . Emphasis mine.” At least there is consistency here, among the Gloria Allred progressive feminists anyway. It is beginning to look like America's progressives are marching gleefully towards the neutering block. A place where feminists rule and men are considered evil predators A place where an accidental brush against a feminist could be consi

Keystone XL Pipeline's First Spill, 210,000 Gallons...

THE HILL - Workers took the Keystone oil pipeline offline on Thursday after it spilled 5,000 barrels of oil in rural South Dakota, officials said. A TransCanada crew shut down the pipeline at 6 a.m. Thursday morning after detecting an oil leak along the line, the company said. The leak was detected along a stretch of the pipeline about 35 miles south of a pumping station in Marshall County, South Dakota. TransCanada estimates the pipeline leaked 5,000 barrels of oil, or about 210,000 gallons, before going offline. The company said it's working with state regulators and the Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration to assess the situation. The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources heard about the leak at about 10:30 a.m. Thursday, ABC affiliate KSFY  reported . TransCanada is seeking to expand its Keystone pipeline network. President Trump this year signed a presidential permit allowing the company to build the Keystone XL pipeline

First Daughter Speaks Wisely...

"I've yet to see a valid explanation and I have no reason to doubt the victims' accounts. That  is what Ivanka Trump has said about Roy Moore's explanations with respect to allegations of sexual misconduct. The First Daughter is showing herself to be a rational and intelligent woman. Waiting until today to weigh in with such a strong statement shows maturity and character.  Is it possible Ivanka is speaking for the President as well? It makes sense that she is. Yes? Washington (CNN) - Ivanka Trump spoke out for the first time against embattled Alabama Senate Republican candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused of pursuing sexual relationships with teenagers when he was in his early thirties. Her father, President Donald Trump , meanwhile, has largely stayed mum on the issue.  "There's a special place in hell for people who prey on children," Trump told The Associated Press in an interview otherwise focused on tax reform published Wednesday. Yup,

More On The Unfolding Saga Of Roy Moore And Sexual Misconduct...

Given the recent allegations of sexual misconduct by Roy Moore with underage girls, the incidences of abuse of power in the attempt to secure sexual favors from women this weblog provides the following snippets with hot links to the quoted articles for your perusal and consideration. Given the number of recent comments that we have ben forced to delete due to being nothing more than distractions from the subject of the post, completely irrelevant, the use of vulgar language, or being completely unintelligible we are posting the following notice and guidelines. All on topic, intelligible, relevant, thoughtful, and respectful comments are welcome, REGARDLESS of your viewpoint on the subject. All comments that fail to meet the foregoing criteria WILL BE SUMARILY DELETED IMMEDIATELY UPON DETECTION . Please adhere to the above criteria if you wish to leave a comment. Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation. Now for the snippets. Kellyanne Conway spent several minut

More On Roy Moore...

The right, and by right I am referring to the far right. Those who spend time distracting from the importance of the issue by bringing up Bill Clinton, George Takei, or some other incidence of democratic sexual misconduct as though that makes it okay if in fact the allegations are ultimately shown to be true. Sexual misconduct is always wrong, regardless whether the sexual predator is a conservative, a liberal, a republican, or a democrat. It is especially egregious when the predator holds a position of power and influence over a younger individual, such as was the case with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Roy Moore, an adult male in a position of influence and power allegedly pursued under age teenagers, one as young 14. The allegation states that Moore, while not forcing sexual intercourse did unclothe and touch touch the young teenager inappropriately. Moore was in his early 30's at the time these alleged encounters allegedly occurred. As the statute of limitations has

Another Republican Accused Of Sexual Misconduct...

David French had the following to say regarding Roy Moore and his alleged sexual misconduct 40 years ago. Conservatives, be careful. Don’t dismiss the claims. While I don’t know if the allegations are true, I’m deeply troubled on a number of grounds. First, these women didn’t seek out the press. According to the Post report, its reporters reached out to them after hearing that “Moore allegedly had sought relationships with teenage girls.” So far as we know, they weren’t put forward by the opposing campaign, and the woman who made the most serious allegations against Moore says that she voted for Trump in 2016. None of the women have donated to Moore’s primary or general-election opponent. Second, if you read the report, it includes validation from a number of witnesses who say that they were aware of the relationships at the time. While this isn’t proof of guilt of course, it bolsters the credibility of the accusers. Third, the youngest accuser’s explanation for her decision n

More Deaths By Mass Shooting... Will The Carnage Continue?

From The Atlantic , yet American "leadership" is most likely to continue to say prayers and offer condolences to the families who lose loved ones, as well as partaking of solemn candlelight vigils. American leadership is apparently owned by the NRA, firearm manufactures, and gun nuts who believe the right to own private arsenals trumps the right to life. Twenty-six people shot dead in Sutherland Springs, November 5. Fifty-nine people shot dead in Las Vegas, October 1. Forty-nine people shot dead in Orlando, June 12 of last year. They are three of the five worst mass shootings in modern U.S. history. All happened in the last two years. Two occurred within the same two months. Skip Diseases spread between individuals, but the contagion of mass shootings seems to spread through broadcast media. In an interview with The Atlantic in 2015, Sherry Towers, the ASU paper’s lead author, hypothesized that television, radio, and other media exposure might be the vectors t

Frenzied Trumpian Republicans Work To Railroad Justice,,,

Trumpian Republicans are getting nervous, which is understandable given their "savior's" manifest corruption. Three Republican U.S. lawmakers called on Friday for Robert Mueller to resign as special counsel investigating Russia and the 2016 U.S. election, the latest in a series of conservatives’ criticisms of the FBI and Justice Department during the probe of how Moscow may have influenced the campaign. Representatives Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs and Louis Gohmert accused Mueller of a conflict of interest because he was director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation when former President Barack Obama’s administration approved an agreement allowing a Russian company to buy a Canadian company that owned 20 percent of U.S. uranium supplies. President Donald Trump’s fellow Republicans have been calling for an investigation into the Uranium One deal, amid news of Mueller’s first indictments of Trump associates as the special counsel investigates allegations that the Trump ca