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A Letter To The Editor Regarding Southwest Airlines And The Presidential Debates

Editor's note: The following is a guest post from Chris Walsh of The Libertarian Patriot . You may not be aware of this but because of pressure from consumers, 3 sponsors have pulled out of the Presidential Debates thus far. On Monday it was BBH New York, on Wednesday the YWCA dropped out and on Friday it was Philips Electronics . As you can see, public opinion does matter to large corporations. With that in mind, we need to make it known to the other debate sponsors that there are those of us who are not happy with the Commission on Presidential Debates' decision to exclude other qualified 3rd party candidates from the upcoming debates. Well, Southwest Airlines is one of those debate sponsors. They need to be put on notice that we are unhappy with their decision to support the exclusion of qualified 3rd party candidates who are on the ballots in enough states to have access to 270 or more electoral votes and thus a mathematical chance of winning the Presidency. By ex

The MSM, Is It a Threat To Our Freedoms?...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny The following speech by Democratic pollster and Fox News contributor Patrick Caddell is a breath of fresh air. It is absolutely true, and it is a warning to all Americans that a free and unchecked relentlessly questioning press is the only thing that can preserve our republic and our liberties from the corrupting influence of politics and business. Needing no further introduction, and in the name of bipartisanship... FOX News - I think we’re at the most dangerous time in our political history in terms of the balance of power in the role that the media plays in whether or not we maintain a free democracy or not. You know, when I first started in politics – and for a long time before that – everyone on both sides, Democrats and Republicans, despised the press commonly, because they were SOBs to everybody. Which is exactly what they should be. They were unrelenting. Whatever the biases were, they were essentially equ

Islam, the Alleged Religion of Peace and Understranding Strikes Again...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty - vs- Tyranny Buddhist Temple Torched By Muslims... I'm sure I'll be called a racist Muslim hating bastard or some other emotionally driven hyperbolic drivel by the looney tunes on the left but here it is. Muslims. the supposed religion of peace and understanding just torched four Buddhist temples and fifteen homes because somebody allegedly insulted their dear and make believe peaceful religion of Islam. I may be wrong here, and if so please somebody correct me, but I don't believe there has ever been a time in the modern that time Buddhism has tried to force their beliefs on anyone. Quite unlike the terrorist prone Muslim religion it is hard to recall when that time might have been. Today we once again witness the "peaceful religion of Islam" taking to the streets and torching the temples of another belief system and destroying the homes of others. Why? because they Really and Actually Believe it is th

Senator McCain Debunking Senator Reid and Obama Smoke and Mirrors...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny The Inept Supporting the Inept... It really comes as no surprise Senator Harry Reid is out supporting the falsehoods of the Obama administration and it's ineptitude with respect to the terrorist attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi on September 11. Democratic supporters of the administration's incompetency are spinning like a top, with the Nevada Senator now taking the lead. However, most Americans will see through the smoke and mirrors of the administration's attempted cover up of their failure to protect American interests and personnel working the the American Consulate in Libya. Senator John McCain aptly points out the glaring falsehoods in the Obama administration's statements. THE HILL - The Arizona Republican said the administration's initial claim that an anti-Muslim video incited the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was political spin that "doesn't pass the sm

The Would Be Visionary Who Isn't...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny The Question Is... To Where? Mark Steyn is a breath of fresh air on occasion. His article following is certainly one of those times. NATIONAL REVIEW - One of the reasons why Barack Obama is regarded as the greatest orator of our age is that he’s always banging on about some other age yet to come — e.g., the Future! A future of whose contours he is remarkably certain and boundlessly confident: The future will belong to nations that invest in education because the children are our future, but the future will not belong to nations that do not invest in green-energy projects because solar-powered prompters are our future, and most of all the future will belong to people who look back at the Obama era and marvel that there was a courageous far-sighted man willing to take on the tough task of slowing the rise of the oceans because the future will belong to people on viable land masses. This futuristic shtick is a cheap’

Dearborn Michigan Muslims Rally Against First Amendment Free Speech Rights...

by: Les Carpenter rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny It is getting to the point were I don't recognize my country anymore. Freedom of religion and speech, the hallmarks of our republic are now under attack by Muslims who were offended by some ridiculous movie trailer. The aim of course is to push the U.S. government to legislate "certain" restrictions on freedom of speech in the name of tolerance and understanding. Of course we all know, at least those of us who have retained some sense of rational thought that it's a very slippery slope. One that can only lead to tyranny and oppression. The road to liberties loss has many tributaries if you will. Guarding the freedoms enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights requires vigilance. Vigilance and a fierce burning desire to remain free. Free to speak our minds, worship or not as we choose, and limit the capacity of our government to intrude into our lives where

Incompentancy in Benghazi and the Obama Failure...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny ABACAUSA.COM The attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 12, 2012. As more time passes we are learning conclusively of security lapses at the Libyan Consulate in Benghazi as well as it becoming clear the Obama administration has been less than truthful with the American people. Were it not for responsible journalists staying on the story we might never have known the dishonesty President Obama and his administration is capable of. WSJ - In his United Nations speech on Tuesday, President Obama talked about the September 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya and declared that "there should be no doubt that we will be relentless in tracking down the killers and bringing them to justice." What he didn't say is how relentless he'll be in tracking down the security lapses and intelligence failures that contributed to the murders. Let's say there's some

Gary Johnson the 2012 Spoiler...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny Gary Johnson , a man with integrity, new ideas, and a proven track record both in business and as a two term Governor of New Mexico will be iced out of the presidential debates because of our rigged political duopoly. So the man who should be front and center with Frik and Frak on the debate stage will most likely, and by design, be relegated to playing spoiler. Not a bad spot to be in really if Johnson has his eyes on the 2016 presidential race, something this individual and likely millions more hope he does. The following article is both interesting and informative. It certainly highlights reasons for liberty minded people to vote for Gary Johnson . FOX BUSINESS - The fact that you may have not heard of Johnson does not make you uninformed. According to a recent report by the Pew Center for People & the Press, only a quarter of voters have – and only 5% have heard a lot about him. However, that doesn't mean

Green Party Nominee for President to Right of Obam...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny Stein: Green Party nominee for President stands against dependency. As an advocate of Objectivism and a true free market capitalism this site is surely not one to sing the praises of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his New Deal. However, when compared to the current occupant of the White House President Roosevelt seems the staunch conservative by comparison. When the left leaning Green Party nominee for president, Jill Stein, comes out against the current President's policies of dependency it is clear how far our national leadership has fallen. NEW YORK POST - It’s a hell of a thing when the nominee of the far-left Green Party espouses a stronger work ethic than the President of the United States. But that’s what we’ve come to. For all the talk sparked by Mitt Romney’s remarks about the 47 percent of Americans who are dependent on government benefits, it’s not a simple left-right thing. Dependency is good, of

Egyptian/American Women Defaces Anti-Jihad Ad Poster in NYC ...

by Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny An act of free speech and freedom of expression? Or an illegal act of a disgruntled Egyptian/American activist? You the viewer be the judge... New York Post - Cops busted a lone protester -- angry with subway ads equating enemies of Israel as “savages” -- as she spray-painted over one of the controversial signs today. A Post camera crew captured the bizarre conflict between suspect Mona Eltahawy, 45, and a woman defending the ads. “Mona, do you think you have the right to do this?” said Pamela Hall, holding a mounted camera as she tried to block the barrage of spray paint. “I do actually,” Eltahawy calmly responded. “I think this is freedom of expression, just as this is freedom of expression.” Hall then thrusts herself between Eltahawy’s spray paint and the poster. Eltahawy -- an activist who has appeared on MSNBC and CNN -- engaged her in an odd cat-and-mouse dance, spraying pink every time she had an open

A President Who Continues To Refuse To Employ the Speech Needed In the Face Of Terror and Terrorism...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny Congressman Allan West Congressman Allan West is not at all admired by America's apologists. Methinks the following is one very precise reason why. In his speech today to the United Nations, President Obama stated six times that the attacks across the Islamic world are attributed to a silly video. Furthermore, he refused to use the words terrorist attack in referring to what occurred in Benghazi Libya at our US Consulate on the 11th anniversary of 9-11. He continues to offer up apologies instead of defending our hard earned First Amendment right to freedom of speech and expression. There is no message to this silly video trailer, and it is beneath the dignity and esteem of the Office of the President of the United States to mention it at all. When tolerance becomes a one way street it leads to cultural suicide. I shall not be tolerant of the intolerant. I know about the UN Resolution 1618 which would make any st

Iran's Hate Consumed Idiot...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny The Iranian Wingnut... From the mind and mouth a total wacko... Reuters - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Monday Israel has no roots in the Middle East and would be "eliminated," ignoring a U.N. warning to avoid incendiary rhetoric ahead of the annual General Assembly session. Ahmadinejad also said he did not take seriously the threat that Israel could launch a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, denied sending arms to Syria, and alluded to Iran's threats to the life of British author Salman Rushdie. The United States quickly dismissed the Iranian president's comments as "disgusting, offensive and outrageous." Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hinted Israel could strike Iran's nuclear sites and criticized U.S. President Barack Obama's position that sanctions and diplomacy should be given more time to stop Tehran from acquiring nuclear

President Obama Finally Accepts Responsibilty. The Question, for What Exactly...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny Obama, the Responsibly Man President Obama is finally acknowledgiong responsibilty for his almost four years in office. Rational Nation USA has never said the President is a "bad" person, that he is unpatriotic, or doesn't love his country. While many left leaning bloggers and commenters with an agenda will take issue with the preceding statement the fact remains Rational Nation USA has only taken issue with the President's performance and his political philosophy. Which is, as all reasonable people realize, is fair and proper game. At least as long as we live in a free nation, or should I say semi free? I'll leave it at that... Even though the President's acknowledgement that "the buck stops at his desk" is perhaps a bit late in coming we should all appreciate that he has taken this step. Of course reading his acknowledgement of responsibility I was somewhat taken aback by t

The Late Ambassador Steven's Diary Revealed Security Concerns...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny The diary of the late Ambassador Stevens, assassinated in Benghazi reveals his concerns over security. Apparently the State Department and President Obama did not share his concerns. h/t: Gateway Pundit The diary belonging to Ambassador Chris Stevens revealed his concerns about the deteriorating security in Benghazi. CNN reported: Four days after he was killed, CNN found a journal belonging to late U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens. The journal was found on the floor of the largely unsecured consulate compound where he was fatally wounded… …A source familiar with Stevens’ thinking told CNN earlier this week that, in the months leading up to his death, the late ambassador worried about what he called the security threats in Benghazi and a rise in Islamic extremism. Stevens died on September 11, along with three other Americans, when the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi came under attack amid a large protest abou

Pakistani Official To Finance "Hit" on Film Maker...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny The port city of Karachi saw widespread violence and bloodshed on Friday BBC - A Pakistani government minister has offered a $100,000 (£61,616) reward for the death of the maker of an anti-Islam film produced in the US. Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour said he would pay the reward for the "sacred duty" out of his own pocket. A government spokesman condemned the remarks and said it was considering taking action against Mr Bilour. The comments came a day after at least 20 people died in clashes between anti-film protesters and Pakistani police. Friday's violence occurred in cities throughout Pakistan, with Karachi and Peshawar among the worst hit. "I will pay whoever kills the makers of this video $100,000," the minister said. "If someone else makes other similar blasphemous material in the future, I will also pay his killers $100,000. "I call upon these countries

You Go Gary!!! It's Worth the Challenge and Fight for Liberty...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny Image by Joe Burbank, Pool, File  Gary Johnson taking it to the powers that have ruled for far too long. This challenge, and fight to restore fiscal sanity and greater liberty ought to be carried on all MSM networks and Libertarian/Conservative blogs throughout the nation. However, in America's politically anesthetized state little will be heard or published on this story. Rational Nation USA doing its part in getting the word out . BuzzFeed Politics - Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson filed an anti-trust lawsuit in federal court Friday to try to force his way into next month's presidential debates. Johnson, who first sought the GOP primary nomination before launching a third-party bid, is suing the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates and both the Democratic and Republican parties, calling the CPD a "conspiracy." The CPD was founded jointly by the two parties and th

Sometimes Watching Collectivists Eat Crow Is Very Satisfying...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty   -vs- Tyranny Romney finally released the tax returns so sought after by the collectivists and the media. While not changing my basic position that Mittens is not the guy for the job he is seeking, it certainly gave me great pleasure to know the collectivists are now eating a huge helping of crow. What will be even more satisfying is watching them go into over drive while they try to spin the facts to suit their statist collectivist agenda. Town hall - It's official: The Romney campaign possesses a wicked sense of humor and an enviable degree of patience. After months of caterwauling, breathless innuendo and baseless slander , the Democrats and their media allies are being treated to a Friday feast of piping hot crow. The Romney campaign has released a detailed report of the the candidate's 2011 tax returns, as well as an extensive summary of the Romneys' taxes over the last two decades, prepared by analysts at Pric

Another Reason To Be Wary Of rEpublicans...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny Just one more reason to turn and run as fast as possible AWAY from the rEpublican pArty and its neo-con fundamentalist base. TPM - Casey Michel September 20, 2012, 3:13 PM - In a conference call with fellow evangelicals earlier this week, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) shared his thoughts on the origins of the constitutionally mandated separation of church and state. Rather than tracing the idea to the nation’s founders, Perry warned of a more nefarious source: Satan. “Satan runs across the world with his doubt and with his untruths and what have you and one of the untruths out there that is driven is that people of faith should not be involved in the public arena,” Perry said during the call on Tuesday, organized by the Rev. Rick Scarborough. Perry said the separation of religious and civic institutions in the U.S. began with a “narrative” that first took root in the 1960s. “Somehow or another there’s this, ya know,

Our Redistributionist in Chief... The Brutal Truth

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny 1998 Obama Admits He is for the Redistribution of Wealth As the foundation of our Republic is shaken we stand to face further erosion of the principles on which this nation was founded. May the Gods (whoever they may be) save us all.

76% Agree With Romney

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny A new (non scientific) CNBC poll is showing a overwhelming 76% agree with Mittens 47% remark. The following short breakdown supplied by Townhall . UPDATE : The number of people who have taken the CNBC poll has doubled, bringing those who agree with Romney's comments to 76 percent. As the faux outrage over Mitt Romney's "47%" comments continue to barrel through the airwaves of the old media, a CNBC poll shows 75 percent of voters believe Mitt Romney was right when he said Obama supporters will vote for him no matter what due to dependence on the government. No, the poll isn't scientific, but it is an indication of the media running with a narrative opposite of what the country actually believes...again. So, if I'm reading this correctly Romney really does not have much to worry about, right? There is just one pesky little detail. Obama appears to be pulling ahead in national polls. T

New Discovery Suggests Christ had a Wife, and Female Disciple...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty   -vs- Tyranny Photograph by Laura King A Harvard historian of early Christianity may set the Christian Church, especially Roman Catholic Church on their head. In identifying what she believes is a fragment of a 4th century Coptic papyrus parchment with reference to Jesus having a wife she may be setting the stage to renew old debates within Christendom. New York Times CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — A historian of early Christianity at Harvard Divinity School has identified a scrap of papyrus that she says was written in Coptic in the fourth century and contains a phrase never seen in any piece of Scripture: “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife …'” The faded papyrus fragment is smaller than a business card, with eight lines on one side, in black ink legible under a magnifying glass. Just below the line about Jesus having a wife, the papyrus includes a second provocative clause that purportedly says, “she will be able to be my disciple.” The

The Man Who Wants To Be President...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty   -vs- Tyranny ... Yes, the entitlement state has expanded, but America remains one of the hardest-working nations on earth. Americans work longer hours than just about anyone else. Americans believe in work more than almost any other people. Ninety-two percent say that hard work is the key to success, according to a 2009 Pew Research Survey. It says that Romney doesn’t know much about the political culture. Americans haven’t become childlike worshipers of big government. On the contrary, trust in government has declined. The number of people who think government spending promotes social mobility has fallen. The people who receive the disproportionate share of government spending are not big-government lovers. They are Republicans. They are senior citizens. They are white men with high school degrees. As Bill Galston of the Brookings Institution has noted, the people who have benefited from the entitlements explosion are middle-clas

Romney's Shot in the Foot

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny Willard Mitt (the Human Flipper) Romney MANAGES TO DO IT AGAIN... Is this the Romney campaign's Armageddon that the MSM and the Obama Team obviously believe it is.? Perhaps not. It is however another statement Romney will now spend precious time trying to explain. As the alternative candidate, one who actually has a record of achievement and is not prone to shooting himself in a different body part almost weekly barely gets noticed I can't help but wonder at the rEpublican pArty choice to be their nominee. But I suppose as the intellectual firepower of the once GOP has declined in recent years it is obvious why they did. As to the MSM's lack of coverage of a viable alternative candidate , well, I guess we all know that Team Obama has them in his back pocket, with the lone exception of Fox News. We all know Fox News is in the back pocket of Mittens and the new Neo Fascist rEpublican pArty of America. So

Speaking the Truth...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny Ayaan Hirsi Ali, 2006 The following article by Ayaan Hirsi Ali in the THE DAILY BEAST ought to be  read, digested, and understood by the Obama administration and everyone else who believes that it is only a minority of the follows of Islam who support the radical elements of the religion. It only makes sense to consider the wisdom of one who has lived the reality of the Muslim world as well as the realities of the western world. ... The riots in Muslim countries—and the so-called demonstrations by some Muslims in Western countries—that invariably accompany such provocations have the appearance of spontaneity. But they are often carefully planned in advance. In the aftermath of last week’s conflagration, the State Department and Pentagon were investigating if it was just such a coordinated, planned assault. The Muslim men and women (and yes, there are plenty of women) who support—whether actively or passively—