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Blue Dog Dems Report Card - HUMAN EVENTS

Blue Dog Dems Report Card - HUMAN EVENTS Shared via AddThis

Newsmax magazine: President Obama and the Coming Stock Market Crash

Newsmax magazine: President Obama and the Coming Stock Market Crash Shared via AddThis - Rasmussen: Obama Double-Digit Negatives

Good Trend. Perhaps America is waking up. We can only hope. Les Carpenter III, Rational Nation USA - Rasmussen: Obama Double-Digit Negatives

Here's the Thing

It has been said that Presidents age quickly once they take office because of the extreme pressures and stress of their position. That is true I am sure. But what of the unmentioned reality that we all tend to age under the leadership of Presidents as well. Of course we don't age prematurely because of the pressures and stress of the job, we don't hold it. But what about the worry millions feel when the job performance of the President results in troubling consequences? And doesn't extreme worry result in premature aging as well? Oh I don't blame the President and only the President, after all we have a congress that must pass legislation for it to become law. But the President is the leader and sets the agenda. I am only guessing at this, because there is no data to support it of course, but I bet the nations populace aged faster under President Bush, and will age even faster under President Obama, than it did under President Reagan and President Clinton. Why, b

Savage: I'm banned because I'm Jewish

A savage attack on not only freedom of speech, which we are all entitled to, but an attack on everything and everyone that does not fall in line with the the "New World Order" and politically correct speech being pushed by the misguided progressives of today's world. Read here the WND article,  Savage: I'm banned because I'm Jewish Shared via AddThis

Loophole for illegals in 'Obamacare'?

Loophole for illegals in 'Obamacare'? Shared via AddThis

Did Obama lie to Christians, Jews?

Did Obama lie to Christians, Jews? Shared via AddThis

Possibility a Crack in the Obama Armour

ADVERTISEMENT HEALTH Dems Start To Push Back Hard To Prevent A 'Waterloo' Wednesday, July 22, 2009 by Anna Edney, with Kasie Hunt and Peter Cohn contributing A telling episode recounted by Senate Finance ranking member Charles Grassley reveals the Obama administration might be more worried than they are letting on that a Republican senator's comparison of the healthcare overhaul to Waterloo might be dangerously close to the truth. Grassley said he spoke with a Democratic House member last week who shared Obama's bleak reaction during a private meeting to reports that some factions of House Democrats were lining up to stall or even take down the overhaul unless leaders made major changes. "Let's just lay everything on the table," Grassley said. "A Democrat congressman last week told me after a conversation with the president that the president had trouble in the House of Representatives, and it wasn't going to pass if there weren't some changes

Glenn Beck - Current Events & Politics - Video of the Day - July 23, 2009

Glenn Beck - Current Events & Politics - Video of the Day - July 23, 2009 Shared via AddThis

Take 2 aspirin and call me when your cancer is stage 4

Ann Coulter on Obama Care. Rifgt on the mark. Take 2 aspirin and call me when your cancer is stage 4 Shared via AddThis

Modern Journalism and the Media - Fact or Bias

The government media complex is shifting into overdrive to do its part to help the socialists ramrod socialized medicine down our “collective throats”. Rather than report the facts, without their progressive biases, the “mainstream media” attempts to sway opinion towards the socialist agenda. To do so is acceptable and proper if the writer is an op-ed columnist or a blogger. However, journalists are supposed to report what they know based on factual data, without selective editing. The “opposition media”, those conservative publications with less circulation are guilty of attempting to do the same with their agenda. This is just as objectionable as the progressive “mainstream” media’s attempt to sell us the government’s socialism. It is not the proper or ethical function of journalists to sell us anybody’s agenda. Their responsibility is to report the facts as they are, not as they personally would like them to be. That brand of journalism is, well, yellow. There exis

Issue - The 2nd Amendment

Issue - The 2nd Amendment

The Origin and Nature of Rights

Random House Webster’s American Dictionary defines a right as, “something to which a person is entitled”. For the purpose of this discussion the word right will be used in its plural because man, (man as used here for purpose of this discussion means humankind, both men and women) possesses a multitude of rights. The primary among them is the right to ones life, the right to one’s liberty, and the right to one’s pursuit of happiness as enunciated in out Declaration of Independence . Most believe for an individual to have rights they must by some definition be bestowed upon them or ascribed to them by some higher authority. Even the founding fathers, the intellectual giants they were, believed that man had “unalienable rights” bestowed upon them by their creator, in other words by an unseen and unknowable God. This suggests that rights, in and of themselves do not exist. Another body of thought holds that rights are ascribed to man by virtue of the state. Here again rights do not exis

Change and Progress - Are They Synonymous?

During this time of rapid political, economic, and governmental change, driven by the progressives in Congress and the President, we should ask ourselves the question, are all these changes good for the nation and its people? Change of course is a concept we should all embrace, for without change we would still be living in the Stone Age. Change is good and to be desired when; it results in increasing individual liberty and responsibility, improving the human condition by advances in medical science, increases the economic independence of the individual, moves technology forward to create a more productive and prosperous society, and creates increased stability for a society and nation. Conversely, when change results in the loss of individual liberties and an increased dependency on government, a diminishing of the human condition, a significant risk the change may negatively impact an individual’s economic independence or result in a less productive and prosperous society, c

The Supreme Court

It appears Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is a sure bet for confirmation. The progressive/socialist Democratic party is solidly behind her. The progressive Republican party acknowledged before the confirmation hearings began that short a major slip or gaffe by Sotomayor she was certain of confirmation. This implies that the "opposition" party had already all but thrown in the towel. While there is yet another day of hearings they will be something along the lines of a show trial. The outcome has been predetermined. All that remains is for the "players" to finish playing out their part in the nationally televised game. Reagan Supreme Court nominee, and brilliant judicial scholar, Robert Bork should have had it so comfortable. Sotomayor has done a good job of handling and deflecting the soft questions put to her by the Democrats on the Judiciary panel and maintained her composure when slightly more difficult questions were put to her by the Republica

An Anonymous Letter

The anonymous letter below was received via email by Rational Nation USA. The sincerity of this individual's feelings for the person who is Sarah Palin is clear. The Rational Nation USA believes this individual speaks for the quiet millions who choose not to speak out. Les Carpenter III Rational Nation USA Kudos to Sarah Palin! It has been a long time since we have seen a politician with real conviction like Sarah Palin. A politician who is not married to the "political establishment". A person who is willing to stand up and defend her family and reputation against vicious attacks by the mainstream media and political enemies. A person who doesn't need czars or lobbyists to tell her what to do. A person that is a real American and can produce a birth certificate to prove it. Palin announced Friday that she will step down as Governor of Alaska on July 26. She cited the millions in state money being spent to deal with document requests and other matters and said

Freedom of Thought

Frightening words and picture aren't they? As these words are posted here, on this blog today, we do still have the freedom to use our mind and speak our thoughts. However we must be careful to run every thought through a Politically Correct filter or perhaps face some unpleasant consequences if we don't. As the progressive/socialist/fascist/Marxists running our National Government gain more and more control over Our Government , our businesses, and our personal lives our ability to use our mind and speak our thoughts freely will be severely limited and the consequences perhaps dire. One only need to look as far back in history as Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, and Mao to visualize the horrors that concentrated power in the hands of statist minded individuals and groups can bring to the people. It is time to clean house while we still can and vote all current incumbents out of office when they are up for re-election. We must then send a strong message to the new c

Thoughts on PC, Multi-Culturalism, Climate Change and Government

A quarter century ago give or take, we heard a lot about political correctness or PC. Politically Correct Speech was primarily about not offending anyone, usually the liberal politicians, their supporters in liberal academia, and the liberal media with ideas they didn't approve of. Since ones speech is controlled, and driven by ones thoughts the real reason behind political correctness was the attempt to control the thoughts of an entire generation along the lines of approved progressive thinking. Soon thereafter we began hearing the steady drum beat of diversity and multi culturalism . On the surface the ideas of diversity and a multi cultural society sound great. After all, at the turn of the 20Th century millions were coming to the shores of America to find a better life, one with liberty and increased opportunities . So what's the difference between then and now you may ask. The difference is the immigrants coming to our shore then learned our language, assimilated int

Sarah Palin, What's Next

The media is certainly having fun with Sarah Palin . After being plucked out of relative political obscurity by the bland and uninspiring Senator from Arizona to be his 2008 Vice Presidential running mate she is still drawing national headlines. Granted, the headlines given her recently by the liberal media, David Letterman in particular, are certainly not the kind one would hope for. Combined with Governor Palin's recent announcement she is stepping down as governor of Alaska at the end of July has the media and political analysts buzzing. Sarah Palin was picked by Senator John McCain for two primary reasons, both political. Senator McCain was running a lackluster and uninspiring campaign that was in dire need of a shot of adrenalin, and Sarah Palin was an attractive, vibrant political maverick that creates her own playbook. Since it is questionable the Republican Party power structure ever really intended to run a winning campaign against the popular socialist Barrack

The Wisdom of Old Ben

Benjamin Franklin was indeed a great man in American hisory. His words of wisdom ring as true today as when he spoke them. Les Carpenter III Rational Nation USA

Can the United States of America Remain Free

I trace my heritage back to a time in America when we were truly free, and safeguarding that cherished freedom was a way of life. Today, especially since the advent of our new national leadership with its socialist/Marxist ideology, I have begun to question how it is possible the nation that was once “the land of the free and the home of the brave” has become the “land of the shackled and the home of the timid”. But I suppose all things are somehow relative to the changing times, right? One need only be aware of current national trends to know what I am speaking of. The takeover of General Motors by the government of the USA, the feverish push for nationalized health care with the President’s obvious goal, although he says otherwise, of a single payer system, the President’s warm and fuzzy relationships with known Marxists such as Hugo Chavez, the recent attempt by the US government to bail out the financial industry, etc., etc. A rational analysis of the current condition o

Rational Thought for a Rational Nation


Happy 233rd Birthday America!!

On this day in 1776 a new nation was born. A nation that become the wealthiest and most powerful the world has ever known. A nation that were it not for it's involvement in WW II, and it's successful efforts winning the cold war all of Europe today may very well be under totalitarian fascist or Marxist control. Had we not been victorious in these conflicts the United States of America might not exist as a free and sovereign nation 233 years after it's Declaration of Independence . So as we celebrate our Nation's Independence day, let us not forget our founding principals. Now is a great time for Americans to read once again the Declaration of Independence and our guiding document, the Constitution of the United States of America. As much as we remain in principal, a free society, the forces of socialism, fascism, and Marxism are alive and well and working diligently to undermine our values of self sufficiency, hard work, a sense of individualism , competitive

American's Era of Neo-Marxism

With the growing influence of the Neo-Marxists currently in power in the US, the move towards redistribution of wealth and increased government control over the lives of all Americans, the virtues of fierce individualism, limited government, competitive capitalism, and self reliance, will soon be forgotten. Correction, not forgotten, but the majority of our people, fearing the loss of the meager freedoms left them by the Neo-Marxist and will not resist, believing it the best way to preserve whatever scraps of freedom may be left to them. We are witnessing what many who studied history, political science, and philosophy with an objective eye knew to be true, these disciplines, and the proper understanding of them clearly matters. Without an understanding of these disciplines humans are destined to repeat mistakes of the past. Ayn Rand, Aldous Huxley, (even Nikita Khrushchev who predicted the USA would fall to socialism without a shot being fired), and many others understood

My Grandparents and the Basics

Issues are getting so complicated. What with the bailouts, stimulus package, Obama’s almost four trillion dollar soon to be proposed budget, corporate bonuses, failing business, increasing unemployment, urgency to make credit more available so businesses and individuals can get the money they need, and taxpayers about to assume the toxic assets of banks it is no wonder one can experience migraine headaches. The other day I thought to myself what would my grandparent’s generation do if faced with the problems of today? As I thought awhile things became clearer to me and I decided to embark on what I know my Grandparents stimulus plan would be. 1) Put aside all non essential purchases 2) Immediately stop the use of interest bearing credit cards 3) Begin reducing any outstanding debt level immediately 4) Increase savings in a solid FDIC Member Bank to ten percent or more of annual income 5) Set a goal to be completely debt free in three to f