Monday, July 27, 2009 - Rasmussen: Obama Double-Digit Negatives

Good Trend. Perhaps America is waking up. We can only hope. Les Carpenter III, Rational Nation USA - Rasmussen: Obama Double-Digit Negatives

Here's the Thing

It has been said that Presidents age quickly once they take office because of the extreme pressures and stress of their position. That is true I am sure. But what of the unmentioned reality that we all tend to age under the leadership of Presidents as well.

Of course we don't age prematurely because of the pressures and stress of the job, we don't hold it. But what about the worry millions feel when the job performance of the President results in troubling consequences? And doesn't extreme worry result in premature aging as well? Oh I don't blame the President and only the President, after all we have a congress that must pass legislation for it to become law. But the President is the leader and sets the agenda.

I am only guessing at this, because there is no data to support it of course, but I bet the nations populace aged faster under President Bush, and will age even faster under President Obama, than it did under President Reagan and President Clinton. Why, because irrespective of any political beliefs individuals may have held everyone knew the country was moving in the right direction.

The country has been heading in the wrong direction for the past six years. It is continuing to head in the same wrong direction under President Obama. Huge unsustainable spending and deficits, stimulus packages and bailouts that will do little if anything long term to strengthen the nation, universal health care that will add to our fiscal problems and result in less competent and effective health care, increasing dependency on a government that is out of control, a continuing decline in our standard of living , and as if that is not enough, a declining status in the world with increasing security risks. Certainly this is enough to make me age quickly because of worry for my children and grandchildren.

There is no individual in sight today that can reverse our slide into socialism/Marxism. This is perhaps because the political establishment, and the government media complex are so far out on the fringes they have lost all touch with rational thought and analysis. And after all, where do candidates come from, and whose support do they need to get elected?

However, there is one way this nation can be set back on track to a bright and promising future. Vote the current crop of professional politicians out of office when they are up for reelection. Send the message to the new congress the people want established term limits for senators, representatives, and judicial appointments. A good starting point would be; twelve years for senators, six years for congressmen, thirteen years for federal judicial appointments, and six years for president, either two three year terms of one six year term.

If we choose to do nothing and allow the current crop of power brokers in government to run our countries affairs we will continue to get what we paid for. A group of incompetent ideologues that will eventually bankrupt this nation. Bankrupt us financially as well as ethically and morally.

This nation is in dire need of a President that has the characteristics of several leaders from prior era's. We need someone with the following;

1) The vision of our founding fathers
2) The intelligence and philosophy of Ayn Rand
3) The heart of President Andrew Jackson
4) The wisdom and compassion of President Abraham Lincoln
5) The statesmanship of Prime Minister Winston Churchill
6) The honesty of President Harry Truman
7) The charisma of President Ronald Reagan,

and finally the belief that the United States of America is still a great land that stands for the freedom and rights of all individuals over the collective. That we have always been, and can continue to be a beacon for liberty and the expression of differing viewpoints without the fear of government or media retribution. Above all else that America must hold her head high and make no apologies for being who we as a nation. A land that is still the freest and fairest nation on this earth bar none. It is wake up time America. We can as a people solve our mutual problems.

Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work. If we leave the task to our current "elected" leaders we will get more of the same, and we will have only ourselves to blame.

Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Savage: I'm banned because I'm Jewish

A savage attack on not only freedom of speech, which we are all entitled to, but an attack on everything and everyone that does not fall in line with the the "New World Order" and politically correct speech being pushed by the misguided progressives of today's world. Read here the WND article, Savage: I'm banned because I'm Jewish

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Loophole for illegals in 'Obamacare'?

Loophole for illegals in 'Obamacare'?

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Did Obama lie to Christians, Jews?

Did Obama lie to Christians, Jews?

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Possibility a Crack in the Obama Armour

CongressDaily Print Friendly


Dems Start To Push Back Hard To Prevent A 'Waterloo'

A telling episode recounted by Senate Finance ranking member Charles Grassleyreveals the Obama administration might be more worried than they are letting on that a Republican senator's comparison of the healthcare overhaul to Waterloo might be dangerously close to the truth.

Grassley said he spoke with a Democratic House member last week who shared Obama's bleak reaction during a private meeting to reports that some factions of House Democrats were lining up to stall or even take down the overhaul unless leaders made major changes.

"Let's just lay everything on the table," Grassley said. "A Democrat congressman last week told me after a conversation with the president that the president had trouble in the House of Representatives, and it wasn't going to pass if there weren't some changes made ... and the president says, 'You're going to destroy my presidency.' "

The White House did not respond to requests for comment.

Grassley did not name the member but said he was not from the senator's home state of Iowa. He brought up the anecdote in response to a question about whether the president's rebuke of the Waterloo remark Monday was affecting Finance Committee negotiations on a bipartisan overhaul bill. Grassley said the imbroglio was not taking a toll on the bipartisan effort.

President Obama and the Democratic National Committee pushed back hard this week against South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint's remark Friday that the healthcare overhaul could be Obama's Waterloo. Obama went directly after the comment in a speech Monday and Democratic leaders and organizations have fired off countless e-mails to call out Republicans for attempting to bring down the effort rather than offer constructive alternatives.

Most of the Blue Dog Coalition opposes the House overhaul bill and have managed to delay the Energy and Commerce Committee markup. (See related story.) Rep. Mike Ross, D-Ark., the Blue Dogs' Health Care Task Force chairman, said Tuesday he is not the member Grassley was referring to.

Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., defended Obama even though he is also opposed to House Democrats' bill. "I can't see him saying that," Stupak said. "He's got too much self-confidence."

House Republicans Tuesday made hay of the issue, with Ways and Means minority staff sending out an e-mail asking, "Who's really blocking health care reform?"

"Do not be fooled by the president's repeated attempts to create a Republican straw man for his health care troubles," the e-mail reads. The GOP pointed to ads the Democratic National Committee is running to pressure Democratic lawmakers.

Meanwhile, the Finance Committee continues to negotiate its bipartisan bill. Seven negotiators have been at the table, but Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus referred Tuesday to "all six in the room." Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, has not been noticed attending the meetings for some time.

Senators discussed offsets for the $1 trillion measure Tuesday afternoon with Thomas Barthold, chief of staff for the Joint Committee on Taxation. An offset offered by Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., meant to be a compromise on taxing employer-based health benefits, is under discussion, Baucus said.

Kerry's idea is similar to a proposal pushed in 1994 by former Sen. Bill Bradley, D-N.J., and approved by the Finance Committee that would tax the difference between the average health insurance premium in a region and insurers' higher-cost plans.

Unions have come out heavily against that proposal because of the potential for higher costs to be passed down to workers. Most big companies offer their own insurance plans to employees, meaning the pain could be spread beyond the insurance industry.

An industry source expressed concern that "self-insured" company plans would be victimized, noting a 2008 Kaiser Family Foundation survey that found 77 percent of firms with more than 200 employees fund their own workers' benefits, rather than contract with an outside insurer. That figure goes up for firms with 1,000 or more workers, where the vast majority are self-insured, said Marisa Milton, vice president for healthcare policy and government relations at the HR Policy Association.

Finance members are looking at the exclusion that protects employees from paying taxes on employer-based health benefits to try to reduce the growth of healthcare spending, but have run into pushback from Democratic leaders and Obama.

The bipartisan Finance group met earlier in the day with two actuaries to discuss potential penalties for individuals and businesses that do not acquire insurance.

Senate Majority Leader Reid insisted Tuesday that the Finance panel would produce a bill this week and begin a markup Saturday, but Finance members were skeptical. Baucus raised his hands and laughed when asked about Reid's comment and Senate Budget Chairman Kent Conrad went just with a good laugh.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Modern Journalism and the Media - Fact or Bias

The government media complex is shifting into overdrive to do its part to help the socialists ramrod socialized medicine down our “collective throats”. Rather than report the facts, without their progressive biases, the “mainstream media” attempts to sway opinion towards the socialist agenda. To do so is acceptable and proper if the writer is an op-ed columnist or a blogger. However, journalists are supposed to report what they know based on factual data, without selective editing.

The “opposition media”, those conservative publications with less circulation are guilty of attempting to do the same with their agenda. This is just as objectionable as the progressive “mainstream” media’s attempt to sell us the government’s socialism. It is not the proper or ethical function of journalists to sell us anybody’s agenda. Their responsibility is to report the facts as they are, not as they personally would like them to be. That brand of journalism is, well, yellow.

There exists a huge body politic that sees their job as convincing us, the people, what is best for our own good. That and getting themselves reelected to their position of comfort and power. Politicians on both sides of the corrupt aisle tell us what THEY want us to hear. Generally this will be along the line they think will get them voted in yet once again and further enhance their power over us. That is the nature of government’s and unless the people limit their government’s power eventually they lose their individual liberties.

This is why it is so critically important that journalists do the hard research, ask the tough questions, and hold the politicians feet to the fire. To use Sgt. Friday’s well known phrase, “the facts ma’am, just the facts”. That is exactly what the journalists we depend on should be doing, giving us the facts, without omissions, additions, or their particular bias.

Journalists, properly executing their responsibilities are integral to keeping this republic free. They can and should be guardians of our liberties, ensuring the people have the facts necessary to make informed decisions on issues that affect us all. We simply cannot trust the politicians. It is time journalists in every medium start doing their jobs properly.

Les Carpenter

Rational Nation USA

Issue - The 2nd Amendment

Issue - The 2nd Amendment

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Origin and Nature of Rights

Random House Webster’s American Dictionary defines a right as, “something to which a person is entitled”. For the purpose of this discussion the word right will be used in its plural because man, (man as used here for purpose of this discussion means humankind, both men and women) possesses a multitude of rights. The primary among them is the right to ones life, the right to one’s liberty, and the right to one’s pursuit of happiness as enunciated in out Declaration of Independence.

Most believe for an individual to have rights they must by some definition be bestowed upon them or ascribed to them by some higher authority. Even the founding fathers, the intellectual giants they were, believed that man had “unalienable rights” bestowed upon them by their creator, in other words by an unseen and unknowable God. This suggests that rights, in and of themselves do not exist. Another body of thought holds that rights are ascribed to man by virtue of the state. Here again rights do not exist but for a higher authority and only so long as the authority chooses to “bestow them upon us.”

Both of the above belief systems are founded on irrational premises. On the one hand since God is unknowable, i.e.; we can’t consult with him, the determination of man’s rights rest then with the arbitrary interpretation of some presumably more “knowledgeable” person(s). In this case I shall refer to them as people of faith. On the other hand the determination of man’s rights is dependent on the arbitrary whims of whoever is in power over the populace at any given time. I shall refer to them as mystics of muscle. In both instances mans rights are open to arbitrary interpretation and therefore subject to change by any man or group of men in power at any given time.

Rights therefore must be governed by a code of ethics, a code that holds that man’s rights are universal and exist simply because man exits. That man is his own master and all men are entitled to the universal rights of man. These rights include, but are not limited to; the right to enter mutually rewarding enterprise with one another with out intrusion by outside force, the right to prosper without ones wealth being confiscated by a third party, the right to own and maintain private property, the right to his own mind and beliefs without fear of coercion by any individual or group, the right to be free from fear of bodily or mental harm, the right to defend oneself if provoked or threatened by another, the right to a government that respects the individual rather than the collective and insures they are protected against the tyranny of the majority, the right to limited government that’s just and only purpose is to provide for the defense of the people against aggression, to an unbiased judiciary and court system to settle civil and criminal disputes, to provide for an effective system of education for it’s people, and as stated in the opening paragraph but bears repeating, to insure the rights of the individual to his life, liberty, and the pursuit of his own happiness.

In as much as man possesses universal rights based on his existence, he also has a corresponding responsibility. All men, to be ethical and moral, must respect that each individual has the same rights and must be willing to defend not only his rights but the rights of other men as well. The right to bear differences of opinion and methodology must be respected and in fact encouraged for man as a whole to grow and prosper. Conversely as all men possess the above rights it logically follows no man has the right to attempt to usurp another’s rights by force. The only ethical and justifiable use of force against another man is in self defense. I note here that reference to man denotes man both as an individual and a larger group such as a nation or state.

For individuals to coexist with others in society naturally requires a common understanding of the rights of man. As there will always be certain individuals and groups that are frankly evil, and are either unable or unwilling to understand the concept of universality of rights, laws need to be established by men so as to effectively dispense of those who commit crimes against people and or property. This rightfully falls to the domain of limited governance as pointed in paragraph four of this discussion. Courts established for this purpose, with judges who understand the rights of each individual man and possess a burning desire to preserve those rights (against the state and street mob) must be seated and respected as guardians of our liberty.

In summary the rights of man are universal; they exist not because of some mystical and unknowable god or an all powerful state, but rather because man exits. Man, possessing cognitive thought and reason, has established the ethical and moral framework to live his life effectively, with liberty, and with his own happiness as his reward. The age of Enlightenment, with its greatest thinkers spawned the Renaissance, one of the brightest and most glorious ages of human history. Out of which grew the United States of America, the freest and most prosperous nation the world has ever known.

There is hope for the future of man, but only if free men are allowed to think freely, objectively, and are freed of the shackles that religious dogma and the mystics of muscle place on them. Man needs a rebirth of the Age of Enlightenment as well as an undying desire to be free and productive both in mind and body.

Les Carpenter III

Rational Nation USA

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Change and Progress - Are They Synonymous?

During this time of rapid political, economic, and governmental change, driven by the progressives in Congress and the President, we should ask ourselves the question, are all these changes good for the nation and its people? Change of course is a concept we should all embrace, for without change we would still be living in the Stone Age.

Change is good and to be desired when; it results in increasing individual liberty and responsibility, improving the human condition by advances in medical science, increases the economic independence of the individual, moves technology forward to create a more productive and prosperous society, and creates increased stability for a society and nation.

Conversely, when change results in the loss of individual liberties and an increased dependency on government, a diminishing of the human condition, a significant risk the change may negatively impact an individual’s economic independence or result in a less productive and prosperous society, create a destabilizing effect on the society or nation it is wise to exercise extreme caution. We are currently at just such a time in our nation’s history.

All change is not progress. Conversely, maintaining the status quo for the sake of comfort or out of fear is not a viable option either when problems must be solved. Our nation has many problems that need resolving and if we do not make the right choices the consequences for us, and perhaps most importantly for our children and grandchildren, could be disastrous.

This nation has millions upon millions of progressives and conservatives that love their country. Both wish their nation to succeed and prosper not only for themselves, but for their brethren as well as posterity. The difference between progressives and conservatives is not in where they ultimately want to take the nation, but rather their philosophy of how to get to the same place.

A true conservative believes that; limited government, a free market with necessary but limited government regulation and oversight, limited powers of taxation, gradual methodical change after proper due diligence, and personal responsibility for oneself and their actions is the proper course to effective workable change in our nation. Conservatives believe the private sector is best equipped to create prosperity and solve problems.

Progressives, while sharing some core values such as personal responsibility, have generally favored massive government intervention into the private sector and rapid change. Progressives believe large government is best equipped to solve the problems of our nation and most capable of insuring prosperity for the people.

Given their differences, progressives and conservatives if they LISTEN to each other, can find the most effective way to resolve our current national crisis. Finding workable and effective solutions to our shared national problems is critical. For if we fail to find the right solutions future generations will pay a crushing price.

Given this doesn’t it make sense we move with due caution and diligence. Rushing to enact legislation that is hastily thrown together and not completely understood, just to satisfy President Obama’s political agenda is one definition of insanity. An insanity we may all pay a heavy price for if he is wrong.

Les Carpenter III

Rational Nation USA

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Supreme Court

It appears Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is a sure bet for confirmation. The progressive/socialist Democratic party is solidly behind her. The progressive Republican party acknowledged before the confirmation hearings began that short a major slip or gaffe by Sotomayor she was certain of confirmation. This implies that the "opposition" party had already all but thrown in the towel.

While there is yet another day of hearings they will be something along the lines of a show trial. The outcome has been predetermined. All that remains is for the "players" to finish playing out their part in the nationally televised game. Reagan Supreme Court nominee, and brilliant judicial scholar, Robert Bork should have had it so comfortable.

Sotomayor has done a good job of handling and deflecting the soft questions put to her by the Democrats on the Judiciary panel and maintained her composure when slightly more difficult questions were put to her by the Republicans on the panel. Senator Jeff Sessions perhaps summed up the concerns of those with uneasy feelings about her eventual confirmation when he said "I frankly am a bit disappointed in the lack of clarity and consistency in her answers".

Sonia Sotomayor will ultimately be confirmed. There will remain concern about her ability to rise above her biases and judge impartially. The same has been said of prior newly confirmed Supreme Court Justices. She may turn out to be a liberal activist jurist on the Court. The likelihood is she will. That said, there have been surprises before. Many of us are hoping for another surprise.

Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An Anonymous Letter

The anonymous letter below was received via email by Rational Nation USA. The sincerity of this individual's feelings for the person who is Sarah Palin is clear. The Rational Nation USA believes this individual speaks for the quiet millions who choose not to speak out.

Les Carpenter III

Rational Nation USA

Kudos to Sarah Palin!

It has been a long time since we have seen a politician with real conviction like Sarah Palin. A politician who is not married to the "political establishment". A person who is willing to stand up and defend her family and reputation against vicious attacks by the mainstream media and political enemies. A person who doesn't need czars or lobbyists to tell her what to do. A person that is a real American and can produce a birth certificate to prove it.

Palin announced Friday that she will step down as Governor of Alaska on July 26. She cited the millions in state money being spent to deal with document requests and other matters and said she has personally accumulated a $500,000 debt defending herself. Fifteen ethics complaints filed against her so far have been dismissed. And the truth is that there is nothing there to uncover. But this is what modern politics is all about - character assassination and personal destruction.

Palin was clear about the toll that ethics investigations have taken. It was costing just about $2 million of state taxpayers' dollars just to fund the staff to deal with the records requests and the like, and for her that was over the top. I think she even used the word insane in her remarks. Since she had already decided not to run for re-election as governor in 2010, staying in power as a lame-duck official would just be another dose of "politics as usual," something she campaigned against and will always oppose.

Whether Sarah Palin ever runs for political office again or not, it doesn't matter. Sarah Palin has been the most refreshing thing to hit the national political scene in a long time. Palin is not a member of the "business as usual crowd" that dominates the Washington scene. One thing that you can count on - if she does chose to run again - it will be on her terms.

It is likely that the attacks on her character, family, etc. will continue, because this is what the media and the current "blame game" politicians do. They don't know how to operate any differently. Trash talk is cheap in Washington - it works for the media and it works for the hardened politicians. Palin has always been an advocate for "real" change, contrary to Obama who uses the word "change" to camouflage tired old political policies. In the case of Obama it is Chicago style instead of New England style, but it doesn't matter what you label it, the change is phony and is basically all about big spending, big government and big taxes.

If and when the American people grow tired of the same old Washington lies, it is good to know that there is another voice out there. A voice with an inspiring message about values and promoting "real" change. A person that is willing to put family, friends and the people above political gain. A person that the Founding Fathers would look at with pride. For the misguided, that would be Obama. For those with clear vision it is none other than Sarah Palin.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Freedom of Thought

Frightening words and picture aren't they?

As these words are posted here, on this blog today, we do still have the freedom to use our mind and speak our thoughts. However we must be careful to run every thought through a Politically Correct filter or perhaps face some unpleasant consequences if we don't. As the progressive/socialist/fascist/Marxists running our National Government gain more and more control over Our Government, our businesses, and our personal lives our ability to use our mind and speak our thoughts freely will be severely limited and the consequences perhaps dire.

One only need to look as far back in history as Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, and Mao to visualize the horrors that concentrated power in the hands of statist minded individuals and groups can bring to the people. It is time to clean house while we still can and vote all current incumbents out of office when they are up for re-election. We must then send a strong message to the new congress that we want mandatory term limits on all elective offices. We must insist on term limits for the judiciary as well. This is the only way we will get our country back. To believe that the current crop of incompetent, corrupt, lying politicians are the only ones who can handle the job is, well, insanity in this mans judgement.

We can, if we have the will, reverse the insane direction we are taking. The current administration (and three proceeding administrations) , along with a willingly complicit congress have set us on a path to mutually assured irrelevance at best and self destruction at worst.


Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thoughts on PC, Multi-Culturalism, Climate Change and Government

A quarter century ago give or take, we heard a lot about political correctness or PC. Politically Correct Speech was primarily about not offending anyone, usually the liberal politicians, their supporters in liberal academia, and the liberal media with ideas they didn't approve of. Since ones speech is controlled, and driven by ones thoughts the real reason behind political correctness was the attempt to control the thoughts of an entire generation along the lines of approved progressive thinking.

Soon thereafter we began hearing the steady drum beat of diversity and multi culturalism. On the surface the ideas of diversity and a multi cultural society sound great. After all, at the turn of the 20Th century millions were coming to the shores of America to find a better life, one with liberty and increased opportunities. So what's the difference between then and now you may ask. The difference is the immigrants coming to our shore then learned our language, assimilated into our culture, and in short became Americans. They celebrated our similarity as well as our combined strength. They retained their unique heritage but did not focus on the differences. They blended their native heritage into the fabric of their new American life. Today the progressive/socialist/Marxist politicians and educators are using diversity and multi culturalism to divide us by focusing us not on shared values and issues but rather on the differences we as a people naturally have. These politicians and lawmakers, along with their supporters in academia, want us divided so we don't notice their real agenda, which is to increase their power over the people and place us under the oppressive reigns of government.

The next building block our politicians, academia, and the government media complex will use to place us even further under the wheels of oppressive government is the presumed issue of climate change. By ignoring any scientific data that does not support their flimsy arguments they will attempt to convince us that anyone who disagrees with their view is unpatriotic, misinformed, or worse doesn't care about our world and it's global environment. Of course the magnitude of this looming and potentially catastrophic problem is so large, so complex only the federal government, in tandem with all the other governments of the world can "fix" the problem. In order to "fix" the problem further restrictions will need to be placed on individuals, and businesses. As is always the case with further government control over our lives and businesses our cost of living will go up while our standard of living will go down.

We have been on the path to socialist/Marxist rule in this nation for the past 109 years. All that path has led to is less freedom, more government, and most recently huge debt driven by an insatiable appetite for spending to grow the government. Recent unrestrained greed by some on Wall Street have contributed to our current problems, but that is not the root cause of our problem. Our government is. It makes no difference which party is in office today. The results are the same because both major parties are driven by the progressive/socialist/fascist/Marxist ideologies.

Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sarah Palin, What's Next

The media is certainly having fun with Sarah Palin. After being plucked out of relative political obscurity by the bland and uninspiring Senator from Arizona to be his 2008 Vice Presidential running mate she is still drawing national headlines. Granted, the headlines given her recently by the liberal media, David Letterman in particular, are certainly not the kind one would hope for. Combined with Governor Palin's recent announcement she is stepping down as governor of Alaska at the end of July has the media and political analysts buzzing.

Sarah Palin was picked by Senator John McCain for two primary reasons, both political. Senator McCain was running a lackluster and uninspiring campaign that was in dire need of a shot of adrenalin, and Sarah Palin was an attractive, vibrant political maverick that creates her own playbook. Since it is questionable the Republican Party power structure ever really intended to run a winning campaign against the popular socialist Barrack Obama, it is plausible they were looking more towards 2012. Sarah Palin, with her popularity in Alaska and her outspoken maverick status, appeared to be a good bet for the 2012 race.

The one flaw in the strategy was that Governor Palin at 45 years of age was relatively young politically and still lacked the maturity required, indeed demanded, of a candidate for national office. Her lack of political maturity and her limited scope of knowledge both nationally and internationally came to be a legitimate distraction during the campaign and continues to be fodder for certain elements in the media.

Sarah Palin, this aside can be an inspiring speaker, as was the case during her speech at the 2008 Republican National Convention. She can also be prone to ramblings that some think almost incoherent at times. She shows glimpses of brightness as well as a tendency to be bland and boring at times.

So what's next for this attractive young political maverick.? The talking heads on all the national syndicates have pontificated ad naseum on all the possibilities, liabilities, most likely paths etc. Anything anyone says is, at best, just a best guess. A few of the important things we do know are these;

1) She is a modern Conservative
2) She believes in limited government
3) She believes the individual is better able to discern what is the best for them rather than big brother government
4) She, like Ronald Wilson Reagan before her, is a fierce individualist
5) She believes in self reliance and self sufficiency
6) She believes in using all our nations energy alternatives
7) She believes in maintaining a strong defense force and international supremacy
8) She believes in open market competitive capitalism
9) She believes in a judiciary that interprets the law, not a judiciary that makes law
10) She believes in traditional American family values

Sarah Palin has her shortcomings, as we all do. Yes, even as the young President Barrack Obama has his. Given these considerations it is this man's opinion that she is looking to 2016 for a run at the White House. This gives her seven years to grow in political maturity, build a clear , cohesive, and consistent political strategy, build a national grass roots organization, build the support required within her party, and build the war chest necessary to wage a successful national presidential campaign.

One thing is for sure, we have not seen nor heard the last of this breath of fresh political air. Time will show us her course, whatever she decides. History will record her sucess or failure.

Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Wisdom of Old Ben

Benjamin Franklin was indeed a great man in American hisory. His words of wisdom ring as true today as when he spoke them.

Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Monday, July 6, 2009

Can the United States of America Remain Free

I trace my heritage back to a time in America when we were truly free, and safeguarding that cherished freedom was a way of life. Today, especially since the advent of our new national leadership with its socialist/Marxist ideology, I have begun to question how it is possible the nation that was once “the land of the free and the home of the brave” has become the “land of the shackled and the home of the timid”. But I suppose all things are somehow relative to the changing times, right?

One need only be aware of current national trends to know what I am speaking of. The takeover of General Motors by the government of the USA, the feverish push for nationalized health care with the President’s obvious goal, although he says otherwise, of a single payer system, the President’s warm and fuzzy relationships with known Marxists such as Hugo Chavez, the recent attempt by the US government to bail out the financial industry, etc., etc. A rational analysis of the current condition of our nation’s direction leads one to ask this question, how long can it be before the US becomes just another socialist/Marist country with dramatically reduced individual freedoms.

Liberty has a price, it requires free individuals stand up and be heard. This often requires difficult decisions with unpleasant consequences. Taking unpopular stands against the prevailing ideology of the day more often than not results in ridicule or outright condemnation. But stand we must if we are to remain a free nation. The recent gains by the socialist/Marxists leadership in Washington will, if not stopped by free and independent thinkers in this nation, ultimately result in the type of society The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe not too long ago broke free from.

Unfortunately our current national leadership fails to recognize the evils inherent in the socialist/Marxist ideology. An evil just as insidious as the fascist ideology some would say certain wings of the Republican Party, and some in the conservative movement represent. As a true independent and rational conservative I can tell you both the socialist/Marist agenda, and the fascist agenda, lead to the same cool aid, the difference rests merely in the flavor of the oppression.

Les Carpenter III

Rational Nation USA

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rational Thought for a Rational Nation

Happy 233rd Birthday America!!

On this day in 1776 a new nation was born. A nation that become the wealthiest and most powerful the world has ever known. A nation that were it not for it's involvement in WW II, and it's successful efforts winning the cold war all of Europe today may very well be under totalitarian fascist or Marxist control. Had we not been victorious in these conflicts the United States of America might not exist as a free and sovereign nation 233 years after it's Declaration of Independence.

So as we celebrate our Nation's Independence day, let us not forget our founding principals. Now is a great time for Americans to read once again the Declaration of Independence and our guiding document, the Constitution of the United States of America. As much as we remain in principal, a free society, the forces of socialism, fascism, and Marxism are alive and well and working diligently to undermine our values of self sufficiency, hard work, a sense of individualism, competitive capitalism, and the right to a limited and effective government.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!, And let us never forget freedom is never FREE!

Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Thursday, July 2, 2009

American's Era of Neo-Marxism

With the growing influence of the Neo-Marxists currently in power in the US, the move towards redistribution of wealth and increased government control over the lives of all Americans, the virtues of fierce individualism, limited government, competitive capitalism, and self reliance, will soon be forgotten. Correction, not forgotten, but the majority of our people, fearing the loss of the meager freedoms left them by the Neo-Marxist and will not resist, believing it the best way to preserve whatever scraps of freedom may be left to them.

We are witnessing what many who studied history, political science, and philosophy with an objective eye knew to be true, these disciplines, and the proper understanding of them clearly matters. Without an understanding of these disciplines humans are destined to repeat mistakes of the past. Ayn Rand, Aldous Huxley, (even Nikita Khrushchev who predicted the USA would fall to socialism without a shot being fired), and many others understood that if the people of this great nation did not open their eyes and recognize what could happen we would lose the very freedoms we cherish.

Today, as this is being written, it seems the majority wasn’t listening. Maybe they were but merely though “it can’t happen in America.” Well, it is happening slowly and surely. With the current President and his administration focused on reshaping the United States of America into a socialist/Marist state (note; General Motors and Universal Health Care initiatives) all who love liberty and individualism need to act now and do all they can within the framework of our laws to stop this onslaught on traditional values. Values that have withstood the test of time and are largely responsible for the great successes of our people.

The state motto of New Hampshire proclaims, “Live Free or Die”, I for one shall stand tall for the values that brought this nation into existence. I hope there are millions upon millions of other likeminded Americas, for if there is we stand a chance that our grandchildren and great grand children will remain free from oppressive government and its regulatory tentacles.

Les Carpenter III

Rational Nation USA

My Grandparents and the Basics

Issues are getting so complicated. What with the bailouts, stimulus package, Obama’s almost four trillion dollar soon to be proposed budget, corporate bonuses, failing business, increasing unemployment, urgency to make credit more available so businesses and individuals can get the money they need, and taxpayers about to assume the toxic assets of banks it is no wonder one can experience migraine headaches.

The other day I thought to myself what would my grandparent’s generation do if faced with the problems of today? As I thought awhile things became clearer to me and I decided to embark on what I know my Grandparents stimulus plan would be.

1) Put aside all non essential purchases

2) Immediately stop the use of interest bearing credit cards

3) Begin reducing any outstanding debt level immediately

4) Increase savings in a solid FDIC Member Bank to ten percent or more of annual income

5) Set a goal to be completely debt free in three to five and stay focused

Simple stuff from hardworking American taxpayers that weathered the Great Depression, built a solid nest egg for their retirement, and never felt they should depend on the government for anything more than the monthly social security check they had earned when they retired. I am proud of what my grandparent’s accomplished through hard work, common sense, and good old American perseverance. They made tough choices when they had to be made, and so did the politicians of their era. To bad none of them are here today to help the current crop entrusted with our future.

Les Carpenter III

Rational Nation USA