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Rational Nation USA Is Moving On... Permanently

 This IS the final post at this weblog. Our new Non Political - Non Religious Home, Cannabis Corner Chats can be found HERE . Enjoy lightness , truth , good health , love and cannabis “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”  –George Orwell The Trumpublicans hate Liz Cheney and anyone else who tells the truth: Donald J. Trump lost in a free and fair election.

Goodbye Politics, Enter Cannabis, Good Health and Happiness...

  Today is a very good day at Rational Nation USA. After many months of going back and forth we are happy to announce this weblog will be closed to any and all political content. Period. While both political parties share in the constant and pervasive negativity the Republican party is responsible for the lion's share of negativity. When 30% of the population can suck the oxygen out of a room there is something deeply wrong with it. I leave it to each of  you to decide which side you are on. This weblog begin 12 years ago as a fiscally conservative Randian friendly weblog with a socially libertarian slant. Posts and discussions were to focus on reducing and controlling the national debt and achieving annual balanced budgets, alongside the virtues of Classical Liberalism  modified to meet 21 century realities. Today, after 12 years this weblog has ceased to serve that purpose. The Republican party under the leadership of Mitch McConnell has become nothing but a destructive and dange