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Locomotive Breath, OR, an Ode To Donald Trump... (The All Time Loser)

And, The All Time Winner Has Got Him By The Balls! Click -------->>>> Who Will Be President? UPDATE - 10/2/16 As a growing majority of Americans see Trump as the lying, ill informed, manipulative old man that he really is. Americans see Hillary Clinton as the winner of the first presidential debate by a near-record margin in ABC News/Washington Post post-debate polls, with nearly half saying Donald Trump got his facts wrong and one in three saying he outright lied. His unpopularity grew slightly. While views of both candidates remain broadly negative, 64 percent of Americans now express an unfavorable opinion of Trump overall, up 5 points from its pre-debate level. Fifty-three percent see Clinton unfavorably, not a significant change. Trump's pre-debate unpopularity had matched its low for the campaign, suggesting the debate may have slowed momentum in his favor. Clinton, for her part, saw a +4 gain in favorability to 45 percent, not large


We Hope Republicans Continue To Enjoy the Clown Car That Trump Has Turned the GOP Into We also Wish Conservatives Much Luck In Rebuilding Conservatism Into a Rational Philosophy Once You Dump Trump (Drumpf)  Just a little fact check.

Fabricating BS - The Trump Campaign, the NRA, and the NRC...

Rational Nation U S A Purveyor of Truth More BS from the NRA, NRC, and the Trump Fabrication Factory. Of course the Nuge is found at the center shoveling the brown stuff. In Trump’s ad, Nugent says, “The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the Ten Commandments, the golden rule. We the people, choosing our own pursuit of happiness: It doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world. Hunting, fishing, trapping: We the people own these precious renewable natural resources. It’s a way of life, which is why conservation is the greatest success story in the world here in America. Hillary Clinton is against all these things. She will destroy the freedom that is uniquely American. Donald Trump will safeguard the things that make America the greatest place in the world.” Nugent is promoting the Trump ad on his Facebook page, just hours after claiming victims of a September 17 stabbing spree at a Minnesota mall are “pathetic” and “embarrassing” because they we

The RNC and Trump Campaign Defining Republican Dishonesty as They Push America Left...

Rational Nation U S A Purveyor of Truth HRC, Michelle Obama, and Kaine have it exactly right. Pence, Conway, Priebus, and Christie as usual have it  exactly wrong. With the RNC and the Trump campaign institutionalizing racism there really is no where to go but left. Read the full Washington Post article BELOW THE FOLD . Via: Memeorandum
Rational Nation U S A Purveyor of Truth Here at this weblog we find ourselves in complete agreement with the following. September 17, 2016 By Taegan Goddard Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates writing in the Wall Street Journal : Mrs. Clinton has time before the election to address forthrightly her trustworthiness, to reassure people about her judgment, to demonstrate her willingness to stake out one or more positions on national security at odds with her party’s conventional wisdom, and to speak beyond generalities about how she would deal with China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, the Middle East—and international trade. Whether and how she addresses these issues will, I believe, affect how many people vote—including me. At least on national security, I believe Mr. Trump is beyond repair. He is stubbornly uninformed about the world and how to lead our country and government, and temperamentally unsuited to lead our men and women in uniform. He is unqualified and unfit to be

Trump, the Hypocrite and Phony...

Rational Nation U S A Purveyor of Truth Using political connections to get sweet deals for himself and his real estate businesses is a Trump legacy. We'd call that pay to play in light of Trump's self admission that he donates to politicians of both parties so when he needs them they are there for him . The way Donald J. Trump tells it, his first solo project as a real estate developer, the conversion of a faded railroad hotel on 42nd Street into the sleek, 30-story Grand Hyatt, was a triumph from the very beginning. The hotel, Mr. Trump bragged in “Trump: The Art of the Deal,” his 1987 best seller, “was a hit from the first day. Gross operating profits now exceed $30 million a year.” But that book, and numerous interviews over the years, make little mention of a crucial factor in getting the hotel built: an extraordinary 40-year tax break that has cost New York City $360 million to date in forgiven, or uncollected, taxes, with four years still to run, on a property t

Trump - The Birther Movement's High Profile Conspirator

Rational Nation U S A Purveyor of Truth Donald J. Trump, republican nominee for president of the USA and a man with zero integrity has just today announced he now believes President Obama was born in the United States of America. This after being one of the highest profile conspirators in the debunked birther movement. Of course Lyin Donald, true to his character, blamed HRC for the controversy. Which is of course just more of the Trump brown stuff we've become so accustomed to hearing, and, smelling. Lets take a look at some of Lying Trump's birther pronouncements. From YAHOO : 1. March 17, 2011 , to ABC News, explaining why he finds Obama's early life (and therefore origins) to be suspect: "He grew up and nobody knew him. You know? When you interview people, if ever I got the nomination, if I ever decide to run, you may go back and interview people from my kindergarten. They'll remember me. Nobody ever comes forward. Nobody knows who he his until la

HRC and Another Misstep...

Rational Nation U S A Purveyor of Truth HRC has a problem, it isn't her health. It is her tendency to secrecy. If HRC has pneumonia (walking or otherwise), something her physician confirmed she does, she certainly was aware of this before Sunday. Wouldn't it have been better to let the public know this? Especially in light of the rightwing and Trump's tendency to fabricate "facts" that suit their narrative . Perhaps HRC decided to keep her pneumonia quiet because she knows the media and the Trump campaign would have jumped on it like flies on a cow pie. Which of course is exactly what the media did following her exit from 911 remembrance ceremonies and her stumble. So, wouldn't it would have been better if she had preempted the media and the Trump campaign by making a statement, followed by a detailed medical report on her general overall health status? HRC now finds herself on the defensive again because perceptions are she has (had) something

Praising Putin and Authoritarianism...

Rational Nation U S A Purveyor of Truth UPDATE AT 10:55 AM BELOW Trump and Pence are doubling down on praise for the ex KGB operative and now Russian president Vladmir Putin. When IT becomes acceptable for an American presidential candidate of a major American political party to praise the authoritarian and brutal leadership and governing ideology of a dictator smart folks will run as fast and as far as possible from that party's nominee. For Trump to openly praise Putin while trashing our American president says much about Trump's temperament and views on how to govern. Trump is a disgrace to our republic, and, our founding fathers would no doubt be spinning in their graves were that possible. WASHINGTON — Donald J. Trump’s campaign on Thursday reaffirmed its extraordinary embrace of Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, signaling a preference for the leadership of an authoritarian adversary over that of America’s own president, despite a cascade of criticism from

Trump Would Make a Lousy President and Commander in Chief...

Rational Nation U S A Purveyor of Truth Those among us that actually believe Donald J. Trump would make a good Commander in Cheif and President ought to spend some time considering the following excerpt from a Septembr 7th TIME article. Clear objective thinking and rational analysis is what we need in a president, something DJT has so far failed to demonstrate to America that he actually has these abilities. Leading a nation of some 320 millioin people, the most powerful and influential on the planet requires something much different than running a busuness and scamming consumers to purchase your product . ... In recent months, ISIS has made clear that it’s closely following this election, too—and it has chosen a candidate. Interviews with ISIS members and analysis of social media, including in a recent Foreign Affairs article by Mara Revkin and Ahmad Mhidi, make it clear: “ ISIS is rooting for Trump .” This year, ISIS isn’t simply a passive observer of American politics. Sin

A Quick Fact Check...

Rational Nation U S A Purveyor of Truth For those who missed the reportedly ill moderated NBC commander in cheif forum Wedsnesday here is a quick fact chect video. Text BELOW THE FOLD .

Trump and His Hypocrisy... As the Media Overlooks the Obvious

Rational Nation U S A Purveyor of Truth Below is a quote from a previous post. BB Idaho , the commenter, hit the nail squarely on the head . What would be highly amusing were it not so unfortunate is the media completely ignoring Trump's glaring hypocrisy. The Alt-Right's total acceptance (think Faux News, Hannity, Ingram, O'Reilly, et all) of his hypocrisy is astounding. Trump, who by some standards is the poster boy for 'pay to play', quickly donated big cash to the attorney generals of Florida and Texas, who dropped their cases against the Trump University investigation. While the press and the McCarthyite GOP continue to put the screws to the Clinton Foundation, they are silent about the 'businessman' who publically bragged. "“I give to everybody. When they call, I give. And you know what? When I need something from them, two years later, three years later, I call them, and they are there for me”. He complains about the press, but IMO the pr

Election Update: Clinton’s Lead Keeps Shrinking... FiveThirtyEight

Rational Nation U S A Purveyor of Truth Nate Silver asks ten questions and goes on to provides his insight as he addresses them. Polls are tightening and Trump has indeed been closing the gap between himself and HRC over the past couple of weeks. FiveThirtyEight is well respected and enjoys an unusually high degree of accuracy in polling data and election predictions. While HRC certainly isn't in any serious trouble as yet the three presidential debates yet remain. The remaining run to November 8th will be interesting. Hopefully the candidates will focus on issues, provide truthful information, and be VERY specific as to their roadmap for fixing the nation's fiscal and social challenges. The Questions 1. Who’s ahead in the polls right now? What’s the degree of uncertainty? What’s the short-term trend in the polls? What’s the medium-term trend in the polls? Which states shape up as most important? Does one candidate appear to have an overall edge in the

Pretty Much...


It Can't Be Happening In The USA...

White nationalist social media users referenced GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump almost more than any other topic, and hashtags involving Trump and his presidential campaign dominated among white nationalist and Nazi-associated Twitter accounts, according to a new study comparing social media networks of white supremacists and Islamic State sympathizers. Followers of white nationalists on Twitter are also “heavily invested” in the New York real estate’s presidential campaign and his candidacy has "energized" white nationalists, the study finds. Rational Nation U S A Purveyor of Truth Does the above give pause to Americans who are presently inclined to support Trump? Sane people, republicans and democrats alike, who sense the very real danger of a Trump presidency surely hope so. It is unlikely the uneducated, undereducated, xenophobic, and truly frightened Americans presently supporting Trump will change their minds. If America is still the America that once set

Making America Great Again... On Hypocrisy, 1/2 Truths, and Lies

Rational Nation U S A Purveyor of Truth Found on one of your typical fringe rightwing weblogs . For the conservative/tea party sheeple. Socialism is not   sickle amd hammer communism Bought Congress - Trump has certainly bought his share of politicians Pandering - Trump knows a bit about that Political Correctness - Anything contra to Trump's views Trade Deals - At least Trump gets it 1/2 right on trade Not bad, if you accept 1/2 out of 5 as being good.  Apparently the Trumpians do..

A Quick Fact Check Of Trump's Immigration Claims...

Rational Nation U S A Purvyor of Truth Donald Trump, a man who time and again has demonstrated his aversion to facts, continued his distortions and false claims Wednesday in his major speech on immigration. Following is a brief summary. As is Trump's wont to do he continues to play on fear, extreme nationalism, xenophobia, and ignorance. There are historical examples of demagogoues and the misery they created for their people and the world. Our electorate ought to revisit the history of a prior era. Wrong on Deportations “Using the existing laws, millions of people are deported every year.” FALSE Claims “nearly 200,000 illegal immigrants” booked into Texas jails from 2011 to 2016 “were responsible for more than half a million criminal offenses.” FALSE     Says “nobody even knows” if there are 11 million immigrants in the country illegally; says there could be 30 million or 5 million. FALSE     Claims Hillary Clinton’s immigration plan “would function

The Truth About Trump's Major Immigration Speech...

Rational Nation U S A Purveyor of Truth Corey Lewandowski arrives to the floor of Quicken Loans Arena during the opening day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Monday, July 18, 2016. CREDIT: AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill Former Trump campaign manager Cory Lewandowski truthfully discussed Trump's motive behind his Wedsnesday speech on immigration. Which was to lock in the white male vote. Polls show Trump enjoys an approximate 18% point lead over HRC in his demographic group. Making another one of his paid appearances as a CNN contributor late Wednesday night, former Trump campaign manager made no bones about the fact that Trump’s big immigration speech was aimed at white men. “Look, I think Donald Trump’s message tonight was the message that he started with back on June of 2015, which was ‘America First,’” Lewandkowski said. “That’s what he believes, and what he is playing to — and if you look at the polling data, he’s got about an 18 point lead in the dem