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A Three Part Series on Individualism -vs- Collectivism...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny I found the following series interesting and informative. A good refresher for those who have thought about the distinctions between individualism and collectivism, and a great intro for those who may not have heretofore spent the time in these considerations. Part Two Part Three For anyone interested more can be found by going to You Tube and typing in Individualism -vs- Collectivism. Good hunting!

Justice Kennedy, the Tie Breaker?...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty - VS - Tyranny Anthony Kennedy, SCJ { National Review }- Since the retirement of Sandra Day O’Connor, Swingin’ Anthony Kennedy has been the swingingest swinger on the Supreme Court, the big Numero Cinco on all those 5–4 white-knuckle nail-biting final scores. So naturally Court observers have been paying close attention to his interventions in the Obamacare oral arguments. So far he doesn’t sound terribly persuaded by the administration’s line: This reminds me of a friend and business associate that at one time was on the Board of Selectmen in a small town. The board was comprised of three selectmen and as the other two on the board always took opposites positions on almost every issue it essentially left my friend in control of the political agenda in the town. Talk about about having all the power. This is precisely the position Justice Kennedy will find himself in should the remaining justices split four and four. Certainly

Paul Ryan Endorses Romney...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny Representative Paul Ryan, one of the republican party conservative heavyweights has endorsed Mitt Romney. Coming on the heels of endorsements from George H.W. Bush and Marco Rubio it is becoming clear that principles are out the window and pragmatism is the order of the day. Washington ( CNN ) - Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin endorsed Mitt Romney on Friday, ahead of his state's Tuesday primary. The chairman of the House Budget Committee said Romney is the best person to serve as president and the candidate most likely to beat President Barack Obama in the general election. I am convinced that Mitt Romney has the skills, the tenacity, the principles, the courage and the integrity to do what it takes to get America back on track," Ryan said on Fox News. "I believe he is the right person for the job." He also called on conservatives to "coalesce" around the former Massachusetts governor.

Breyer's Ramblings...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny Associate Justice Stephen Breyer Associates Justice Breyer's ramblings during oral arguments on ObamaCare, aka; the Affordable Care Act. I look back into history, and I think if we look back into history we see sometimes Congress can create commerce out of nothing. That's the national bank, which was created out of nothing to create other commerce out of nothing. I look back into history, and I see it seems pretty clear that if there are substantial effects on interstate commerce, Congress can act. And I look at the person who's growing marijuana in her house, or I look at the farmer who is growing the wheat for home consumption. This seems to have more substantial effects. Is this commerce? Well, it seems to me more commerce than marijuana. I mean, is it, in fact, a regulation? Well, why not? If creating a bank is, why isn't this? And then you say, ah, but one thing here out of all those thing

Blumberg on Vigilantes...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny ( CBS News ) -- New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Thursday that Florida's so-called "Stand Your Ground" law which allows those who feel threatened to use deadly force against a would be attacker is counterproductive to keeping members of the community safe. "It doesn't make any sense because you don't want people being vigilantes," Bloomberg said in an interview with "CBS This Morning" when he was asked about the law that has come under fire in the wake of the shooting of an unarmed 17-year-old, Trayvon Martin. "They don't have the training. They don't have the expertise. There is no oversight. That is the police department's job," Bloomberg said. { Read More } My point exactly. Bloomberg makes some valid economic points in the first five minutes minutes of the video, the question relative to the Trayvon Martin case is picked up at the five min

The Greatest President Who Never Was...

By: WILL " TAKE NO PRISONERS " HART Al Smith I can't prove it, folks, and I probably shouldn't assert it, either. But, in my opinion, if Al Smith (a pro-business, non-Keynesian, free-trading, anti-prohibition Democrat) had been elected President in 1928, and reelected in 1932, we probably wouldn't have had a Great Depression. Yes, perhaps we still would have had a downturn and a significant correction in the stock market, but NOTHING like we ended up with during the Hoover and Roosevelt years.......I'm telling you here, people, this man was just too smart to have made the same mistakes that those two fellows did; idiotic levels of deficit spending, monstrously high tax increases, one experiment upon another into the private sector.......Gee willikers , I wonder if there's any of his DNA left.

Sixty Eight Percent Disapprove of Obama's Handling Of Gas Price Increases...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny Reuters - Sixty-eight percent disapprove and 24 percent approve of how Obama is responding to price increases that have become one of the biggest issues in the 2012 presidential campaign. In the past month, U.S. fuel prices have jumped about $0.30 per gallon to about $3.90 and the Republicans seeking to replace the Democrat in the November 6 election have seized upon the issue to attack his energy policies. The disapproval reaches across party lines, potentially spelling trouble for Obama in the election, although the online survey showed voters hold oil companies or foreign countries more accountable than politicians for the price spike. "Obama is getting heat for it but people aren't necessarily blaming him for it," said Chris Jackson, research director for Ipsos public affairs. Majorities of Republicans, Democrats and independents all disapprove of the president's handling of gas prices, acc

As the Nation Braces Itself...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs - Tyranny Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old Floridian approaching manhood was shot and killed last month in Sanford. Initial reports left little doubt in the mind of most that a grave injustice had been committed. George Zimmerman, a 26 year old community watch member after being told by the police officer who answered his call not to follow Trayvon chose to ignore police advice. Shortly after Trayvon lay dead from bullet wounds inflicted by Zimmerman's weapon. Trayvon was armed with his own physical stature, a cup of iced tea, and a bag of skittles. This case has inflamed the passions of a nation. As it well should. A young man's life was snuffed out because of the unconfirmed suspicions of one man who may or may not be a racist but most assuredly in ignoring police advice took the law into his own hands. Since the story broke nationally last week America is once again experiencing the strain of racial tensions and di

Robert Reich... Getting it Partially Right

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny I am not now, nor have I ever been one who believed Robert Reich is what the left views him to be. He is more often than not wrong. But even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Capitalism is under attack as never before, and the reason is directly attributable to those who occupy corporate boardrooms and the shady halls of Washington's power brokers. Both Corporate America and the American Government suffer from a great lack of understanding what constitutes proper ethics and ethical behavior. Rather than acting in their long range rational self interests they act short range, shortsighted, and in ways that is detrimental to business, the people who keep the economic engines running, and the nation in general. Robert Reich , former President Bill Clinton's Secretary of Labor has an article worth considering. At least in part. Real Clear Politics - Morality crisis is in the boardrooms, not bedrooms Rob

Hans Blix: The Iranian Threat

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny As the Iranian government continues its pursuit of nuclear capabilities Has Blix weighs in yesterday. Uploaded by AlJazeeraEnglish on Mar 24, 2012 The former UN Weapons inspector talks about Iran and how to prevent a nuclear arms race and military crisis in the Middle East.

In The Pursuit of Truth... #1

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny The torch; Greek symbol of truth. Editor's Note: The following article has been changed and updated through the cooperative efforts of  Rational Nation USA and the Left Coast Rebel . Seeking, and ultimately finding the truth requires a searing light of desire for knowledge within oneself. Truth, once found, becomes knowledge and light for future generations. At least that is how this individual sees it... It seems at times Americans fail to seek truth. In politics, we act as though we are more concerned with winning particular ideological arguments we have bought into (some more false than others) than whether they are right or wrong. Many of us cling to false premises even when an argument is lacking in reason, and is contrary to our own rational self-interest. Far too often securing the "right" to wield power over others becomes more important than doing that which is ethically and morally righ

Anonymous Witness Claims Trayvon Attacked Zimmerman...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny Out today, a detailed piece on the Trayvon Martin murder. Read for yourself, add to other available information and then decide for yourself. Mail Online - Trayvon Martin may have attacked a Neighborhood Watch captain before the man shot dead the unarmed teen in a gated community in Florida, an anonymous witness who spoke to police claimed yesterday. The witness, known only as John, told Sanford police that he saw Martin on top of George Zimmerman shortly before the fatal shot that has led to a national outcry, including a huge 'hoodie' march in Philadelphia last night. He recounted the details to Fox 35 News in Florida. The witness told FOX 35 in Orlando that he saw evidence of a fight between Martin and Zimmerman, which could lend credence to the gunman's claim that he was acting in self-defence. 'The guy on the bottom who had a red sweater on was yelling to me: "Help, help… and I told him

Revisiting the Relevancy of Rand's Objectivism

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny Given the sad sack pack of republican candidates vying for their parties nomination (Ron Paul being the sole exception) revisiting the rational thought of Ayn Rand is to say the least refreshing. Yaron Brooks does a good job discussing Rand's continued relevancy in the first video and the second in discussing rights as derived from capitalism. Good stuff to ponder on a very early Saturday morning when most of the rest of the world s sleeping....

Gallup Poll, Romney Regaining Lost Ground....

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny Amazing, outlandishly amazing! PRINCETON, NJ -- Mitt Romney's national support among Republican voters has surged in recent days, coincident with his decisive victory in the Illinois primary and a prominent endorsement from Jeb Bush. Romney's support has increased to 40%, the first time a candidate has reached that level in this campaign, and his lead over Rick Santorum is back into double digits after narrowing to four percentage points on March 20. The data are based on Gallup Daily tracking from March 18-22, an eventful time in the GOP campaign. On March 20, Romney won the Illinois primary, and he got Bush's endorsement the next day. That same day, a Romney aide hinted the former Massachusetts governor would "reset" his positions for the general election campaign in the same manner a child would shake an "Etch-a-Sketch" toy to clear it, which again raised concerns about Romney's

Justice Will Not Bring Back a Life... It Must be Served Nonetheless

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny While leaving comments on other sights I chose not to run a post on Trayvon Martin's tragic murder. I use the word murder because for anyone who has reviewed the circumstances surrounding this young man's untimely and unjustified death murder is the only concept that is valid in describing the circumstances of his death. I decided to wait on a post because frankly the anger that initially welled up inside me at Zimmerman's complete and total lack of respect for another human life would not allow me to say much. Had I said anything when the story broke it would not have been printable, such was my anger that some bigoted self appointed vigilante took the life a young innocent teenager just entering manhood. After giving space for myself to cool down if you will I find myself believing with even more certainty that Zimmerman deserves to have the book thrown at him and that ultimately, after a fair and just

Classical Liberalism Defined...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny Consider Classical Liberalism... Should this not be the plank that conservatives (the true any way) stand on? Perhaps if they had they, and by a principled association republicans, might have retained their relevancy. Certainly Mittens, Frothy, and Newtie by their words and actions have failed to embrace fully and completely the ten principles spoke to in the video. I find that interesting because they certainly were understood and supported by our founders. Worth thinking about? Via: Memeorandum

Wasserman Shultz... Did She Say it or Didn't She?

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny Debbie Wassermann Schultz is your typical politician. Well, maybe that isn't completely accurate. She's likely not as bright as the typical politician. In any case she is a prime example of a far left ideologically driven clueless politician who uses hyperbole to make groundless points in her efforts to pander to the democratic base. She's no better than Limbaugh or the extreme right. She either suffers from selective amnesia or she is just a plain old liar as well. MRC TV (Media Research Center) - Alicia Powe and Katie Yoder confront DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) about her claim that Republicans want to 'literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws' by enforcing voter id laws. Schultz denies ever making a Jim Crow reference. We caught up with Wasserman Schultz at Rep. Eleanor Norton's women forum, “Opportunities & Challenges for a New Generation of Women,” in

Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

  Seriously, though, have you ever witnessed two bigger dirt-bags than these two frigging imbeciles, two people who are more responsible for the coarsening of the discourse/the culture? I'm telling you here, folks, if it were totally up to me......No, I can't say it. I DO believe in free speech. At the very least, though, we should  probably shame them, no? Editor's Note: Will certainly has a point. Both these guys (in their chosen venues) serve to bring discourse to the lowest common denominator. The purpose? To divide, make a few million bucks, and laugh all the way to the bank.

Birther Theory... It Is Beyond Time To Put It To Rest

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny Rep. Chris Stearns (R-FL) For some the birther issue apparently continues to be worth wasting time on. As much as the birther crowd continues to hope for a "smoking gun" the rest of America has moved on. And, the President will remain the President until he is 1) defeated in this coming November election or 2) he retires from the office of the Presidency in January 2017. The Hill - Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.), a top member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, on Tuesday said he's not yet convinced that President Obama’s birth certificate is legitimate. “I am, shall we say, looking at all the evidence,” Stearns told reporters in the Capitol Tuesday, comments that come after he expressed similar doubts at a meeting with constituents in February. Stearns heads the Oversight and Investigations subcommittee. He is leading the GOP probe of Solyndra, the California solar panel company that went bel

More on "His Frothiness" and Liberty... Or Perhaps the Lack Thereof ?

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny "An empire founded by war has to maintain itself by war." - Charles de Montesquieu If the pure reason of this statement is not self evident a sense and understanding of history will certainly confirm its truth. It is very sad so few modern day "so called conservatives" understand this. Not the following from one "Frothy Santorum." I urge everyone to contemplate his message while "reading between the lines." CNN - ... "It really has to do with what your principles and your core is," Santorum said. "I have a core. I'm someone who has really strong convictions about the limited role of government, about the importance of having a strong defense, you know..." First, any one who has taken even a moment to familiarize themselves with "The Frothy One" and his record when he was a Pennsylvania Senator realizes he is a Washington insider, big satist,

Thoughts and Stuff...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny Rodin - The Thinker \ I've been thinking. Or perhaps more accurately stated I've been trying to think above the noise of the thoughtless. I mean really, does anyone actually think ENTIRELY for themselves? Or do most wait to test which way the wind is blowing on any given day, week, month, or year? After three years of blogging, visiting conservative, moderate, and liberal sites it seem most follow the blast of some unseen fog horn announcing the proper and correct path all good sheeples should follow. Without question. I should know. I've been one of those fog horns from time to time. For many this works. After all it IS the easy path. Letting others decide what the proper and reasonable path to liberty and happiness is. Just believe and ye shall be rewarded with eternal blissful happiness. After all, isn't everyone too busy trying to earn a living, assuming of course they have been able to fi

Solidarity Now, Me-Chumps

I've decided, folks, I'm going to start a new union, and I'm going to call it the "Picketers Union". I'm going to organize all of those poor homeless bastards that the carpenters' unions are currently using (in some instances, paying UNDER the minimum wage) to do their dirty work (essentially walking around in a circle and shouting out spoon-fed epithets and talking-points) and see if I can get them a little bit fairer shake, for Christ. ...I mean, somebody's got to make sure that they're not taken advantage of, right? RIGHT?

Frothiness Spells Defeat in 2012...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny Republicans, specifically the "socons" will result in conservatism continuing its downward spiral into irrelevancy. Rather than sticking to "classical liberal" principals of limited constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, a strong defense yet turning from interventionist foreign policy, and insuring and maintaining maximum individual freedoms the "socons" are bastardizing the conservative principles championed by the father of modern conservatism Barry Goldwater. I have attempted to point out the political dangers that are inherent in the "socons" ideological and religionist agenda. This morning, coming across perhaps one of the most reasoned articles in regard to this issue, I decided to bring it to the pages of Rational Nation USA . Here's the teaser. John Avlon - The Daily Beast - A cleansing bout of craziness in 2012 could be just what the GOP needs. I’