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Hypocrisy and Mendacity, Two Of The Q-GOP's Most Glaring Characteristics..


When it comes to hypocrisy (and mendacity) the Q-GOP has absolutely NO equal. Period.

America's Greatest Cheat and Fraudster...


When it all catches up to the Orange Fraud we certainly hopes it lands him in the clink. For whatever is left of his miserable life,

The Snake With An Orange Hue...


The Q-GOP CPAC is circling around its hero, donal j, trump who is this years keynote speaker at its conferece of inequity and snake oil politics. No doubt you'll be hearing about the Great Comeback of The Orange Hued Snake. Among other BS from the cons.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Growing Tyranny Over The Mind...

The following video is well worth watching. If done so with a focused and inquisitive mind it is likely you'll find some thoughts of great value. It is 43 minutes long so watch when you can clear your schedule for 45 minutes or so.


A Man For Our Times, Merrick Garland For Attorney General - He Should Be Confirmed...


The New Improved Party Of Lies and Conspiracy, The Q-GOP...


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Republican Party Must Reform... Or Be Destroyed...

Morning Joe Scarborough has an excellent article (IMO) on the disaster that donald j. trump was, and continues to be for the GOP. Please don't get me wrong here, I'll admit that I'll be one ecstatic person if the final effect of trump is the ultimate destruction of the GOP. Burn it down and bury it has become my moto. This nation simply does not need a political party who's forte is found in lying and conspiracy, And THAT is precisely what trump and the now Q-GOP is. The present makeup of the Q-GOP deserves nothing less than oblivion.

Enough of my personal beliefs and on this issue as Joe Scarborough sees it...

 The Washington Post - Five years ago, Donald Trump seized control of the Republican Party by attacking conservative icons, insulting former GOP presidents and disregarding Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment that warned against criticizing other party members. Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Jon Meacham told me at the time that Trump was like a hijacker taking control of an airplane while the passengers cheered him on.

Now that flying machine is disintegrating in the air, much like the United Airlines flight that scattered engine parts across Colorado this past weekend. Fortunately, that passenger plane landed safely. I suspect there will be no happy ending for the party of Trump.

The damage inflicted on Republicans since 2016 cannot be overstated. Even before his disastrous handling of the pandemic, Trump’s impulsiveness, ignorance, racist screeds and gratuitous personal attacks offended enough suburban Republicans and swing voters nationwide to cause disastrous election results for the party in the 2018 midterms. In 2018 and 2019, Democrats won gubernatorial races in the bright-red states of Kansas, Louisiana and Kentucky.

Trump’s subsequent loss of the White House in 2020 was made worse for Republicans by his manic promotion of numerous conspiracy theories, all pointing to widespread voter fraud as the cause for Joe Biden’s victory. Trump’s lawyers then spent the next two months having those conspiracy theories tossed out by more than 60 courts, many of those controlled by Trump-appointed judges. And still the failed president pushes the Big Lie, hoping to undermine more Americans’ faith in democracy while keeping his cult-like followers in a constant state of delusion.

It has proved to be all too easy for Trump.

Seventy-three percent of Trump voters surveyed by Suffolk University/USA Today believe Biden was not legitimately elected president. Fifty-eight percent blame antifa for the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol, despite law enforcement officials saying left-wing agitators had nothing to do with the attack. Even House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) found himself shouting at Trump during a phone call after the president blamed antifa for the riots. According to a Republican lawmaker familiar with the call, McCarthy barked, “Who the [expletive] do you think you’re talking to?” The GOP House leader reportedly asked Trump to order his rioters to stand down. The then-commander in chief, however, failed to do so, causing the attacks to continue for hours before the president of the United States finally told the rioters to leave the Capitol.

That Republicans ever saw Donald Trump as their ticket to a governing majority is damning enough. The fact that 76 percent of Trump supporters would vote for him again in 2024, according to the Suffolk/USA Today poll — even after he lost the White House and surrendered Congress to Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) — proves again how destructive their obsession is with this political loser.

They now spend their days doing little more than seeking out political sinners. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and others face censure by party officials for criticizing the demagogue who inspired the Jan. 6 attacks. Even as the party tumbles ever closer to Earth, GOP apparatchiks race up and down the aisles hunting for heretics instead of finding someone on board who can actually land their plane.

Democrats love the madness of it all. They know it was Trump who made it possible for Pelosi to become speaker of the House yet again. They know it was Trump’s idiocy during the Georgia runoffs that made Schumer the Senate majority leader and put Bernie Sanders in charge of the Senate Budget Committee. It was Trump who offended enough suburban voters to elect Democrats to both Senate seats in Arizona and Georgia, and allowed Senate Democrats to begin filling federal court vacancies with liberals.

Because of Trump, Democrats own all the levers of power in Washington. After years of legislative gridlock, Biden’s party can pass whatever it wants, should it choose unilaterally to do away with the legislative filibuster. And unlike Trump, Biden will not be content to govern by meaningless gesture or mean tweet. Instead, expect the new administration to put vaccines into the arms of millions of Americans, pass the most expansive relief package in U.S. history and reverse Trump’s most damaging policies. Biden will do it all while benefiting politically from the stark contrast between his presidency and that of his unhinged predecessor.

As Biden’s approval rating rises toward the upper 50s, Trump’s Republican Party plummets ever closer to catastrophe. And yet, even as their plane disintegrates, Trump’s passengers keep celebrating every wrong move, every wrong turn and every pilot error that will seal their party’s fate.

As Sen. Lindsey O. Graham said at the start of this long, disastrous trip, “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed.” The South Carolina Republican was right back then. The only question now is why Graham and so many of his fellow passengers continue to cheer on their hapless hijacker.

I would love to believe that there is hope, as well as reason, to believe the present Q-GOP has the ability and the principles to rebuild itself into a principled dynamic conservative party. One with the interests of the American people and their diverse and rich cultural  differences at heart. But I know that is just wishful and delusional thinking. The greatest thing the GOP could do at this point in history is to simply cease to exist. 

Out of the ashes a truly great party could arise. Like a Phoenix.

Lets Finally Develop A Meaningful Minimum Wage and Begin Incrementally Adjusting Annually...


Senator Mitt Romney and Senator Tom Cotton, both republicans, are correct with regard to requring that businesses insure they are hiring only United States citizens and documented immigrants/aliens. This nation is not responsible for illegal (undocumented) aliens nor should it be. Humanitarian aid is one thing and we should be willing to continue humaniarian programs, however, evey illegal (undocumented) alien that is empoloyed by a US business is one less job available to US citizens and documented aliens. The one who did oit right when they came to the United States.

However the republicans, as usual, want to be stingy with the green. As they always are when it comes to raising the federal minimum wage. Of course that is because profit for business is far more important than the ability for a lone individual to keep their head above the proverty level. I've been trying to figure that out for my entire adult life. Especially when the more people that have money to spend the more business businesses are going to get. 

Anyhoo, the federal minimum wage was raised to $7.25/hour in 2007. Today, almost 14 years later it still stands at 7.25/hour. Yet the the cost of living increase during this period was 23.16%. Just to keep pace with the rate of inflation the minimum wage should have been increased incrememtaly during this period tp $9.15/hour. Given this an immediate increase to $10.00/hour actually is a reasonable starting point.

I spent many years as a manufacturing manager and certainly understand how important it is to control costs and maximize efficiency and profits for the company. After all, the stronger and more profitable a company is the the more secure every employee doing their job correctly and productivey can feel.

What the United States Congress should WANT to do is this: effective April 1st 2021 the federal minimum wage should increase to $10.00/hour. Going forward the mimimun wage should be pegged to the cost of living increase and increased annually to keep pace wth tge ate of inflatiion. In this way businesses can project the incease in the cost of labor acurately and make desisions accordingly. 

Since it is not beyond the realm of posibility that in a given year the cost of living could be so insignificant that the nation could forgo an increase. Say for the sake of argument that if the COL incease was <0.005% in a given year no increase would be given but the following year an increse totalling the sum of the prior two years would woud be granted. The point being is that the federal minimum wage should increase incrementally in small amounys rather than every ten years in one large jump. 

For much more info click on the HIGHLIGHTED LINK BELOW.

Republican plan would raise minimum wage to $10 but only if businesses are required to ensure worker legality

"senator" Teddy Cruz's Big Photo Op...


Round Em Up And Send Off Em Off To A Federal Pen...


Teddy Cruz, Just Lookin Out For His Own Selfish Self Interests... It's What Q-GOP'ers Do Best!


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Let The 21st Century Be The Century America Finally Ends Systemic Racism...


America’s Brutal Racial History Is Written All Over Our Genes

Our country has struggled to reckon with the horrors of the past. Could DNA tests help?

Our country was racist at its founding. It was racist still at the turn of the  20th century. And today, a full two decades into the 21st century we remain a racist country. Not as racist as we might once have been, but racist we remain.

It must be said that racism IS, a bipartisan affliction. While it is generally true that conservatives and those supportive of donald j. trump are more likely to hold racist beliefs, democrats produce racists as well. Just not as many and likely not as egregiously racist as the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, and other far right wing organizations.

Only individuals who choose to shutter their eyes and ears to the plentiful evidence that systemic racism exists, and has always existed in America, can deny the truth of our nation's greatest sin, racism that resulted in the enslavement of human beings of color. The sin of human bondage was stopped by the North winning the Civil War. But the sin of systemic racism continued to flourish in its wake.

Perhaps racism is in our genes...

The New York Times - The consumer genetics testing company 23andMe this month announced that it is going public through a merger with a company founded by the billionaire Richard Branson, in a deal that valued it at $3.5 billion. This was just the latest big deal for the industry: Last year, the Blackstone Group acquired a majority stake in Ancestry, a 23andMe competitor, for $4.7 billion.

These investments are happening as the possibilities contained in our DNA have become more tangible and immediate — both in terms of our aspirations for the future, and our understanding of the past.

The debate around race consuming America right now is coinciding with a technological phenomenon — at-home genetic testing kits — revealing many of us are not who we thought we were. Some customers of the major DNA testing companies, which collectively have sold 37 million of these kits, are getting results that surprise them.

Perhaps they or a parent was adopted or donor-conceived and never told, or their families hid their genetic ancestries as an escape from discrimination. Maybe Dad isn’t their dad, genetically speaking, or they have a sister they never knew about. Some people are discovering their ancestors were Black, or Jewish. Others are learning their African-American lineages contain more European ancestry than they thought.

Our country, riven by wounds old and new over centuries of racist mistreatment, hasn’t figured how to acknowledge the full horrors of the past and all the ways those horrors continue. The images from the Capitol Hill incursion drove that home: Violent white invaders were met with a more acquiescent police reception than peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters had months earlier; a rioter carried a Confederate flag through the Capitol building, while a noose hung outside.

Despite the reductionism that sometimes frames discussions of the “ethnicity estimates” that the genetic testing industry offers customers — Ancestry, for instance, is responsible for a disturbing ad relying on ethnic tropes and yoking genes to greatness, attributing a figure skater’s “grace” to her Asian heritage, and her “precision” to her Scandinavian roots — this moment may offer us an important opportunity to grapple with the blunt facts of our nation’s history. After all, to heal from the past, we first have to be willing to see it for what it was.

A Black graduate student I interviewed, who is descended from a white slave owner and an enslaved woman, was able to use DNA results and research to determine the likely identity of this slave owner and to connect with a white cousin who also descended from him.

“I feel like it’s a little bit more awkward for her because she hadn’t known about us,” the graduate student said of this white cousin. “We kind of just appeared out of nowhere, and I’m pretty sure that’s not what she was banking on.”

Recent research conducted by 23andMe demonstrates how America’s brutal history is revealed through our genes. While the majority of enslaved people brought to the Americas were male, the study found enslaved women had a disproportionate impact on the gene pool of their descendants, evidence of the systematic rape and sexual exploitation of enslaved Black women. “Our genes tell a story that’s unflinching,” said Anita Foeman, a professor at West Chester University who studies people’s experiences with consumer DNA testing.

23andMe study from 2015 revealed that close to 4 percent of the company’s customers who identified as white Americans had at least 1 percent African ancestry, consistent with an African ancestor within the last 11 generations or so. About 12 percent of whites from Southern states like South Carolina and Louisiana had 1 percent or more of African ancestry.

The Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. has calculated that there are millions of contemporary whites who, “according to the old, notorious ‘one- drop rule’ of the Jim Crow era, would have been considered legally ‘black’” — proof not only of the absurdity of that definition of difference, he writes, but of the power of modern science to blow up false narratives about race and about American history. If modern DNA tests had existed during the heyday of mainstream eugenics in the early 20th century, Dr. Gates and others have suggested, they might have served as direct repudiation of that pseudoscience.

So, what happens when Americans learn about the diversity within themselves? The jury is still out on whether direct-to-consumer genetic testing reinforces our sense of immutable racial categories or breaks them down.

Research by Wendy Roth, a sociologist at the University of Pennsylvania, has found that customers’ basic knowledge of genetics going into testing may play a role in whether tests accentuate or reduce their racial essentialism. Besides, we are not our “ethnicity estimates”: For a variety of reasons, including the ways in which we’re shaped by community, family and personal experience, DNA and identity are not the same.

But what’s clear from research and from my conversations with hundreds of consumers is that genetic revelations can inspire journeys of self-discovery, helping people rewrite their understandings not only of their families but of their orientations as Americans.

Some people I spoke with recounted how they’re thinking long and hard, for the first time, about what boxes to check on medical forms asking for race. Some have legally changed their names to reflect their forebears. Others are using research to illuminate the lives of ancestors in Africa before the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

One man I interviewed discovered through DNA and genealogy that his grandfather was Black, and that his mother claimed fictional Sicilian heritage to protect her family from the discrimination she’d experienced growing up. He has spent the years since researching the Vermont community where his mom grew up, meeting his Black relatives, and rethinking his place in America. The truth about the past is so important, he told me — without it, “We can’t evolve.”

But we are evolving. We can’t help it, and this age of genetic reckoning, fueled by the extraordinary growth of DNA testing companies, is just one of many reasons for that.

The past is still with us — inside of us — for anyone who cares to look.

So, isn't time that this nation finally looks deep within itself and commit to making the 21st century the century we finally end systemic racism and award a full share of freedom and liberty to all this nation's inhabitants?

Don Jr., As Off The Rails and Delusional As His Old Orange Dad...

Now THIS Makes A Boatload Of Good Sense...


Greasy Teds Cruz...


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The Lying Q-GOP...


Damn Straight!!!


Can Anybody Trust McConnell?... I Mean Really...


trump Ascending Again... Thanks To The Sycophants and Cultists Of The Q-GOP...


On Trump, Michigan Republicans Lean One Way: ‘Fealty at All Costs’

Even after his defeat, Donald Trump is causing fierce infighting among Republicans in a 
crucial battleground state. Loyalists are rewarded. Dissenters face punishment.

.What is occurring within the Q-GOP, and has been since trump the con waltzed onto the political scene, is the advancing of rule by personality. donald j. trump's corrupt personality to be precise.

The once respected Party of Lincoln, now the party of donald j. trump and rampant corruption, is careening down the path to irrelevancy and eventual oblivion. Just like the Whig party of old. Which I must clearly state will be a very good and necessary event if this nation is to preserve its democracy and maintain its republic.

While the democratic party certainly has it's warts and hiccups it is no where near as corrupt and anti democracy as the Part of Trump and his sycophantic wanna be bureaucratic tyrants. 

Now that the con man trump has skated, twice, from impeachment he is even more emboldened and likely to continue to create havoc within the Q-GOP and in the mechanism of our legislative process. And he is certainly going to make sure those who do not show total and complete fealty to his sorry lying a^s  will be made to pay a damaging political price. Something our wise founding fathers foresaw and installed guardrails to prevent. But as we have seen in bright neon lights recently the Q-GOP is not at all the least bit interested in preserving our founding principals of democracy or the republic.

No on to the featured article...

The New York TimesROCKFORD, Mich. — When Representative Peter Meijer voted to impeach Donald J. Trump in January, making him one of 10 House Republicans who bucked their party, he bluntly acknowledged that “it may have been an act of political suicide.”

This month, during Mr. Meijer’s first town hall event since that impeachment vote, some of his constituents made clear to the newly elected congressman that they shared his assessment — not that Mr. Trump had committed an impeachable act by helping incite a riot at the Capitol, but that crossing him was an unforgivable sin.

“I went against people who told me not to vote for you, and I’ve lost that belief,” said Cindy Witke, who lives in Mr. Meijer’s district, which is anchored by Grand Rapids and small communities like this one in Western Michigan.

Nancy Eardley, who spoke next, urged Mr. Meijer to stop saying the election had not been stolen. She said he had “betrayed” his Republican base.

For Q-GOP'ers winning at any and all costs is the only thing of importance to them. Supporting the trump agenda, even when it is corrupt and obviously wrong, is ALL that matters to Q-GOP'ers. 

“I could not have been more disappointed,” Ms. Eardley said. “I don’t think that there’s much you can say that will ever change my mind into not primarying you out in two years.”

Mr. Trump’s acquittal on Saturday in his impeachment trial served as the first test of his continuing influence over Republicans, with all but seven senators in the party voting against conviction. But in Michigan, one of the key battleground states Mr. Trump lost in the November election — and home to two of the 10 House Republicans who supported impeaching him — there are growing signs of a party not in flux, but united in doubling down on the same themes that defined Mr. Trump’s political style: conspiracy theories, fealty to the leader, a web of misinformation and intolerance.

Recent elections in the statewide Republican Party have led to the elevation of Meshawn Maddock, a conservative activist who helped organize busloads of Michiganders to travel to Washington on Jan. 6, the day of the Capitol attack. Mike Shirkey, the majority leader in the State Senate and Michigan’s top elected Republican, was caught on a hot microphone arguing that the riot was “staged” and a “hoax,” a debunked conspiratorial claim now popular among Mr. Trump’s supporters. And, in a vivid indication of a divided state, an attempt by local Republicans to censure Mr. Meijer for supporting impeachment deadlocked, 11 to 11.

For most trumpers once a blind cultist always a blind cultist. Closing ones eyes and ears to the reality that is all around them seems to be the loyal trump cultist and sycophants' strongest suit. And it will eventually bring down the Q-GOP. Which as I stated above will be a very good thing seeing as the Q-GOP has absolutely no principles anymore other than lying and winning at any and all costs.

In the state’s Sixth District, which hugs Lake Michigan, two county branches of the G.O.P. have already voted to condemn Representative Fred Upton, a veteran Republican who also backed impeachment.

Victor Fitz, a prosecutor and Republican official in Cass County who supported efforts to censure Mr. Upton, said the current divide between the party’s base and its establishment wing was the biggest he had ever seen.

“There’s deep disappointment” with Mr. Upton, Mr. Fitz said. “And to be frank and honest with you, I think that there are some who believe, you know, he crossed the Rubicon with this vote.”

With loyalty to Mr. Trump as the all-encompassing point of dispute, Republicans are struggling with the idea of the proverbial big tent, and politicians like Mr. Upton and Mr. Meijer are at the forefront of the conflict. In the months since Election Day, as the president attacked the democratic process and a mob descended on the seat of American government in his name, the dangers of walking in his political shadow have rarely been more clear. However, what’s also clear is that his party shows little desire to break with him or his grievances.

This is not only occurring in Michigan, it is occurring throughout the USA in the Q-GOP under the corrupt and lying direction of donald j. trump.  The spell of trump's racist and misogynist doctrine known as  Trumpism. A pro authoritarian fascist ideology.

The outcome of this tug of war will decide the direction of a party that is shut out of control in Congress and the White House, and must focus on making electoral gains in the 2022 midterm elections. The G.O.P. tent has made room for conspiracy theories like birtherism and QAnon, as well as for extremist elected officials like Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. Is there room for anti-Trumpers?

The Michigan Republican Party is “more Trumpy today than it was before the election,” said Jeff Timmer, a former executive director of the Michigan Republican Party. The former president’s electoral coalition failed, he said, but its adherents are so vehement in their beliefs that the party cannot acknowledge or learn from its mistakes.

“That’s why Trumpism will continue long after Trump. People who weren’t around four years ago,” he said, “people we had never heard of, they now control the levers of the party.”

He added: “When you make a deal with the devil, the story usually ends with the devil collecting your soul. You don’t get it back and have a happy ending.”

The party of trump, the Q-GOP, has indeed and in fact sold its soul to the devil so to speak. It has latched onto the racism, misogyny, corruption, and conspiracy theories of a sociopathic charlatan and con man. It will not end well for the  misfits and the anti American cultists of the Q-GOP and Trumpism.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

The Loony FOX Fake News and The G-GOP...


The Q-GOP Will Circle Their Wagons Around trump The Seditionist and Insurectgionist Ex Presidente...

 donald j. trump is as guity as all hell of sedition as well as inciting the insurrection on the Capitol January 6, 2021. trump's  inflamatory rhetoric over many months, his actions attempting to have the free, fair, and secure election overturned, and his failure to CALL OFF his RABID supporters all confirm his anti democracyand pro authoritarian bent. He was, and remains, a clear and present danger to our republic and the democracy we have enjoyed since 1787.

Speaker Pelosi and the democrats are perfectly right in working to establish a commission to thoroughly investigate and report on donald j. trump's involvememnt in, coordintion of,  and his eventual  incitement to riot and insurrection. trump is, putting it bluntly a domestic terrorist and anyone else doing precisely what trump did would be SAVAGED by what is now the Q-Trumpublican Q-GOP.

But instead of supporting our democracy and the republic the Q-GOP is very likely to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in its power to cripple the commission and  prevent trump (and other guilty Q-GOP'ers) from ever paying the proper price for his sedition and incitement of insurrection.

How Republicans will try to cripple the commission investigating the insurrection

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced over the weekend that Democrats are seeking to create a commission to “investigate and report on the facts and causes” related to the insurrectionist attack on the Capitol.

This commission will theoretically be modeled after the 9/11 commission, meaning it will be bipartisan, independent and established by legislation. One of its goals, as Sen. Christopher A. Coons (D-Del.) put it, will be to “lay bare the record of just how responsible” Donald Trump was for the attack.

Which is exactly why Republicans are likely to do everything they can to cripple it with a barrage of bad-faith nonsense designed to water down its goal of producing an actual reckoning with the causes of insurrection, and especially with the former president’s role in inciting it.

Given that Democrats are currently trying to produce legislation that would set up this commission — as happened with the 9/11 commission — one way Republicans could block this effort is by filibustering that legislation in the Senate.

And in that regard, one big question is whether Republicans will willingly permit this commission to have subpoena power.

After all, real subpoena power might permit the commission to reconstruct the answers to some big unknowns around what Trump knew while the mob rampaged through the Capitol.

There is mounting evidence that Trump was aware that then-vice president Mike Pence’s life was in danger when Trump again riled up the mob against him. And Trump reportedly sided with the mob as insurrectionists were crashing into the office of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Witnesses can contribute a great deal to filling in this full picture.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), who served as one of the impeachment managers, said a serious reckoning will have to include digging deeper into Trump’s role and conduct, and as such will require subpoena power.

“I don’t think we can get a full picture of what happened without subpoenaing uncooperative witnesses,” Swalwell told me.

Congressional expert Norman Ornstein thinks it’s unlikely that Republicans will willingly permit this commission to have real subpoena power.

“I would be very surprised if they do,” Ornstein told me. “They don’t want a commission that’s going to be able to show in even more vivid detail the culpability of Trump.”

Republicans might also resist subpoena power to protect their own. A handful of House Republicans had ties to some of the extremist groups that waged the assault, and in some cases they actively promoted the gathering at the Capitol.


Seven Senate Republicans voted to convict Trump, so you’d think they’d also support the commission. That means it would have to gain the support of at least three more GOP senators to overcome a filibuster.

That might be easy to accomplish. Or it might not: You can also see Republicans coming up with fake excuses for supporting a filibuster, by insisting that they generally support a commission but that the particular scope and focus Democrats want is the problem.


Still another approach might be for Republicans to insist that any serious reckoning with extremist political violence must also include a look at antifa and the organized left-wing violence that Trump and his top officials largely fabricated throughout the campaign.

A senior Senate Democratic leadership aide predicted to me that, for Republicans, this will likely “devolve into an effort to falsely claim that left-wing terrorism is an equal if not greater threat than the white supremacists who perpetrated the Jan. 6 attack.”

We can be relatively certain that the always obstructionist Q-GOP will fight tooth and nails to insure their, and trump's cherished and bigoted view of the world survive to contiue to damage the heath of the nation and its diverse multi cultural population and citizenry.

More BELOW the FOLD.

Monday, February 15, 2021

White Supremacy On The Rise... Supported and Spurred On By Ex president donald j. trump...l


The Capitol Siege Was White Supremacy in Action. Trial Evidence Confirms That

The violent storming of the Capitol was in no way a “revolution” — it was the brazen reemergence of white supremacy.

Trump loyalists storm the seat of democracy in the attempt to overturn the free, fair, and secure election of Joseph Biden President of the United States of America

Full article BELOW the FOLD

A Criminal and Threat To Our Republic Is Acquitted By The US Senate... 47 Un-American Republican Senators Vote To Protect A Criminal US President...

 7 Senate Republicans vote ‘guilty,’ the most bipartisan margin in favor of conviction in history.

The New York Times - The United States Senate voted on Saturday to acquit Donald J. Trump in his second impeachment trial, as Republicans in a Senate still bruised from the most violent attack on the Capitol in two centuries banded together to reject the charge that he incited the Jan. 6 attack.

Voting 57-43, the Senate fell 10 votes short of the two-thirds necessary for conviction. Seven Republicans voted to find the former president guilty of “incitement of insurrection,” with all 50 Democrats, the most bipartisan support for conviction in any of the four presidential impeachments in U.S. history.

That outcome reflected the widespread outrage about Mr. Trump’s conduct among senators who experienced the violence of the attack firsthand, fleeing for safety as marauders overwhelmed the Capitol Police and swarmed the Capitol during the attack. It came after Democrats built a case that the former president had undertaken a monthslong effort to overturn the election, and then provoked the assault on the Capitol in a last-ditch attempt to cling to power.

“If that is not ground for conviction, if that is not a high crime and misdemeanor against the Republic and the United States of America, then nothing is,” Representative Jamie Raskin, Democrat of Maryland and the lead manager, pleaded with senators before the vote. “President Trump must be convicted, for the safety and democracy of our people.”

Minutes after the verdict was announced, Mr. Trump sent out a statement thanking his legal team and decrying, as he did for most of his presidency, the “witch hunt” he says is being waged upon him by his enemies.

“It is a sad commentary on our times that one political party in America is given a free pass to denigrate the rule of law, defame law enforcement, cheer mobs, excuse rioters, and transform justice into a tool of political vengeance, and persecute, blacklist, cancel and suppress all people and viewpoints with whom or which they disagree,” he wrote, echoing the final arguments of his lawyers in the Senate on Saturday.

“I always have, and always will, be a champion for the unwavering rule of law, the heroes of law enforcement, and the right of Americans to peacefully and honorably debate the issues of the day without malice and without hate.”

He also suggested that the Democrats’ attempt to end his political career had also failed, telling his supporters, “our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun.”

The verdict brought an abrupt end to the fourth presidential impeachment trial in American history, and the only one in which the accused had left office before being tried. The senators were voting on a question with no precedent in American history: whether to convict a former president accused of seeking to violently thwart the peaceful transfer of power — and putting at risk the lives of hundreds of lawmakers and his own vice president.

The trial ended after just five days, partly because Republicans and Democrats alike had little appetite for a prolonged proceeding, and partly because Mr. Trump’s allies had made clear before it even began they were not prepared to hold him responsible.

So ends a 39-day stretch unlike any in the nation’s history. Dispensing with the customary investigations and hearings, the House moved directly to impeach Mr. Trump seven days after the attack, citing an urgent need to remove him from office. Ten Republicans joined Democrats to adopt the charge, more than had ever supported the impeachment of a president of their party.

In a surprise twist on Saturday, the House managers made an abrupt demand to hear from witnesses who could testify to what Mr. Trump was doing and saying during the rampage. The Senate voted to allow it, but the prospect threatened to prolong the trial by days or weeks without changing the outcome, and in a head-spinning move, the prosecutors quickly dropped it.

After a flurry of closed-door haggling with Republicans, they agreed with Mr. Trump’s lawyers to admit as evidence a written statement by a Republican congresswoman, Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington, who has said she was told that the former president sided with the mob as rioters were attacking the Capitol.