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One Before the Vote

By: Bastiatarian Well, the conference is over, my presentation went well (everybody laughed at the right places, which is what it's all about anyway), and I'm starting to recover from the past month of little sleep and far too much work, so I suppose I should get at last one post in before the election. Here in southern Arizona we have a congressional race going between Jesse Kelly and incumbent Gabrielle Giffords. Giffords isn't quite the hardcore totalitarian thug that we get in Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and their ilk, but she is thoroughly in their camp. Of course, she tries to get the conservative vote by talking about how she's a gun owner (although Gun Owners of America gave her a D grade on gun rights) or a supporter of border security (although she doesn't want immigration laws to be actually enforced, so she's against SB1070). Her actual, documented record, however, makes it perfectly clear that she is just another a big-

Wisdom, Virtues, and the Principles of Proper Governance

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Wisdom is often found in the most simplistic values... Liberty, Limited government, and Self Reliance... Rational Nation USA ,  after consideration of all alternatives  is left with the realization and stark reality the left is unyielding  and often irrational in defense of its progressive collectivist agenda. One particular progressive (communist) blog has found it appropriate to label Rational Nation USA reactionary. Therefore I ask you, my readership the following: What is reactionary about believing in advancing technology... What is reactionary about believing in the value of and advancement of  scientific research... What is reactionary about the belief in advancement  of outer space exploration... What is reactionary about the belief in individual rights and the pursuit of individual achievement... What is reactionary about the belief in self reliance... What is reactionary about the belief in limited government... What is

Pajamas Media: "Something Stinks in California's 47th Congressional District

by the Left Coast Rebel Last night I wrapped up an article for Pajamas Media on California's CD-47. I focused on a funny bit of news related to the Van Tran campaign, here's the opener: Away from the face-off between the two candidates, something smells as bad as trash-truck juice on a Death Valley summer day in California’s 47th . In search of the olfactory offense, I point the reader to a Van Tran mailer masquerading as a fragrance sampler, making its way to the mail boxes of likely voters in Garden Grove, Santa Ana, and Anaheim. Don’t judge this book by its cover; it’s no ordinary fragrance sampler: Note that the mailer says: “Open for a Free Sample Fragrance of: Loretta , The Scent of Washington. You have to read the rest to see what happens when the mailer is opened! Later on in the piece I describe Van Tran campaign HQ, it's a pretty neat story: The folks in the Van Tran campaign were a pleasant bunch. After meeting them I could sense that th

(VIDEO)'s Lauren Valle Proved a Liar by Just-Released Video Showing Events Before Head-stomping Incident

by the Left Coast Rebel If you are like me and voraciously following election news this week, you are most-likely exhausted of reading about the "head-stomping" incident involving a violent, paid, far-left batsh$t-crazy MoveOn.orger with a mile-long rapsheet and a Rand Paul supporter. The left has found it to be the cause cรฉlรจbre of the final week election push - proving just how desperate, doomed and pathetic they truly are. In some ways I consider the issue a blessing as it is distracting hundreds of Soros-funded Bolshevik-bloggers at this point and Rand is going to easily win his race . Lauren Valle (the activist) has repeatedly claimed that she was just trying to get a signature and photograph from Rand Paul. She said this on MSNBC last night: Well just before the tape I was identified by the Rand Paul campaign because they’ve seen me around town at these events. And they realized they know me because of my work and they don’t support it. So they actually f

Storm Clouds Gather over Democrat Turnout

Storm clouds gather before the historic 2010 election by the Left Coast Rebel A new meme is developing that stormy skies in the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast may keep Democrats away from pols across the nation on November 2. The subtle reasoning for this is simple - folks that vote Democrat are so incredibly helpless that they cannot even brave bad weather to perform their civic duty. Nothing shows the fall from our founding and rugged individualism quite like this. First, let's begin with this from The Hill : According to Laurel Harbridge, a Northwestern University political science professor, GOP voters are not typically discouraged by rain. “Republicans are helped by bad weather ... it does harm Democratic prospects.” What? Republicans are helped by bad weather? I thought that Republicans created bad weather on election day. Soros told me so! More from The Hill : Wendy Schiller, a political science professor at Brown University, echoed Harbridge. “Bad weather almost alway

Ideological Idiocy

"Diversity" means whatever the left says it means, and minorities are only celebrated so long as they stay on the reservation The whole Juan Williams controversy, and the illogical and hate-filled response from the left shows them to be in complete intellectual collapse.  There is no reasoning left on the left, just rage, outrage and raw emotion.  A dogmatic MSNBC mindset that anathematizes the impure who stray from the liberal orthodoxy. It's an "us versus them" mentality.  Juan's cardinal sin was to treat conservatives as worthy of debate instead of just smearing them from a safe distance.  And he had the temerity to do it on the hated "Faux Nooz!"  For this same reason, liberal atheist Christopher Hitchens has more fans on the right than on the left, all because he cogently critiques militant Islam. A Diversity of Thought We enjoy a diversity of thought on the right; the left chokes with rage on it.  We may not agree with Jua

Allan West for Congress... District 22 Florida

by Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA The video below demonstrates the worst in one issue politics. Cutting through the rhetoric it is obvious, the driving underlying issue with these progressive women is the right to abortion. While they tepidly proclaim other issues this is in reality their singular driving issue. Excerpt from the Shark Tank : This protest against West was not the norm for the Democratic Party, and it came across as a desperate last hour maneuver by Democrats to help save the prized Congressional District 22 seat that Congressman Ron Klein currently holds.  Recent polls show West slightly ahead of Klein in this highly contentious Congressional race. I am not a Florida resident. I do know we need individuals in Congress with the integrity and vision of Allan West . Visit his website here . For compelling videos of this man of character: This man is for real. Support him in his run for Congress from the 22'nd district in Florida. Via: Memeorandum

Andrew Cuomo... Is He the Man for the Job?

by Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Andrew Cuomo is part of the problem. He is part of the established progressive collectivist element in New York state politics and governance (state legislature) that has continually perpetuated the states fiscal woes. Of course the lion's share of the problem lies with the ultra liberal New York city crowd. If that sounds oh so not politically correct so be it. Ban me from he blogosphere. It is something that is likely coming soon anyway. As I do not live in New York state (any longer) I question why I even bother to post on a race that doesn't directly affect my life. Being the introspective person I am it is a fair question to ask myself. In my final analysis I decided that as bad as one may believe Paladino is Cuomo is not the solution. As an entrenched member of the democratic  establishment he will only continue the practices of former progressive governors and the progressive New York state legislators. Perhaps I am biased b

Music... The Universal Language

by Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Weekend wrap up with a little Reggae as only the master could deliver. ENJOY!

NPR and the Great Government Media Complex

by Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Juan Williams was fired by NPR for having the honesty and truthfulness to say that which I would wager most Americans have felt since 911. The realities of the modern world support Williams concern and his statement. National Public Radio , financed by your taxpayer dollars as well as healthy contributions from the likes of Progressive Collectivist George Soros and other left wing nuts has an agenda. The mission? To take control of the air waves and supply increased left wing ideology and governmental indoctrination with increasing ferocity. Don't buy it, okay that is certainly each individuals choice. Just remember, you read it here first. Now to the major point of this post. Why in the world is congress supplying even a penny of funding to a news organization? In a country where the founders, and presumably those who followed (including us today) believed in a free and independent press would such funding even be a consideration. How

CBO: Obamacare Disincentives Work

by the Left Coast Rebel Sometimes I grow weary of reading and analyzing the malfeasance and treachery that surrounds us. I'm sure that you do too. Aside from bankrupting the nation, bringing the quality of care down for everyone and instituting the most micromanaged government intrusion into every aspect of our lives, Obamacare also disincentives productive work. The gory details from IBD : ... the new health law will give some older households without access to employer care a big incentive not to earn too much. That’s because earning more than 400% of the poverty level would make them ineligible for subsidies that may be well in excess of $10,000 for couples. Consider this example of a single individual age 62 in a high-cost area and no access to employer care. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Health Reform Subsidy Calculator : * At 200% of the poverty level, or $23,000 in income in 2014, an individual would get $10,750 in premium subsidies. * At

Sarah Palin Signs American Flags at Tea Party, Liberals say Palin "Desecrated" Flag

by the Left Coast Rebel My local news thought the following story was important enough to dedicate a large early morning segment to it. They played this video wherein The Guardian caught up with Sarah Palin in Reno, Nevada, and filmed her signing autographs for fans: No big deal, right? Well, Salon lib writers want you to take note of Palin at 1:30 on the needle. Look. Look closer . See it? It's a smoking, flag-desecrating, double-barreled shotgun. In other words, Palin 'signed' an American flag which is a clear, imprisonable violation of the Flag Code and today's Wag the Dog tail-chasing leftist gotcha moment. Salon points us to the precise section of the code: Subsection 8, part (g) reads: "The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature." Ah, yes neo-Bolshevik progressives always refer to Subsection 8 of the Flag Code when a clear ex

Qoute of the Day

by Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Qoute of the day: "You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the industrious out of it. You don't multiply wealth by dividing it. Government cannot give anything to anybody that it doesn't first take from somebody else. Whenever somebody receives something without working for it, somebody else has to work for it without receiving. The worst thing that can happen to a nation is for half of the people to get the idea they don't have to work because somebody else will work for them, and the other half to get the idea that it does no good to work because they don't get to enjoy the fruits of their labor." DR. Adrian Rogers From Wikipedia: Adrian Pierce Rogers (September 12, 1931 – November 15, 2005) was an American pastor, conservative, author, and a three-term president of the Southern Baptist Convention (1979–1980 and 1986–1988). This quote appears frequently on the Internet and is often attributed to Dr

Russ Steele... When You're Holding a Hammer (Everything Looks Like a Nail)

by Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA From R ational Nation's in box. This song is written and sung by a High School Football coach. He wrote the song and sent it out to his email list. Someone complained and he lost his job. The good news, the guy has talent and when you see the words you'll be amazed. Not only is this guy talented he has a very poignant message. He simply rocks!  The system that encourages and supports this kind of  "political correctness" is much of what is wrong with this nation today. Lets help make this song go viral and in the process maybe help this educated man launch a new career. Cross posted to the Left Coast Rebel .

O'Donnell Boinks Coons... and the Government Media Complex goes Into Overdrive to Spin

by Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA The progressive government media complex once again proves their slavish devotion to progressive political candidates as well as their apparent ignorance of the Constitution. Or perhaps it's not ignorance but rather desperation as they see their chosen facing possible defeat on November 2, 2010. Of course I am referring in this instance to the the O'Donnell - Coons debate in which O'Donnell proved her superior knowledge and understanding of the First Amendment to the Constitution. Coons, while trying to sound the intellectual heavyweight actually embarrassed himself with his lack of  knowledge of the First Amendment. Let his words speak for themselves. VIDEO: h/t:   Left Coast Rebel Can any reasonable person blame Christine O'Donnell for the look of puzzlement on her face in reaction to Coons obvious lack of knowledge. The thought of an individual with Coons lack of knowledge, and his obvious belief judges should interpre

The Great Comedy Act 2010

by Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA   A man with a smile like this is a man to be carefully watched. You just know he is up to something mischievous, and more likely than not it has a lot to do with how he and his progressive collectivist minions are going to further fleece you. Now to the rest of the story. The Great Impostor and comedian is soon to appear with another comedian of note, albeit one of questionable value as well. The Associated Press reports: President Barack Obama is taking his campaign message to "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart.       White House spokesman Dan Pfeiffer says Obama is taping an appearance on Oct. 27, just days before the Nov. 2 elections. Stewart is coming to Washington next week for the "Rally to Restore Sanity" he is holding three days later on Saturday, Oct. 30, on the National Mall.  The host of the Comedy Central show says the rally is for people who think the loudest voices shouldn't be the only ones peop

Obama Stimulus

by Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA  Once again a huge h/t goes to eron63 for sending me this absolutly hillarious and award winning demonstartion poster.  Truly a gem. Thanks eron63! Award for Best Original Sign at a Demonstration....

As Mid Term Elections Approach Dems. Really Worried

by Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA The democrats are seeing gloom and doom as Tea Party candidates and conservative Republican candidates are gaining on the progressive collectivist Democrats now holding office. The potential loss of congressional leadership has Democrats worried and it shows from their spin comments in the media. As well as in their faces. VIDEO: Excerpts from Politico: With two weeks remaining until Election Day , the political map has expanded to put Democrats on the run across the country – with 99 Democratic-held House seats now in play, according to a POLITICO analysis, and Republicans well in reach of retaking the House. It’s a dramatic departure from the outlook one year ago – and a broader landscape than even just prior to the summer congressional recess. As recently as early September, many Republicans were hesitant to talk about winning a majority for fear of overreaching. Today, however, the non-partisan Cook Political Report predicts a G

A Kid in a Candy Store or a Drunken Sailor... You be the Judge

by Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA The nation took a giant of a leap of faith on November 2, 2008. That day we elected perhaps the greatest impostor of all time to the most powerful position in the world, the Presidency of the United States. Twenty months into his administration we find our nation facing increased financial instability with an additional 3 trillion dollars in debt, an unemployment rate of 9.6% with no end in site, home foreclosures nationwide at approximately 4 million units, and a world that is less stable than it was when he took office. Oh, did I mention ObamaCare that was forced down our throats before we had a chance to see and know what was in it and how it would effect us. Given all this (and it is just the tip of the iceberg)it is no wonder this President and his party have lost so much support. The American public can only be fooled so long. All indications are the house built on sand in DC may come tumbling down on November 2, 2010. That is an exhila

Off the Radar...

by Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Always the rebel, and always right, I find it interesting the web recently is relatively silent on the goings on in Mexico and the possible effect it could have on the Southwest United States. More specifically the Mexican Drug Cartels and their activity to protect their distribution activity to the U.S.A. I find it interesting that intelligent and reasoned individuals apparently overlook the obvious answer to this problem. My "independent conservative" take on this is most chose to do so. Possibly blinded by their belief in the "Virtues of the War on Drugs." I challenge anyone who believes the "War on Drugs" has been a success to point to the EVIDENCE of this. In fact the "War on Drugs" has, if anything, been a dismal failure costing American taxpayers untold millions if not billions of dollars in its execution. But the believers in "Big Government" an it's ability to rectify social il

California NOW President calls Meg Whitman a political whore

If ever there was proof that feminist groups like NOW care more about abortion than about women's rights and dignity (as well as the inane political correctness standards they are often known to advocate), is it not in the recent endorsement of California gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown by NOW's California chapter despite his campaign's use of the word "whore" to describe Republican candidate Meg Whitman, a word that NOW's national president describes as "hate speech?" And furthermore, the fact that NOW's California chapter president insists that Meg Whitman is indeed a "political whore?" We report you decide. Here's the scoop (with FULL AUDIO of the voicemail which inadvertently recorded a Jerry Brown campaign aide calling Meg Whitman a whore and Jerry Brown approving) recorded from an article I wrote over at the California Independent Voter Network . Wes Messamore , Contributing Webmaster, for R ational Nation USA

Elvis Presley - My Boy

by Les Carpenter Rational National USA Always an avid Elvis Presley fan I can say there are many many songs that merit recognition for their unique creative presentation and feeling. However, there is one tune that, at least in this critics view ranks at top of the best of his best. Call it my sentimentalism or the fact I am getting older (and hopefully wiser) but the emotions this song brings to the surface are as profound as they are powerful. Perhaps this post is my way of saying to my two sons and daughter publicly how proud I am of each and and how much joy they have brought to my life over the years. Or perhaps it is that my better half of twenty five years and I now have a wonderful two year old grandson and another grandchild on the way. Or more likely it is both. The message of this post is this... Life is short and sometimes the really important values far to often end up taking a back seat. Sad but true. VIDEO: And now some good ole rock and roll: To all my

Chris Wallace's Frustration is Understandable

by Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Who can possibly not understand Chris Wallace's frustration with Fiorina's lack of specific ideas as to where to cut the budget to offset an extension of the Bush era tax cuts? Wallace asked tough questions as he should. It is also worth noting Chris is not a flaming progressive collectivist. Rather he is an objective journalist asking obvious questions as to how a candidate plans to achieve their stated goals. Fiorina's response to Wallace's questions were a huge fail. Don't get me wrong, in contrast to the alternative Fiorina may be the better choice. However, she may want to consider that voters want concrete answers to legitimate questions. In a obvious act of self promotion she may want to consider this alternative . VIDEO: What say you? Via: Memeorandum

Is Ken Buck for Real?

by Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Okay, so here I go again. While a self proclaimed "independent conservative", and proud, very proud of it I am aghast at Ken Buck's characterization of homosexuality as being akin to alcoholism. Even given the fact that homosexuality is not a chosen "lifestyle" (who by choice would {chose}to be different than 90% of society)this guy has chosen to stick his head in the sand for purely religious and or political reasons. It matters not which it is as this nation has much greater issues confronting its survival. I therefore ask... Shouldn't a candidate for the U.S Senate be focused on issues of constitutional integrity and proper and limited government rather than the issue of a persons sexual orientation? As further argument I offer the following as a proper constitutional resolution to this emotional and obviously distracting national issue. See " An Independent Conservative's View of Gay Marriage ."

The Great Impostor Speaks...

by Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA President Barrack Husein Obama, the great Impostor in Chief gave us more of his blah, blah, blah in his weekly address. As he continued to blame Republicans and yet failed to take responsibility for continuing job losses he would have America believe he has a workable plan. Right, the man who never created squat or met a payroll. Kinda like putting a 10th grader in charge of  managing a manufacturing firm. Excerpt from his prepared text: Winning this fight will not depend on government alone.  It will depend on the innovation of American entrepreneurs; on the drive of American small business owners; on the skills and talents of American workers.  These are the people who will help us grow our economy and create jobs. But government still has an important responsibility.  And that’s to create an environment in which someone can raise capital to start a new company; where a business can get a loan to expand; where ingenuity is prized an

Carlos Santana...

As only Santana can. A great artist and cool persona.

Thoughts From An Independent Conservative

by  Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA America is a changing nation. It is changing today just as it has been changing gradually over the past 234 years. While change is necessary not all change is advisable or good. Modern realities are not exactly the same as the agrarian realities of 1776. Life has changed and while the basic needs of human survival has remained essentially the same the avenue to achieve the satisfaction of those basic needs has evolved. As we moved from an agrarian society to a modern industrial society the requirements to effectively sustain our life and provide for the welfare of our families changed. Skill sets and knowledge had to continually evolve to keep pace with advancing technologies. Forward progress was essential to remain competitive and successful in an evolving and advancing global environment and economic reality. In as much as we are experiencing rapid, almost instantaneous change today our founding fathers, the product of the Enlightenment