Friday, April 23, 2021

President Biden Certainly Gets It Right Again...


Biden Will Seek Tax Increase on Rich to Fund Child Care and Education

President Biden is set to detail the full proposal, which will set up a clash with Republicans, next week.
Al Drago for The New York Times

WASHINGTON President Biden will seek new taxes on the rich, including a near doubling of the capital gains tax for people earning more than $1 million a year, to pay for the next phase in his $4 trillion plan to reshape the American economy.

Mr. Biden will also propose raising the top marginal income tax rate to 39.6 percent from 37 percent, the level it was cut to by President Donald J. Trump’s tax overhaul in 2017. The proposals are in line with Mr. Biden’s campaign promises to raise taxes on the wealthy but not on households earning less than $400,000.

The president will lay out the full proposal, which he calls the American Family Plan, next week. It will include about $1.5 trillion in new spending and tax credits meant to fight poverty, reduce child care costs for families, make prekindergarten and community college free to all, and establish a national paid leave program, according to people familiar with the proposal. It is not yet final and could change before next week.

The plan will not include an up to $700 billion effort to expand health coverage or reduce government spending on prescription drugs. Officials have decided to instead pursue health care as a separate initiative, a move that sidesteps a fight among liberals on Capitol Hill but that risks upsetting some progressive groups.


The plan will set up a clash with Republicans and test how far Democrats in Congress want to go to rebalance an economy that has disproportionately benefited high-income Americans.

As intelligent proposal full of common sense the Trumpublicans will absolutely give it the big middle finger, Caring only about amassing wealth in the hands of the few Trumpublicans could not care one iota about the average American working family or the education of your childre3en.

Ted Cruz, Like All Trumpublicans Thus Far..., Hypocritical Extremists In Pursuit Of Maintaining The Racist Status Quo...


Truthless Defines tRump And The Trumpublicans...


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

RepresentIve Jeffries Is Spot On...


A big step forward was taken in confronting America's original and biggest sin with the conviction of ex police officer Chauvin on all three counts in the murder trial of George Floyd. 

The 12 jurors made the correct and therefore moral decision based on all the evidence presented. America has the opportunity to finally and completely face its ugly past regarding its historically racist treatment of people of color.

Time and time alone will tell if America will finally grow into actually living its professed ideals of liberty and justice for all.

Your GQP (aka Q-GOP) Defining Themselves As The Jackasses They Realy Are...


Kevin McCarthy, A Lackey Of The trump Crime Administration Who Encouraged Sedition And Incited Insurection...


The trump Administration Is Guilty Of Collusion...


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Finally, Justice In America For George Floyd and the Black Community...

 Today, in America, Justice was served. Let this be the beginning of the journey to finally create the more perfect and just union ALL Americans are entitled to. In America it is EVERYONES birthright and after 234 years of systemic racism let the process of rectifying evil and healing begin.

Justice cannot bring George Floyd back but tonight The Floyd family felt justice. America, white America, should join them in celebrating justice and honoring George Floyd's legacy.

Chauvin Found Guilty of Murdering George Floyd

Mr. Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, was found guilty of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. The death of Mr. Floyd spurred the largest civil rights protests in decades.

Mr. Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, was found guilty of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. The death of Mr. Floyd spurred the largest civil rights protests in decades.


Mr. Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, was found guilty of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. The death of Mr. Floyd spurred the largest civil rights protests in decades.

We still have a long way to go but every journey begins with a single step. Today that step was taken.


American Terrorism - The Oath Keepers...


While The "Oath Keepers" have been around for awile tRump, FAUX Snooze, and other extreme rightwing media gave these terrorists the green light and encouragement to go mainstream. Insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 was the result.

Unless these terrorist vigilantes are brought to heel Anerican democracy remains in peril.

Wake up America!

MTG and Her Ilk Defile American Values and Decency...


Marjorie Taylor Greene Forming Caucus To Promote ‘Anglo-Saxon Political Traditions’

 Suppprters Of Trumpism, Anti Democracy, and Inequality

Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) are starting a right-wing caucus in Congress that seeks to “follow in President Trump’s footsteps,” which could prove yet another thorn in the side of Republican leaders already struggling to unite a bitterly divided party.

According to a seven-page policy platform published by Punchbowl News, the group wants members to display “a certain intellectual boldness” and be willing to “step on some toes and sacrifice sacred cows” – in other words, break with the GOP on some issues.

Among the group’s positions are a belief in unfounded claims of widespread election fraud and support for voting restrictions, as well as an effort to roll back all coronavirus safety measures and “make sure we do not overreact to a pandemic in this same way again.”

A lengthy passage on immigration says the U.S. is “a nation with a border, and a culture, strengthened by a common respect for uniquely Anglo-Saxon political traditions,” which is “threatened when foreign citizens are imported en-masse.”

Yep, we all know this is code that the Proud Boys, The Oath Keepers,  the anti democracy insurrectionists, and all Trumpers understand perfec5tly well.

Miascreants likje MTG must go and go when up for re-election if Americais to remain a free democratic society.Wake up America!

All Very Good News... May America Trash The GQP Trumpublican Party!


WASHINGTON—Republican members of Congress who voted against certifying President Biden’s victory after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot saw a sharp drop in donations from business and industry political-action committees in the first quarter of this year, new federal filings show.

PACs for companies, trade associations, unions, cooperatives and membership groups gave $1.3 million in the first quarter of the year to the campaigns of the 147 Republican election objectors, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of quarterly reports filed by Thursday’s deadline.

That was down about 80% from $6.7 million donated by such groups to the lawmakers in the first quarter in 2019, a comparable period in the last election cycle, the Journal found...

GOP House Impeachers See Flood of Donations, Defying Trump’s Scorn

Former President Donald Trump has vowed to drive the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach him out of office, but GOP donors, political action committees and even some Democrats poured money into those candidates’ coffers in the wake of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, their latest filings with the Federal Election Commission show.

Collectively, the 10 members raised $6.4 million, with seven setting personal records for first-quarter fundraising in a non-election year. All outraised the challengers who filed campaign finance reports.

Trump’s promise to fight the U.S. House Republicans who voted to impeach him on a charge of inciting the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol has worried GOP officials. Republicans need to flip only a handful of seats to regain control of the House in the 2022 midterms, and weakening incumbents seeking re-election by supporting little-known challengers would only complicate that task.

Three of the seven record-setting incumbents -- Representatives Liz Cheney of Wyoming, the third-ranking House Republican, Adam Kinzinger of Illinois and Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio -- had the biggest quarterly hauls of their careers during what’s normally a slow time for raising money...

Let theTax Cheat and Slime tRump Pay and Pay Dearly...


The In Your Face Racism Of The Trumpublicans... Evil Incarnate...


Can This Nation Save Itself? It It Is Highly Doubtful Given The Continued Evils Of Trumpism Existing In Congress amd The Senate...


When Too Much Reminding Is Never Enough...


It Demands Periodic Reminders Lest Its Happens Again... The Trumpublican Cultists Remain A Clear And Present Danger...


Saturday, April 17, 2021

A Very Brief History Of Speaker John Boehner...

 A case could be just as easily made that like Senator Byrd (the one tine KKK member) Speaker Boehner has had a sincere change of heart as he begin to realize the errors of his former ways.

Then again. Only time will determine whether Mr. Boehner has really had an honest sincere change of heart.

Like I've been known to say from time to time, a leopard can't change its spots. But rational humans really aren't leopards now are they.

Never Forget The Pro Authoritarian, Anti Democracy, and Anti American Disaster That America Elected To The Presidency In 2016, One donald j. trump...


If Eligible Get Your Vaccination Today If You've Delayed... It's The Patriotic Thing To Do!


It's About Damn Time... Maybe?

 It should have happened a long time ago. So, does anybody REALLY believe President Biden will actually follow through?

The Fraudulent Economic Claims Of The Con Republicans...

 Middle class America, do not listen to the economic plans of the con republican/conservatives. If you do you are willfully and foolishly ignoring your own economic interests.

Trumpublicans economics are absolutely the most egregiously anti egalitarian economic hodgepodge ever thrown together by modern American president.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Just As The Ex Presnit trump Has Been So Successul Doing...

Charles Rettig, the commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, said during a Senate Financ Committee hearing that the agency lacks the resources to go after tax cheats.

Credit...Anna Moneymaker for The New York Times

 The United States is losing approximately $1 trillion in unpaid taxes every year, Charles Rettig, the Internal Revenue Service commissioner, estimated on Tuesday, arguing that the agency lacks the resources to catch tax cheats.

The so-called tax gap has surged in the last decade. The last official estimate from the I.R.S. was that an average of $441 billion per year went unpaid from 2011 to 2013. Most of the unpaid taxes are the result of evasion by the wealthy and large corporations, Mr. Rettig said.

More BELOW the FOLD.

Restricting The Right To Vote By The Trumpublican GQP (aka G-GOP) Part Is An Immoral And Evil Act...


Hundreds of Companies Unite to Oppose Voting Limits, but Others Abstain

Amazon, Google, G.M. and Starbucks were among those joining the biggest show of solidarity by businesses over legislation in numerous states.

It is good to see reputable responsible companies in the hundreds opposing the Trumpublicans efforts to limit (restrict) the voting rights of minorities in America. The insidious plan by the Trumpublicans to disenfranchise certain voting demographics is immoral and evil. Period.

On to the article...

The New York Times - Amazon, BlackRock, Google, Warren Buffett and hundreds of other companies and executives signed on to a new statement released on Wednesday opposing “any discriminatory legislation” that would make it harder for people to vote.

It was the biggest show of solidarity so far by the business community as companies around the country try to navigate the partisan uproar over Republican efforts to enact new election rules in almost every state. Senior Republicans, including former President Donald J. Trump and Senator Mitch McConnell, have called for companies to stay out of politics.

The statement was organized in recent days by Kenneth Chenault, a former chief executive of American Express, and Kenneth Frazier, the chief executive of Merck. A copy appeared on Wednesday in advertisements in The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Last month, with only a few big companies voicing opposition to a restrictive new voting law in Georgia, Mr. Chenault and Mr. Frazier led a group of Black executives in calling on companies to get more involved in opposing similar legislation around the country.

Lawmakers in Georgia threatened to rescind a tax break that saves Delta Air Lines, which is based in Atlanta, millions of dollars a year. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida posted a video in which he called Delta and Coca-Cola, another Atlanta company, “woke corporate hypocrites” for criticizing the Georgia law. Mr. Trump joined the calls for a boycott of companies speaking out against the voting laws. And last week, Mr. McConnell said companies should “stay out of politics.”

The politically charged nature of the debate may help explain why there were some notable omissions to the signatories of the new statement.

Coca-Cola and Delta, which condemned the Georgia law after it was passed, declined to add their names, according to people familiar with the matter. Home Depot also declined, even though its co-founder Arthur Blank said in a call with other business executives on Saturday that he supported voting rights. Another Home Depot co-founder, Ken Langone, is a vocal supporter of Mr. Trump.

Coca-Cola and Delta declined to comment. Home Depot said in a statement on Tuesday that “the most appropriate approach for us to take is to continue to underscore our belief that all elections should be accessible, fair and secure.”

People involved in the process said some of the Atlanta companies that did not sign were wary because of the blowback they had received after their earlier statements on voting rights but also did not feel the need to speak again.

As the debate over voting legislation intensifies, many companies do not want to feel pressured to take stands on specific legislation, state by state.

JPMorgan Chase also declined to sign the statement despite a personal request from senior Black business leaders to the chief executive, Jamie Dimon, according to people briefed on the matter. Mr. Dimon has publicly declared that he supports Black Lives Matter and made a statement on voting rights before many other companies, saying, “We believe voting must be accessible and equitable.”

On Tuesday, a spokesman for the bank said, “We publicly made our own strong statement last month about the critical importance of every citizen being able to exercise their fundamental right to vote.”

That statement released on Wednesday came together over the past week and a half, after the Black executives who spoke out received an outpouring of support.

About 10 days ago, Mr. Chenault and Mr. Frazier conferred with three other Black executives — William M. Lewis Jr., the chairman of investment banking at Lazard; Clarence Otis Jr., a former chief executive of Darden Restaurants; and Charles Phillips, a former chief executive of Infor — about what next steps they could take. Within days, they had a draft of the statement and were sharing it with other executives.

Last Wednesday, Mr. Frazier and Mr. Chenault spoke with members of the Business Roundtable, an influential lobbying group that includes the chief executives of many of the company’s biggest companies. Sherrilyn A. Ifill, president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund Inc., also spoke to the group.

Then on Thursday, someone from Mr. McConnell’s staff, at the group’s invitation, briefed its members on the details of the Georgia law, several people familiar with the situation said.

The next day, members of the Business Roundtable had a regularly scheduled meeting at which the executives discussed the voting issue. On that call, Dan Schulman, the chief executive of PayPal, encouraged other executives to sign the statement.

And on Saturday, Mr. Chenault and Mr. Frazier spoke on a Zoom meeting with more than 100 executives that was organized by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a Yale professor who regularly gathers business leaders to discuss politics. At that meeting, Mr. Chenault read the statement and invited executives on the call to add their names to the list of signatories.

As Michigan’s Senate prepares to hold hearings on a package of voting bills, the chief executives of 30 of the state’s largest companies, including Ford Motor, G.M. and Quicken Loans, released a joint statement on Tuesday declaring their opposition to changes in the state’s election laws that would make voting more difficult.

In a separate statement on Twitter, G.M. said, “We are calling on Michigan lawmakers and state legislatures across the nation to ensure that any changes to voting laws result in protecting and enhancing the most precious element of democracy.”

It concluded, “Anything less falls short of our inclusion and social justice goals.”

In Texas, where two omnibus bills that would introduce voting restrictions are working their way through the Legislature, more big companies reiterated their opposition to restrictive new voting laws.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which is based in Houston, said in a statement: “We categorically oppose any legislation that unfairly seeks to restrict the right of our team members or any American to vote in fair, accessible and secure elections.”

And in Arizona, activists and labor groups have begun calling on companies with large presences in the state, including CVS, Allstate, Farmers Insurance and Enterprise Holdings, to publicly oppose legislation that could limit voting access.

Georgia was the first state to pass a restrictive new voting law, and the fallout continued this week. On Monday, a film starring Will Smith and financed by Apple pulled its production out of the state because of the law. That followed Major League Baseball’s decision to move its All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver.

Walmart’s chief executive, Doug McMillon, who is chairman of the Business Roundtable and declined to sign the letter, told Walmart employees in a detailed note this week that many of the voting bills across the country were “both a mix of positive reforms that enjoy bipartisan support, along with other changes seemingly designed to create advantage for one party.”

While he is not going to use the company’s voice on this issue, Mr. McMillon said, “we do want to be clear that we believe broad participation and trust in the election process are vital to its integrity.”

The Trumpublican Fake Candidate Schemes... Are We Surprised?...


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Trumpism Is Definitely Not Going Away Anytime Soon... Prepare For More Of The Same From The New Trumpublicam GQP (aka Q-GOP)... Including Increased Income Inequality and More Open Racism Should They Ever Return To Power...

The scourge of Trumpism will survive, unfortunately. Along with its irrational logic and anti American "America First" lie. Trumpism's agenda is all about preserving white priviledge and supremacy as well as insuring the very wealthy and corporations remain firmly in control of ...  everything.

                                                   Duh... Duh... Duh, and Duh Again

Axios - A constellation of Trump administration stars today will launch the America First Policy Institute, a 40-person nonprofit group with a first-year budget of $20 million, and the mission of perpetuating former President Trump's populist policies.

Why it matters: Two top Trump alumni tell me AFPI is by far the largest pro-Trump outside group, besides Trump's own Florida-based machine.

In coming months, the group plans to take a large office space near the U.S. Capitol as a symbol that it'll fight to be a muscular, well-heeled center of the future of conservatism.

  • I'm told that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are informal advisers.

The president and CEO is Brooke Rollins, a Texan who was head of Trump's Domestic Policy Council.

  • Rollins, who met with Trump at Mar-a-Lago last week to update him on plans for the group, told me the group wants to be "dreamers and ... risk-takers."

The board chair is Linda McMahon, who was administrator of the Small Business Administration, and a member of Trump’s cabinet, after winning fame as a pro-wrestling entrepreneur.

  • The vice chair is Larry Kudlow, Trump's economic adviser, a longtime CNBC personality who's now a Fox Business host.

AFPI — now based in the Crystal City area of Arlington, Va. — has been in the planning stages since December.

  • The group will also have offices in Fort Worth, where Rollins remains based, Miami and New York. Rollins plans to move the group to Washington to be closer to the action.
  • Rollins said she hopes the budget will double to $40 million in 2022.

The group includes 20 policy areas, many run by Trump alumni:

  • Former Energy Secretary Rick Perry heads the Center for Energy Independence.
  • National security will be co-chaired by John Ratcliffe, Trump's last director of national intelligence, and retired Army Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, who was national security adviser to Vice President Pence.
  • Jack Brewer, a former NFL player and advisory board member of Black Voices for Trump, heads the Center for Opportunity Now, focused on an "underserved community agenda."
  • Paula White, a Trump spiritual adviser, will head a Center for American Values, focused on religious freedom and the Second Amendment.
  • Former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi will head a "law and justice" center.
  • Scott Turner will head the Center of Education Opportunity.

The Stench Of Mitch McConnell and the Trumpublican GQP (aka Q-GOP)...

Reed Galen of The Lincoln Project has it exactly right. With any luck, likely won't come for some years, the goons of the Trumpublican GQP (aka Q-GOP) will disappear and their anti democracy pro white supremacy stench will be gone from Washington DC.

 By Reed Galen

In Washington, it’s rare to see or hear Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) visibly upset. In remarks and a statement earlier this week, a clearly perturbed McConnell told Corporate America to mind its own business when it comes to democracy and stay out of politics. To the layperson, his demeanor would appear no different than the thousands of other monotone, barely audible threats the Senate Minority Leader has muttered over the years.

But this was different. McConnell was enraged. The very core of his still-considerable power is under threat from a Corporate America that understandably wants nothing to do with a growing list of voter suppression bills McConnell’s allies in the states are ramming through legislatures across the nation. The eight members of the Senate and 139 in the House who were part of the attempt to overthrow the 2020 election shook Corporate America, but pressure from McConnell and his allies was scaring them back into compliance. 

Then came Georgia. 

Two weeks ago, Georgia Republicans passed SB202 an egregious bill that changes the rules on how Peachtree State voters cast their ballots and participate in the electoral process. Many of its provisions will have a significant, detrimental impact on voting by Georgia’s African American population.

Though Georgia’s biggest corporate citizens – namely Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines — did not directly oppose the legislation, they have since criticized its passage and its provisions. Major League Baseball pulled the 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta and sent it to Denver, Colorado.

In their current style of angry, performative politics these decisions by major corporations enraged Republicans up and down the ballot, and up and down the aisle. They’ve run to Fox News and Twitter to scream about “cancel culture” and “woke capitalism” in an appeal not to logic but to their base voters.

Don’t be fooled.

Their demands for boycotts fall flat. Their excoriation of “woke” capitalism rings hollow. Most of the biggest companies in America regularly give to both Republicans and Democrats. Most large business groups, such as the US Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable, tend to favor Republicans and their lower-tax, lower-regulation dogma.

Georgia changed all that and Mitch McConnell is having none of it. For years McConnell has held up the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling that said corporations have a political voice and any interference, by way of campaign finance regulation, is an infringement on their free speech. Just last year, McConnell himself said, “Politicians do not get to play red-light, green-light within the First Amendment.”

The National Republican Senatorial Committee, the Senate Leadership Fund, and other McConnell-connected campaign committees are recipients of millions of dollars in largesse from corporations, corporate executives, and corporate PACs. The money goes in the door at these committees and out again to McConnell’s favored consultants and allies; top McConnell lieutenant Josh Holmes and his company took in over $36 million dollars from Republican committees last election cycle alone.

American legislative politics at the Federal, state, and local levels is fundamentally transactional. Corporate America provides the checks, McConnell and Company run a protection racket from the nasty Democrats and their alleged socialistic tendencies.

For Republican politicians, it’s fine for these same companies to stand up for the rights of LGBTQ Americans or stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. To the GOP, these acts affect neither their jobs, their fundraising nor their everyday lives. They’re happy to have C Suites make grand, unifying statements about all of us being in this together. 

When it comes to voting rights – the hard-won core of our democracy — Republicans have a message for the business community: Sit down, shut up, turn the money back on. The new laws in Iowa and Georgia, and those now pending before the legislatures of Florida, Texas, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania exist only because Joe Biden won the presidency last year – fairly, freely, and openly. It’s one of the dirty little secrets of the GOP’s anti-democracy push; they have yet to produce any meaningful evidence of voter fraud, anywhere.

The GOP has long understood that neither culture nor demographics favor their long-term electoral strength. The 2020 election was a wake-up call for them. Having abandoned the marketplace of ideas, Republicans have instead chosen to restrict the types of voters who can participate namely those whom they know vote against them approximately 90% of the time.

Which makes McConnell’s outburst this week more explicable. There are only two things he cares about: power and money, and he sees the two, not incorrectly, as inextricably intertwined. Already facing a difficult map to retake the US Senate in 2022, McConnell knows he cannot afford to lose one dollar of financial support in his quest to retake the Majority Leader’s post.

McConnell was both blindsided and enraged by the actions of not just Coke and Delta, but American Airlines and Dell Computers: He didn’t count on them actually believing they have a role – social, moral and yes, political, in American life. He thought they would play ball like they always have.

In openly threatening CEOs, McConnell has opened a door for them: They may not like the Democrats as much, but they don’t tend to publicly promise “consequences” when there’s a vigorous disagreement. If it is likely that Republicans will take their revenge in two years, if they retake the House and the Senate, why would Corporate America help their campaign efforts at all?

Mitch McConnell always been a canny Washington operator, a consummate expert of Senate politics, and was willing to walk with Donald Trump through some of the former president’s ugliest moments. But McConnell claimed it was all in service to tax cuts or putting more conservative judges on the federal bench.

With his words this week, McConnell took his final steps to the Dark Side of American politics. He has now joined Trump in overturning our democratic norms by expecting companies to simply be an extension, an adjunct, to his quest for power and influence. As companies have started to cleave off from the herd, McConnell overreacted, and in the process, reminded Americans that the GOP is willing to do whatever it takes to maintain the authority they believe is theirs to possess.


Reed Galen is a co-founder of The Lincoln Project.