Sunday, February 28, 2021

tRump & The Q-GOP, Lies, Lies, More Lies and Conspiracy Theories All Around...



  1. That Trumpzombie Senator may decide to to run in 2022.
    Even with the Scott Walker famous WI gerrymandering,
    his home state despises him.

    1. Yeah BB, Hitler and his propaganda minister proved just how guillible folks really are when somebody is selling snake oil that plays to their fears and biases. tRump and the Q-GOP know how to play Hitler quite well I must say. The language is different but the tune is the same.


  2. Why are you rotten Democrats still in love that Bastard Andy Cuomo? We've known he's been a corrupt creep for yrs and yrs. Now when the truth comes out . You are still glorified with that crooked politician. Save me your bullshit. Excuses He got caught, now hes toast.
    He murders 15k people and YOU KNEW IT months ago. Then he ass clowns it with his dopey brother on CNN....LET HIM Go suck a TURD for all that I care.

    1. First, I am NOT a democrat. I'm an independent thgat leans toward the rational.

      Second, I am not now, nor have I ever "loved" Governor Andrew Como. I did think he hamdled the pandemic last year remarkably well, all thoings considered. If the allegations are TRUE he should resign his position as governor immediately. Something The sexual predator tRump the molrster, seditionist/innsurrectionist never did.

      Third - I am NOT "glorified" with Cuomo, Biden, or the democratic party. But, they and ir aare a damn sight better than tRump and the Q-GOP. PERIOD!

      Fourth - Trump is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths due to handling of the coronavirus pandemic, scratch that, his gross MISHANDLNG of the pandemic. As well as deaths occured during his January 6'th 2021 incitement of insurrection on the Capitol.

      Fifth - I know you certainly are NOT the brightest bulb in the string. But my god, I didn't realize just how lacking in mental acuity you really are.

      Now, have a nice day ya hear?

    2. PS: Next time you plop into this esteemed site stick to the subject matter of the post or your comment will NOTbe posted. PERIOD.

    3. PPS: BTW, next time bring credible supported FACTS, not conspiracy, lies, or BS, okay?


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