Saturday, February 27, 2021

Is The Q-GOP Revving Up For It's Second Insurrection?


These cultists worshiping the Golden Statue of their charlatan and conspiracy maven tRump the Con will turn America into a rightwing authoritarian shitholer3 if you let them.

My money is on the shithole because too many Americans are just that naïve.


  1. CPAC, The facist arm of the now white supremacist Q-GOP, and its leader tRump the Jakal, are the greatest threat to American democracy and the republic since World War II. Unfortunately the dimwits and sheeple of the Golden Shit are so far up his anus they've completely lost their ability to reason. This nation is therefore screwed and royally so.

  2. Trumpism = White Supremacy
    Trumpism = Misogyny
    Trumpism = Racism
    Trumpism = Lies
    Trumpism = Comspiracy
    Trumpism = Sedition
    Trumpism = Insurection
    Trumpism = Increased National Dept
    Trumpism = Weakness on a Global Scale
    Trumpisn = Authoritarianism
    Trumpism = Q-GOP Approvd Political Correctness
    Trumpism = In a simgle word, BULKSHIT ON STERIODS.


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