Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Growing Tyranny Over The Mind...

The following video is well worth watching. If done so with a focused and inquisitive mind it is likely you'll find some thoughts of great value. It is 43 minutes long so watch when you can clear your schedule for 45 minutes or so.



  1. This Blog is DEAD.
    As it always was.
    Someone should be kind and BURY IT

    1. Thanks for your trump concern. But frankly, it's none of your busines nof do I care a wit what your beliefs are.

      Have a sparkling day now ya hear.

  2. Oh, your lousy blog is Trymps fault?


    1. Lets see, trumpy is very guilty of many nefarious and corrupt activities as he works to destroy our democracy and the republic. But nowhere have I ever said, nor will I ever say tryumpy is responsible for anything I do or have done. You see Iwould nt associate or have a GD thing to do with that miserable human being and POS.

      So knucklehead, why don't you take your babble to rightwing fascist/conspiratorial loser sites. They might actually give a rip roaring fart over your gutteral utterances.

      Buh Bye!

  3. In a free country, even brainwashed, idiots have a right to vote. In fact, as soon as they are cemented in their cultist beliefs the first thing they do is rally supporters to vote for their candidate.
    If the vote was not screwed up by gerrymandering and the Electoral College, Trump would not have won, but those are our laws.

    1. Yup Jerry, such is the reality.

      Gerrymandering has certainly not been limited to just republicans. But they sure are more proficient and effective at employing it.

      I understand why the EC was devised and I wiil not argue at time why it may have made sense during our founding era. Now, in the 21st century after 240 years, it is past time to eliminate the EC and go to the popular vote to elect our presidents.

    2. There are a few things in the Constitution that need a rewrite including the EC, but there is no way in hell I would trust the current crop of elected politicians to do the rewrite. So we move on.

    3. Agreed. The big question is, what do we move on to?


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