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Wishing All The Very Best Of The Holiday Season and a Happy and Prosperous New Year

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Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In...

Something the GOP seriously ought to do. Cause it sure ain't good!

America's Biggest Liar...

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Millions realize that Donald Trump is nothing more than a wealthy billionaire and gaseous blowhard who excels at being great at lying . Another of his top talents is getting millions of other gullible people to believe his lies.

Hopefully as more sources expose this lying unethical politician the sooner he will sink into political oblivion where he belongs. Right alongside Joseph McCarthy and other discredited demagogues.

It’s the trope on Trump: He’s authentic, a straight-talker, less scripted than traditional politicians. That’s because Donald Trump doesn’t let facts slow him down. Bending the truth or being unhampered by accuracy is a strategy he has followed for years.

"People may not always think big themselves, but they can still get very excited by those who do. That's why a little hyperbole never hurts," Trump wrote in his 1987 best-seller The Art of the Deal. "People want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular. I call it truthful hyperbole. It's an innocent form of exaggeration — and a very effective form of promotion."

PolitiFact has been documenting Trump’s statements on our Truth-O-Meter, where we’ve rated 76 percent of them Mostly False, False or Pants on Fire, out of 77 statements checked. No other politician has as many statements rated so far down on the dial.

In considering our annual Lie of the Year, we found our only real contenders were Trump’s -- his various statements also led our Readers’ Poll. But it was hard to single one out from the others. So we have rolled them into one big trophy.

To the candidate who says he’s all about winning, PolitiFact designates the many campaign misstatements of Donald Trump as our 2015 Lie of the Year.


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UPDATE: 12/22/15

An Analysis of Donald Trump's Tax Plan (click on the link)

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Wasserman Schultz To Go?...

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Time for some DNC housecleaning perhaps?

`Tis nearly the night before Christmas and not a creature is stirring, what with everyone out at a party, multiplex or mall. What better time for a presidential debate?

That at least is the view of DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Clinton campaign, from which she takes her cues. They wanted the fewest possible voters to see the fewest possible debates. So we went from 26 debates in 2008 to six debates in 2016, three of them on weekends. It’s called the Democratic Party, but no one other than Clinton and Schultz had any say in the matter.

On Thursday, the DNC told the press a contractor inadvertently breached a firewall in a software program exposing data files of presidential campaigns and that a Bernie Sanders staffer (Josh Uretsky, with the campaign three months) took the opportunity to sneak a peek at Hillary Clinton’s files. Sanders’ campaign instantly sacked the staffer but Schultz still cut off its access to data, a punishment she seems to have made up on the spot, thus bringing crucial outreach and fundraising efforts to a halt. Schultz didn’t even nod to due process, pronouncing the death penalty without so much as reading Sanders his Miranda rights.

On Friday, Sanders’ campaign filed a federal lawsuit alleging breach of contract. It sought a restraining order and money damages that, assuming the facts set forth in the complaint, exceed a million dollars a day. It was a strong case. Uretsky may have behaved unethically but there was no malice aforethought– the forbidden fruit fell in his lap—and from the moment the campaign learned of his possible malfeasance, it acted honorably and swiftly. Schultz, conversely, appears to have acted without color of authority under law, contract or party rule.

The contract required written notice of termination and a 10-day grace period to cure any alleged default. Clearly the DNC was in violation, not Sanders. Because the contract put the onus for securing data on the DNC, it was liable for the breach as well. But the issue was bigger than mere contract law or political dirty tricks. In suspending the vital operations of a presidential campaign, Schultz trespassed on the right of all citizens to free and fair elections. Democrats could ill afford to be seen condoning her actions. Nor could they afford to pay her bills. If she acted without authority she’d be liable for damages, but only if the party was as swift and honorable in dealing with her as Sanders was in dealing with Uretsky. The party also had to ponder the sworn depositions Sanders might now take regarding such delicate matters as who Schultz spoke to about her decision to impale him.

The long dormant Democratic base should have stopped her Schultz when she squelched debates. Now party leaders had to, or else hop on board her runaway train. But Thursday and then Friday passed with the leaders silent save for the sound of Schultz spewing venom at Sanders. Then a miracle happened. For the first time since the dawn of the Obama era, and arguably since the end of the Viet Nam War, progressive rose in mass protest of party elites. Petitions poured in to the DNC by the tens of thousands demanding that Sanders access to his data be restored. Shortly after midnight Saturday morning, the DNC caved to the pressure, albeit so gracelessly as to ensure ongoing recriminations.

Schultz must go. Her subversion of due process puts one in mind of her fellow Floridian, Katherine Harris, who back in 2000 saw no conflict between her roles as chief state elections officer and campaign chair for George W. Bush
(emphasis mine)


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trumpf Says Republicans Are Jealous Of Putin's Praise For Him...

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Saturday that anyone who criticizes the warm compliments he has swapped with Russian President Vladimir Putin is simply "jealous as hell." Although Putin has been accused of a lengthy list of human rights violations, Trump has maintained that Russia could be a powerful partner for the United States -- and one that could help the country save some money.

"You know, he feels good about me. I feel, frankly, good about him. I think that we can do things with Russia that are to our advantage... It's a mutual advantage," Trump said during a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Saturday afternoon. "Now, they're jealous as hell because he's not mentioning these people.

If true it says a great deal about the republican candidates specifically and the republican party in general. How far they've fallen.

SOURCE with video.

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Trump Has No Problem With Putin's Apparent Human Rights Abuses: "at least he's a leader"...

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This site was seriously thinking about turning its spotlight off Donald Trump. That is no big deal because FOX Snooze, rightwing radio, and the rightwing blogs constantly afford him almost 24/7 exposure. However, after The Donald opened the gaping hole in his head called his mouth and came out with the following on on Morning Joe it was determined another "point out the sordid mentality and flawed character"of Trump was most definitely in order. After all, every decent, ethical, and liberty loving American should being doing everything possible to ensure Trumps bit for the presidency is a dead end road. Shouldn't they?

Brzezinski: Do you like Vladimir Putin's comments about you?

Trump: Sure. When people call you brilliant, it's always good, especially when the person heads up Russia.

Scarborough: Well, I mean, also, it's a person that kills journalists, political opponents, and invades countries. Obviously, that would be a concern, would it not?

Trump: He's running his country, and at least he's a leader, you know, unlike what we have in this country.

Scarborough: Yeah. But, again, he kills journalists that don't agree with him.

Trump: Well, I think our country does plenty of killing also, Joe, you know.

Scarborough: What do you mean by that?

Trump: There's a lot of stupidity going on in the world right now, Joe. A lot of killing going on. A lot of stupidity. And that's the way it is. But you didn't ask me the question. You asked me a different question. So that's fine.

It's not really surprising that someone who voiced support for shutting down mosques, forcing all Muslims to register with the government, and banning Muslims from entering the US wouldn't care much about Putin's human rights record. But seemingly shrugging off another country's alleged human rights abuses — especially when the country in question is a rival like Russia — is still very strange for a presidential candidate.


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Trump Proud To Be Complimented By Putin... Considers It A Great Honor

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Hm, The Donald considers it a great honor to be complimented by the ex KGB strongman Putin while at the same time advocating actions that are not only anti civil liberty but most likely unconstitutional as well.

THE HILL - Donald Trump said on Thursday it was a “great honor” to be complimented by “highly respected” Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“It is always a great honor to be so nicely complimented by a man so highly respected within his own country and beyond,” the GOP presidential front-runner told supporters at a rally in Columbus, Ohio.


“I would get along with him,” Trump said in September. “I would get along with a lot of the world leaders that this country is not getting along with.”

He's also said Putin does not respect President Obama.

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Can Chris Christie Win The 2016 GOP Nomination...

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Say what you will about New Jersey Governor Christie but he has been steadily impressive in the GOP debates. Not great, but impressive. He is articulate, informed, connects with the viewing audience by speaking directly to therm, and arguably has been an effective republican governor in a state whose legislative branch is controlled by democrats. Christie, just like republican governors of Massachusetts who have had to work with a democratic legislative body, has shown the ability to run a state with divided government and yet get things accomplished.

Whether or not Governor Christie can get the traction necessary to mount an effective campaign overturning Trump, Cruz, or Rubio is a long shot. Some, like Edward Morrissey, believe it in the realm of possibility. In any case, if your preference is for a republican that views pragmatism and the ability to work effectively with the opposition party it might be worth your time to consider him. If nothing else he isn't Trump, or Cruz. Candidates who very likely will be easily beaten by Hillary Clinton.

The Fiscal Times... Staring directly into the camera, the governor from New Jersey said, “If your eyes are glazing over like mine, this is what it’s like to be on the floor of the United States Senate. I mean endless debates about how many angels on the head of a pin, from people who’ve never had to make a consequential decision in an executive position.”

Christie then reminded viewers, not for the first nor for the last time that the legislators on stage did not have to assume personal responsibility for securing the safety of constituents. “They continue to debate about this bill and in the subcommittee,” Christie argued, and “nobody in America cares about that. What they care about is are we going to have a president who actually knows what they're doing to make these decisions?”


This moment captured the essence of the debate perfectly, however. A new Washington Post/ABC poll shows confidence ebbing in the Barack Obama administration to protect the nation from terrorist attack. A majority of 56 percent now says they have less confidence in the government stopping a large-scale terrorist attack – and 77 percent worry more now that the US is not ready to stop “a lone-wolf attack.” This atmosphere of frustration and disillusion prompted the national-security focus of the debate.

Christie leveraged the opportunity into a platform that highlights his executive experience, specifically on terrorism. Christie reminded viewers that his administration “stopped Fort Dix from being attacked by six American radicalized Muslims from a Mosque in New Jersey because we worked with the Muslim American community to get intelligence…. This is the difference between actually been a federal prosecutor, actually doing something, and not just spending your life as one of hundred debating it.”

So Christie seized the moment. Can he run with it? That question becomes complicated by his current lack of traction in national polling, but his single-state strategy may pay off.

At one point, Christie had been a favorite of conservatives for his blunt, no-apologies style and aggressive approach to reform in New Jersey. He lost favor by figuratively embracing a more moderate approach on gun rights, and by literally embracing Barack Obama the week before the 2012 election during Hurricane Sandy. Christie has emphasized a more pragmatic approach to governance – a necessity for a governor whose legislature is controlled by the opposing party – that rankles an anti-establishment electorate already inclined to reject current party leadership.

Yet Christie’s strategy over the past few months has focused on New Hampshire almost exclusively. While he polls within the margins of error nationally, Christie now challenges for second place in the Granite State and their first-in-the-nation primary, thanks to considerable time and organizational effort spent in the state. Even without the raised stakes in national security, Christie’s pragmatic approach to governance will appeal to New Hampshire voters.

Pragmatism was a continuing theme among voters I interviewed for my upcoming book on the 2016 general election...

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CISA, Calling It What It Is...

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Congress, with its ignorance of cyber security as well as encryption is in the process of making CISA, an already essentially lousy bill, considerably worse. Certainly as it relates to privacy protection.

With Congress dropping all pretense that CISA isn't about surveillance can we expect that the spectre of Big Brother Security State will continue to grow and steadily strip us of what little privacy we have remaining?

Remember CISA? The "Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act"? It's getting much, much worse, with Congress and the administration looking to ram it through -- in the process, dropping any pretense that it's not a surveillance bill.

As you may recall, Congress and the White House have been pushing for a "cybersecurity" bill, for a few years now, that has never actually been a cybersecurity bill. Senator Ron Wyden was one of the only people in Congress willing to stand up and directly say what it was: "it's a surveillance bill by another name." And, by now, you should know that when Senator Wyden says that there's a secret interpretation of a bill that will increase surveillance and is at odds with the public's understanding of a bill, you should to listen. He's said so in the past and has been right... multiple times.

Either way, a version of CISA passed the House a while back, with at least some elements of privacy protection included. Then, a few months ago it passed the Senate in a much weaker state. The two different versions need to be reconciled, and it's been worked on. However, as we noted recently, the intelligence community has basically taken over the process and more or less stripped out what few privacy protections there were.

And the latest is that it's getting worse. Not only is Congress looking to include it in the end of year omnibus bill -- basically a "must pass" bill -- to make sure it gets passed, but it's clearly dropping all pretense that CISA isn't about surveillance. Here's what we're hearing from people involved in the latest negotiations. The latest version of CISA that they're looking to put into the omnibus:
  1. Removes the prohibition on information being shared with the NSA, allowing it to be shared directly with NSA (and DOD), rather than first having to go through DHS. While DHS isn't necessarily wonderful, it's a lot better than NSA. And, of course, if this were truly about cybersecurity, not surveillance, DHS makes a lot more sense than NSA.
  2. Directly removes the restrictions on using this information for "surveillance" activities. You can't get much more direct than that, right?
  3. Removes limitations that government can only use this information for cybersecurity purposes and allows it to be used to go after any other criminal activity as well. Obviously, this then creates tremendous incentives to push for greater and greater information collection, which clearly will be abused. We've just seen how the DEA has regularly abused its powers to collect info. You think agencies like the DEA and others won't make use of CISA too?
  4. Removes the requirement to "scrub" personal information unrelated to a cybersecurity threat before sharing that information. This was the key point that everyone kept making about why the information should go to DHS first -- where DHS would be in charge of this "scrub". The "scrub" process was a bit exaggerated in the first place, but it was at least something of a privacy protection. However, it appears that the final version being pushed removes the scrub requirement (along with the requirement to go to DHS) and instead leaves the question of scrubbing to the "discretion" of whichever agency gets the information. Guess how that's going to go?
In short: while before Congress could at least pretend that CISA was about cybersecurity, rather than surveillance, in this mad dash to get it shoved through, they've dropped all pretense and have stripped every last privacy protection, expanded the scope of the bill, and made it quite clear that it's a very broad surveillance bill that can be widely used and abused by all parts of the government.

There is still some hesitation by some as to whether or not this bill belongs in the omnibus bill, or if it should go through the regular process, with a debate and a full vote on this entirely new and different version of CISA. So, now would be a good time to speak out, letting your elected officials and the White House know that (1) CISA should not be in the omnibus and (2) that we don't need another surveillance bill.

In the meantime, if Congress were actually serious about cybersecurity, they'd be ramping up the acceptance and use of encryption, rather than trying to undermine it.

Trump, The Right's Entertainer...

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Yup, and Trumpf's subliminal message is bigotry, racism, Islamophobia, misogyny, extreme nationalism, and being an A-hole will be the new order he will bring to the presidency in order to Make America Great Again if he is elected.


The Dana Loesch Rant...

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Just when you think you've seen the craziest another pops out of the woodwork.

Keeping the fear and hyperbole alive on the right.


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Trump Conveniently Declines To Answer Question About President Obama's Presidential Legitimacy...

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Donald Trump on Tuesday night dodged a post-debate question about whether he really believes President Obama was not born in the United States.

Following the CNN Republican presidential debate, MSNBC's Chris Matthews asked Trump, "Is Donald Trump honest when he says that Barack Obama isn’t a legitimate president?"

"So, I knew you were going to ask me that question," Trump said in response. "You know what I’ll say? I don’t talk about that anymore."


Trump has previously questioned whether Obama was actually born in Kenya, but has since dropped the issue.

When a MSNBC panelist told Trump on Tuesday night that he’ll have to address the question in the general election, Trump said, "Alright, well then I’ll answer it then."


"I do think that’s a blemish. I think it’s your original sin," Matthews told Trump about his birther past. "Because I’m an American, and I think our president should be respected. I think it has a little ethnic aspect to it. I don’t like it. He’s African American, and we’re saying he’s not a real president. I don’t like that. It’s not a good thing about you."

As Matthews spoke, Trump only said, "I know how you feel," and, "I understand."

Trump at one time alleged he had a team that was gathering info to prove President was not eligible to be president because he was not a natural born American. Mr. Bombast and Bluster was going to present the nation with a really big surprise on national television. Of course it never happened as there was never anything to it.

We rather suspect Trump has dropped the issue and is side stepping the questions because Senator Ted Cruz, who was born with similar parentage realities and circumstances happens to be of the "right color", thus the birther issue is a nasty inconvenience.

SOURCE with video.

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TheNew Yorker ran an excellent article defining what most people who take the time to think beyond just the surface know about Donald Trump. Here's a teaser for the inquisitive.

Donald Trump, when he really gets going, hardly speaks in sentences anymore. He doesn’t need to. His audience is with him in fragments. He shuffles pages covered with poll numbers written in thick black ink; he ovals his mouth, the lower appendage of a solid orange-gold block, and lunges forward like the giant sandworm in “Dune,” which devours all before it. At times ecstatic, relying on emotional connections alone, he leaps from subject to subject. Fear, danger, stupidity. Stupidity! Weakness! The fate of the nation is at stake. The personal safety of the people before him is at stake. Something “terrible” is going on. “We can’t live like this. It’s gonna get worse and worse. You’re going to have more World Trade Centers. It’s gonna get worse and worse. We can be politically correct, and we can be stupid, and it’s gonna get worse and worse.”

The energy comes in surges—in bunched mini-waves, so rhythmically charged that they never bore the listener, even the listener who loathes every word that comes out of his mouth, every frown and eye-rolling grimace, every gesture of his right hand, which disposes of the world’s idiocy in jerking sweeps to the side. In one patch in a recent speech (the speech in which he read his proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the United States), Trump ran from Hillary Clinton (“She’s got no strength. She’s got no stamina”) to the United States being “ripped off on trade,” and then to veterans “not being taken care of,” and then to generals wasting time talking on television, and then to “Bush” (mimics a man sleeping), then to Hillary’s complaint that Trump’s tone was not “nice” (“We have people whose heads are being chopped off …”), then to the need for smart people (“I know a lot of tough people … but they’re not smart”), then to the money we “owe” (“We owe nineteen trillion … trillion, trillion, trillion dollars. Who the hell ever heard of the word ten years ago? There was no such word”), then back to the trade imbalance with China, Japan, and Mexico (“We’re going to build a wall. It will be a real wall. . . . It’s gonna happen”).

His speeches have no beginning or end, no shape, no culmination and release, and none is necessary. For the audience, his fervent incoherence makes him that much more present, for it is Trump alone who matters, the vividness of him standing there, in that moment, embodying what the audience fears and desires. At the Republican Convention in 1964, Barry Goldwater famously said, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” At the time, the left heard a reveille issued deep into the woods of the American right. The word “Fascism” was spoken (by Norman Mailer and others) to describe Goldwater’s speech. But now Goldwater’s statement, with its balanced clauses, its formality, seems merely rhetorical, a flourish more than a threat.

Trump is devoted to anti-rhetoric. Boasts and fears and menacing attacks are followed by instant “solutions” (about fighting ISIS: “You don’t want to know what I’m going to do”)—punctuated by war whoops and cries of adoration from the crowd. But put aside Trump’s ideas just for a second. When you do that, you might hear, especially in his recent speeches, uncanny echoes of Alan King and Don Rickles, the New York-born Jewish comics of the sixties and seventies who Trump must have listened to, as a young man, on late-night TV and in Vegas/Atlantic City entertainment rooms. The slow beginning, the sudden up-tempo shift, the shouted indignation, the repetition of a few simple phrases (“It’s not going to happen. Not going to happen”), the wounded expostulation, the exasperated bewilderment: it’s classic Alan King.


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Retired Octogenarian Admiral Ace Lyons Feeding Islamophobia...

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Islamophobia is certainly alive and well in the United States of America. A nation founded on religious tolerance, at least that's how the Founding Fathers saw it and our secular government was to operate, today we are allowing bigots, hate mongers, ultra nationalists, and neo-fascists (like Donald Trumpf and his admirers) to steer the course of the nationaway from our founding principles. Demagogues and zealots like Trumpf and Lyons, without any proof plunge ahead spewing the hate the right feels towards not only Muslims but also our Christian President.

Fear and hate is driving the right into a frenzy. President Obama's reasoned and reasonable approach to combating terrorists and Islamic extremists who foster and engage in terror activity is the rational approach. Working with Muslim countries as well as European counties in the effort to eradicate terrorism is the only sensible approach.

Admiral Ace Lyons, who received an award from CSP alongside Sen. Jeff Sessions earlier this year, took a question from a woman in the audience who told him, “I’d like to know why no one — that’s literally no one — is gutsy enough to call a Muslim a Muslim in our White House. It’s pretty obvious that he is.”

After what appeared to be a brief consultation with Gaffney, Lyons responded: “Well, all I can say is he certainly acts the part, doesn’t he?”


“When the president of the United States is not interested in America leading or America winning, then you understand that greatest threat to our national security resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” Lyons declared to applause.

Obama, he said, has been pushing policies that are “anti-American, anti-Western, but pro-Islam, pro-Iranian and pro-Muslim Brotherhood.”

“I have to ask you,” he said. “Why would an American president embrace the Muslim Brotherhood when their creed is to destroy America from within by our own miserable hands and replace our constitution with Sharia law? It makes absolutely no sense.”


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Political News From France...

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BBC - France's far-right National Front (FN) has failed to win a single region in the second round of municipal polls.

The party was beaten into third place, despite leading in six of 13 regions in the first round of voting a week ago.

The centre-right Republicans finished ahead of President Francois Hollande's governing Socialist Party.


Analysis: BBC's Hugh Schofield in Paris

There can be no hiding that the results of the elections are a big personal blow to Marine Le Pen.

She has lost the chance to govern a region and show the world that her party is serious. She has been reminded that however strongly the FN performs, the gates of power remain tightly closed.

But in a way that suits her fine.

Because what it all means is that nothing in France has changed. The two main parties continue sharing out the goodies (in this case deliberately conniving to keep hers as well).

Meanwhile unemployment rises; terror stalks; the grim insurrectionary mood continues to spread.

Ms Le Pen's prospects for power may be limited, but her appeal is as strong as ever for France's growing numbers of disgruntled and disaffected.

That French "ouf" of relief? It's also the noise you make when you get a fist in the abdomen.

Quite similar in many respects to what is likely to be the outcome in the 2016 USA general elections. A stiff gut punch and right uppercut to the GOP conservatives as the middle again calls the shots.

Read the complete story BELOW THE FOLD.

As Neo-Fascist Trumpf Starts to Fade Ted Cruz the "Anointed One" Surges...

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Every show has an end. Just like "The Apprentice" — gripping the first few few seasons, tired and contrived in the last — Donald Trump's campaign is aging toward death, one reckless outburst at at time. Although the casual political junkie wouldn't know by the looks of most polls, the media fetish with The Donald and his cultish following.

With primaries a bit less than 50 days out, at this point, previously skeptical pundits have assumed not only that Trump is the front-runner in the GOP primary, but that there is no real contest. But while cable news is capitalizing off of kabuki theater, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has been backstage outplaying the entire GOP field.
In the modern ratings-based media world we live in, where candidates get attention off fundraising numbers and sensationalism, we often miss the politics brewing below the surface. Even seasoned politicos get distracted by earned media and national polls; but just as former House Speaker Tip O'Neill (D-Mass.) declared decades ago, the tried and tested formula of winning a presidential primary remains the same: It's all local.

Which is why, at this point in the campaign, we should prioritize "likely GOP voter" polls in early primary states over national and "total registered GOP voters" polls — like the Monmouth University poll out last week taken of Iowa GOP voters who have voted in previous caucuses, which shows Cruz winning at 24 percent (Trump is at 19 percent). Or, Sunday's Des Moines Register poll of likely Republican caucus-goers, which has Cruz at 31 percent and Trump 10 percentage points behind.

Recent general GOP polls (like this one and this one), where Trump is winning, factor in new Republican voters — a key portion of his support, but also those less likely to engage in the arduous Iowa caucus voting. And if those voters don't turn out, suddenly Trump drops below Cruz (in Iowa and South Carolina) and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (in New Hampshire) in early primary states, making him dead on arrival to that "brokered convention" the media are fantasizing about.

All the focused polls in early primary states this week show Cruz's momentum growing, a reflection of his formulaic long-term strategy centered on fundraising, investment in ground game across the country, key endorsements and messaging to a coalition of conservative voters.

As we approach the final stretch before primaries begin, third-quarter fundraising reports indicate the health of a presidential campaign. Cruz not only out-raised all other candidates ($12.2 million), but he has assiduously maintained the most cash on hand ($13.8 million). While other big raisers (former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina) have spent resources on pricey ads, Cruz focused on field — perhaps saving media buys for the final days and tight race states. Cruz's investment in ground operations has paid off, as he notably has the strongest infrastructure in Iowa and South Carolina, and is far ahead of the pack in Super Tuesday primary states.

It was to be expected actually. As neo-fascist Trumpf has continued to open his mouth and utter his bigoted, misogynist, and anti American rhetoric in his trademark braggadocio style, Ted Cruz has been quietly building support where it counts; giving him an edge in the early GOP caucus and primary states.

Most would agree Ted Cruz is the brightest and quickest wit in of the entire GOP field. He appeals to the fundamentalist Evangelical base of the GOP as well as effectively cover his bases with the neo cons that see every diplomatic problem as an opportunity for further military engagement. This makes him a palatable candidate to the Trumpf supporters as well. In short, he is as dangerous, if not more so to the preservation of American core values than Trumpf may be.

Would be buyers BEWARE.

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Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty. - Plato

The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.  - Maximilien Robespierre

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.  - James Madison

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Narcissism Personified...

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Straight from the mouth of the USA's biggest narcissist and neo-fascist.

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is sending a warning to GOP leaders about his dominance in the polls: “You’ve got to get used to it.”

During an interview with Fox News’s Chris Wallace, the billionaire said Republicans are “kidding themselves” if they think he won’t secure the GOP nomination.

“I say, folks, you know, I’m sorry I did this to you, but you’ve got to get used to it,” Trump said. “It’s one of those little problems in life.”
“I’m going to win. ... You know, I’m not one of these other guys that goes down. I don’t go down. I go up.”

Trump’s interview with Wallace is set to air Sunday at 6 p.m.

Well Donald Bombast Trump, when you finally go down it will no doubt be with a resounding THUMP.

SOURCE with video.

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Fear, Bigotry, and Irrationality our Biggest Threat to American Principles and Ideals...

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We live in troubled and dangerous times. A very real possibility of a prolonged 21'st century clash of western civilization and Islamic fundamentalist extremism exists. How the west handles the growing threat will quite likely determine the length and severity of the destruction.

If blanket bigotry and fear such as that being hawked by Donald J. Trump and the millions of others who share his diseased mindset prevails the world is in for a long protracted bloody battle the world over.

On the other hand if leveler heads, guided by a deep understanding of Middle Eastern history prevail it is possible the threat will be contained and eliminated with less bloodshed and destruction.

Understanding that Muslims in the Middle East and Africa have thus far suffered much greater terrorism, destruction, bloodshed, and loss of life than the USA is important. We must show the Muslim world, Islamic extremist jihadists aside for a moment, that we are willing to ally with them in the fight to end the terror and destruction in their homelands.

We must be willing to aid refugees in finding safety, and we must put religious ideology aside and discontinue treating all Muslims as if they wish to destroy us. They don't.

Vigilance and the heightened concern for our safety is absolutely necessary and we must combat the extremist Islamic terrorist threat for certain. But let us not forget our principles and what this nation has always stood for, as well as against, in the process.

Trump and his minions are as great a danger to our values and constitutional principles as the outside threat of ISIS.

Now on to the immediate visible threat.

ISIS has released chilling new footage depicting its apocalyptic vision of the end of the world.

It has titled the video 'Meeting at Dabiq' which refers to the location of a final battle between the 'Crusaders' and the 'Believers'.

The video also shows an ISIS 'armoured unit' advancing towards the Colosseum in reference to the 'armies of Rome'.

In the footage the terrorist organisation shows a dead fighter being kissed by his comrades, a Jihadi on horseback trying to look like a honourable soldier and groups of men with the majority too scared to show their faces to the camera.

The propaganda video then shows a convoy of cars driving at sunset, before switching to a man raising the black and white flag of ISIS.

It then moves on to show the ISIS flag over Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Iraq before parading the flags of the countries it has decided, ISIS is at war with.

The British flag is one of 60 on the screen.

Last week, the terror group also released a new video threatening terror attacks in major cities across the world.

Two jihadists dressed in army fatigues could be seen in the video launching a series of threats against Paris, New York and Moscow.

The video emerged just one day after MPs voted to launch air strikes against ISIS in Syria.

The video shows the two men sat on a beach before one speaking English begins his tirade against the West.

He says the "revenge has started" and the "blood will flow".

He then adds: "France was the beginning. Tomorrow will be Washington. It will be New York and it will be Moscow."


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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Impact Of Neo-Fascist Rhetoric Used By Heir Trump...

Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

As the bigoted, hateful, and neo-fascist rhetoric of the Trump campaign spreads we can anticipate more violent crimes against innocent American Muslim citizens. Trump, a throwback to one of the worst eras in modern history should be held accountable for the results of his neo-fascist rhetoric. Americans who truly value our founding principles and the promise of an America our Founding Fathers envisioned must shut down Heir Trump and his bigoted neo-Nazi campaign to secure the republican nomination for the office George Washington and Thomas Jefferson once held.

If the republican party does not denounce Trump, each and every representative, senator, governor, and National Committee Member, as well as every candidate running for the presidential nomination the republican party is no better than Heir Trump and ought to become totally and completely irrelevant.

ASTORIA, Queens — As anti-Muslim rhetoric rises, particularly on the presidential campaign trail, so do physical attacks on Muslims. In one particular attack in New York, non-Muslim heroes emerged, but not before one man took a painful beating that's now being treated as a hate crime.

Sarker Haque, 53, still had a black eye from the Saturday afternoon pummeling he took in his store, Fatima Food Mart, on 21st Avenue.

"He punched me here," store owner Sarker Haque said, rubbing the back of his neck, and pointing to an ice cream cooler. "I fell down here," he said. "I say, 'What the hell you doing? What's wrong with you?' [The attacker] said, 'I kill Muslims.'"

Police identified the attacker as Piro Kolvani, who investigators said pummeled Haque repeatedly.

"He punched me as much as he can with his left hand," Haque said, choking back tears as he pointed to the arm he'd dislocated last winter that got inflamed again in Saturday's beating.

"He grabbed me here. Then he punched me here," Haque said while pointing to his face.

The daylight attacks on Mister Haque was the latest of recent attacks on Muslims and the Muslim community in New York and the Northeast. On Sunday, somebody threw a pig's head against the wall of a mosque in Philadelphia, a blatant attack against a religion that considers pork unfit for proper consumption


Heir Trump is deserving of the most despicable American of the year award.

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Will Heir Trump Defeat Himself?...

Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

Interesting exchange.

Are we to be driven by fear to act irrationally as Heir Trump advocates or are we to be driven by principle and act as our Founding Fathers and our founding documents would have us act?

As the USA enters a period resembling the early 1930's Germany the rest of the world watches.


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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Trump Nation

Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

Trump Nation, NOT!

If this dude receives the GOP nomination the republican party will probably get what it deserves. DEFEAT

Should he get the nomination AND the country is foolish enough to elect him president it will get what it deserves. A DIMINISHING DEMCATIC RERUBLIC.


Note: Poll standings are not up to date.

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Beyond Trump...

Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

Excerpts from New York Magazine.

In his speech from the Oval Office on Sunday night, President Obama took care to urge his fellow citizens not to equate the extremism of ISIS with the beliefs of Muslims as a whole. “Just as it is the responsibility of Muslims around the world to root out misguided ideas that lead to radicalization, it is the responsibility of all Americans, of every faith, to reject discrimination. It is our responsibility to reject religious tests on who we admit into this country. It’s our responsibility to reject proposals that Muslim-Americans should somehow be treated differently.” Obama made his case on both pragmatic grounds (mistreating Muslims would feed into ISIS’s preferred narrative) and on moral grounds (Muslim-Americans deserve the same rights as the rest of us). Obama’s comments drew particular ire from Senator Marco Rubio, a leading Republican presidential candidate. "And then the cynicism, the cynicism tonight to spend a significant amount of time talking about discrimination against Muslims," Rubio declared on Fox News. "Where is there widespread evidence that we have a problem in America with discrimination against Muslims?"

It is unclear what sort of evidence Rubio would accept. According to FBI statistics, hate crimes against Muslim-Americans, which spiked in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks, have settled in at an elevated level five times higher than before 2001.


Trump has dominated the Republican race by channeling the passions of its base more authentically than any other candidate. Trump’s imprint has been felt in ways that go far beyond his mere chances of capturing the nomination, which (I continue to estimate) remain low. Liberals fall into the habit of assuming that the most authentic spokesperson for the party’s base must necessarily be its most likely leader. The vociferous opposition Trump provokes among Republican leaders guarantees the last non-Trump candidate left standing will enjoy their consolidated and enthusiastic support. What Trump has done is to make the Republican party more Trump-like.

After 9/11, George W. Bush mostly succeeded in channeling nationalistic feelings away from anti-Muslim bigotry. Bush’s departure opened a sewer of ugly sentiments. One early episode of right-wing hysteria focused on a planned Muslim cultural center in lower Manhattan, which conservatives denounced as a “Ground Zero Mosque.” Republicans argued at the time that freedom of religion, which would normally safeguard a minority group’s right to build a cultural center with a house of worship, was overridden by anti-Muslim anger.


Republicans distrust Trump for many reasons, beginning with his short and unconvincing record of loyalty to the party’s well-being. As threatening as they have found Trump’s candidacy, it has the convenient side effect of allowing them to define a general tendency in their party as a personal quirk associated with a buffoonish individual. The antipode of the Democratic belief that Trump is certain to rule the GOP is the Republican conviction that the cancer he represents can be cleanly severed from the body.


Parliamentary systems channel far-right nationalistic movements of the sort Trump is leading into splinter parties. The American winner-take-all system creates two blocs that absorb far-right movements into the mainstream. Rubio, like all the Republican contenders, has promised to endorse Trump if he wins the nomination, a constraint that limits their ability to denounce him. You can’t call a man a fascist while promising to support him if he collects the requisite delegates. Unless Republican elites are willing to actually cleave the GOP in two — and they have displayed no such inclination — they are going to live with the reality that they are part of an entity that is substantially, if not entirely, a party of Trump.

If the GOP is unable to severe the head of the beast from the party America will indeed have a neo-fascist party with representatives working to destroy the promise of our Founding Fathers.

Via: Memeorandum


Trump's Islamophobia is a central feature of his appeal to his supporters:

-67% of his voters support a national database of Muslims in the United States, to only 14% opposed to it.

-62% believe his claims that thousands of Arabs cheered in New Jersey when the World Trade Center collapsed, to only 15% who don't believe that.

-51% want to see the Mosques in the country shut down, to only 16% against that.

-And only 24% of Trump supporters in the state even think Islam should be legal at all in the United States, to 44% who think it shouldn't be.

My Response To Neo-Fascist Fear Mongering Bigot Donald T. Trump...

Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

Not being a religious individual finding religion to have fostered as much harm as good in civilization I find these sort of comparisons interesting in the least and sometimes informative.

Honesty and the willingness to consider the viewpoints of others, in secular life as well as in the religious beliefs of others is really the only way humans have of living together in harmony. However, history has shown, at least to me anyway, that regardless of effort humankind lacks the capacity to understand this. Fundamentalism in the extreme, whether Islam, Christian, or any other religious tenet is damaging in the least and dangerous at its worst.

Unfortunately today we are witnessing damaging incidents perpetrated by Christian fundamentalists and downright destructive terrorism perpetrated by adherents of extreme fundamentalist Islam. What I am most concerned with is not the threat of Islamic terrorism as the "might of the USA", combined with efforts from the rest of the "civilized" world, has the combined capacity to overcome and destroy the evils of fundamentalist Islamic terrorism. What I fear is what fear is doing to the people of this nation, clouding their ability to recognize that to defeat ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other organizations will require working with Muslim nations whose people have suffered by far more destruction and loss of human life than we have at the hands of Islamic terrorists.

Paint me what you will but unless the fearful folks of this nation begin to understand what President Obama and other leveler and cooler heads are saying we will indeed face a longer and more difficult struggle against radical Islamic terrorism. Because until we understand the struggle, and what actually created it, from a different perspective (change ur paradigm) we will continue to help ISIS recruiters fill there ranks.

And now to the Neo-Fascist:



How cool is this?!!?

Monday, December 7, 2015

Women Submit, the Lord Sayeth So...

Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

We are treated to the "wisdom" and faith of Christianity and the fundamentalist Evangelical Baptist Church. Women are to submit to their husbands in everything. There is a divine hierarchy in marriage and women must submit to their husbands, like it or not.

Further, according to Dr. and Preach Ashley E. Ray the feminist movement is destroying America.

Is it only me or does anyone else see some parallels with Islam here?


From the Mouth of a True P*ssy...

Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

Straight from the mouth of one who is apparently scared shitless. Precisely like so many of his rightwing frightwing brethren. A man who obviously will need the protection of the fascist blowhard Trump the Rump.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Tragedy Being Politicized...

Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

Two views, one tragedy.
"We've experienced so much hateful language... such a negative environment has been created around the work that Planned Parenthood does," said Vicki Cowart, president and CEO of Rocky Mountains Planned Parenthood, on ABC News "This Week with George Stephanopoulos."
"We've seen that across the country from all sorts of speakers in the last few months," she added.

"I can't believe that this isn't contributing to some folks, mentally unwell or not, thinking that it's ok to target Planned Parenthood or to target abortion providers."

"We at Planned Parenthood are first and foremost a healthcare provider," Cowart said.

"We provide life-saving services to all kinds of folks, men and women, across our communities," she added.

"And the tirades against Planned Parenthood in the last few months have really been over the top.”



A despicable act of domestic terror. A mentally unstable personality spurred on by inflammatory speech?

What say you?

Friday, November 27, 2015

Rational Conservatism...

Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

A Conservative Manifesto (revised 11/25/15)

 1) Limited effective government with authority granted to it as enumerated in our Constitution

2) A true free market capitalist economy, that is to say a market regulated to insure honest competition. For a market to be free it must be regulated.

3) A judiciary (Supreme Court) that interprets law from a strict constitutionalist prospective.

4) A legislative branch that recognizes their responsibility is to the people and not their own corrupt political interests or those of any special interest group.

5) A government that recognizes the rights of the individual as delineated in our Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

6) A government that views its mandate to tax the citizenry as limited to funding the proper role of government. Which includes providing for the national defense and the general welfare of the nation.

7) A government that recognizes the value of borders, language, and culture and insures that we have effective laws to control immigration into our country. As a nation of immigrants we should remain a melting pot but must do so wisely.

8) A government that recognizes the only appropriate use of deadly force is in the defense of our borders and our people

9) A government that protects the rights of all to free political and religious speech as well as written expression of the same.

10) A government that insures its citizens are protected from crimes against their person or property, and when necessary administers proper and effective redress.

Have fun... adding to, striking from, scraping entirely, whatever. Build a better mousetrap if ya'll like. As for me? I'll check in from time to time and maybe even comment, but higher priorities are now calling.

BTW, this will be an open thread for some time. Keep it respectful, non critical, non judgmental, and clean, so an honest free flowing discussion can take form.

Thanks to all.

Or the Alternative

h/t The Surfer Dude

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Holiday Season is Upon Us...

From Rational Nation USA

Wishing All The Best The Holiday Season Has To Offer And A Healthy, Happy, and Prosperous 2016

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

All Things Eventually Come To An End...

We the People are responsible... in our democratic republic we always have been.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Dream of a Reactionary...

Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

Following is the day dreamed about in the land of wingnuttery. In this idyllic land of reactionary bliss the hands of time are turned back. Evolution takes a back seat to creationism, Christianity is the religion of the land, Science is trumped by faith and mysticism, the market and corporations are free to run totally unregulated, civil liberties are suspended and troops are rushed to the southern border, healthcare is returned to those most concerned with profits, and the list goes on. A true reactionary rightwing UTOPIA.

January 20, 2017

President Marco Rubio and Vice President Carly Fiorina are sworn into office.

In a rare event on inauguration day, Congress convenes for an emergency meeting to repeal the illegal and unconstitutional Socialist healthcare farce known as Obamacare. The new Director of Health and Social Services Dr. Ben Carson announces that an independent group of healthcare management professionals is hired to handle healthcare services for poor and low income people. They are also assigned the duty of eliminating Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Government’s costs for public healthcare are reduced by 90%. Healthcare insurance premiums for working Americans are reduced by 50%. The move saves billions of taxpayer paid dollars. Healthcare service in the U.S improves 100%.

Newly appointed department of Homeland Security Chief Donald Trump announces the immediate deployment of Troops to the U.S. Mexico border to control illegal immigration and the immediate deportation of illegals with criminal records or links to terrorist groups. New bio-encrypted Social Security ID’s are required by every American citizen. Birthright is abolished. All immigration from countries that represent a threat to the safety of American citizens is terminated indefinitely. The move saves American taxpayers billions of dollars. Several prisons are closed.

Newly appointed Secretary of Business and Economic Development Ted Cruz eliminates more than half of the Government agencies operating under the Obama administration saving taxpayers billions of dollars. Stocks rise 100%.

Newly appointed Director of Government Finance Rand Paul announces the abolition of the IRS and displays a copy of the new Federal Tax Return form. It consists of one page. The instructions consist of two pages. The Federal Reserve is audited. The move saves American Taxpayers billions of dollars and increases tax revenue.

Hillary Clinton is in jail, where she belongs. Her cell is directly across from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who are serving time for ‘Hate Crimes”. She bitches at them constantly from behind the bars of her cell in what some might call cruel and unusual punishment.

Bernie Sanders is in the nuthouse, where he belongs. His room is directly across from Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chris Matthews and Al Franken. They meet for tea every day at ten and discuss the success and benefits of Communism and Socialism throughout the world. They also wonder when the “Mothership” is going to pick them up and return them to their home planets.

Windows 12 is released. It is designed for humans, doesn’t try to satisfy the needs of every person on the planet, doesn’t require a degree in nuclear physics to operate and looks just like Windows 7 except it is easier to use.

Oscar Meyer announces the introduction of a new cholesterol and fat free pepperoni that tastes just like regular pepperoni. And a bacon that that has no fat and tastes even better than bacon today!

Not to be outdone, Kraft Foods announces the introduction of several varieties of cholesterol and fat free cheeses that taste just like regular cheese.

A committee is not established to determine what is causing global cooling. Billions of taxpayer dollars are saved. And, believe it or not, though a committee wasn’t formed, the Western world actually understands that doesn’t mean Republicans want dirty air and dirty water, just a better way to solve whatever problems we realistically can and not break the bank.

Dead people are no longer allowed to vote in Chicago, a huge blow for the Democrat Party in the State of Illinois.

ANYONE even suspected of terrorist involvement is on a Search List; once they’re found, they’re immediately put on the Deport List. Their immediately family, parents and wives and children, also go. (this is Z’s own invention!)

Christianity has finally become the faith of most Americans again and nobody thinks it’s a great idea to kick God out of anywhere, including the military; they’ve learned their lesson!

They have found a cure for Autism and a way to keep drugs out of our country!

I receive a call from an attorney in Ireland. He explains that I have inherited a castle and a huge bank account near a coastal village in Ireland from a distant relative and that I need to be in Dublin as soon as possible to sign the papers. Ten hours later I tour our new home and find I also have homes in Munich and the South of France. There is an old Racing Green Porsche roadster in the garage, also part of the inheritance.

And this my friends constitutes THE PERFECT DAY!!!!!!

(I got this from a friend via email yesterday and thought it was fun……tweaked it a lot with my own adjustments/additions)
What would YOU add to it? Let’s try to have fun with this, we all know what you’d want to do about Muslims and Obama…we don’t really need to revisit all of that!


Monday, November 23, 2015

Donald Trump and Another Fictitious Claim...

Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

Donald Trump, perhaps one of the least honest bloviating blowhards in the 2016 republican presidential fields adds to his list of fear mongering lies. His recent claim that thousands and thousands of Muslin in Jersey City cheered on 911 when the World Trade Center came down is a flat out lie.

All of us are aware that Islamic jihadist in the middle east cheered when the WTC collapsed, but there is absolutely no truth to the statement made by Trump. The Donald is playing the politics of fear as he appeals to the low intelligence and low information people who flock to hear his BS. For the Donald it is not about truth, it never gas been. Rather it all abut the Art of the Deal and winning, no matter what it takes.

Donald Trump lacks the ethical standards the howler monkeys claim Obama lacks. Yet when Mr. Lying Trump spews his BS the low intelligence and low information folks not only look the other way they swear he's telling the truth and hi poll numbers climb a bit more.

The Donald has shown he lacks the ethical and moral standards to lead our nation. As the democratic party machinery and H.R. Clinton consider the possibility of facing Trump in the general they must be salivating at the prospects.

Finding myself thinking of an acronym to describe The Donald's character it took all of one second, POS.

From The Washington Post

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: You raised some eyebrows yesterday with comments you made at your latest rally. I want to show them, relating to 9/11.

STEPHANOPOULOS: “You know, the police say that didn’t happen and all those rumors have been on the Internet for some time. So did you misspeak yesterday?”

TRUMP: “It did happen. I saw it.”

STEPHANOPOULOS: “You saw that…”

TRUMP: It was on television. I saw it.

: “…with your own eyes?”

TRUMP: “George, it did happen.”

STEPHANOPOULOS: “Police say it didn’t happen.”

TRUMP: “There were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey, where you have large Arab populations. They were cheering as the World Trade Center came down. I know it might be not politically correct for you to talk about it, but there were people cheering as that building came down — as those buildings came down. And that tells you something. It was well covered at the time, George. Now, I know they don’t like to talk about it, but it was well covered at the time. There were people over in New Jersey that were watching it, a heavy Arab population, that were cheering as the buildings came down. Not good.”

STEPHANOPOULOS: “As I said, the police have said it didn’t happen.”

— Exchange on ABC’s “This Week,” Nov. 22, 2015

This column has been updated.

This exchange demonstrates the folly of trying to fact-check Donald Trump. Even when confronted with contrary information — “police say it didn’t happen” — he insists that with his own eyes he saw “thousands and thousands” of cheering Arabs in New Jersey celebrating as the World Trade Center collapsed during the Sept. 11 attacks.

Trump has already earned more Four-Pinocchio ratings than any other candidate this year. He is about to earn another one.

Find the complete article and video BELOW THE FOLD.

Via: Memeorandum

Update 11/24/15

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Donald Facing Criticism For Remarks That Seem To Support Special Data Bases And Identification Of Muslims...

Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

Donald Trump's response to a reporter's question concerning his position on how the United States should consider handling Muslims has created quite a furor in both political parties and the media. The Donald's response to the reporter was, as he is often wont to do, not very specific, in fact is was as vague as hell.

MSNBC is s news network not often linked to on this weblog as it can often be as partisan as FOX News. Having said that, Rachel Maddow did a seven minute segment on the Trump controversy that was reasonable and balanced. It is proper that on a matter as critical as domestic security, civil and human rights that a candidate's position on such matters is clearly understood.

Follow this link to the video segment during which Maddow pressed the issue, highlighting the The Donald lack of specifics.

Of course The Donald is trying to walk back his remarks by attempting to place responsibly (blame) on the reporter who asked the questions.

Via: Memeorandum


Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

History is replete with examples of the power of fear and ignorance, to which even the great can fall prey. Franklin Roosevelt calmed a nation in bleakest days of the Depression, but he also signed the executive order imprisoning tens of thousands of American citizens for the crime of Japanese ancestry.

In our time, disastrous things have been done in the name of safety: the invasion of Iraq, spawned by delusion and lies; the creation of an offshore fortress, sequestered from the Constitution, to lock up those perceived as threats, no matter the cost and injustice; an ever-expanding surveillance apparatus, to spy on the people, no matter the futility.

Al Qaeda and the Islamic State did not compel us to shackle ourselves to a security state, or to disgrace our values by vilifying and fearing refugees and immigrants.

This bitter truth is lost on the politicians now grasping for the Republican presidential nomination, whose guiding principle seems to be a crowd-pleasing strain of bullying cowardice. There is Donald Trump, who voiced his support for the registration of American Muslims. Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz think there is something proudly American about imposing a religious test on desperate refugees.


Something the good people of our nation need think long and hard about. Choices we make today will shape our future, the future we leave our children and grand children.

Real and Truly Patriotic Americans will think about the values that separate Americans from those who wish to do us harm..

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Jeb Bush Getting This One Right...

Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

Bush has it at right on the question of closing Mosques and Trump, like is so often the situation, has it wrong. Unfortunately Mr. Bush believes only Christian refugees from Syria should be among those admitted to the USA.

“When you talk about internment, you talk about closing mosques, you talk about registering people, that’s just wrong, I don’t care about campaigns,” Bush said.

Bush continued, “It’s not a question of toughness. It’s manipulating people’s angst and their fears. That’s not strength, that’s weakness.”

“I find it abhorrent that Donald Trump is suggesting we register people. That haunts to a time that no one wants to go back to,” Bush added later in the interview.

Rubio kind of sort of danced around the issue but his message, although carefully worded, is very close to Trump's.

“It’s not about closing down mosques. It’s about closing down anyplace, whether it’s a cafe, a diner, an internet site, anyplace where radicals are being inspired,” Rubio said.

“The bigger problem we have is our inability to find out where these places are, because we’ve crippled our intelligence programs, both through unauthorized disclosures by a traitor, in Edward Snowden, or by some of the things this president has put in place with the support even of some from my own party to diminish our intelligence capabilities.”

“So whatever facility is being used, it’s not just a mosque, any facility that’s being used to radicalize and inspire attacks against the United States, should be a place that we look at,” Rubio said.

Entire article BELOW THE FOLD.

Of course the federal government shutting down religious institutions is a direct violation of the constitution and ones right of religious freedom. But that little detail apparently hasn't crossed the Trumpster's dictatorial.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

France is Godless, Deserved to be Attacked... Walid Shoebat

Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

The following is from a "Christian" website. One can only imagine what Jesus Christ would say were he here today.

Don’t Pray For France, France Is A Godless Nation That Deserved To Be Attacked. France Supports Terrorists And Kills Christians, And Needs To Be Punished

The people who were killed in the rock concert, what were their last words? They were singing a song, “Kiss the devil”. They died, not as martyrs for Christ, but as worshippers of the devil. They were worshipping Satan, and we are suppose to feel sorry for them? They kissed the devil, and the devil came to them and slaughtered them. I say, to hell with them. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

The attacks in Paris is part of God’s Providence. Suffering is needed, in order to bring people to the One Who suffered for them.

Via: Memeorandum

CNN Report on Global Terrorism... Is President Obama and His Administration's Approach In Combatting it Right?

Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

Given the recent terrorist attack in Paris France it is understandable the heightened concern in the USA over possible terrorist attacks again being unleased on our soil, and indeed the possibility is real. However, the 24/7 barrage of negative media coverage, mostly from FOX "News", the GOP hyperbole with respect the how President Obama and his administration is handling the threat, as well as its policy on taking Syrian refugees into the USA is lacking of rational thought and analysis. Responding out of fear rather than an understanding of facts and a sober analysis of the possible repercussions of our actions is both foolhardy and dangerous. The following report helps put things in perspective.

CNN - The deadly terror attacks in Paris and Beirut last week are consistent with a worldwide trend of increased terrorism -- now at its highest level ever -- according to a new study.

Deaths from global terrorism increased by 80% in 2014 with 32,658 people being killed, says the study.

The report highlights that despite 78% of terrorist acts being concentrated in five countries -- Pakistan, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq(emphasis added)--terrorism is spreading, with more countries recording attacks and deaths than previously.

The Global Terrorism Index report, which was released Tuesday, says there has been a "dramatic rise" in terrorism over the last 15 years. There are nine times more people killed in terrorist attacks today than there were in 2000.

Islamist groups Boko Haram and ISIS together were responsible for 51% of claimed global killings in 2014.


Most deaths from terrorism are not taking place in the West. Excluding the 9/11 attacks, since 2000 only 0.5% of deaths from terrorism have occurred on Western soil(emphasis added).

Of the attacks that did take place in the West, "lone wolf" attackers are the main perpetrators -- causing 70% of all deaths since 2006.

The majority of "lone wolf" attackers are a mixture political extremists, nationalists, racial, religious and white supremacists and, to a lesser degree, Islamic fundamentalists.


"Terrorist activity is a significant driver of forced migration," cites the report. "Ten of the 11 countries most affected by terrorism also have the highest rates of refugees and internal displacement. This highlights the strong connection between the current refugee crisis, terrorism and conflict."

Political violence and conflict are the two factors most closely linked to terrorism.

Between 1989 and 2014, 92% of all terrorist attacks took place in countries where state-funded political violence was widespread.

Drivers of terrorism differ however. In developed countries, socioeconomic factors such as lack of opportunity and low social cohesion are significantly linked to terrorism. In less-developed countries, internal conflicts, political terror, and corruption are strongly linked to terrorism.

Since there are clear sociopolitical factors that foster terrorism, it is important to implement policies addressing these associated causes, said Steve Killelea, founder of the Institute for Economics and Peace. "This includes reducing state-sponsored violence, diffusing group grievances, and improving respect for human rights and religious freedoms, while considering cultural nuances," wrote Killelea {MORE BELOW THE FOLD}

Those who are really thinking this through know that President Obama is acting reasonably, rationally, and in our nation's best self interest as well as those of other Western nations.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Will the GOP Survive as a Viable Political Party?...

Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

Following are closing paragraphs excerpted from a Wall Street Journal op ed article by Michael Brendan Dougherty.

To many Republican primary voters, the politicians' race is populated by traitors in waiting. They look ready or even anxious to cave on religious liberty, or on mass immigration. Maybe immigration and economic insecurity for the working class are going to do to the Republicans what these issues have been doing to major parties in Europe.

No longer can the politicians' race be conducted as if the populists' race doesn't exist. If today's Iowa and New Hampshire poll numbers look anything like the future results of those states' presidential contests, the bubbled existence of the politicians' race will be the greatest self-delusion in modern American politics. If they want to win, the leaders of the politicians' race need to actively push Trump and Carson out of their way and find a way to attract their supporters. If the politicians don't fight for their party, someone else might just wreck it for them.

Mr. Dougherty certainly makes his point. If the GOP leadership and the party moderates do not react and respond to the fears of the working class and present strong arguments centered on truth and reason, challenging the questionable statements made by Trump and Carson, then the once credible and respected GOP is likely to be destroyed from within.

Read the complete article RIGHT HERE.

Via: Memeorandum