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Islamophobia is certainly alive and well in the United States of America. A nation founded on religious tolerance, at least that's how the Founding Fathers saw it and our secular government was to operate, today we are allowing bigots, hate mongers, ultra nationalists, and neo-fascists (like Donald Trumpf and his admirers) to steer the course of the nationaway from our founding principles. Demagogues and zealots like Trumpf and Lyons, without any proof plunge ahead spewing the hate the right feels towards not only Muslims but also our Christian President.

Fear and hate is driving the right into a frenzy. President Obama's reasoned and reasonable approach to combating terrorists and Islamic extremists who foster and engage in terror activity is the rational approach. Working with Muslim countries as well as European counties in the effort to eradicate terrorism is the only sensible approach.

Admiral Ace Lyons, who received an award from CSP alongside Sen. Jeff Sessions earlier this year, took a question from a woman in the audience who told him, “I’d like to know why no one — that’s literally no one — is gutsy enough to call a Muslim a Muslim in our White House. It’s pretty obvious that he is.”

After what appeared to be a brief consultation with Gaffney, Lyons responded: “Well, all I can say is he certainly acts the part, doesn’t he?”


“When the president of the United States is not interested in America leading or America winning, then you understand that greatest threat to our national security resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” Lyons declared to applause.

Obama, he said, has been pushing policies that are “anti-American, anti-Western, but pro-Islam, pro-Iranian and pro-Muslim Brotherhood.”

“I have to ask you,” he said. “Why would an American president embrace the Muslim Brotherhood when their creed is to destroy America from within by our own miserable hands and replace our constitution with Sharia law? It makes absolutely no sense.”


Via: Memeorandum


  1. Isn't this wackot one of the regulars at the fright wing blogs? He certainly sounds like one of their denizens. Admiral Ace Lyons? Even retired military people can get all funny in the head. Just because he's a one-time admiral doesn't prevent his brain from going soft. We'll always have conspiracy nuts with us, military background or not. Poor guy. Must be off his Metamucil.

  2. Lyons runs a consultant firm that thrives on exactly the rhetoric he uses. He makes money spreading fear and hatred.


  3. I did not know that Jersey, but honestly it does not surprise me.

    Unfortunately there is money in spreading fear, bigotry, and hate. There always has been.

    Humans are an incredibly stupid species in general.


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