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We live in troubled and dangerous times. A very real possibility of a prolonged 21'st century clash of western civilization and Islamic fundamentalist extremism exists. How the west handles the growing threat will quite likely determine the length and severity of the destruction.

If blanket bigotry and fear such as that being hawked by Donald J. Trump and the millions of others who share his diseased mindset prevails the world is in for a long protracted bloody battle the world over.

On the other hand if leveler heads, guided by a deep understanding of Middle Eastern history prevail it is possible the threat will be contained and eliminated with less bloodshed and destruction.

Understanding that Muslims in the Middle East and Africa have thus far suffered much greater terrorism, destruction, bloodshed, and loss of life than the USA is important. We must show the Muslim world, Islamic extremist jihadists aside for a moment, that we are willing to ally with them in the fight to end the terror and destruction in their homelands.

We must be willing to aid refugees in finding safety, and we must put religious ideology aside and discontinue treating all Muslims as if they wish to destroy us. They don't.

Vigilance and the heightened concern for our safety is absolutely necessary and we must combat the extremist Islamic terrorist threat for certain. But let us not forget our principles and what this nation has always stood for, as well as against, in the process.

Trump and his minions are as great a danger to our values and constitutional principles as the outside threat of ISIS.

Now on to the immediate visible threat.

ISIS has released chilling new footage depicting its apocalyptic vision of the end of the world.

It has titled the video 'Meeting at Dabiq' which refers to the location of a final battle between the 'Crusaders' and the 'Believers'.

The video also shows an ISIS 'armoured unit' advancing towards the Colosseum in reference to the 'armies of Rome'.

In the footage the terrorist organisation shows a dead fighter being kissed by his comrades, a Jihadi on horseback trying to look like a honourable soldier and groups of men with the majority too scared to show their faces to the camera.

The propaganda video then shows a convoy of cars driving at sunset, before switching to a man raising the black and white flag of ISIS.

It then moves on to show the ISIS flag over Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Iraq before parading the flags of the countries it has decided, ISIS is at war with.

The British flag is one of 60 on the screen.

Last week, the terror group also released a new video threatening terror attacks in major cities across the world.

Two jihadists dressed in army fatigues could be seen in the video launching a series of threats against Paris, New York and Moscow.

The video emerged just one day after MPs voted to launch air strikes against ISIS in Syria.

The video shows the two men sat on a beach before one speaking English begins his tirade against the West.

He says the "revenge has started" and the "blood will flow".

He then adds: "France was the beginning. Tomorrow will be Washington. It will be New York and it will be Moscow."


Via: Memeorandum


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