Monday, November 9, 2015

Nuff Said... ?

It was 2012 but the situation has, if anything, progressed downhill with respect to red party candidates and party leadership.



  1. The really sad part of that graph is that both parties are below 25% in the true column. Less than 1 out of 4 true statements is unacceptable from anyone or any organization. Why do we accept it from our politicians?

  2. Yes Jerry it is unacceptable. Why we accept it? I think the reasons may be many. Not the least of which is many simply vote for who they believe is the lesser of two evils. Also many simply vote without ever checking the truth of "their candidate or parties statements.

    Of course there is always the truth people like to hear what they like to hear, true or not.

    Do you think it will change in our lifetime? I am certainly not optimistic.

  3. Well, the trouble you guys are talking about is the trouble with dumbed-down, sound-bite, easy-answers-to-tough-questions rhetoric. If you read Politifact a lot, like I do, you know the tiers of truthfulness are usually measures of what is provable or not, on to disprovable - essentially what is theory and what is fact and what is just made-up. The Dems tend to deal more with facts, while the GOPers tend to deal more in theory, a little. Far more often, however, does the GOP tend to deal in outright fabrications.


  4. Your observation with respect to the GOP is one I completely concur with. At one time the GOP was aligned with many, however not all, of my views and principles. Since the rise of the neo cons, evangelicals, and tea-publicans the GOP has drifted into the Netherlands of fabrication, mysticism, and outright idiocy so far it is impossible in my view for the really thinking women or man to continue to hang on in hopes of the party returning to reality.

    When supposedly intelligent folks can support the candidacies for president of the likes of Trump, Carson, Huckabee, Cruz, (Bachmann in 2012), and Santorum just to name a few, I had to scratch my head and move away, far away from the looneys that are in vogue in the tea party/GOP today.

  5. You're both right on the money, as they say. It's not just that facts don't matter, facts are the enemy. Listen to them howl when anyone asks them a question. Carson wants moderators to flatter, not to quiz. And when they do get caught being ignorant or confused or lying through their dentures they talk about the facts being "liberal."

    I'm sure as hell not optimistic at all

  6. RN, JMJ, Cap et al... it seems that the one word many of these GOP candidates are unable to use is HOW!

    How specifically Mr Trump are you going to make America great? How Mr Rubio, after your tax cut, are you going to balance the budget? How Mr Carson, do you propose to remake the health care system?

    Because the minute these guys get specific, people will run for the hills.

    It is reminiscent of when Walter Mondale ran for President. He told the truth... we're gonna raise taxes and Reagan killed him for saying it, and then after the election, pushed through the then biggest tax increase in American history.

    We are short of revenue and have cut all the expenses Americans are willing to cut, so the usual GOP mantra will be impossible to sustain.

    But they can't say it, or the GOP will no longer exist.

    That's the truth...


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