Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Free Speech Protected By Courts Decision In Citizens United Case

Rational Nation USA came out in support of the recent Supreme Court decision in Citizens United. The argument by the liberal establishment was it would in effect increase the influence of corporations and other "fat cat" interests if you will. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Restrictions on direct contributions remain in effect.

The most important consideration in reversing campaign laws was the protection of free speech for all. Particularly political speech, and specifically any and all dissenting viewpoints. If the government has the power to curb political speech it finds undesirable it becomes open season on liberty and we all become losers.

The Cato Institute puts forth a compelling and objective argument for restricting the governments power to control or prevent free speech and expression of thought, and why the Supreme Courts reversal was appropriate.


  1. you know, i never could understand the reasoning behind any restrictions for contributions to candidates. if a candidate gets a $1000 what difference does it make whether that was a single donation or the 10 donations of $100 or a 100 donations of $10?


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