Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gary Johnson, a Man for the Times...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

Gary Johnson at the Paul Festival | Photo: Jaime Roocke-Sherman -

Libertarian Party candidate for president Gary Johnson will be the standard bearer of the Ron Paul Revolution going forward into the future. As the Liberty movement and the Paul Revolution continues to pick up steam it is critically important that individuals who cherish individualism and liberty, that understand and desperately want a return to limited constitutional government, that want every individual, regardless of race, ethnicity, religious affiliation or sexual orientation to be free to live their lives as they chose within the constitutional laws of society stand up and cast their ballot for Gary Johnson on November 6th.

There are many,  they number in the several million, that support what the Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson stands for but will vote for Romney simply because of their disdain for the  job President Obama has done since being elected. There are millions more who will vote for Obama simply because of their distaste for Romney. It simply amazes how anyone can vote for either candidate, Romney or Obama when in reality they are merely shades of each other. Voting for Romney or Obama) simply means voting for the "lesser of two evils"  and either will insure the continued downward spiral of our nation into fiscal insanity and increasing statism. In other words continued fiscal instability, continued deficits and increasing debt, continued loss of individual liberty,  increased dependency on government, continued polarization of the populace along religious, ethnic, and racial lines, and more will be the reality if either WMR or BHO becomes president. Unfortunate as it is, we all know one of them will.

Gary Johnson understands his run for the presidency is a long shot at best. He knows that  to get 34% of the vote,  with Romney and Obama splitting the other 66% is mathematically just not going to happen. Gary Johnson understands this, and he rightfully views this year's run as building momentum for the future. He knows the exposure he gets over the next two plus months will be invaluable in helping to fuel the Liberty Revolution and keep it alive and growing into 2016.

In yesterday's issue of the SUNSHINE STATE NEWS Candidate Johnson reflects on his purpose for running and outlines his positions.

“I think I’m the next president of the United States, based on the 1.9 million people who have taken the test at And interestingly, I side with more Floridians and Texans than any other state.”

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is not very well known outside of his home state, but over the next couple of months the Libertarian Party presidential candidate hopes to send a strong message to the nation’s political establishment by siphoning enough votes away from Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney to throw off the November general election.

“I hope that I would get labeled as a ‘spoiler’ from the standpoint of people actually focusing on what it is I am saying, and that this changes the way whoever wins governs,” Johnson told Sunshine State News in an exclusive interview Saturday at the 2012 Ron Paul Festival.

Johnson’s Saturday address at the three-day pow-wow, sponsored by his newly adopted political party, was one of the gathering’s major highlights, as he worked a standing-room-only crowd of thousands of disaffected conservatives and libertarians to a fever pitch while knocking off the various planks of his presidential platform.

“Libertarians are fiscally responsible and socially accepting, and I think most people in this country fall into that category,” he tells Sunshine State News. “Libertarians are going to be real good on civil liberties and are going to be dogged on balancing the budget.”

Johnson rejects conventional wisdom that says his candidacy will necessarily tip the election, if at all, in favor of the Democratic ticket. “This question has been put to a test through polling,” he says, “There’ve been four states [so polled]: in two states I take more votes from Romney; but in two other states, New Mexico and Colorado, I take more from Obama.”

Johnson’s appeal to the American center-left is readily understandable when one considers his stance toward some of the issues most contentious even within the so-called “liberty movement.” Abortion is one example. “I fundamentally support a woman’s right to choose,” he declares. “My own personal beliefs on this issue mirror the law of the land. The law is that the woman has the right to choose [abortion] until the fetus is viable, when it is possible to sustain the life of the fetus outside the womb, even by artificial means. This was my own personal position even before I understood the law on the issue. My own personal position on the issue and the law of the land are the same.”

Still, Johnson insists that his political stance on the matter is virtually identical with that of the staunchly pro-life Ron Paul. “I would appoint Supreme Court justices based on their commitment to interpreting the constitution on the basis of original intent,” he explains. “That needs to be the fundamental criterion for a Supreme Court justice. Though I would not ask them their opinion on Roe v. Wade [the 1973 Supreme Court ruling which declared abortion a constitutional right], it is my understanding that, based on that criterion, that Supreme Court justices would in fact overturn it,” thereby rendering abortion a subject for each individual state to legislate on.

But when it comes to homosexual marriage, the Libertarian candidate differs sharply from the Texas congressman. Paul believes the federal government shouldn’t be in the business of defining or regulating marriage at all – indeed, he believes state governments shouldn’t be doing so either, but that they should limit themselves to enforcing contracts, while leaving it to individuals or their voluntary associations (e.g., churches) to define marriage however they please. {Read More}

Gary has so much to offer a weary and fiscally unstable nation. He is not about BS and hyperbole or lying about the nation's realities like the New Neo Fascist rEpublican pArty candidate and the New Statist Socialist pArty candidate are. He is about telling the truth, telling it like it is, and he is for the sound fiscal policies that will bring down the debt. He is for choice and believes in limited government intrusion into your personal affairs. He believes in opportunity for all and helping to create the environment where everyone can grow and prosper. He believes in the value of hard work, self reliance, working together as an American team, and thereby unleashing the great American spirit and can do attitude. Rather than creating dependency on government and the divisiveness that has become so prevalent today.

Anything is possible if we believe and work hard enough to achieve it. Perhaps even winning the White House in 2012. Having said that, realistically the jewel awaits us in 2016. But we must get vocal in 2012, write letters to the editors, if you have a blog pitch the value of Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party, Volunteer time and or make a contribution if you can, talk about Gary Johnson and his ideas to anyone who will listen, and especially important go to the polls on November 6th and do the right thing, VOTE Gary Johnson for President of the United States.


  1. So he wants the Constitution interpreted according to original intent but but don't touch Roe?


    y the way, Robert Bork, well known originalist has stated that the 2nd only grants you the right to join a militia.

    Careful out there.

    1. This ducky is certainly more relevant than you dragging Bork to this post...

      A great compromise was reached when the Federalists and Antifederalists concurred that the Constitution would be ratified subject to the agreement that the first Congress would consider amendments. James Madison did just that by proposing what became the Bill of Rights in 1787. Federalists explained that what became the Second Amendment would protect the right of the people to keep and bear their private arms, which would guard against tyranny and the evils of a standing army. However, proposals to increase state militia powers were rejected.

      Thomas Jefferson, a life-long hunter and gun collector, wrote just before his death in 1826 that “all power is inherent in the people; . . . it is their right and duty to be at all times armed.” The understanding by his generation of the Second Amendment was clear and unmistakable—as its text states, it recognizes “the right of the people” to possess and carry arms. The Constitution defines the respective powers of the federal and state governments, but the Bill of Rights speaks largely of individual rights. If the Second Amendment is no exception, what it protects—and what restrictions government may impose—will continue to be hotly debated.


    2. Jefferson was, after all, a revolutionist.
      Any difference than today's revolutionists who call for armed revolt and seek atomic weapons because they are the leveler of violence against oppression?
      King George was quite the oppressor, but he could not hold a candle to 20th century oppressors like Stalin, Hitler, or Mao.
      Many around the world see America as an imperialist, oppressor. Some with good reason.

    3. Ducky: The right of the individual to keep and bear arms makes sense from a Constitutional point of view, and also it is the best course in terms of public policy.

      If you have a phobia and ignorance concerning firearms, by all means you are free to not have any. Problem solved.

    4. Anon said: "Many around the world see America as an imperialist, oppressor. Some with good reason."

      Actually, those who see the US this way are completely ignorant, and quite typically they seek to be oppressors and are only angry that the US has gotten in the way of their mad dreams. No, there is not "good reason". Unless perhaps you are, say, a Navajo.

    5. The Shaw of Iran and other puppet heads of State the US is responsible for, who then treated their people horribly. There are other examples but you obviously don't know, or will deny those facts.

  2. I would love to get Mr. Johnson up on the stage with those two pandermeisters. Unfortunately, unless the man can get his numbers up to 5-10%, to include him, you'd also have to include the Green Party nominee, the Socialist party nominee, the Constitutionalist party nominee, etc.. I mean, I personally don't like it but it is what it is.

  3. "There are many, they number in the several million, that support what the Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson stands for but will vote for Romney simply because of their disdain for the job President Obama has done since being elected."

    And because Romney could actually win. Unfortunately, Johnson cannot.

    Ducky: Robert Bork doesn't sit on the Supreme Court, so who cares? More importantly though, the reasons you lefties hate him is because his legal opinions stem from a coherent philosophy and are not emotion-laden and agenda-driven.

  4. Always wondered what a political messiah looked like

  5. Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" has dubbed the Republican Convention: "RNC 2012: The Road to Jeb Bush 2016"

    How right they were!

    1. Indeed, and with any luck Jebbie will be seen and understood fr what he really is.

  6. Voting for Gary Johnson?

    1. LOL! What appropriate names for Barrackside and Fluffy Mittens.

  7. There's at least one person who agrees with you, Les. Brace yourself. It's George Soros. Yep, he says that there probably wouldn't be all that much difference between a Romney and Obama administration.......Not that Mr. Soros would ever even consider voting for Johnson, mind you.

  8. ".Not that Mr. Soros would ever even consider voting for Johnson, mind you."

    True. Soros has strongly fascistic leanings, consistently favoring the interests of the ruled over those of the rulers. It is said that he grew up under both Nazism and Communism. It is obvious that he learned nothing from either.


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