Friday, August 10, 2012

The Faces of Tyranny in America

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

I don't often bring back and reprint articles published previously. However, after spending a fair amount of time in what is known as progressive blogistan (or more appropriately the stated... The Pit of Confusion) I decided to visit my own archives. Mostly to refocus my attention on the task ahead. Which of course is to debunk the vile rhetorical venom the left is so full of.

Before moving ahead I suppose I should explain to the more conservative and high Libertarian readers why exactly I decided to subject myself to the myriad of misrepresentations, as well as being called everything from a raaaaacist, to a anti Semite, to a bigot, to a drunk, to a child molester, and many other things the confused hate filled left has called me, with not one iota of proof to substantiate it.

The "tolerant" left, as they like to called (never mind that it is an erroneous description) has the most effective attack machine and evasive methods known to mankind. They were sure as hell not going to accept an outspoken conservative/libertarian in their midst. UNLESS of course I bought everything they said hook line and sinker. Something this independent thinker has never been willing to do, for anybody. In short, a lot of the left are nothing but hypocrites.

To be fair, using a word the left understands well, they would because it is a non concept, I must state, unequivocally, that there are indeed many left leaning individuals who are reasonable and present rational arguments. Many show no malice when you with them and do not attack you personally just because you disagree with them. They simply accept the disagreement and go on their merry way as do rational conservatives and Libertarians.

It is the elitist snobs that are in control of the progressive movement that we of the rational Libertarian and conservative movement must attack, and attack viciously. Attack by underscoring their lies and the tactics they use. Expose the politicians they control for the real dangers they present to all Americans. Americans of ALL races, ethnicity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, ages, and socioeconomic standing. Remind the liberty loving people that it about control over the lives of the individual that the left is most hungry for. If anyone doubts this truth just look at all the regimes of the socialist totalitarian left of the past; The Soviet Union, Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, Fascist Spain, Communist China, Communist Southeast Asia, add more if you need to.

Irrespective of what the leaders of movement left will tell you THEY want nothing less than to snuff out individualism, freedom of speech, and the liberties that past generations have fought and died to preserve for their posterity. I say, Enough is Enough! It is time to dismantle the progressive machine that is bent on destroying freedom and liberty in the United States of America.

Having said the above, as this site is really about liberty prevailing over tyranny, I must also point out those on the far right who support things such as the Patriot Act, Citizens United, that would deny the right of homosexuals the same freedoms and happiness as heterosexuals, that would deny women their reproductive rights, that demonize any religion but Christianity and Judaism, that attempt to restrict equal opportunity for all regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, that seek to demonize our black President on groundless accusations of not being an American, etc. are just as dangerous as the seething left I have described above. We of the Liberty Movement must be better. We must rise above our opponents on the left and on the neocon and socon right that would oppress us in a heartbeat were we to allow them.

This nations is in the throes of great and unsettling times. The decisions we make today, the politicians and bureaucrats we allow to run OUR GOVERNMENT will determine not only our liberties and freedoms, but the liberties and freedoms of yet unborn individuals for generations to come.

The question to be answered is this, are we willing to fight for the liberties that our Constitution guarantees us? Or are we going to march like good lemmings to the sea of oppression that the extreme left and neocon and socon right have in store for us if we do not resist them.

This site is not a supporter of either the Republican Party and Mitt Romney or the Democratic Party and President Obama. This site is a supporter of liberty for all, both political and economic, and a strong advocate for the candidacy of Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party for president of these United States of America.

Now, if you have stuck with me this long here is the article from the archives that I believe is truer today than when I wrote it.  Certainly it will re-inspire me going forward to fight the insidious forces of tyranny and oppression. I hope that in some small way it might inspire you as well.

Long live truth and the American Republic!!!

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

When you spend enough time in progressive collectivist blogistan, aka the land of the lost, it imparts a certain feeling of being lost in a fog. Sort of like the feelings you experienced on those foggy and dreary mornings waiting at the bus stop for the school bus to arrive. You just knew it was going to be another very long day when the teachers were going to expect you to learn something when you would rather bring doing something else. At least that's the way it was for me, and it's just how it was in progressive collectivist blogistan.

Really though, putting the analogy aside, there are similarities and differences.

One, I chose to subject myself to the the incessant kool aid of the left, whereas I had no choice but to go to school if I wanted to learn and some day be able to support myself. Two, I learned nothing from my experience in left blogistan other than ... nope, like I said nothing. Three, I learned a great deal from my school experience and for the most part was fortunate to have teachers that taught facts and allowed me to think for myself and draw my own conclusions.

That of course was back in the day when educators actually spent their time educating rather than indoctrinating. Having said that I must acknowledge there are many teachers who are dedicated and aspire to teach their students how to develop critical thinking skills. In fact, my baby sister is an educator and she does just that. She is a conservative with an open mind that teaches her students it's okay to think differently if you can back up your position with reasonable supporting arguments.

For all the talk you hear from the progressive collectivists about progressives being the true defenders of liberty and free thought it amazes me just how closed minded and fanatically adverse they are to anything that differs from their cherished and usually emotional viewpoint. For the most part they consider themselves to be the elite and thus have all the appropriate answers. If you don't believe it just ask them.

My time in the land of the lost also reminded me of the book Animal Farm. The book that pitted the animals (the working class) against their owners (the bourgeoisie) in what depicted the classic class struggle. After the animals threw their masters off the farm and ran it as a collective with all animals being equal things were okay for awhile. But before they knew it the pigs, who were the smartest begin to change the rules of the democratic collective and gradually installed themselves as the rulers of the people. They declared themselves more equal because of their superior intellect and knowledge.

By the end of the story the animals wanted their old masters back because they were treated by far better with them running the farm than with the pigs running the farm as progressive collectivist dictators.

The thing I noticed in the land of the lost is that if you agreed with the progressive line all was well. They all seemed to sit around in their fog and echo the same chorus line about how everything would be so much better if only the nasty, dirty, bigoted racist, homophobic, delusional right (as in republicans, libertarians, and conservatives) would just go away and let them play and romp in the nirvana fields of progressive collectivist thought.

As much as I would love to disclose the most virulent of these sites where anybody who dare oppose their views, or in any way make a curt disparaging remark about one of them will be threatened and intimidated so as to shut the person up. I know because I faced such intimidation. Yet on the pages of many of these sites all conservatives, Tea Party supporters, and republicans are maligned, called the most disparaging names, and mocked. However should I name any of these sights there will no doubt be more intimidation.

Progressive collectivist blogistan, aka the land of the lost is truly Animal Farm. And they wish to impose their elitism and world view on the rest of us. If you haven't read Animal Farm by George Orwell, I highly recommend it. The political ideology is still alive and well in the progressive collectivist movement. And that my fellow true defenders of liberty is where the danger lies.

Note: The term blogistan I borrowed from fellow RN USA writer Silverfiddle. Thanks and I hope you won't think of me as plagiarizer.

Editors Note: Graphics compliments of Left Coast Rebel.


  1. I haven't posted at a progressive site in months, Les. I mean, I know that these people don't particularly care for Reagan and all but the man did say something that they should probably take to heart; "We have political opponents, not political enemies."

    1. In the eyes of the progressive left anything or anyone that stands in the way of their collectivist
      desire and obsession for complete control over the individual and eliminating individual liberty and freedoms, with the individual becoming subservient to their statist collectivist ideology IS THE ENEMY.

      The gloves are off, I've had it with the hypocrisy and damn lies from the left, Enough is Enough!

      And when the rightist neocons, socons, and idiots of Statist RHINO wing of the republican party raises it ugly head the same applies.

  2. Les,

    I all honesty, I just don't see this movement you're so concerned with. I just don't see some socialist, or progressive, or whatever the hell you think it is, movement in this country.

    I see a complex capitalistic society with a federal government mostly consumed with the military, as far as the private sector is concerned. And what federal programs we do provide - Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, (and the rest is nothing really) - the business sector mostly embraces.

    It seems to me the only expenditure we could realistically, politically do without is the ridiculous military sector. And then, to fix the big two - Medicare and Social Security - we need direct, progressive taxation, something we really don't have now.

    It really isn't so terrible, and it can be done. But there are people out there with particular interests who feel their's will be harmed. The vast, vast, VAST majority of us would only benefit, and in the end, the whiny, dumb, lazy, idle rich will only gain as well.

    So, Les, for all your complaining, what the hell are you complaining about?



    1. Either it's ya got blinders on or you suffer from an advanced state of metal cataracts.

    2. JMJ that is classic disinformation. Deny Deny Deny, never admit to anything.

      Many on the conservative side believe truth and justice will prevails and then overlook the tactics being employed against them. The fact is that the goal of the left is not noble it is destruction in the name of power.

      The numer one tactic of the left, today, is to enforce only the laws that promote their agenda. You can see it in Obama's actions and if you attend any progressive conference there is a section called "sueing to enforce laws." This is the cornerstone in portraying our republic as a place where laws do not matter, fair play does not exist, and the will of the people is irrelevent unless they agree with progressives.

    3. "The numer one tactic of the left, today, is to enforce only the laws that promote their agenda."

      Boy you said a mouthful of truth there!...

  3. I used to post at a certain leftist blog. but I think it really jumped the shark when it posted a "comedy" piece from somewhere else that specifically bashed Herman Caine mainly for his skin color. You know, the type of thing that is supposed to be bad when conservatives do it. The left-wing host of the blog thought it was funny, and specifically defended this racist "humor".

    I should have seen it coming. The same blog bashed Bobby Jindal earlier for being "colored".

    In the scorched-earth politics of these folks, "any means necessary" to achieve political victory is justified. Even using the worst sort of racism.

    I don't post there near as much.

    To address JMJ. He said: "I all honesty, I just don't see this movement you're so concerned with. I just don't see some socialist, or progressive, or whatever the hell you think it is, movement in this country."

    How can you not see it? It is large, and it is strong. They in fact had a high water mark of sorts last year with the Occupy movement. This movement, at various times, holds the interest of from 25% to 40% of the population. That's really too large to miss. They are not absent from the halls of power, either: with between 1/3 and 1/4 of representatives and top government officials aligned with them.

    This movement is very large and visible in so many ways: from argumeents in legislatures to letters in newspapers. I can't see how you don't see that. If you happen to think that the Occupy movement is not "progressive" at all, then I respectfully submit that you are using some very unique and personal political definitions (assuming 'progressive' as the current fad term for leftist and liberal).

  4. Jersey: Social programs dwarf military spending.

    1. Precisely. Having said that we simply must trim the MIC and its out of control interventionist foreign policy and endeavors.

    2. Are you kidding, Silver?

      One less jet could fund a university for year.

      Get real.


  5. Speaking of comedy, I usually don't juxtapose the words, progressive and humor. I mean, I know that Rachel Maddow is always giggling like a little girl and all but she really doesn't postulate anything funny. It has to be some sort of secret handshake or something.

    1. Exactly.

      Evasion, obfuscation, and basically avoiding reality, the practice of the left. That and they have Nothing at all to offer except BS. Probably because of the former.

  6. "we need direct, progressive taxation, something we really don't have now."

    Jersey, this is just an insane remark. Our income tax system is now more progressive than Europe. How much more do you want to shift the burden to the rich before you'll be satisfied?

    1. jmj is often wont to express insane positions.

    2. To reinforce this, the top 10% pays 71% of the total federal income tax now (this, despite the fact that they only make 43% of the AGI).

  7. Out of town traveling with family. No computer access. Comments will be published Sunday late afternoon upon my return.

  8. dmarks,

    Take "law and order" and the military out of that, and our country, where we live, would be on solid financial ground. All the nonsense you guys complain about? Nothing compared to the cannibalistic, socialist, police and military states. And if you remove the wars and hawkish policies? No deficit. Period.

    I know Les understands this too. You, I believe, do not.


    1. I do understand that our military's expansive interventionist policies and the resultlng expenditures are rife for trimming. Neo-cons do not.

      I ALSO understand that the social entitlement programs that feed on themselves and create ever increasing dependency on a nanny state only too willing to provide more is in need of trimming as well.

      The cliff looms closer...

    2. "And if you remove the wars and hawkish policies? No deficit. Period."

      It is hard to remove "wars" other nations force on us, like happened in 9/11. Well, you can remove them, by fighting back. Which you seem to oppose, while it does work.

      Anyway, assuming your premise, it is false. The total "cost of war" is only one-tenth of the total deficit amount of Bush and Obama.

    3. Also, JMJ said "Take "law and order" and the military out of that..."

      Those are actually two of the main legitimate functions of government.

      Not giving free healthcare to rich adults (SCHIP), not fish atlases (Bill Clinton said it was an emergency). Not in promoting official government news organs 9npr, PBS). Not more giveaways to retirees of means (Bush prescription drug benefit for seniors). Not $30+ billion in gifts to the auto industry (thank you Obama). Not giving millions to a bunch of already-rich ruling elites (the overpay of Congress, Cabinet, etc).

  9. Rejection, intolerance and rude repudiation of sentiments and opinions -- or even subject matter, itself, -- that does not sit well with the prevalent mentality in any group with common hopes and dreams is rife. It is not peculiar to leftists only.

    I doubt if there is anyone who does not demonstrate the desire to censor or upbraid someone, somewhere who stands for something that seems outlandish or wrongheaded to the observer.

    Without fully realizing it most of us fall into patterns that subscribe to one set of orthodox opinions or another. People are by nature followers. Those with true leadership capacities are rare. So, most of us fall into line behind "someone" sooner or later.

    The Walt Whitman identity was handed to me when I first established a blog of my own. I am not really student of his works, and have never been one of his greatest fans, but Whitman said one thing that sticks in my mind: "BE CURIOUS NOT JUDGMENTAL."

    Frankly, I think that's the best advice anyone could give anyone.

    Nietzsche warned us to beware of anyone who shows a penchant for wanting to punish others.

    I would add: Beware of the urge to dismiss, denigrate and condemn anyone without making an earnest effort to understand and appreciate him first.

    True liberty comes through tolerance and understanding of even those things to which we feel an instinctive aversion.

    ~ FreeThinke

    1. "Seek first to understand, then to be understood." Covey I believe, great advice for leaders, applicable to all.

  10. It's sad about leftwing blogs and their intolerance to the slightest leaning away from far leftism, RNUSA, isn't it. Some of us conservative bloggers argue pretty hard, but I don't see quite the amount of pure hatred for the left there. I remember when Tony Snow died and Huff Post crashed in the weight of the revelry from the left. When Ted Kennedy passed away, I checked the Con. blogs and everyone was talking about not admiring him politically, but wishing the family well. There's a big difference in the sides and I doubt that the left realizes that.
    i hope you had a nice time away and that your wife's feeling better.

    1. The collectivist left by and large is the more intolerant political group in my not so humble view. There are a few exceptions of course. Just as there are a few freak show exceptions on the conservative side of politics.

      Thanks Z, we enjoyed the grandson and he enjoyed his weekend in NY. Mrs. Rational is doing fine, although after the weekend with the almost 4 year old dynamo shes pretty pooped.

  11. Z, you either did not know or have forgotten what the late hatemonger, Andrew Breitbart, who is admired by many on the right, including Silverfiddle, said when Ted Kennedy died:

    Soon after Kennedy's death, conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart began a sustained assault on Kennedy’s memory, tweeting “Rest in Chappaquiddick.”

    Over the course of the next three hours, Breitbart unapologetically attacked Kennedy, calling him a “villain,” “a big ass motherf@#$er,” a “duplicitous bastard” and a “prick.” “I’ll shut my mouth for Carter. That’s just politics. Kennedy was a special pile of human excrement,” wrote Breitbart in one tweet.

    When it comes to hate and intolerance, the Right has a pretty wonderful reputation for that, you just refuse to see it.

  12. Breitbart was out of line with his comments at the time of Kennedy's death, no question.

    While I thought Ted Kennedy was a slime ball since 1969, I disagreed with the majority of his political views, he was a rich boy who didn't earn his wealth, etc., but none of that mattered at the time of his illness and subsequent passing. Breitbart was wrong, completely wrong with his public statement at the time.

    I'm just curious Shaw why you brought it up now, particularly in response to Z's comment, which by and large are true. I suppose it's all the left has. Like Silver has said you're great at diversions. Breitbart is not the issue and he has also passed.

    I know you disagree Shaw but Breitbart was right politically on many things, his remarks at the time of Kennedy's death were classless. So, where do you go now Shaw?

    Oh, and be sure to say hi to Stevie, the bigoted lying pile of collectivist human excrement for me.

  13. Breitbart's comments were the exception, not the rule, Shaw.

  14. Great post, Les. I also have many personal friends who are on the left side of things; most of them are lovely, wonderful people whom I believe are simply misguided, misinformed or have misplaced solutions/sympathies. On the other hand, the collectivist leftists on the net (for the most part) are the most vile, hating, intolerant bunch of folks I have ever had the misfortune of coming across. I just don't understand why they hate my beliefs and belief system so much.

    1. Thanks Tim.

      I know many reasoned lefties that while not sharing certain of my beliefs do not attack my integrity, misrepresent my statements, or fabricate out and out lies. Most liberals I have known and worked with are actually engaging and intelligent individuals, ones who support themselves and their families. In fact many have issues with progressive collectivists that seem to want the nanny state to take care of everything for them.

      Really Tim it is all about power and control. If you can destroy the individualism in a person and replace it with the collectivist mindset you have seated the hook. Then comes the slow insidious growth of entitlements provided by the nanny state. As the dependency grows, and liberties are slowly eroded, the collectivists have firmly entrenched themselves in power and become an elite class of their own.

      That is the short analysis. But therein lies the reason 'they hate your beliefs and belief system', you, and millions just like you and me (and this include the young, the middle age, the elderly, black, Hispanic, white, Asian, Christian, Muslim, Jewish,...) still stand in the way of their quest to control American society so it function as they see fit. And only as they see fit.

      I could go on but it is time for me to tackle another chore. Thanks for stopping in and commenting. Always good to hear from you.

  15. dmarks: "Breitbart's comments were the exception, not the rule, Shaw."

    He said those things, dmarks, and it sure sounds like you're making excuses for them. Exception not the rule?

    You can't be serious. I have a collection from rightwing blogs that destroys that fairy tale idea.


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