Monday, January 25, 2021

Meet The Morons Of State And Local GOP Governments...

 Meet Your Local Republican Insurrectionist

A new HuffPost tally finds over 20 GOP state and local lawmakers or officials were at the D.C. rally that turned into a violent insurrection. Here are their names.


At least 21 state and local Republican officials attended the Jan. 6 rally in Washington, D.C., that turned into a violent riot, according to a new HuffPost tally, many of whom are now under pressure to resign. 

They traveled from 16 different states, arriving for the “Stop the Steal” demonstration on the White House Ellipse, where they watched President Donald Trump tell incendiary lies about having been robbed of reelection. He then told the crowd of thousands to march on the Capitol. 

In the crowd that day were 13 members of state Houses or Assemblies; three state senators; a county commissioner; a city council member; a GOP congressional district chair; a district director; and a co-chair of the Michigan Republican PartyThe group also includes a QAnon conspiracy theorist; a self-described member of a fascist militia; and a man who once declared that “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.” 

Only two of those GOP officials appear to have breached the Capitol property itself that day, and have since been arrested, but the prevalence of Republican legislators and party functionaries at the demonstration underscores the party’s rank complicity in fomenting a historic insurrection. 

For the complete list of names and the full article CLICK HERE.

Make no mistake about it, the GOP is becoming a dysfunctional political party with a destructive authoritarian ideology. As a result the party has become a clear and very present danger to our democracy and the democratic republics established by our founders.

The GOP needs to go. NOW!

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