Wednesday, November 18, 2020

A "Man" Of Very Low Character...


Lindsey Graham Is the Worst

A former staffer explains why Graham is everything that’s wrong with American politics.

When Senator John McCain, a close friend of senator lindsay graham passed away graham lost the moral compass and ethical influence of Senator McCain and became his real self. An unethical, hypocritical, self serving a*shole. Deciding which side he believed best buttered his bread he fell in line with the trump,  a "man" he had savaged in 2015. He became, along with trump's other sycophants an enabler to the most dishonest and corrupt president in modern history.

On to the article...

Enabler To The Most Corrupt President In Modern History    (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

THE BULLWARK - worked for Lindsey Graham’s 2016 presidential campaign as his national director of ballot access and delegates. As part of his senior staff, I spent one-on-one time with Graham advising him on different political initiatives related to getting him on every primary ballot and securing delegates for the Republican convention. I worked for him because I saw him at the time as a man of moral clout who was unafraid to speak his mind and who would be a good guide for the American people.

Needless to say, I was wrong.

Since Donald Trump took office, Graham, the man who told America that Donald Trump was nothing more than a “race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot” has morphed into one of the most fawning Trump sycophants in the entire GOP herd.

When I speak to former colleagues of mine who are—or were—in the Republican sphere that includes Graham, the conversation about “what happened to Lindsey Graham?” usually ends with the conclusion that he is scared to death of what life would be like if he wasn’t a U.S. senator.

In an interview in February 2019, Graham was asked why he had such a dramatic shift of allegiance towards Donald Trump. His answer: “From my point of view, if you know anything about me, it’d be odd not to do this.” When asked what “this­” meant, he said “try to be relevant.”

Appareently it is much more important to be relavant to a corrupt bigoted a**hole like  trump than it is to be ethical and moral for graham. When one jettisons ethical and moral behavorors it becomes very easy to support corruption and rampant lying by a pyhchologically damaged president.

It seems that for Graham, changing one’s operational code to fit the political climate so as to stay close to power is not just acceptable—it’s part of his inherent identity. The flippant manner in which he speaks about not standing on principles makes it clear how he could go from telling Americans they should “tell Donald Trump to go to hell” to effectively licking Trump’s boots on command.

Every politician moves and shakes in some way—it’s the nature of the beast. But for Graham, his song and dance has been more aggressive than most. It includes lies, over-the-top rhetoric, immoral conduct, and a direct assault on our democratic institutions.

Some of the highlights: aggressively encouraging Trump to subvert the Constitution by redirecting Congressionally appointed money; allowing his campaign team to go unpunished for using a racist dog-whistle against Jamie Harrison; failing to stand against Trump’s attacks on John McCain when his old friend passed away; reneging on his word that he wouldn’t support a SCOTUS appointment in the last year of a presidential campaign; mocking the juror oath he took for Trump’s impeachment hearing.

Add it up, and you have a man of low character.

A "man" of very low character will naturally follow another "man" of very low character. And so, whittle lindsey graham sold his soul to the devil.

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