Tuesday, October 27, 2020

It Didn"t Have To Be This Way, Were It Not For trump...


‘Death Panels’ – Utah Hospitals Prepare To Ration Care As COVID Cases Spike

And So It Begins: Utah Hospitals are preparing to ration care as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to place an intolerable strain on the state’s healthcare industry.

Greg Bell, president of the Utah Hospital Association, reports that administrators of the state’s hospitals gave Governor Gary Herbert a criteria they will be using for rationing care when “they are forced to decide which patients can stay in overcrowded intensive care units.” 

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UPDATE: Hat tip Progresive Eruptions


  1. I linked to your post, RN. It's a chilling story. Trump has known since January how serious this pandemic is, and here we are, 10 months later, and states are still struggling to cope with the sick and dying, having to make life and death (real death panels!) decisions!

    A monumental failure on Trump's part. He never cared. He worried only about his re-election and how he could minimize the pandemic fallout on his re-election. That didn't work. We all know how he actually made things worse by having those super-spreader rallies and mocking people who wear masks.

    The guy who always thinks he's the smartest punk in the room has been exposed as the fraud that he actually is!

    1. It has become very personal for me at this point Shaw. My oldest son and his family live in Salt Lake City. He recently contracted Covid-19 (from one of his employees), as did his entire family. My son ended up in the hospital with pneumonia in both longs, a blood clot (he has factor 5 leiden, and wsa released because he's only 43 and in good shape. Fortunately my daughter-in-law has experienced very mild symtoms amd our grand children, while positive appear asymtomatic at this time.

      While trump has no responsibility for this specific incident he IS directly responsible for the egregious lack ofleadership that has brought us to this place. If he is reelected I fear will over 500,000 will die and maybe the 2.2 million projection if we did nothing may very well becom a possibility.

      For the health of our people and natiion this jackass MUST go!

      BTW, thanks for the link Shaw!

    2. The Two of you are FULL OF SHIT up to your eyeballs.

    3. You, being the illogical fool that you obviously are are entitled to your idiot beliefs.

      Have a fine day now ya here trumpard.

  2. Oh, RN, I'm so sorry your family had to go through that. Sending your son and his family healing thoughts.

    Earlier in the year, around late March, my daughter-in-law had what is now known as Covid toes. My son was not feeling well -- he had a cough for a month, but nothing else, and my two grandkids were mildly ill. Everyone's fine now. We know that my d-i-l had Covid toes, but the rest of the family couldn't get tested at that time because they weren't sick enough (this was in up-state New York).

    This has been a monumental failure on Trump's part. How anyone could even entertain voting for a failure for another 4 years is a mystery to me. The people who support him are cultists, so I guess that explains their slavish attachment to him.

  3. So it’s Trump fault? And not you sons?


    1. What a stupid fool you are. Being a trumptard cultist your inability to recognize the Orange Turd you support has direct responsibility for his abject failure to provide the kind of leadership that would have created the environment that would have resulted in a FAR lower positivity rate and FAR fewer deaths is astounding. That's the point you dunce.

      Now you have a fine day a hear.

      BTW, do not bother to comment again. I do not suffer fools gladly and therefore you You will NOT be publised again.


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