Thursday, August 25, 2016

HRC's Lead Continues To Hold... BUT

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Donald J. Trump, the chameleon GOP presidential candidate who is tripping all over himself in the effort to remake his shoddy image, continues to trail HRC in the race for the White House. A Reuters/Ipsos State of the Nation project out today shows HRC with a 95% chance of beating DJT if the election were held today.

If the U.S. presidential election were held today, Democrat Hillary Clinton would win the key swing states of Florida, Ohio and Virginia and have a 95 percent chance of beating Republican Donald Trump to become America’s first female president, according to the Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation project.

The project, which combines opinion polls with an analysis of voting patterns under different election scenarios, shows Clinton currently beating Trump in the popular vote by six percentage points and ahead in 19 states, including most of the larger-population ones that heavily influence the outcome of the election.

At the moment, Clinton would win at least 268 votes in the Electoral College, the body that ultimately chooses the next president, just two shy of what she needs to win the White House. On average, the former secretary of state would win by 108 electoral college votes.

Trump would win at least 21 states, many of them with smaller populations, giving him a minimum of 179 electoral votes.

The election is still 10 weeks away, and a great deal could change prior to Nov 8. The candidates are running about even in eight states, including Pennsylvania, Michigan and North Carolina, and the polling sample is too small to determine the winner in Alaska, Wyoming and Washington D.C. But Trump would need to win the 21 states currently in his column and sweep all of the remaining "toss-up" states to win the presidency.


With indications the race is tightening a bit since Trump hired a new campaign management team and began his remake of himself, it is a possibility he could pull off a victory. Something that should send electric shock waves through all who understand the danger Trump is to our democratic republic.

Read the full Reuters/Ipsos BELOW THE FOLD.

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  1. Trump is supposedly "softening" his stand on immigration in hopes of attracting more voters. But then, it was unreasonable that he could "keep up" his "hard" stand on illegal aliens. I predict that his campaign will continue to "limp" along, and his "softening" will be impotent.

  2. Jerry! LOL!

    It's true! It seems Trump has "little" to show for all his bragging!

  3. LOL, Shaw. Yes, for all his bragging, he seems to becoming "up" and little "short".

  4. You never know. If he has done this well so far without taking the campaign seriously, he could be a threat if he suddenly decides to.

  5. If Trump actually were to become serious, do his homework and learn the art of politics, he indeed could pose a real threat. A threat to our civil liberties, a threat to our national security, and therefore a threat to our representative democracy.

    I'm betting he is incapable of being anything but the buffoon that he is.

    10 weeks and we'll know...

  6. You knew exactly what I meant by "threat", obviously....

  7. I honestly don't think Trump could stay on message and not say something crazy if his life depended on it. He should consider shoving those very short little fingers into his huge mouth for a couple of months.

  8. I admit of bias, but can't help but notice the candidate's surrogates on one hand are fairly reasonable, while the other's seem snarly and aggressive. I won't say which, but IMO, the press has dug into Hillary's
    foibles while giving a free pass to a candidate I suspect has interesting and ugly financial dealings, particularly with the mid and far east. In essence we are presented with one candidate who is great because
    he says so, and another which should be in jail because he says so...and there is a part of the public which
    buys that (along with creationism, sasquatch and UFOs)

    1. "...and there is a part of the public which
      buys that (along with creationism, sasquatch..."

      Little hand, Big Foot.

  9. Ayup, and this dude is rapidly beginning to NGaF.

    Partisanship. extremism, the inability to discuss critical issues rationally, the preference for the 30 second sound bite. the shunning of serious and critical long form journalism for sensationalism, the current distaste for cordial... respectful... and well thought out dialogue between opposing viewpoints, the inability to understand the value of compromise between intelligent people, and the "we must win at all cost (the scorched earth mentality) practiced by both right and left has this weblog operator considering shutting down for good.

    You BB Idaho, as well as others, do not fit the profile of the Americxan reality described above. But, many do, and frankly, the new position is this weblog is fine, let them have a hay day destroying the bemocratic republic they all claim to love so much.

    Seriously, let the people speak. Frankly, as stated previously, WGaF at this point. We are simply too far gone to fight it any longer.IMO

    1. Given Trump's campaign managers coming through the revolving door, Lewandowski, Manafort, Ailes, Bannon, etc, with their arrogant manners and sordid backgrounds, we ponder the makeup of a Trump
      cabinet. That, among other concerns is why I still GaF!

  10. As I see we're screwed either way BB Idaho. In other words you have the choice of picking how you want to get screwed.

    Fighting the inevitable is pointless actually.

    1. As I see it the degree, severity and ruination of the screwing may bear. Although for the partisans
      both candidates seem to offer that.

  11. I disagree BB. For the truly non partisan it is evident that both candidates are pandering to their base. Neither candidate is fully honest and trustworthy.

    Once again we are faced with a choice of the LESSER OF TWO EVILS . In 2016 the choice as much starker. My many posts have pointed that out.

  12. Clinton is more of the same. At least we know what that is. Trump is the manifestation of anger, hate, and bigotry. We know what that is too. The world dealt with it 70 years ago. I'd rather go with what is, rather than what was. Perhaps in 2020 we can start dealing with what will be.


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