Saturday, August 13, 2011

It is What It Is... The Question To Ask Is, Does It Have To Be So?

Via: Someone Who Cares

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  1. As the political treadmill ROUND and ROUND, and the extremes in both major parties continue their mutually destructive agenda's without regard to the nations health, few of the nations citizens and true patriots will take the time to understand the issues confronting the nation and thereby confronting them.

    Sad it is that sound bites and non stop biased reporting from MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and even FOX to a degree is how the majority of the electorate gather their info and make important decisions.

    Half of the nation is asleep, lulled by the siren song of entitlements for all and no need for responsibility for ones decisions, and the other half believe its not really important.

    A certain recipe for unrest and ultimate uprising.

    As we twiddle DC burns...

    Thank you Clinton, Bush, Obama. AND THE US CONGRESS!!!!

    Anyone willing to bet, how long before we become the UK? Taking on all comers...


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