Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Donald Importing Foreign Labor While Running On Claim He'll Protect American Jobs...

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The Donald has been talking about how if elected president he would protect (save) American jobs. Of course The Donald has not been clear on exactly how he would accomplish this; in fact he has given absolutely no specifics at all. From Reuters we learn just what The Donald has been up to with respect to filling jobs within his own companies.

Donald Trump is staking his run for U.S. president in part on a vow to protect American jobs. But this month, one of his companies, the elite Mar-a-Lago Club resort in Florida, applied to import 70 foreign workers to serve as cooks, wait staff and cleaners.

A Reuters analysis of U.S. government data reveals that this is business as usual in the New York property magnate's empire.

Trump owns companies that have sought to import at least 1,100 foreign workers on temporary visas since 2000, according to U.S. Department of Labor data reviewed by Reuters. Most of the applications were approved, the data show.

Nine companies majority-owned by Trump have sought to bring in foreign waitresses, cooks, vineyard workers and other laborers on temporary work-visa programs administered by the Labor Department.

The candidate's foreign talent hunt included applications for an assistant golf-course superintendent, an assistant hotel manager and a banquet manager.

Two of his companies, Trump Model Management and Trump Management Group LLC, have sought visas for nearly 250 foreign fashion models, the records show.

Trump’s presidential campaign and a lawyer for the businessman declined to comment. The Mar-a-Lago Club could not be reached for comment.

The analysis of Trump's history of actively importing foreign workers comes as he has emerged as an early front-runner in the race for the Republican nomination in the November 2016 presidential election. Trump has positioned himself as a champion of American workers whose livelihoods are threatened by illegal foreign laborers and the offshoring of U.S. jobs

“I will be the greatest jobs president that God every created," he said in announcing his candidacy on June 16. "I will bring back our jobs from China, Mexico and other places. I will bring back jobs and our money."

Trump generated both notoriety and buzz by singling out Mexican immigrants in the United States. “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best," he said in the speech. "They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists."

In a speech on July 11, Trump distinguished between those working legally and illegally in the United States, saying thousands of "legal" Mexicans - "incredible people" - have worked for him over the years.

The Labor Department records don't specify the nationality of the foreign workers sought by companies. But Trump could be bringing many Mexican workers into the United States.

Reuters examined records of applications for three categories of temporary work visas - the H-2A, H-2B and H-1B programs - submitted by employers to the Labor Department.

The Donald, aside from being a bombastic narcissist and basically an totally self serving individual, is also a goddamn hypocrite


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Friday, July 31, 2015

Cruz Talks Tough, Criticizes Jeb Bush and Romney For Not Being Hawkish Enough...

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Senator Cruz, a 2016 GOP presidential candidate ramping up the volume and hyperbole. Another of the saber rattling pro war republicans. Sound bites lacking substance sells. Particularly among the attention challenged rightwing nationalist war hawks.

Remember co president Big Dick Cheney and the ensuing Iraq fiasco? You're seeing his reflection.

THE HILL - Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Thursday hit fellow Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush and 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney, doubling down on his criticism of the nuclear deal with Iran.

Cruz maintained Thursday that if world powers lift sanctions on Iran in exchange for the country curbing its nuclear program, members of the Obama administration "will be the leading global financiers" of terrorism.

"When you send billions of dollars to jihadists trying to kill Americans, you bear responsibility for the murder they carry out with the money you have given them," Cruz said on the "Chad Hasty Show."

"You know, one of the reasons Republicans keep getting clobbered is we have leaders like Mitt Romney and like Jeb Bush, who are afraid to say that," Cruz said.

Continue reading BELOW THE FOLD.

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Mike Huckabee, Knight of the Religous Right Would Use Federal Troops and the FBI to Stop Abortion in the United States...

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As GOP presidential candidate and ex Arkansas governor takes it completely off the rails. - Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee indicated Thursday that if elected, he wouldn’t rule out employing federal troops or the Federal Bureau of Investigation to stop abortion from taking place in the United States.

Though the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against bans on abortion, Huckabee said past presidents have defied Supreme Court rulings.

The comments came at two public speaking stops on a tour of Iowa.

In response to a question from the audience at the Pizza Ranch in Jefferson, Iowa, Huckabee said he would “invoke the 5th and 14th amendments for the protection of every human being.”

Both amendments contain due process protections against depriving people of life without due process of law.

“Would that be a huge controversy?” the former Arkansas governor asked. “Yes.”

But he argued that scientific advancements have now verified that unborn babies are human beings — information he said wasn’t necessarily available when the Supreme Court issued its 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

“I will not pretend there is nothing we can do to stop this,” Huckabee said at the event, where a Topeka Capital-Journal correspondent was present.

At his next stop, in Rockwell City, Huckabee answered follow-up questions from the correspondent, saying: “All American citizens should be protected.”

Asked by another reporter how he would stop abortion, and whether this would mean using the FBI or federal forces to accomplish this, Huckabee replied: “We’ll see if I get to be president.”

He said he would use all resources available to protect U.S. citizens.

Huckabee said past presidents also have defied Supreme Court rulings. He cited Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, and said Lincoln had ignored the court’s 1857 Dred Scott v. Sandford decision — which found that black Americans weren’t citizens — when he emancipated slaves. He didn’t clarify in what way Jefferson had violated any court rulings.

Huckabee also said the Roe v. Wade decision was wrong to cite the right to privacy as a reason for abortion being permissible.

“Privacy doesn’t allow you to take a life,” he said.

Huckabee, a staunch social conservative, has focused much of his long-shot bid for president on social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage.

Abortion has resurfaced in recent weeks as a hot topic in Washington following the release of three videos by an anti-abortion group purporting to show Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of fetal tissue.

Several bills have been introduced in Congress to cut federal funding of Planned Parenthood and ban the sale of fetal tissue. The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts will investigate the state’s two Planned Parenthood facilities in response to a request from Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback.

It is getting ever more difficult to distinguish the American religious right (GOP and religious conservatives) from other countries that are heavily influenced by or controlled y theocratic rulers. Buyer beware!

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Donald Lowering Expectations for First Presidential Debate Appearance...

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Next week ten GOP presidential candidates will face each other in the opening debate of the 2016 presidential campaign. Donald Trump, the bombastic, narcissistic braggart is presently leading the GOP field in all major polls. He has accomplished this through controlling media focus and by his tough guy talk on immigration. Trump has touch a chord that resonates with a significant segment of the American electorate. Playing on Americans fears and by pumping up the volume on his rhetoric and bromides he has managed overshadow other more qualified and serious candidates.

THE HILL -GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Thursday he has “no idea” how he will perform in next week’s Republican 2016 debate.

Trump argued that he is a man of action rather than words during a news conference in Turnberry, Scotland, that afternoon.

Perhaps Mr. Trump is a man of action rather than words, but as a candidate for the presidency of the United States it is incumbent on him to provide specific policy portions on issues of national importance as well as his vision for America and how he plans on leading the country in achieving his vision.

“As far as preparing for the debates, I am who I am,” he told ABC News.

“I’ve never debated before, I’m not a debater,” Trump said. “I get things done. I don’t talk about it, I get it done.”

There is no question Mr. Trump is who he is, and unabashedly so.

If nothing else it should prove interesting (and maybe entertaining) observing the non debater and a man who has been very short on specifics field what hopefully will be hardball and complex questions on policy and leadership.

“Politicians talk about it,” he added. “They debate all over the place and nothing happens. I’m sort of the opposite.”

Trump then refused to guess on how he will fare during next week’s televised contest with nine other White House hopefuls.

“I have no idea how I’ll do,” he said of the Aug. 6 debate on Fox News. “Maybe I’ll do terribly, maybe I’ll do great.”

Effectively debating issues requires an in depth understanding of the issues as well as the ability to convey a coherent plan of action. In other words you have to know what it is you want to accomplish and have a strong convincing plan as how you are going to get there.

One gets the sense Trump is likely going to "wing it" with a minimum of preparation, relying on his bombast and hyperbole to carry him. But never underestimate the Donald. He just might surprise us all and actually provide reasons to consider voting for him should he accomplish the highly unlikely and actually receive the GOP nomination.


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