Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Threat Of Religion Rising In Our Secular Constitutional Government...

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In America, the nation whose constitution assures the right of every citizen to worship the God she or he pleases, we now have a candidate for president who is running to ... “show this country the face of the God that we serve.” < According to Sen. Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi.

Rafael Cruz, the senator's father made a similar statement a month ago saying his son is running for president in order to “share the love of Jesus Christ” with “every person in America of every race, color and creed.

These statements in and of themselves should cause considerable concern in anyone and everyone who values their religious freedom and the secular government our Founding Fathers left to us. However there is yet more. Rafael Cruz has also said that the "presence of the Holy Spirit" convinced his son to run for president. Essentially implying his son was chosen by God to run for president.

I wonder if the Christian God is to be Cruz's chief advisor in all things should he win the presidency. Maybe it's just me but a Cruz Presidency, or even more frightening a seat on The Supreme Court, are the last thing this nation needs. If it values its heritage.

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Could It Happen Here?...

Looking at this from a realistic and rational perspective one would, I believe, have to acknowledge it very well could.

It is questionable whether the 2'nd amendment to our constitution will continue to be interpreted as giving ALL law abiding citizens the right to keep and bear arms or whether it will change via progressive thought that the amendment means only a well regulated militia, which of course includes law enforcement officials.

It is reasonable to consider that should our legislative, judicial, and executive branches someday all be controlled by a progressive majority who believes, for whatever reason, that firearm confiscation is in the nation's best interest you can almost bet it will happen.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Ron Paul Gives Bernie Sanders a Boost... Sort Of

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“On occasion, Bernie comes up with libertarian views when he talks about taking away the cronyism on Wall Street, so in essence he’s right, and occasionally he voted against war,”...

"It's hard to find anybody -- since Rand is out of it -- anybody that would take a libertarian position, hardcore libertarian position on privacy, on the war issue and on economic policy,"...

“So I always say: You can search for a long time, but you’re not gonna find anybody in the Republican or Democratic primary that even comes slightly close to ever being able to claim themselves a libertarian,”

So, the way I read this is, if you aren't voting Gary Johnson you should be voting Bernie Sanders.

It just makes sense...

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