Friday, April 3, 2020

The Lying Clowns of FAUX NOOZ...

After spending weeks downplaying the deadly virus that now has nearly the entire U.S. under some form of lockdown, several Fox News stars are now attempting to gaslight viewers by claiming they sounded the alarms over the coronavirus all along while it was actually the media and Democrats who dismissed it.
The network’s most-viewed primetime host Sean Hannity has recently devoted much airtime to insisting he has “always taken the coronavirus seriously,” despite no less than a month ago suggesting the pandemic might be a “deep state” plot to hurt the economy or, at another point, claiming concerns over the novel virus was a “new hoax” designed to “bludgeon” Trump.
Like many of his Fox colleagues, Hannity suddenly changed his tune late last month on the virus after President Donald Trump finally pivoted to treating it seriously. The Fox star and unofficial Trump adviser has since taken aim at Democrats and critics who have rightly called out his previous coverage, claiming that all along he was the one warning of the coming disaster while they were the ones turning a blind eye.
But despite Hannity’s perceived confidence in his coronavirus coverage, video and audio recordings do exist. The Fox star spent weeks misleadingly comparing the deadly virus to the seasonal flu while claiming Democrats were “politicizing and actually weaponizing an infectious disease” to “bludgeon” Trump. (Those comments throughout February and March that Democrats were nearly identical to those infamously made by now-former Fox Business host Trish Regan, who, on March 9, with an on-air graphic blaring “Coronavirus Impeachment Scam,” insisted the outbreak was “another attempt to impeach” Trump and “demonize and destroy the president.” 
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Jared Kushner Says States Should Have Planned Ahead Before Joining The Union

WASHINGTON—Speaking at a press conference to address the growing Covid-19 pandemic, White House senior advisor Jared Kushner admonished resource-stricken states this week that they should have shown some foresight and planned ahead before joining the Union. “To any governors coming to me and saying the White House hasn’t given them what they need, I would urge them to ask why they didn’t consider these possibilities centuries ago when they first joined together into a federal republic?” said Kushner, singling out Texas’ governor in particular and questioning why the Lone Star state didn’t simply start stockpiling their own ventilators or face masks back in 1884 when they allowed the United States to annex them from Mexico.””Some of you, like Massachusetts or Virginia, have actually had several hundred years with the knowledge that our Constitution grants significant independence in resource allocation to individual states. Frankly, you could have decided way back in 1776 that this setup wasn’t for you. Instead, you impulsively formed a unified nation without even considering the consequences. I’m sorry if I don’t sympathize here.” Kushner stressed that he was tired of hearing excuses from states that didn’t begin building a respirator cache in the 18th century because they were busy with westward expansion or that modern germ theory simply had not yet been developed.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Incompetence and Heroes, The Era of Covid-19

WASHINGTON, DC, US, March 31, 2020 –Today, The Lincoln Project released its newest digital video entitled, “Heroes”, highlighting the heroism of everyday Americans in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In the midst of this global health crisis, we have seen amazing acts of humanity, kindness, and courage,” said Jennifer Horn, co-founder of the Lincoln Project.
“Each day, as we hear about the catastrophic consequences of COVID19 spreading across the country, we also witness the extraordinary efforts of our health care workers, first responders, and community leaders as Americans come together to take care of each other as we fight this global pandemic.
“The truly courageous and selfless acts of health care workers, separating themselves from their own families to work tirelessly around the clock to save lives, inspire us all. Community kitchens reaching out to feed the hungry, organizations stepping up to support the most vulnerable in our communities, and folks reaching out to care for their elderly neighbors are just a few examples of Americans going to great lengths to serve others in difficult times.
“‘Heroes’ reminds us all that regardless of our differences, in the face of crisis, we always come together as a nation. This is America at her very best.”
The first case of COVID-19 in America was reported in January, 2020. It has since spread to every state and jurisdiction, infecting more than 120,000 and killing more than 4,500 people. This global pandemic has been declared an international health emergency. In 2018, President Trump ordered the National Security Council’s global health security unit, a team of officials responsible for global health, biodefense, and health security issues, to be disbanded.

The following excerpt is provided to reinforce the reality that the current administration has been woefully inept and is in fact un-American in many ways. Excerpt starts now:

Trump Has Broken the Republican Party—and Conservatism—for Good 
Once upon a time, Congress was not afraid of doing its job of oversight and legislation.
Once upon a time, members of Congress of the same party as the president were not terrified to criticize him—even though he was popular with his base and the nation was at war.

Once upon a time, the institutions of a free government and a constitutional republic worked.
To compare little things to great: Some of us who’d preferred John McCain to George W. Bush in 2000, became strong supporters of the Bush administration after 9/11. We believed Saddam Hussein had to be removed and encouraged President Bush to act.
At the time, it was not an unusual display of independence, let alone courage, for conservatives to criticize the Bush administration on any number of issues, including the conduct of the war after just a few months. Some conservatives called for more troops, for a change in strategy, and for that matter, even a new secretary of defense.
This was not unusual. National Review had been critical of Reagan on various fronts during his presidency, though the relationship between that president and that magazine was unusually close. The Weekly Standard had become sharply critical of Newt Gingrich as speaker even though the magazine was started in the wake of, and under the influence of, the Newt-led Republican victory of 1994. And this impulse toward intra-party criticism was not unique to conservative. Many liberal commentators had found plenty to criticize in the behavior and policies of the Clinton administration soon after Clinton and the Democrats came to power in 1993 and of the Obama administration after 2009.
None of which seemed like an especially a big deal. At the end of the day, most people joined the side they were on, but that didn’t mean that they relinquished the capability to clearly assess and comment on the shortcomings and mistakes of their side. That was both the intellectual world we lived in, and, for that matter, the political world members of Congress lived in. Sometimes people broke with the president of their own party.
In that world, the Republican party was able to recover after Nixon, or Gingrich, or Bush, because—whatever one thought of particular policies or the new leaders—it had not sold its soul to those individuals.
In that world, conservatism could survive failures, ranging from moral to political to strategic, because as a movement it had a standing superior to and somewhat independent of any of particular actor.
No longer. It’s Trump, all the way down.
We have now reached the terminus of craven loyalty and pathetic apologetics. I don’t see how either the political institution of the Republican party or the intellectual movement of conservatism recovers from what we have seen over the last three years—but especially the last three months.
And so we will need to think anew, and to act anew.
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Sunday, March 29, 2020

10 Reasons Why Trump is Arguably the Worst President in Our History and More...

10. Donald Trump Is Not Used to Listening to Anybody Else
9. He Has No Substantive Policies
8. Donald Trump Has No Interest in the Broader World
7. He Has No Political Experience
6. Donald Trump Is a Terrible Financial Manager
5. He’s Morally Questionable
4. Donald Trump’s Business Dealings Are Also Questionable
3. Donald Trump Sues Everyone
2. He’s Been Here Before
1. He’s Intolerant and Insulting

A list that is completely accurate. And, it is also incomplete. So, to add some of our own.

A) He is a narcissst
B) He is a misongynist
C) He is lacking in empathy 
D) He is a liar and a con man
E) Trump is divisive as well as a racist
F) His attention span is shorter than a 3 year old

For more in depth analysis click HERE and HERE and HERE.

After 3 plus years in office Trump has shown repeatedly that he is compleely unfit for the office he holds. It is time for ALL REAL PATRIOTIC Americans to come to the aid of their country and vote the bast*rd out of office come November 2020. In fact it is time for Americas to reevaluate the GOP, a party that has become nothing but a bunch of syncophants who have been licking Trump's jackboots since the day he was inaugurated. 

Stand up and be counted. Register AND vote DEMOCRATIC this coming November. Your country and future generations are counting on us to do the right thing and vote an orange monster out of the office he did not win (by the popular vote) and NEVER should have held for even 1 day.