Friday, July 22, 2016

Early Fact Check Summary - Trump's Acceptance Speech...

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Early fact checking of Trump's acceptance speech indicates he may becoming less dishonest. Although in some cases he engaged in cherry picking the data, something all politicians are guilty of doing.

Overall his speech was more a denunciation of what he and the right consider Obama's disastrous eight years and how Clinton would be a continuation of the same. He painted the bleakest picture he possibly could of America's present economic and social condition and how he, and presumably he alone can fix all the ills and dangers currently facing our nation.

What most of America wants to hear is just how, specifically how, Trump plans to fix all the problems all Americans are facing. Thursday evening we heard none of that. It is likely we will continue to hear talking points and hyperbole but the specifics will likely remain buried somewhere in a deep dark corner of Trump's mind.

Fact Check Summary:

A) Rising homicides -- Half True

B) New immigrant families -- Half True

C) The plight of poverty -- Half True

D) (More) Americans are on food stamps -- True

E) Trade and job loss -- Half True

F) Trade deficit in goods -- True

G) Fighting illegal immigration -- Mostly True

H) Did Hillary Clinton create ISIS? -- Mostly False

I) Screening refugees -- Half True

J) Comparing tax plans -- Mostly True

K) The U.S. tax code to other countries’ - high tax rates make America less competitive -- Mostly False

L) Clinton on the Second Amendment -- False

M) Household incomes -- Mostly True

N)Church and state -- True

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Talking with many people this morning, most of who are members of the over 65 set, the general felling is it was a speech of in which no real direction was given while Trump took the nationb on a walk through the dark side.

To crib Governor Scott Walker, America Deserves Better.

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Musings of Jeb Bush...

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Neither does the Republican Party represent the future of our  nation Jeb. The republican party has made itself a relic and it has no one to blame but itself.

It's Pence!...

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Donald Trump, in his first significant decision as GOP presumptive nominee, officially announced Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate. For Trump it is a good political decision. Pence, with a decade experience as a congressman, understands the workings of congress, something Trump actually has little if any knowledge of. Pence's executive experience as governor with be helpful as Trump has little executive experience other than reality show host and marketing the Trump brand. Pence, a born again Christian is sure to lock in the Evangelical base for Trump. Finally, Pence, a respected conservative will be helpful in calming the jitters of many conservatives that have expressed concern over Trump's unorthodox campaign antics. A real grand slam for Trump one could say.

What is puzzling is why Pence would want to align himself with the most divisive demagogue in American political history since disgraced Senator Joseph McCarthy. Could it be the overwhelming lure of possible political power? One has to wonder given 2016 could very well turn out like 2008.

Read the complete POLITICO article HERE.

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RNC Rules Committee Makes The Right Decision...

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The Republican National Convention rules committee voted to stop the movement by some delegates to block Trump's nomination. As unqualified and divisive as Trump is he received the primary votes necessary to secure the Republican nomination. Therefore the committee vote was, as it should be. A clear majority of primary voters wanted Trump, so, let it be. In November the entirety of the American electorate will have its say. Odds are Trump will be the loser he has always boasted about not being.

Bloomberg - A key Republican National Convention committee crushed a long-shot attempt by rogue delegates to block Donald Trump’s nomination, as internal strife that’s roiled the party for much of the past decade was on full display Thursday amid fights over governing rules for the next four years.

The convention’s Rules Committee -- convened exactly a week before Trump is expected to accept the party’s nomination -- worked well into the evening Thursday as an air of distrust hovered over the 112-member panel.

While an attempt can still be made to try to unbind delegates from Trump, the committee voted overwhelmingly to reject a proposed amendment to allow delegates to vote their conscience and ignore the results of primaries and caucuses in their states. Kendal Unruh, a delegate from Colorado and a leader of the effort to stop Trump, offered the amendment.


“It’s over folks,” Steve Scheffler, a delegate from Iowa, said during debate on a previous amendment dealing with binding delegates. “We need to get behind our candidate.”

Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman, celebrated the committee’s actions. “As far as I’m concerned, the Never Trump movement is nevermore,” Manafort said Friday on Fox News.


Minority Report

The tensions played out even before the panel grapples with the question of whether a so-called minority report should be issued voicing opposition to Trump’s nomination. That quest appears likely to come to a head Monday when the report could be delivered on the first day of the full convention, if 28 votes for it can be secured from the committee.

Unless the full convention accepted the minority report, however, the delegates would remain bound. A bid to change the rules could always be initiated from the floor of the convention, but the hurdles for passage there are significantly higher.

The effort against Trump is being pushed by those within the party who view him as an unqualified candidate who has alienated women and minorities and could lead the party to devastating electoral defeat in November.


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