Friday, August 26, 2016

It Is What It Is...

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Hillary Clinton’s legal team took such painstaking efforts to delete the former secretary of state’s emails that “even God can’t read them,” according to Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

Maybe Gowdy knows this because he spoke with God?

And people wonder why our country is so screwed up?

Look no further than the looney tunes in the GOP who hold positions of responsibility.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

What Kind Of America Do You Want?... It's Up To Us

HRC's Lead Continues To Hold... BUT

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Donald J. Trump, the chameleon GOP presidential candidate who is tripping all over himself in the effort to remake his shoddy image, continues to trail HRC in the race for the White House. A Reuters/Ipsos State of the Nation project out today shows HRC with a 95% chance of beating DJT if the election were held today.

If the U.S. presidential election were held today, Democrat Hillary Clinton would win the key swing states of Florida, Ohio and Virginia and have a 95 percent chance of beating Republican Donald Trump to become America’s first female president, according to the Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation project.

The project, which combines opinion polls with an analysis of voting patterns under different election scenarios, shows Clinton currently beating Trump in the popular vote by six percentage points and ahead in 19 states, including most of the larger-population ones that heavily influence the outcome of the election.

At the moment, Clinton would win at least 268 votes in the Electoral College, the body that ultimately chooses the next president, just two shy of what she needs to win the White House. On average, the former secretary of state would win by 108 electoral college votes.

Trump would win at least 21 states, many of them with smaller populations, giving him a minimum of 179 electoral votes.

The election is still 10 weeks away, and a great deal could change prior to Nov 8. The candidates are running about even in eight states, including Pennsylvania, Michigan and North Carolina, and the polling sample is too small to determine the winner in Alaska, Wyoming and Washington D.C. But Trump would need to win the 21 states currently in his column and sweep all of the remaining "toss-up" states to win the presidency.


With indications the race is tightening a bit since Trump hired a new campaign management team and began his remake of himself, it is a possibility he could pull off a victory. Something that should send electric shock waves through all who understand the danger Trump is to our democratic republic.

Read the full Reuters/Ipsos BELOW THE FOLD.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Trump and the African American Community...

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Donald J Trump, the man with a track record of making xenophobic, misogynistic, racially divisive, and extreme nationalistic statements (think pro white western European immigrants) is now wooing the African American community. He likely has realized that without support of a greater percentage of the African American community his road to the White House will be much more difficult. Thus his now feigned concern for the conditions faced by many black families.

It is also very unlikely that the black communities will forget Mr. Trump's involvement in the whole birther thingy in an attempt to discredit the first African American presidential candidate who went on to legitimately win the White House, twice. People have long memories over these kind of things. Perhaps Mr. Trump believes the black community has forgotten his involvement?

At any rate the GOP presidential candidate has an odd why of asking for support. Instead of providing insight into any specific plan he may have he offered this...

“You’ll be able to walk down the street without getting shot.”

“Right now you walk down the street, you get shot. Look at the statistics — we’ll straighten it out.”

“Our inner cities are suffering like never before.”

“You could go to war zones in countries that we’re fighting, and it’s safer than living in some of our inner cities.”

He cites examples of problems as he obviously sees them but, and this is an important but, he fails to offer not one specific idea or solution he would pursue to reduce the problems or eliminate any of them.

He does however offer a very Trumpian sales pitch.

“What do you have to lose by trying something new, like Trump? You’re living in your poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed — what the hell do you have to lose?”

Hm. That may sound nice and play well with the base of GOP voters and Tea Party enthusiasts but it is certainly highly questionable that the African American community is going to buy his, in our opinion, rather insincere approach to gain more black support. Mr. Trump just seems to be more than a dollar short and a day late with his sales pitch.

Of course Mr. Trump has made it clear that he blames all of the African American communities problems on the democratic party and the policies and legislation. Could this be Mr. Trump speaking in code he knows his older conservative supports understand? Lust sayin...

In response to Mr. Trump's remarks Elon James White, the founder and editor in chief of the website This Week in Blackness had this to say.

“He doesn’t understand that people aren’t stupid, and they can clearly see what he’s doing and saying. Whether or not I have an issue with how Democrats have dealt with the black community, or with Hillary, I’m still not stupid.”

Mr. Morial, of the Urban League, responded to Trump's comments as follows.

“The idea that the entire community is in poverty, you’ve got 25 percent of the entire community that’s in poverty?” Mr. Morial said incredulously. “You do have broken schools, but have you seen the Olympics? Have you seen Congress?”

Mr. Morial also noted that the Unban League had invited Trump to attend policy concern briefings, the concerned GOP candidate declined.

All quotes above were excerpted from The New York Times with some edited for brevity. You may read the full text BELOW THE FOLD .

Via: Memeorandum


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