Monday, October 17, 2016

Women Overwhelmingly Support Clinton Over Trump...

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FiverThirtyEight - We could be looking at the largest gender gap in a presidential election since at least 1952: Men are favoring the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, in typical numbers, but a historically overwhelming share of women say they will vote for the Democrat, Hillary Clinton.

As my colleague Nate Silver has pointed out, women are winning this election for Clinton. Between the historic nature of Clinton’s candidacy, Trump’s record of misogynistic comments and now the Trump tape and allegations of sexual assault against Trump, American men and women are incredibly split on the 2016 election. But that split isn’t symmetrical. In an average of the most recent live-interview polls from each pollster to test the race in October, Clinton holds a 20-percentage-point advantage among women, and Trump is winning more narrowly among men.

Apparently women at large are less easily fooled by republican con man DJT, as well as being significantly more rational on the presidential choice before us.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

The Truth Of DJT's Despicable Character...

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First Lady Michelle Obama saying it exactly right. America is better than Donald J. Trump and we cannot put this dangerous life form into any position of authority over us. PERIOD.

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This probably won’t cost him the election — because Trump was already losing. It’s important to remember that Trump has been running behind Clinton for almost the whole campaign, and he had fallen into roughly a 5-percentage-point deficit after his poor performance in the first presidential debate — and before the latest round of scandals. That deficit is fairly hard to come back from even under the best of circumstances. To make it to the Oval Office now, Trump would have to make one of the greatest comebacks in political history while navigating a minefield of scandals and leaks, making his task even harder. But as far as FiveThirtyEight’s forecasts are concerned, the first debate still looks like the turning point in the race. <-------- b="" click="">


tRump is planning and putting into place his response strategy to the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and assault. Not suprising is that\ he lays it at the feet of a Mexican billionaire and The New York Times colluding to undermine his campaign.

tRump must have spent a lot of time in The Twilight Zonbe. Which could explain his dwelling in an alternative universe.

Trump to claim Carlos Slim was behind sexual assault stories Trump to claim Carlos Slim was behind sexual assault stories
8 Hours Ago | 00:33
Donald Trump will claim Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim was part of a cabal dredging up allegations the Republican nominee touched women inappropriately, The Wall Street Journal reported.

According to the report, which cited an unnamed Trump adviser, Trump planned to claim that Slim, a New York Times shareholder and Clinton Foundation donor, was trying to boost Hillary Clinton's campaign by damaging Trumps. The adviser said Trump could launch the attack as early as Friday, the report said.

A spokesman for Slim denied that the media mogul had interfered in the U.S. election, while New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. said Slim had never sought to influence the newspaper's coverage, the WSJ reported.

A Clinton campaign press secretary called Trump's claim a "deranged right-wing conspiracy theory," the report said.

The Slim family owned around 17 percent of The New York Times Co. Class A shares as of March, although the Sulzberger family controls the company, the report noted.
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UPDATE #3  10/15/16  @ 7:45 PM:

We received the following via e-mail yesterday. Sometimes humor is a very effective way to convey truth. The quote that follows surely fills that bill.

"To put them in perspective, I think of being on an airplane. The flight attendant comes down the aisle with her food cart and, eventually, parks it beside my seat. “Can I interest you in the chicken?” she asks. “Or would you prefer the platter of shit with bits of broken glass in it?”

"To be undecided in this election is to pause for a moment and then ask how the chicken is cooked.”

-David Sedaris

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Where There Is SmokeThere Is Usually Fire...

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When you see smoke with increasing intensity you can rationally believe there is fire. Unless of course you are a Trumpista or Trumbot. In which case you'll either spin the story so it is HRC's or WJC's fault, the media is in HRC's hip pocket, it's all fabrications and a conspiracy to bring down a "great man" who will Make America Great "Again", so what - compared to Bill tRump is just a piker, or, some other derivative and combination of similar theme.

Following are links to stories that cause reasonably intelligent folks to at the very least question Donald J. Trump's fitness to be president of our Already Great Nation. Click on selected story to read.

Physically Attacked by Donald Trump – a PEOPLE Writer’s Own Harrowing Story

Two Women Say Donald Trump Touched Them Inappropriately

Palm Beach Post exclusive: Local woman says Trump groped her

A Fifth Teen Beauty Queen Says Trump Visited Dressing Room

Miss USA Contestant Details Unwanted Encounters With Trump

Ex-Trump exec on assault allegations: 'I do believe it'

Miss Washington 2013 says Donald Trump groped her

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump Makes Lewd Joke to Young Girls in 1992: 'I'm Going to be Dating Her in Ten Years'

A Timeline of Donald Trump's Creepiness While He Owned Miss Universe

7:00 PM 10/13/16, This just in... Trump Faces Another Accusation — This Time, He Looked Up Models’ Skirts

Have at it folks. This is an open thread and for a period of time comment moderation will be OFF. Comments with rude, crude, or filthy language will be deleted immediately upon detection. So will off topic pointless blather.

Frankly, and we've hesitated saying this openly until now, tRump is a pig, a jack ass, a desicable man, and is devoid of any morals whatsoever. Therefore, in our opinion he is unfit fit to lead anything, with the possible exception of being the lead pipe to the city sewer system.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tonight's VP Debate, Mike Pence With the Unenviable Position of Defending The Donald's Madness...

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Watching the VP debate tonight should be interesting. More so to see Trump's reaction to his running mate's performance than the actual debate itself.

tRump has undoubtedly moved presidential politics to new lows and all indications are he intends to take them lower.

Sadly the republican party will suffer s a whole, But they've done the damage to themselves as really have no one to blame but themselves.

Tim Kaine isn’t Mike Pence’s only opponent Tuesday night in the only debate between the vice-presidential hopefuls — Pence also has to cope with the big shadow cast by his party’s standard-bearer, Donald Trump.

That’s one reason Democratic members of The POLITICO Caucus — a panel of swing-state activists, strategists and operatives — are more optimistic about Kaine’s chances of delivering a winning performance than Republicans are about Pence’s.

Virtually all Democratic insiders surveyed last week, 97 percent, expect Kaine to get the better of Pence at Longwood University. In comparison, fewer than three-quarters of Republicans, 74 percent, think Pence will win.
“Pence will have to defend Trump and his year-plus of inflammatory comments,” said a New Hampshire Republican, who, like all insiders, completed the survey anonymously. “Kaine won't.”

“Kaine in a blowout,” an Iowa Republican predicted. “He has a personality. Pence does not. His attempts to explain Trump are among the most tortured I've ever seen. … Pence goes about it with all the passion of a dead fish skittering along the concrete at [Seattle’s Pike Place] Market.”

Other Republicans who thought Kaine would outperform Pence were critical of the Indiana governor’s style.
“Kaine may have better appeal, if only because Pence is too ‘Cracker Barrel’ for moderate, upper-middle-class suburban constituencies,” a Michigan Republican said.

“Tim Kaine is the relatable neighbor next door,” an Iowa Republican added. “Mike Pence is the guy you feel the need to impress in church.”
But the majority of Republicans have faith in Pence, who is in his first term as Indiana governor after serving six terms in the House.

“He's a really good communicator and engaging personality,” a Pennsylvania Republican said. “Tim Kaine isn't either.”

That doesn’t mean those Republicans covet Pence’s position: defending Trump, who plucked Pence out of Indianapolis less than three months ago.
“The only reasonable person in the race is Pence,” a Virginia Republican said. “However, he will have the unenviable task of defending Trump.”

Read the full article HERE . For more check this out .

UPDATE - 10/12/16 12:35 PM

We should be VERY thankful for women voting and hope they turn out in droves. Women have the power to save America from a raving maniac on November 8, 2016.

America is depending on you ladies.

Read complete article HERE.


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