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Here's To A Much Better 2012!

Wishing All A Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2012 Where the Battle Between Liberty and Tyranny Continues Rational Nation USA

Christian Right Talk Show Host Endorses Newt Gingrich...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny Newt with his Halo I am, as I suspect many who read this humble blog, a limited government constitutional conservative who values liberty and individualism. While I have certainly had many issues with liberal ideology {read socialist totalitarian or in other words statism} I am beginning to realize the fringe right, as well as the religious right present a greater threat to the principles laid down in our founding documents than any proponent of true liberalism. For those who may be wondering what I mean by true liberalism I am referring specifically to the classical liberalism of our founding fathers. It is indeed troubling when a real constitutional conservative and advocate for liberty is handily trashed by those claiming to be conservative and love liberty. Of course I'm talking about Ron Paul. It is especially troubling when individuals like Steve Deace , endorses Newt Gingrich for the republican nomination

Iowa Rep. Steve King has Joined the Attack on Ron Paul... Nothing New Given the Un-principled State of Republican Politics Today

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny As the Statist big "R" republican machine continues it's orchestrated and unprincipled attack on the only constitutional conservative (and true liberty) candidate in the big "R" circus tent another false conservative has just joined in the ATTACK. Why in the hell Ron Paul hasn't chucked the republican party and acknowledged it belongs on the trash heap of history is beyond my conservative and libertarian ability abilty to conceive. The republican party, once the proud party that included the likes of Dwight Eisenhower, Barry Goldwater, Adlai Stevenson, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and many more has become the party of... "The Twentieth Century Circus Tent of Alleged Conservatives." Sad indeed are the apparent leaders of the GOP (modern translation - Grand Old Poop) and their agenda of backwards thinking and hide bound ideological BS. The republican party is almost (although not qu

2011... The Year in Review

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny The American Spectator article by Jed Babbin , entitled 2011: The Year the Wheels Fell Off provides a quick and light summary of the year almost over. It is worth the read. A short teaser: The coming year will not give us a break from the steady stream of political knavery, green graft and governmental stupidity that 2011 delivered, though it will surely provide a flood of politically-induced comedy. JANUARY: An enterprising BBC reporter -- seeking to prove the practicality of electric cars -- drove from London to Edinburgh. The journey took four days -- longer than a horse-drawn stage would have taken for the trip 150 years ago -- including nine stops of up to ten hours. (In its first crisis summit of the year, EU leaders declared they would impose Germanic controls on its members' sovereign debts and toasted each other with large portions of Rรฉmy Martin Louis XIII cognac. Meanwhile, in the first Republican

Drama of American Politics... GOP Style

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny The drama of American politics. Part comedy, part reality, mostly about doing make overs and whatever it takes to get elected. Perhaps American politicians have principles. Some, like Ron Paul(at least for the most part} even stick to their principles. Which of course provides others the desired fodder to attack with a vengeance. Others, like Michelle Backmann, who is of little substance have their campaign managers defecting to "the other" campaign. Michelle lost her Iowa manager to, Oh Dread, none other than... the Paul campaign! Then we have Rick Santorum, another horse of the {fringe} religious right taking third in what is the newest surge in GOP primary politics. How many does that make for the GOP (Grand Old Poop)he tast couple of months? I've lost track. But I'm sure there is more to come. When the principles enunciated in our Declarations of Independence and the Constitution of the Un

Thoughts On Our Current Political Climate

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny Editors note: Given the issues we face today as a nation Rational Nation USA is re-posting this article. Originally posted on October, 22 2011 it defines the nature of, and danger in wedge politics. Politics is a strange business. Politicians are without a doubt a breed apart from the rest of the nation. Well, maybe when a person enters politics in the beginning they are just like the average person and want to make a difference. But, inevitably it seems that they lose their principles. Influenced by special interests they become part of the problem they initially hoped to change. Maybe it's just the times we live in. But doesn't it seem that we are a nation that has become so polarized by competing ideologies we are no longer able to discus issues of national concern in a civil and respectful manner? It is sad that politics, and political discourse has sank to the level of a sporting event. In the process th

Labels, Collectives, and Groupthink... What Happens to the Individual?

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny Labels. For some reason people like labels. Maybe it is because, like the labels on a piece of clothing you can always identify the product particulars. Could be it simply gives comfort to people knowing the label they chose to wear tells others something about them. You know, sort of a status thing. Like what church somebody belongs to, or what political ideology or party one is affiliated with. Being a individual, and at the same time fitting into the mold of some particular collective (the label) seems to be quite important to people. Which explains, I suppose, the dynamics of the individuals need to fit in and the phenomenon known as group think. Always a puzzler to me as it does present inherent contradictions. Thinking about this phenomenon, as it applies to political ideologies or party, explains why people seem so entrenched in their beliefs. Having bought into the "party line" one does not want

The Skeptics 1

1) Ivar Giaever - Nobel Prize winner for physics.............2) Dr. Joanne Simpson - atmospheric scientist, first woman in the world to ever earn a PhD in meteorology.............3) Dr. Kiminon Itoh - environmental physical chemist.............4) Dr. Jarl Ahlbeck - chemical engineer Abo Akademi University of Finland.............5) Dr. Pal Brekke - solar physicist and senior adviser to the Norwegian Space Center in Oslo.............6) Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera - researcher at the Institute of Geophysics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.............7) Geoffrey Duffy - professor in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering University of Aukland.............8) Dr. William Briggs - climate statistician at the American Meteorological Society's Probability and Statistics Committee.............9) Andrei Kapista - Russian geographer and Antarctic ice-core researcher.............10) Dr. Will Happer - physicist Princeton.............11) Dr. Miklos Z

Michael Crichton on "Scientific Consensus"

"Let's be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world. In science, consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with consensus."............This, to all of the people out there who think that the global-warming debate is settled.

Eric Dondero on Ron Paul's Character

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny I feel vindicated. My support for, and advocacy of Ron Paul for the republican nomination for the Presidency of the United States of America has just received the best possible endorsement. That is for those that are truly libertarian and of the limited constitutional government mindset. Given the testimony of Eric Dondero, Publisher and Editor in Chief of the Libertarian Republican blog it is clear Ron Paul is indeed not racist or a anti Semite. Perhaps all the hoopla created by the MSM {aka: LSM (Lame Stream Media} can now be put to bed once and for all. Excerpt from Right Wing News : I have been asked by various media the last few days for my comments, view of the current situation regarding my former boss Ron Paul, as he runs for the presidency on the Republican ticket. I’ve noticed in some media that my words have been twisted and used for an agenda from both sides. And I wish to set the record straight wi

Christmas, Little Sis, and Politics

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny Yesterday was Christmas, my baby sister called from out west. She isn't really my baby sister anymore. She is forty six years young so I guess that means she's a women now. It was good to hear from her. No matter how much you think you know someone {especially baby sisters}, you find out there's so much more to know. Baby sisters can even be teachers. Especially to their big brothers. Anyway, we were talking about family stuff, about Sarah (my niece), and the holidays before Mom had to leave us. Holidays are important times, right sis?. Mom made them so special. We will always have our memories of the holidays with Mom. So, we're talking about the holidays and my sister tells me she had a winter solstice party. Of course I have no clue what the hell that is so I had to ask. And of course she told me. I don't remember all the specifics but it has something to do with the days getting longer and s

Newt Gingrich... Anti-Conservative as Well as Anti-American and Anti-Liberty

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny The holiday season is upon us. For those more conventionally inclined, and not intimidated by the PC Police (that would definitely be me) the season is best known as the Christmas Season. Sorry all you over sensitive anal atheists (and that from a tolerant atheist), please stuff a nice big Christmas stocking in your over bloated and insensitive blow holes. That aside, preceding what will be my last post prior to December 26th, Rational Nation USA wants to wish all its readership A Very Merry Christmas and A Happy and Prosperous New Year . Please drink responsibly, and use a designated driver whenever common sense dictates. Moving forward... In the interest of providing clarity Rational Nation USA can no longer represent itself as a conservative site. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, I didn't leave the republican party and conservatism, rather the republican party and conservatism has left me. As unfortunate

A Short Speech You'll Never Hear...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny American Bald Eagle - Representing Freedom and Liberty A short speech you'll NEVER hear from any candidate, of either party, who is seeking their party's nomination for the office of President of the United States. "My fellow Americans, be not deterred in your search for reason and rational thought.. Do not turn from your quest to find truth and an understanding of objective reality. Be ever suspicious of those circling on the far left as well as those on the far right, as they are your enemy. Indeed they are the enemy of constitutionally limited government and liberty. Be afraid, very afraid of those who would have you believe the state, with its power hungry special interest manipulators, the ones who advocate increased dependency in statism as the answer to our problems. They simply will provide us with more chains to wrap around our already crippled liberties. Yes my fellow Americans, we fac

Los Angeles Mayor Calling for Budget Cuts to Offset Occupy L.A.'s Costs to City

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny Occupy Los Angeles Perhaps a glimpse into the future of America? This complimentary view into the results of Occupy L.A. should serve as a wake up call above all else. OWS and its "affiliate" movements across American appear to be misguided, directionless, and quite costly. Good Job Future Statists (Socialists) of America. LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The City of Los Angeles reportedly faces millions of dollars in expenses brought about by the Occupy LA movement. City agencies have been ordered to calculate what was spent on the Occupy LA protests. Repairs to City Hall’s lawn where the Occupy group set up camp on Oct. 1 will require an estimated $400,000. The police action to clear out the encampment on Nov. 30 cost more than $700,000. Additional expenses are attributed to hauling away debris from the camp, and cleaning up graffiti that defaced City Hall marble walls and trees. Mayor Villaraigosa says more

Matt Damon Sours on the Hope and Change President... Apparently He Hasn't Excercised Enough Power Based Change

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny Pinhead Damon and President Obama Matt Damon, a one time admirer and advocate for the "Hope and Change" President has gotten his nose a bit out of joint lately over the President's lack of getting things done. Presumably like the dictators who have no need to listen to the people or follow the rule of law. His pinhead comments as reported in the Gossip Cop . Matt Damon rips President Obama in Elle magazine , blasting his leadership qualities and saying he’d prefer “a one-term president with some balls who actually got stuff done.” The actor, a longtime supporter of the Democratic Party and onetime Obama advocate, reveals frustration with the administration in his wide-ranging interview. “I’ve talked to a lot of people who worked for Obama at the grassroots level,” says Damon. “One of them said to me, ‘Never again. I will never be fooled again by a politician.’” Damon then gets even more direct

Ron Paul: He Should Have Known Better... But, Lets Get Real Shall We?

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s-Tyranny So it continues. Just as many knew it would. The pressing of Ron Paul over his approving material written on his behalf over twenty years ago that he failed to read has come back to haunt him, and those of us who support him. A very dumb and foolish move on his part? Absolutely! Should he have known better? Absolutely he should have! Is he the first to have made foolish mistakes? Absolutely not. Is it correct to question the naive and foolish lack of judgement on Ron Paul's part for the material written for, not read by, yet approved by him over twenty years ago? Certainly! Is it not also reasonable to accept his answer disavowing the entire lot of comments that do not accurately reflect his views? Especially in light of the material he has written and the comments he has that accurately reflect hos principles? One would think so. The media, as well as the statist politicians will of course dwell on Ron Paul

Mittens: Will He Become the Statist Republican Establishment 'Shoe In'?

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny Mitt Romney - Republican Statist ( Public Policy Polling ) - Romney leads Obama For the first time in PPP's monthly national polling since July 2010 Mitt Romney's taken a lead, albeit a small one, over Barack Obama. He's up 47-45. Romney has two main things going for him. He leads the President 45-36 with independents. And he's also benefiting from a much more unified party with 88% of Republicans committed to voting for him while only 83% of Democrats say they'll vote for Obama. Our national survey confirms the wide electability gap between Romney and the rest of the Republican candidate field. Obama leads both Newt Gingrich (49-44) and Ron Paul (46-41) by 5 points, Michele Bachmann (50-41) by 9, and Rick Perry (50-40) by 10. It continues to look like if GOP voters really want to defeat Obama they pretty much have to nominate Romney. { Read More } Principles matter. Or at least they shoul

Cheerleader for Statism...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Cheerleader for the Statist in Chief Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, (D-Texas) says President Obama should extend unemployment benefits and the payroll tax cut by Executive Order. Or, put more accurately by Presidential Decree. ( The Hill ) - Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said Tuesday that President Obama "absolutely" should use his executive power to continue the unemployment benefits and payroll tax cut extension and said she hoped to discuss the option with the White House later in the day. "It is extraordinary, don't get me wrong. But I'm feeling the pain of the constituents I left [at] home," Jackson Lee said, speaking on the progressive Ed Schultz's radio show. "I consider this a crisis. I consider leaving Americans without unemployment insurance for January and February a crime. I consider not extending the payroll tax cut ... a crime." Jacks

Is There a Real Choice?... Does America Really Want a Choice?... One Can Only Hope...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny Please forgive my cynicism. Well, actually don't bother. You see we live in the 21'st century where the 30 second soundbite is all important. Substance and clarity of purpose and principle no longer matter. Today's mantra is to "satisfy the immediate desires no matter the ultimate cost or logical end may be." We will as a nation reap exactly that which we have so callously demanded. Not to fear, big brother/sister state will after all solve all of our problems. Right? When the producers have stopped producing, what then?... Blank response............. Perhaps when it is too late, after our American manufacturing infrastructure {I've worked in manufacturing management all my adult life} has been sold to the highest bidder, maybe then America will get it. Don't hold your breath. As we move into a new election cycle the comedy of errors, and the clown like candidates continue to amuse

A Tragic Comedy... The United States Congress

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny Gridlock and political gamesmanship. Apparently the favorite spectator sport in America in the 21st centuty. As DC (and America) burns. Nero would be proud! WASHINGTON (AP ) - Top House Republicans said Sunday they oppose a bipartisan, Senate-approved bill that extends a payroll tax cut and jobless benefits for just two months and said congressional bargainers need to write a new version lasting a longer time. Their comments, along with a House GOP conference call Saturday in which lawmakers voiced strenuous objections to the Senate bill, made clear that House Republicans were intent on changing the measure and left its ultimate fate uncertain. The Senate used a 89-10 vote Saturday to approve the legislation, which was negotiated by Senate GOP and Democratic leaders and backed by strong majorities of senators from both parties. The House planned to vote on the measure Monday. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, sa

Will the Real Newt Gingrinch Please Stand Up?... {Is Facism Coming to America?}

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny Fascist ? Newt Gingrich has always been a scary dude. Narcissistic, divisive, out of touch with democratic republican principles, and he is one power hungry dude. Read his latest and be fearful of this lunatic ever sitting in a position of power again in America. ( THE HILL )- GOP presidential frontrunner Newt Gingrich said Congress has the power to dispatch the Capitol Police or U.S. Marshals to apprehend a federal judge who renders a decision lawmakers broadly oppose. Gingrich says if there is broad opposition to a court decision, Congress should subpoena the ruling judge to defend his or her action in a hearing room. When asked if Congress could enforce the subpoena by sending the Capitol Police to arrest a judge, Gingrich assented. “If you had to,” Gingrich said. “Or you’d instruct the Justice Department to send the U.S. Marshall.” Gingrich made his remarks during a Sunday appearance on CBS’s “Face the

Ron Paul Gets Time With Jay Leno... Better Than Lame GOP Debates

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny The MSM HAS for certain refused to give Representative Ron Paul the time he is richly deserving of. Jay Leno apparently doesn't carry water for the MSM, aka LSM. Presidential? What say you? Via: Memorandum

Liberty and Integrity to Concepts... No Longer in America

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny The Statue of Liberty The United States of America, a land built by pioneers, free and independent thinkers, men with vision and the understanding of what it means to be free. The United States of America, a land where men of common principles and values, yet holding fiercely differing opinions as how to arrive at the "common good" found the integrity and strength to form a great nation. The United States of America, a land whose founders understood that freedom is not free and that liberty, like a well kept\t garden must faithfully be attended to. The United States of America, a land whose founders left a road map that would insure continued freedom and the individual liberties that brave men gave their lives for so that their own, as well as succeeding generations may be free. The United States of America, a land whose people once understood the value of hard work and that expecting something for no

Madame Pelosi... The GOP Led House 'the Do Nothing Congress'

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny From out of the rafters comes Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) ( The Hill ) - House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) lambasted Republicans for leading a “do-nothing Congress” as the first year of their House majority draws to a close. “It can clearly be labeled the Republican do-nothing Congress. It’s a year of missed opportunities and made-up crises,” Pelosi said in a press conference Friday, which she hoped would be her last for the year. Michael Steel, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), responded: "The current 'crisis' was entirely manufactured by the Democrats who run Washington, and everyone knows that." Pelosi, who lost the Speaker’s gavel nearly a year ago, criticized the House GOP for not focusing on jobs and for ginning up crises that nearly shut down the federal government and caused a national default. Her comments came as the House prepared to vote on a $1 tri

Hypocritical Dems Calling for Representative Allan West to Appologise...

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny There is an old saying. It goes something like this... "Don't throw if you can't catch." I would respectfully suggest the democratic left consider this common sense advice. Especially in light of their rank hypocrisy in respect to Representative Allan West's recent remarks comparing the democrats to Goebbels. They seem to forget their own offensive and untruthful remarks that were aimed at stereotyping the Tea Party supporters as racists, fascists, or other slanderous names. ( The Hill ) - Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) landed in hot water on Friday for his remarks the previous day comparing the Democrats’ proficiency in getting out their message to the notorious head of the Nazi Party’s propaganda department under Hitler. “If Joseph Goebbels was around, he’d be very proud of the Democrat Party, because they have an incredible propaganda machine,” West said Thursday. Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich

And This Guy Wants America To Elect Him President?

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny I have known many gay individuals in my life. Most were honorable and decent people. None "chose" to be gay. None threatened my heterosexuality. They simply wished to be acknowledged for what they are. Productive members of the human race with the same rights and obligations all individuals have. Of course there are a few exceptions. They are not that hard to deal with when homosexuality is rationally viewed and accepted by the heterosexual community. And then we have those who just can't help themselves and make idiot statements in the exercise of creating straw bogeymen {women} for whatever benefit they perceive may exist for themselves. The Hill - Newt Gingrich signed on to an anti-gay marriage pledge while campaigning Thursday in Iowa and said that people choose to be gay in the same way that others choose to be celibate. The topic of homosexuality was first broached during an interview with The

Chris Wallace Trips, Stumbles, and Falls... Well, Shows His Biased Hand At the Very Least

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny Chris Wallace, someone whom heretofore maintained credibility has just stumbled. In Mr. Wallace's view should Ron Paul, the only real conservative {libertarian} in the race win the Iowa caucuses it will discredit the caucus. Why? Because "most of the establishment republicans" don't believe he will end up the nominee. Big mistake Chris. Especially as you are a moderator at the upcoming debate. Is it possible Mr. Wallace just telegraphed his "establishment republican" preference? The reality is the American people are waking up to the honest and straight forward truths that are inherent in conservative constitutional governance and consistent Libertarian principles that respect the individual constitutional rights of all Americans. The Wallace comment : Maybe it's just me but when the heartland of America is beginning to understand all that is at stake, and speaking their views,

Newt's Problem(S)?

Hat Tip: The Blaze . What say you?

Ron Paul Getting Some Respect... Iowa Is Listening... The Rest Of America Will As Well, If The Media Is Fair and Balanced

by: Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -v s- Tyranny Good news seems to keep coming our way. Most certainly for those of us who are the real Libertarian minded Patriots in the room. Ron Paul continues to close the gap in Iowa on Newtie the NeoCon who is losing support, with RINO Mittens Romney stagnated. Fabulous trend! Here's the latest report from Public Policy Polling . There has been some major movement in the Republican Presidential race in Iowa over the last week, with what was a 9 point lead for Newt Gingrich now all the way down to a single point. Gingrich is at 22% to 21% for Paul with Mitt Romney at 16%... { Read More } The favorable shift in the direction towards a limited constitutional government candidate who favors expanded individual liberties is accelerating folks. The champion of these principles is Ron Paul. It is time to work doubly hard in our efforts to help him secure the republican nomination to run against and unseat Barack Obama in 2012.