Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Obama/Moses Conundrum: The Myth of Biblical Proportions - Obama-Moses' $1 Trillion Savings Over 10 Years


by the Left Coast Rebel

(LCR note - Readers, this is the first of many additions from LCR to Rational Nation)

The Left Coast Rebel has honed political instincts dating all the way back to the 'aw shucks' shenanigans of Bill Clinton - the pol to say anything to further an agenda. These instincts (not to mention common sense), relate to Obama as well and the myth of Biblical proportions of Obamacare's trillion dollar cost saving wonderfulness.

Apparently Barack Hussein Moses believes his own Parting of the Red Sea ability,(as any clinical narcissist would) according to a statement made yesterday at a Presidential campaign stop in Pennsylvania.

at the Mount proclaimed, "Our cost-cutting measures mirror most of the proposals in the current Senate bill, which reduces most people's premiums and brings down our deficit by up to $1 trillion dollars over the next decade because we're spending our health care dollars more wisely."

Hmm, is Moses correct in his numbers?

Since I am a Christian, yet this is a secular blog, I hesitate to admit that I really do think that the Red Sea was parted. I just don't think that the One is Moses - or even close. Apparently neither does the White House. The White House replied to Moses/Obama's mythical claim saying that Obama meant to say the Senate bill would save $1 trillion in its second decade -- a projection that would more closely match congressional analysts' estimates.

The Pharisees in the CBO weighed in, (I know, I'm getting my bible stories mixed up here) proclaiming that, Obama's "next decade" estimate was $868 billion short. Whoops, a Freudian Moses slip.

CBO again said, A detailed year-by-year projection for years beyond 2019 ... would not be meaningful, because the uncertainties involved are simply too great.

But what is a few trillion here or there? A decade here or there? When a nation is broke and broken, both economically and politically - where does the money come from? Do dollars rain on Obama/Moses like manna from Heaven?

I hardly think so. Obama is no Moses. But perhaps we do need a divine intervention to stop Moses and save this nation from bankruptcy.

Via Memeorandum, posted at Lucianne. Sourced at FN. Graphic c/o Fanpop.


  1. This is a shameless plug for Kevin Price. He is worth looking into. His grasp of numbers is boggling to idiots like myself, and I trust his expertise. He writes for The Examiner, and Political Integrity Now, and he has a Facebook page, of course.

    Please consider this link as my way of introducing him to all our readers.


  2. Since the Republicans have left us a 12 trillion dollar debt in less than 30 years, it's a little late to blame Obama for bankrupting America.
    Sure, his administration will increase the debt. So will every administration in the future, as long as we continue to spend more than we take in.
    The Republicans (in the last 30 years) did nothing to curb spending, they only cut taxes, thus the debt.
    With 30 years of experience with Republican financial policies, I see no reason to trust they will now solve the national debt problem, or the yearly budget debt. Bush's last budget had a 1.2 trillion dollar debt, that did not include war costs since his war spending was off budget.I like the idea that Obama puts his war costs in the budget.
    There is common sense in future spending, if that spending can save us money in the long run. There is no common sense in ignoring problems (health care) that will continue to cost us more and more.
    It's not a question of stopping this health care bill (which I am against) it's a matter of when Republicans are going to lead (have the courage) by terminating, or cutting existing entitlements. And what to do, if Americans do not want to end their entitlement programs? Do we simply continue to not tax ourselves enough to pay for our programs?
    Republicans have refused to "pay as we go" a dangerous financial policy; and they have refused to change, or eliminate these expensive programs. Can't have it both ways, yet until recently, they have had the power to do something about it, or not. They chose not to do either, or anything.

  3. Typical reply to the truth, and those who have no solutions to offer to problems, which is why do nothing Republicans should be ignored and left behind.
    Destroy America and then just sit back and watch it fall, that's all republicans are good for, except to start violence and threaten people.

  4. Tom - Yawn... look in the mirror buddy.

  5. Tom,

    It's troubling to see that you actually believe there is a difference between political parties. That particular stance is so ignorant that it isn't even worth debating.

    So, "yawn"


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