ObamaCare, Partisanship, Lies and America's Socialist Future

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

The progressive, socialist, enlightened... or whatever those of the left prefer to be called these days have shown yet again their inability to accept, or even recognize America is seething with disdain and contempt for their naked power grab. The arm twisting and behind the scenes, "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" deal making to ramrod a health reform bill fifty five percent of the American people don't want is sickening to say the least.

The very progressives... or whatever are quick to claim the opposition offered nothing as an alternative to ObamaCare and only acted as obstructionist the the Enlightened One's plan. Aside from the first claim being blatantly false, the second is like "the pot calling the kettle black." OMG, did I just  just make a "racist" comment?

Really folks, when fifty five percent are opposed to this misguided and dangerously flawed bill, and only thirty six percent favor it, wouldn't you think the representatives in congress might recognize the American people want this thing stopped.? That a President of the people would stop and listen to their desires? Consider starting from scratch and working with those who have put forth viable recommendations and solutions?

The answer from the elite's in  the statists government remains a resounding NO. So, it is in fact the leftists... or whatever, that are the true partisans. The group so enamored with a belief in their infallibility they push ahead even when the American people, their constituents, are screaming for them to listen and represent the will of the people rather than their own ideology. Sad, truly sad that in our Republic this is happening.

The Anointed One (the Emperor without clothes) has claimed all along ObamaCare will save billions of dollars and the price tag will be nine hundred and forty billion over the first ten years following passage. However, the CBO's estimates as reported in The Weekly Standard for the same period is two trillion dollars.

What we have here is a democratic congress that is tone deaf...  an Administration so narcissistic that only their agenda, the statist/socialist  ideology matters. So therefore people we have a congress and President that will take any steps, including the unethical, to get "their" bill through congress.

We do indeed live in dangerous times.  When the Constitution is being shredded piece by piece, when our liberties are being slowly eroded away, and when we have a government that refuses to listen to the people they represent we are surely entering a dark period of American history.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: Memeorandum


  1. Excellent post, I can't agree with you more!
    Thank you..
    No wonder the opposition dislikes you so much.

    As I found this and that is what brought me here.

    " TRUTH 101 said...

    I'm glad you appreciate how I toil at our craft Law Teacher.

    As for Griper and Rational Nation, their veiled insults only expose them for the right wing shills they are. I shall continue my work of saving America from people like them.

    Thank you all for your comments and may God bless.

  2. First let me say that I really enjoyed reading your blog.. You have done a wonderful job here. I was brought here from reading Pam's blog which is also a wonderful read. Now to get to the nitty gritty..
    I'm sorry but I'm mad. I blame every American voter who put Obama and the rest of the Dems in charge of everything. The White House, the House and the Senate--all in control of the Dems. Look what you have brought to us! Are you happy now, Independents? Are you happy now, "Moderate" Republicans that preferred to sit at home rather than vote for John McCain?

    Just wait, because Obama promises it will get even better. He wouldn't rule out using "Slaughterhouse" rules for other bills that he wants passed. He can say that because it is clear that he controls Congress! Checks and balances are gone! So get ready for Cap and Trade, Card Check, and any other insane notion the Dems can come up with. If they get away with it for healthcare, everything else will come flooding in.
    There is nothing in Obama's past that makes us think he knows what he is doing and we should trust him. In fact, the reverse is true: he was a junior senator whose constitutional qualification to serve is still in doubt because every time someone sues him for his birth records, he sends his lawyers out not to disclose the documents, but to fight disclosure. That's insane. Nobody does that.
    From Rev Wright to self-proclaimed communist terrorist Bill Ayres (and his wife who was a convicted terrorist and spent time in prison) to a whole host of others, his background is one of a person who has an extremely unsettling past
    So to the people who voted for Obama and now regret it, do your penance, admit that you made a mistake and get to Washington DC and join the other patriots! That's the least you can do for putting this insane idiot into the White House.

  3. Great post, and awesome blog. Umm, might I be so bold as to borrow the graphic?

  4. Matt - Thank You!

    I consider it an honor that the opposition dislikes me so much. It perhaps mean I am getting to them.

  5. Me Myself and I - Thank you for stopping over. I always enjoy Pamela's posts as well, and many of the comments left by visitors to her blog. She is an insightful women.

    Obama and his minions are, without a doubt shredding our constitution before our vary eyes.

    If this abomination of a health insurance reform bill passes, and the unconstitutional "Slaughterhouse" rule is used to get it through will be court challenges up the kazoo.

    2010 AND 2012 are not that far away. Lets hope the American people have the wisdom to clean house all the way to the White House.

    The modern liberal elite in academia, going back to the 50's and early 60"s along with the media who has generally been quite liberal are as responsible in my view as anything else.

    The progressives in education have been very effective at instilling in people the ideology that resulted in Obama being elected.

    But I see young conservatives that are not drinking thew kool aid so perhaps there is hope for America's future.

  6. greatdivorce - Thank you.

    Certainly you can borrow the Socialism graphic.

  7. As for the graphic, it would be more complete if it showed the red guy having many more money-bags than the blue guy. Because socialism is all about the powerful crushing the weak.

  8. Socialism is about the weak standing up to the powerful and not allowing themselves to be crushed.


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