Friday, March 5, 2010

Changes At Rational Nation USA

Dear Readers,

We have finished making all the changes and tweaks that Wes Messamore announced some time ago, and are ready to launch the new and improved Rational Nation USA! Wes is doing this professionally and hopes to make a living doing the two things he loves the most: indulging his creativity and helping conservative and libertarian bloggers become more effective at what they do, so as to help spread and defend the message of liberty to a country that so desperately needs to hear it. So please do check out his services. Some other examples of blogs he's optimized include Left Coast Rebel and The Independent Forum.

Among other things, Wes and I have worked together to give the blog a professional, simplified look; fixed the blog's RSS feed problem (for those of you who thought I had fallen off the planet, please re-add me to your blog rolls as my posts should update now!); added static pages for ease of navigation (just click those links up at the top ^); added a Twitter widget to the side; and put together a great new logo to strengthen the Rational Nation brand!

And the site redesign to make your experience better is just the tip of the iceberg! I'm in the process now of bringing on some new contributors (if you're interested in contributing, feel free to e-mail me your inquiry) and scoring some gigs contributing on other blogs (and when I do, I'll link to those posts from here). I'm also committed to producing better content here than I ever have before, so keep your eye out for great new articles. If you'd like to subscribe, you can use the form in the sidebar to the left and/or follow me using Google Friend Connect (also on the sidebar). If you're new to Rational Nation USA, you might start by reading "A Conservative Manifesto" or "Is The End of My Country's Greatness Near?".

And if you like them, please feel free to grab a banner and drop it in your sidebar or on you page somewhere:





Thank you so much for your support and inspiration.

Here's to a great 2010!
-Les Carpenter III


  1. Two comments -

    1) I challenge each member of the U.S. Congress who claims to be conservative to present the evidence of deed for such as defined by "A Conservative Manifesto".
    Perhaps their conservatism is different from RNU's.

    2) I'm not certain that Jefferson and Locke would approve of their likenesses being used to promote this idea "conservatism" because (see item #1) few modern conservatives will agree on the meaning of the term, intentionally keeping it vague in order to promote their personal agendas.

    Good luck with your site. I've added it to my list of reading.

  2. Tim - First, thank you for visiting and leaving comment.

    There is no doubt that congress has few conservatives as Most Republicans in congress are nothing more than liberals albeit of a different shade perhaps.

    Locke and Jefferson were indeed radical thinkers in their day. As Conservatism is defined as a political system based on tradition I consider the belief we need to return to the traditions of Locke and Jefferson to be conservative.

    Your points are well made.

  3. Hey thanks for the excellent comments, Tim. While you are correct that the term "conservatism" is often kept vague (sometimes deliberately so), though in the present context of its use in America, I bet that when the word is used by more thoughtful conservatives, they are simply leaving off the prefix "Jeffersonian" for the sake of brevity, so that for them to be conservative means to conserve the ideals of a Jeffersonian republican society.


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