Beck Speaks Before He Thinks... Again

Glen Beck should stick to issues he actually knows something about. He recently linked Geert Wilders, the man fighting extremist Islam and Jihadists almost single handedly in Europe, to fascism. In actuality Geert Wilders is indeed fighting for individual freedoms and liberty that all people have the right to enjoy. The very rights Jihadists and extreme Islam are targeting to destroy in the free west.

The following video leaves one in disbelief over Beck's apparent ignorance on this issue:

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugged, one who has dedicated a great deal of time and effort to exposing extreme Jihadists Islam for what it  is had this to say...

 "Beck is out of his depth in this. You cannot get up to speed on Europe in one crash course. The Islamic/left-wing fringe is everywhere, but what right fringe is he talking about in Europe? It can't be Le Pen, he is nowhere. Is this going after SIOE, and the EDL?

Is this going to be be Beck's narrative? If so, he is wrong. And he ought to be silent until he learns everything.

Beck could destroy the freedom movement in Europe -- and the US -- if he erroneously stigmatizes it as fascist. The little green monster is one thing, andGlenn Beck is another. 

Of course Pamela is absolutely right, and Glen is totally misguided and wrong about Geert Wilders.

For more on the subject of Gert Wilder and his efforts to stop the spread of uncontrolled growth of extremist Islam find it here .

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  1. Huh?! Geert Wilders is the furthest thing from a fascist. If anything, militant Islam is fascist, and Wilders is the leader of an anti-fascist resistance movement.

    The Netherlands is one of the most liberal countries in the world. It makes San Francisco look like Alabama. And Wilders's party is doing so well in the polls there that it may actually win the next national election -- a stunning schievement for a party which was founded only a few years ago. Some "fascist".

    (Disclaimer: I can't watch the video right now because of where I am, but I get the gist of it from your posting -- also, Wilders has been called "fascist" before, mostly by clueless British politicians.)

  2. Infidel - Wilders should be respected and supported for his efforts to expose extreme Islam and and Jihadists for what they are. Not reviled, no matter whatever else one may think of him.

    Beck is clueless o this one.

  3. Les: I've never made any bones about liking Beck. I'm just extremely careful in what I consider FACT and OPINION. He's an entertainer first and foremost who is looking for ratings--just like Limbaugh from the right and Maddow from the left. More people need to do their OWN research to ensure they get FACTS.

    My 2 cents for what it's worth.

  4. @Pamela,


    I don't believe that any of us here at RN are knee-jerk Conservatives or water-carriers. We survive with our dignity intact because we question, we research, we read, and we evaluate with extreme purpose of heart.

    We believe what we believe with everything we are, but we didn't just wake up one day and go, "Oh, I think this sounds good! I'll blindly believe it and call myself a Conservative!"

    More people DO need to do their own research, or seek out others who they can glean from without fear of disagreement.

    Les knows a bit more about Jefferson than I, and I would be wise to seek out his counsel on Jefferson. However, if he told me something I took issue with and researched it myself and told Les, "Hey, I think you are incorrect about this aspect of Jefferson based on what I read here.", I really do not believe this would separate Les and I. We would simply agree to disagree.

    A lacking example, but in the vein of your above comments.

    We all need to be able to prove what we believe through diligence and thirst for knowledge. No exceptions.

  5. I saw the headline and prepared to argue with you, but you are right. I like Glenn, but he's way off base on this one.

    He is correct in his point that Europe doesn't do conservatism well. Politics seems to jump from center to way right with nothing in between. His error was lumping in Wilders with the extreme right.

    Gellar is correct, Le Pen is careening all over the place and is no longer a reliable exhibit for European fascism.

  6. Pamela - I like Beck to a degree, although lately I have grown less impressed.

    On this subject he is flatly wrong, and If anything one would think it would hurt him rather than boost his ratings.

  7. Don - You said...

    "if he told me something I took issue with and researched it myself and told Les, "Hey, I think you are incorrect about this aspect of Jefferson based on what I read here.", I really do not believe this would separate Les and I. We would simply agree to disagree."

    Absolutely correct... and as it should be.

    Excellent comment.

  8. Silverfiddle - Acknowledged and agreed.

    It is unfortunate that Beck spoke either without any knowledge of Wilder... or he got so caught up in himself and carried away he forgot truth matters.

  9. "Of course Pamela is absolutely right" this is the most incorrect statement on the entire internet. The mere typing of it is sure to bring about the Doom of Man.


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