Friday, February 5, 2010

Extreme Islam - The Dangers We Need To Recognize

Recent news from government sources say that Islamic Jihadists will very likely mount another atttack on U.S. interests in the next few months.

It is not surprising given the obvious gestures by our President to "improve" relations with the Muslim world. Extend a unilateral hand if you will in the hopes of winning over  those with an ideology of death to all infidels.

 Which by the way constitutes the U.S., and the rest of the western world. The "holy:" book of Islam in fact it the very book responsible for spewing  the hatred for a civilized world that the extremists use as justification for their vile and inhuman acts.

The danger is growing. The entire non Islamic world is at risk, and we seem not to understand the depth or virulence of the  evil facing us. If the Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, and other non violent nations of this world do not soon wake up the tyranny of evil may well be our future.

While surfing the web for information that would visually and graphically show the horrors the world has faced, and is still facing at the hands of  Muslim extremists, I found it at Saberpoint. His post yesterday on Geert Wilders, a Danish lawmaker being tried for telling the truth about extremist Islam is spot on.

Excerpt from his commentary;

"He is accused of fomenting hatred and discrimination against Muslims as well as "racism."  How did he do this?  He told the truth about Islam, the most vile of major ideologies in force today."

"Geert Wilders in on trial for telling the truth.  His trial is an effort by the Dutch leftists to install speech codes into Dutch society and to end the western right of free speech." 

As a tolerant and naive west caters to Islam, giving them "protected status",  it only serves to embolden the extremists on their quest to rule the entire world and place it under Sharia laws.

Saberpoint included in his post a video by Geert Wilders entitled FITNA. it is a compilation of verses from the Quran, coupled with graphic scenes of violent extremist acts that are both sanctioned, and indeed encouraged by Islam's holiest of books.

The threat is real, the scope is worldwide and if the U.S., and the rest of the free world doesn't take off the kid gloves and decide to deal a crushing blow to extreme Islam we may all be living in the 7th century under a barbaric and tyrannical ideology of death.

A huge hat tip to Saberpoint for the great work putting such depth of information together. If you haven't already visited his site you should.

Via: Saberpoint


  1. to me, it is not so much about the radicals of thee religion of Islam that is the problem here. it is the laws against "offensive" speech that many of the European nations have that is the problem. it also shows up the fallacy of the concept of politically correct speech that is promoted here.

    i'll grant that these laws when enacted were enacted in good faith but we see them being exploited by a radical group to their advantage.

    i will also add that we have, in essence, the same problem but it is in the first amendment.

  2. The root of the radicalism evident in Muslin extremists is at the heart of their religious beliefs.This is why it is so dangerous and viral.

    There are Muslims that are no different than you or I, and I know many. My problem is this, why doesn't the "moderate peace loving Muslims" all over the world denounce the actions of the extremists and work to eradicate this element?

    Answer - they can't as it is their religion.

    More people in the west should read the Quran as it was written and understand it for what it says.

  3. I'm not worried about the radical nature of the problem, RN. what worries me is our response to it.

    There will always be challenges to liberty in one radical form or another.

    don't confuse the psychology of the problem with religious beliefs. it is psychology at work here as it is every time when men who seek power over others.

    men who seek to gain power over their fellow man will use whatever means they can to acheive their goal and this time it is the islamic religion by preaching its superiority thus stroking the ego of muslums.

    socialism does the same thing by stroking the egos of the working class and demeaning business by calling profits as immoral.

    hitler did same thing in his climb to the top by preaching the superiority of the german people.

    power is always the name of the game. history proves this. and in each case all you need to see is the perception of a people being exploited and you have the breeding grounds for a radical movement.

    all you need to ferment a cause such as this is a good argument that appeals to emotion rather than to reason.

    so, no, i'm not worried about the radical nature of the enemy regardless of who or what it is. the only thing i worry about is how we respiond to it and whether or not there is a resolve that is necessary to defeat it. that is the real danger.

  4. I am not confusing the psychology of the problem with religion. Government and religions seek power albeit usually in differnt ways and fordifferent reasons.

    The problem is the religion of Islam as it preaches 1) Muslims must first seek to convert infidels to Islam, 2) failing this they then must seek to subjegate them to Islamic law,3)failing this they must kill the infidels. And in the case of Islam the state recognizes Sharia Law.

    Read the Quran, study the evil that it preaches. Understand the goal... Islamic World Domination.

    No other modern religion preaches the killing of innocents who do nothing but have a different faith.

    I agree the west's response to this evil may well be a cause for worry.It is likely the west fails to really understand the real threat. Weare told we must consider there viewpoints,understand their culture,encourage dialouge and diversity... all the while they are plotting how to accomplish their goal... world domination under Islamic law.

    Islamic law is theology,therefor it is religion,and therefor I have not failed to 1) regognize the problem, 2) the dangers Islamic extremism poses for free people thoughout the world.

    I am simply saying the religious beliefs taught by the Quran saction evil in the name of Allah. That is powerful tonic and hate speech that 10's of millions by in to.

    I understand your points and they are valid ones. I leave it at this; KNOW YOUR ENEMY,KNOW HIM WELL, AND NOW WHAT IT IS THAT DRIVES HIS HATE.

    Far to many fail to recognize this.

  5. "Weare told we must consider there viewpoints,understand their culture,encourage dialouge and diversity... "

    this is liberal political philosophy and this problem with the radical element of Islam only points out the flaws of that philosophy.


    with this clarification of your point, i agree. :)
    this must be understood especially by our leaders for they are responsible for any strategy to combat this problem. and this is where the problem lies also if their hands are tied by laws in regards to their response.

  6. My worry is that we may no longer have leaders that understand, or perhaps even care about the depth of this threat to humanity.


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