Monday, November 23, 2009

New Message From GOP Promised For 2010

Michael Steele, the Republican National Committee Chairmen, has said the GOP is considering introducing a new set of principals that would guide the GOP during the 2010 election cycle, and presumably beyond. Steele said that while not another Contract With America the GOP was planning a larger message strategy with similar goals as it's objective.

In making his comments Steele said, "I and Newt and others are looking at how we define this time, a time where we have an administration that's overstepping its reach on healthcare, overstepping its reach on the economy," Steele went on by asking this question, "how do we principally make the argument, make the case to the American people that the direction the Obama administration, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid want to go is not good for America?" He went on, "I think we'll have some very interesting things to say next year about that,"

Steele, as would be expected, provided no specifics on what may be included in the new set of guiding principles. Perhaps this is because they will amount to a rehash, and reformulated rhetoric to put out the same age old message.

Obama has overstepped his bounds, no question or argument there. But then again so did Bush. The statement that the direction the Obama administration wants to go is not good for America is an understatement. Been then the direction the Bush administration wanted, and did go, was not good for America either.

The GOP in attempting to define a set of guiding principals (if the party wants to gain prominence again), will need to clearly define political and philosophical differences that set them apart from the Democratic Party. As it really is today, there is little differences between the Elephants (Rhinos) and the Donkeys. Both are statist in practice and diminish individual liberties. The only difference lies in how fast either party will get us to the same point in our nations history.

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