Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Threat to the World at Large

The world at risk, and nobody with any real authority is doing anything about it. The useless toothless United Nations will no doubt, as usual , do nothing. The United States under the fearless Barrack Hussein Obama  administration will dither, as is it's custom, and eventually along with the western allies (whomever they may be) will call for useless sanctions.

And the world at large will continue to remain at increasing at risk. As is usually the case with the extreme disillusioned lefties and rightie (for philosophically different reasons) the arguement will be made the madman in Iran, and the extreme idealogical Muslim extremists that control the Persian nation, are but exercising their right to the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Right, and for those who might believe this BS there is a market for non existent bridges for sale.

Iran has just announced its approval Sunday to build ten additional uranium enrichment sites. This amounts to a significantly large expansion of it's capabilities to produce nuclear material. Of course this comes on the heels of the United Nations nuclear watchdog demanding that Iran halt construction on one facility and cease all enrichment efforts and activities.

Of course the U.S. and it's allies have "hinted at" the possibility of new U.N. sanctions. WOW, that is likely to work and make the free world much safer.? The White House went on record as saying the move; "would be yet another serious violation of Iran's clear obligation under multiple U.N. Security Council resolutions and another example of Iran choosing to isolate itself." Hello, does anybody really believe the Iranian Theocracy give a proverbial shit.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs had this ominous statement, "Time is running out for Iran to address the international community's growing concerns about it's nuclear program." Wow, yet another threatening and toothless statement the Iranian regime is certain to ignore.

The following statements from Ali Akbar (Allah is great) Salehi makes the Iranian regime's position clear. Salehi said Sunday's decision was "a firm message" in response to the IAEA. Further he informed state TV that the agency's censure was aimed at "measuring the resistance of the Iranian nation." Any rational analysis of these statements can only lead to the conclusion that Iran is more than willing to suffer any sanctions in so long as their nuclear ambitions are met. Such ambitions likely to increase the radical element in Islam's capability to strike at not only Israel, the stated enemy, but the entire Infidel west.  

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in siding with the toothless calls of the emasculated west called for; "a concentration of sanctions and pressure on the Iranian regime, which is vulnerable emotionally" in an attempt to get Iran to rein in it's nuclear ambitions. Israel has apparently not ruled out a military strike. But it is likely that it will wait until the dithering and pro Islamic Obama gines them the go ahead. Which in this citizen journalists opinion will never come.

And so we wait. As the clock ticks and tocks toward a nuclear armed Iran, with the capability of destroying Israel, and hitting the "larger" west, we dither. Perhaps the last best hope for the free world and Christian societies is the resurgence of the Jewish State circa 1967.

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  1. I've commented on the uselessness of sanctions many times. It's what endears me to many right leaning bloggers despite my penchant for taunting them. This, as with Iraq and Afghanistan should either be dealt with correctly. With all the force necessary, or not at all. We and the U.N. are the world's "Boy who cried wolf."

    I'd be glad to go into what's necessary if you like RN. Your topic. You're in charge my man.

  2. I agree with you.

    However, there is a rationale that says nuclear arms are not necessarily bad as they act as a deterrent. I.E, countries possessing nuclear weapons understand the use of such against other so armed countries insures mutual destruction.

    It is also true that in the 64 years since the first and only of nuclear weapons no country that possess nuclear arms has used them against another, nor have they fought a major conventional war with each other.

    Since tractability of origin is possible the argument can be made that a rogue, state such as North Korea or Iran, would refrain from supplying terrorist organizations with nuclear capability as they know they would be held responsible for their use.

    So, what's the concern? For me it is that in my opinion, Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs that control the Theocracy are lunatics not unlike Hitler.

    So for me, while the arguments have some credibility, the risk of this madman having his finger on the button is a risk not worth taking.

    Iran has defied warning, threat of increased sanctions, etcetera before. So I say give then a final warning. From the UN backed up by the US. Give Israel the tip of the hat that it the final offer for reasonable resolution is ignored they have the green light to strike all facilities within Trans borders.

    Tell the Iranian regime they have little time, that should they choose to ignore the world's concerns, at a time of the west's choosing, unannounced, they will be hit.

    Take it away TRUTH. What I am looking for is reasoned thought as to possible real solutions to a very real problem. All thoughts and opinions are as always welcome at RN USA.

  3. A military action the world would support along the same lines as Desert Storm. Amass an overwhelming force adhering to the Powell Doctrine.

    The Iranian people can be quite progressive as shown by their protests against Ahmadinijad. This is one case where the Iranian people may actually rise up and overthrow the zealots that rule. They deserve that chance by virtue of their actions.

    I agree that the Iranian regime must not be allowed to possess nuclear weapons. Ever since I was a kid the cries to unleash Israel have been made. Let's get real. Israel, as formidable and committed as the IDF is, don't have the numbers. It will take a world effort to do this so that regime change can go with as little suffering among the average Iranian as possible. We want allies in the war on terror. We can't afford more enemies.

  4. On point one I agree it would be the ideal and perhaps worth a try. In so long as the "World Body" acts in a reasonable time frame. We'll have to wait and see as I suspect this one will take a bit longer for Obama and crew to consider than it has taken to make a decision on Afghanistan troop levels.

    Point two - I find myself in agreement because my observations and interaction with the several Iranian's I personally know support this. They are in fact quite reasonable, individualistic, and from what they tell me their relatives, still in Iran, are not supportive of the regime and in fact like America. Unfortunately most Iranians apparently still live in fear for their lives if they step out of line. So it remains to be scene if they will find the will to overthrow the zealots in power.

    Israel has done it before. I believe this tiny state may be the last best hope for free western civilization. It is the only western state with the will, and it sure as hell has the most to lose if nothing is done. Israel would just need to support and backing of the rest of the West. Israel has been threatened with extinction by Ahmadinijad, and he and the Mullahs may be just nuts enough to try it.

    The Persian state is seen as a threat to stability in the lager Middle East as well so who knows. Is the Islamic hatred of the Jewish state so great that it would cause them to not support an Israeli solution to the problem they themselves fear? Probably, and therein lies the possible flaw.

    Dithering on this much longer seems to me to not make a lot of sense as it reinforces in the minds of the zealots they need have no fear.


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