Friday, November 27, 2009

Charles Krauthammer on Health Care Reform

The health care debate goes on, and on, and ... on. What we have succeeded in doing is to produce a total of over 4,000 pages (House and Senate bills combined) of a bureaucratic nightmare and regulatory jungle. Of course these competing bills must go through the reconciliation process. Nonetheless,  in final form,  whatever comes through the pork grinder will likely exceed 2,000 pages.

While there is little argument that our system needs reform, the current bills, as they stand are an abomination and not what we need. Charles Krauthammer, in his November 27, 2009 article in The National Review puts forth some well reasoned arguments as to how we should go about health care reform in a reasoned and proper manner.

Read the the full text of Krauthammer's article here.

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