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Happy New Year 2010

New Years 2010, Singapore, a sight to rival New York City for sure! The New Year has already arrived for millions around the World. As we Americans began to prepare for our own celebrations, whatever they may be, let us hope for a Happy, Prosperous, and Better Year in 2010 than the one we leave behind!

                 Happy New Year To All!

  And A Special Thank You To My Readership 

           For Your Loyal Visits To My Site

Conservative Party, Option for 2010 and Beyond

True to the never ending search for a National Political Party that embodies a rational political outlook and independent conservatism thought, Rational Nation USA found information on The Conservative Party. At the top pf it's webpage are these words, "Our mission is to re-establish the limits and boundaries of Government as framed by the Founding Fathers of the United States of America."

These words have resonance, therefor I spent some time on the pages of their website to decide if this fledgling party has merit and could actually gain traction. It is evident that those who believe in limited federal government, states rights, that the government that serves best is local government could find a home in The Conservative Party.

The founding principals and though on which the party has as its foundation is rational and functional. As there is a significant amount of information on their site, much to much to do it justice by way of explanation here, Rational Nation USA links its readers to, The Conservative Party.

Please visit and familiarize yourself with the organization. The Conservative Party is a viable option to the rather intellectually bankrupt modern Republican Party, better known as the RHINO party.

Some Memorable Moments of 2009

Must see moments of 2009. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly. You be the judge. If nothing else they are good for a few laughs.

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This is John Galt Speaking Part #11

As embedding has apparently been disabled for Part #11 of the series use the link below to access the video.

As Rational Nation USA like many others, will be recuperating from the New Year Eve Festivities, the twelfth part of "This is John Galt Speaking" is being presented today as well. As you consider and reflect on these concepts enjoy your New Years Celebration. The series will continue next year.

End of Year Rasmussen Presidential Tracking Poll

As the first decade of the twenty first century comes to a close, and President Obama's first year in office is completed, the public's perception of the state of our affairs is a mixture of reserved optimism  and clear concern for our future.

President Obama, riding high following the early months after his election has seen a dramatic decline in the Presidential Approval Index and in his Overall Approval Ratings over the past year. The trend has been consistent and steady. The good news for the President, if there is any, is there has been a recent up tick in his ratings. 

The reality however is this; the American public can be very fickle and the direction of the electorate can change on a whim.  The good news for the Republicans is that trends seem to be favorable for them overall at present. The danger is complacency. That and they are simply going to need to start offering solutions to problems the public is concerned with rather than just saying no to everything.

Opinion polls are instructive, and what is clear is that both parties are severely lacking in true effective leadership. Will this change during 2010 is yet to be seen. From a political  observers perspective it is unlikely it will.

The graphs:

Find here the Rasmussen Poll complete Presidential indicators year end 2009.

Limbaugh Rushed to Hawaiian Hospital

Rush Limbaugh, America's most successful conservative radio talk show host was rushed to a hospital in Hawaii with chest pains. 

The fifty eight year old, who often can offend even those who agree with him more often than not, has the best wishes from Rational Nation USA and hopes for a speedy and lasting recovery.

True to expectations the left is having a wonderful time over his unfortunate health setback, and if the a** wipe comments on this linked article are any indication  they are no doubt hoping Rush's recent circumstances prevent him from returning to his post at the EIB Network.

To be expected from those on the elitist left who have no concept of liberty and what it means, nor do they apparently have the ability to accept any viewpoint differing from their own. What they fail to recognize is this; Rush is as popular as he is precisely because his message is indeed understood and supported by millions of Americans.

That's not to say this truly independent non party aligned conservative individual, nor any other for that matter, agrees with  Rush all the time or on every one of his pronouncements. He is indeed wrong sometimes and those of us who do not drink from the kool aid of any party say as much.  

I guess those on the left, at least many, can not find it in their "bleeding liberal hearts" to just wish a fellow man well and save the a** wipe comments for another day. Perhaps in a forum intended for political discourse and disagreements.  I guess that is the difference between true conservatives and liberals.  Most conservatives are more apt to respect this simple aspect of decency than are the elitist  kool aid drunk lefties.

Perhaps the Democrat's are hoping Rush is to be the first they can ration healthcare to.  Maybe on the grounds he is dangerous and his political views need to be silenced forever. At least that is what the a** wipe comments seem to indicate. Indeed, how unfortunate and hypocritical the political left can be.  

Such is politics. Both sides are guilty to a degree. However today is just a day to call out the left.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is John Galt Speaking Part #10

As we continue with "This is John Galt Speaking" Rational Nation USA realizes many of the premises and values presented are at first difficult to accept, and perhaps even impossible for the those who willingly and without question accept the doctrines of organizes religion or statism.

However, it is for those who retain an open mind and perhaps have not thought deeply about these concepts and their value that the series is presented. When understood in their depth and fullness these value concepts provide a life altering experience and gives one happiness beyond comparison.

When properly understood and practiced they result in each individual recognizing and respecting the rights of all to their opinions, values, and happiness; without the intrusions of any other individual or government.

And now "This is John Galt Speaking" Part #10

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Iran - How Can the U.S. Best Support the Iranian Freedom Movement?

The picture of a madman, and the face of pure evil. Ahmadinejad, despised by the people he leads, won his reelection through the most corrupt means possible.

The people of the Persian Nation he and the 7th century minded Mullahs rule with a totalitarian and theocratic fist have chosen to say enough is enough. They are demonstrating and protesting in the streets of Tehran and elsewhere.

The Washington Post ran an article today essentially in support of those fighting for freedom in Iran. The paper pointed to what it believes the Obama Administration has done positively in support of the Freedom Movement growing in the country. here some of the highlights of the article.

"Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei clearly is betting he can defeat the opposition Green Movement with brute force. In the past week, security forces have attacked peaceful mourners at the funeral of dissident Ayatollah Ali Montazeri and violated the tradition of restraint associated with the Ashura holiday."

"In short, Iran's political crisis now looks like a battle to the death between the regime and its opposition. No one on either side in Tehran is talking about compromise. Nor does it seem likely that there will be a sustained respite from domestic turmoil until one side triumphs."

"The Obama administration and other Western governments must tailor their policies toward Iran to reflect the centrality of the Green Movement's fight for freedom. While diplomatic contact with the regime need not be broken off entirely, by now it should be obvious that it cannot produce significant results -- and might serve to shore up a tottering dictatorship."

"The administration has worried excessively that open U.S. support might damage the Green Movement. Now President Obama has publicly taken sides, and the battle inside Iran has reached a critical juncture. It's time for the United States to do whatever it can, in public and covertly, to help those Iranians fighting for freedom. "

Rational Nation USA for once finds itself in complete agreement with the Post's pronouncements. It remains to be how the Obama administration will find a way to support the Iranian freedom fighters both publicly and covertly. It is obvious that financial support funneled covertly to the opposition is the best way. However, given our nations precarious and almost insolvent financial situation it is not in our best interest to spend more money we don't have.  I don't believe the President is prepared to do that. But then again, given his record his first year in office, who knows?

Read the full text of The Washington Post article HERE

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This is John Galt Speaking Part #9

As we continue on the journey with John Galt it becomes increasingly clear the philosophy by which this narrative series of work suggests one live their life by is based on reason, consistency, and non contradictory premises.

The philosophy John Galt so effectively explains is clearly unlike our government which bases much of its actions on self destructive, irrational, and behavior patterns that only a true mystic would find rational.

And now John Galt.

Krauthammer on the Iranian Fight for Freedom & Obama

Now this is what I have been attempting to say on Rational Nation. Charles Krauthammer says it beautifully, forcefully, and correctly in the following  clip.

It is indeed an opportunity for Obama to do the right thing as pointed out by Krauthammer. It is also quite likely The President will fail the test of character, AGAIN.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Quotes of the Week at Rational Nation USA

In my search for quotes of the week I attempted to find those within the time frame originally envisioned, the 18th to the 21st century.

While searching for quotes that exemplify both rationality and American values I realized that quotes that meet that standard can be found throughout history. So with this in mind Rational Nation USA, the blog, gives you quotes of the week December 28, 2009.

The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew. Abraham Lincoln

I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past. Thomas Jefferson

When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world. George Washington Carver

A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away. Barry M. Goldwater

Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers. Aristotle

Those who stand for nothing fall for anything. Alexander Hamilton

Life without liberty is like a body without spirit. Kahlil Gilbran

Rational Nation USA hopes you find these quotes thought provoking and inspiring as you begin your week

Bonus Quote of the Week.

The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding. ~Louis D. Brandeis

The GOP Not a Party of Ethics or Values

This is to be a short post. It has in fact little to do with any of the weighty issues facing our nation as we move into the second decade of the 21st century.

It does however have everything to do with why I left, no rephrase that, why the Republican Party left me and likely millions of others who share similar conservative values.

Why did the party lose my support? Because the Republican Party has, through its attempt to use fear and deceit to further its narrow minded agenda, failed to represent a true ethical and balanced conservative value system.

Rather than going into further detail please follow the link here for the low down on the low. I am proud to be an independent, rationally minded true conservative. While I wish it were different, I guess I should thank the Republican Party for dumping me before I became what the present Republican Party has become.

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Max Baucus Speaks - The Queation is, For Who?

Aside from the fact most of this man's remarks amount to full blown BS, isn't it remarkable that a Senator of the United States feels comfortable appearing on the floor of the senate in what is an obviously impaired state. This guy reminds me of Boris Yeltsin, only not as smart.

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Fire in the Streets, the Iranian Freedom Movement

I imagine the desire for liberty and the right to enjoy the freedom all men are entitled to ultimately outweighs mysticism and religious dogma, no matter what the form may be.

The Iranian people are both a proud and independent culture. Knowing several personally I can honestly say they are rational and caring, with the same values, aspirations, and desires we proud and independent Americans hold dear.

The world is now seeing the true spirit of the people of Persia. A spirit, that after thirty one years of an oppressive and tyrannical Theocracy has had enough. The demonstrations by opponents to the current regime is all one needs to see to know  time is on the side of the people of Iran.

They however need the support of those who truly love freedom and despise authoritarian and oppressive tyrannical government. It is time for Governments that truly respect the rights of the individual, including their right to live out their lives as free and independent agents, to both condemn the Iranian goverbment andd supportthe efforts of the freedom loving opposition.

Where will the Obama administration and the U.S. government stand? Only time will tell. The current situation in Iran provide President Obama, the United States , and the rest of the free world an oppurtunity to do the right thing. Lets hope they do.

Follow the links here, and here to learn more on the unfolding situation in Iran. 

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This is John Galt Speaking - Part#8

Rationality, morality, rational self interest, proper ethical conduct, and the right to live ones life on these terms. Simple yet basic truths further enunciated in "This is John Galt Speaking" Part #8.

If individuals, and society could only come to understand that when reason and rational self interest is consistently practiced the world becomes a safer and certainly more prosperous reality.

George W. didn't get it, nor will Barry or the rest of the so called leaders of the world. Such has been the sober reality for the millennium. But this doesn't mean we should stop trying.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Failed Presidency

I received an e-mail recently from one of my readers. So many times in the past I have gotten burned posting stuff that was alleged factual in content only to find out it wasn't so. So, due to experience and that lost innocence that allowed me to trust unknown sources, I did my home work this time. I verified the article and the author.

The article, entitled "Another Failed Presidency", was written by Geoffrey P. Hunt and was first published in The American Thinker on August 31, 2009. I had not previously seen this work but was most impressed with Mr. Hunts perspective and insight.

President Barrack Hussein Obama, while not a failed President at this point in time, it does appear to many that given his full term he will likely be just another Jimmy Carter at the end of the day. As American citizens concerned about our own self interest as well as that of our nation we should hope for his success in turning the economy around and ending the widespread corruption in congress. Most indications lead one to believe this won't happen.

It might seem peculiar Rational Nation USA  chose to display the American Flag, with the picture of the Bald Eagle and the words of President Andrew Jackson inscribed over the  flag. Upon completion of reading the following RN USA believe you will know why it was choose for the header  at the top of this post.

Another Failed Presidency

By Geoffrey P. Hunt
Barrack Obama is on track to have the most spectacularly failed presidency since WoodrowWilson.

In the modern era, we've seen several failed presidencies--led by Jimmy Carter and LBJ. Failed presidents have one strong common trait-- they are repudiated, in the vernacular, spat out. Of course, LBJ wisely took the exit ramp early, avoiding a shove into oncoming traffic by his own party. Richard Nixon indeed resigned in disgrace, yet his reputation as a statesman has been partially restored by his triumphant overture to China.

George Bush Jr didn't fail so much as he was perceived to have been too much of a patrician while being uncomfortable with his more conservative allies. Yet George Bush Sr is still perceived as a man of uncommon decency, loyal to the enduring American character of rugged self-determination, free markets, and generosity. George W will eventually be treated more kindly by historians as one whose potential was squashed by his own compromise of conservative principles, in some ways repeating the mistakes of his father, while ignoring many lessons in executive leadership he should have learned at Harvard Business School.  Of course George W could never quite overcome being dogged from the outset by half of the nation convinced he was electorally illegitimate -- thus aiding the resurgence of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

But, Barack Obama is failing. Failing big.  Failing fast. And failing everywhere: foreign policy, domestic initiatives, and most importantly, in forging connections with the American people. The incomparable Dorothy Rabinowitz in the Wall Street Journal  put her finger on it: He is failing because he has no understanding of the American people, and may indeed loathe them. Fred Barnesof the Weekly Standard says he is failing because he has lost control of his message, and is overexposed. Clarice Feldman of American Thinker produced a dispositive commentary showing that Obama is failing because fundamentally he is neither smart nor articulate; his intellectual dishonesty is conspicuous by its audacity and lack of shame

But, there is something more seriously wrong: How could a new president riding in on a wave of unprecedented promise and goodwill have forfeited his tenure and become a lame duck in six months? His poll ratings are in free fall. In generic balloting, the Republicans have now seized a five point advantage. This truly is unbelievable. What's going on?

No narrative. Obama doesn't have a narrative. No, not a narrative about himself. He has a self-narrative, much of it fabricated, cleverly disguised or written by someone else. But this self-narrative is isolated and doesn't connect with us.  He doesn't have an American narrative that draws upon the rest of us. All successful presidents have a narrative about the American character that intersects with their own where they display a command of history and reveal an authenticity at the core of their personality that resonates in a positive endearing way with the majority of Americans. We admire those presidents whose narratives not only touch our own, but who seem stronger, wiser, and smarter than we are. Presidents we admire are aspirational peers, even those whose politics don't align exactly with our own: Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Harry Truman, Ike, Reagan.

But not this president. It's not so much that he's a phony, knows nothing about economics, is historically illiterate, and woefully small minded for the size of the task-- all contributory of course.  It's that he's not one of us. And whatever he is, his profile is fuzzy and devoid of content, like a cardboard cutout made from delaminated corrugated paper. Moreover, he doesn't command our respect and is unable to appeal to our own common sense. His notions of right and wrong are repugnant and how things work just don't add up. They are not existential. His descriptions of the world we live in don't make sense and don't correspond with our experience.

In the meantime, while we've been struggling to take a measurement of this man, he's dissed just about every one of us--financiers, energy producers, banks, insurance executives, police officers, doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, post office workers, and anybody else who has a non-green job. Expect Obama to lament at his last press conference in 2012: "For those of you I offended, I apologize. For those of you who were not offended, you just didn't give me enough time; if only I'd had a second term, I could have offended you too."

Mercifully, the Founders at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 devised a useful remedy for such a desperate state--staggered terms for both houses of the legislature and the executive. An equally abominable Congress can get voted out next year. With a new Congress, there's always hope of legislative gridlock until we vote for president again two short years after that.

Yes, small presidents do fail, Barack Obama among them. The coyotes howl but the wagon train keeps rolling along.

[editor's note: The author is not the not the same person as Geoffrey P Hunt, who works at the Institute for Scientific Analysis as a senior research scientist.]

The original sender of the e-mail, who ever it was, added a few lines of their own. While taken out of the original text of the article they were good enough Rational Nation USA felt compelled to run them as a footer to the actual article.

Margret Thatcher: 'The trouble with Socialism is, sooner or later you run out of other people's money to spend."

"When you subsidize poverty and failure, you get more of both." James Dale Davidson, National Taxpayers Union

"The more corrupt the state, the more it legislates." Tacitus

"A Liberal is a person who will give away everything he doesn't own." Unknown

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This is John Galt Speaking Part #7

The next 'This is John Galt Speaking" is focused on happiness and how your happiness is intrinsically  linked to your rational, ethical , and moral values. 

As you listen, and perhaps re-listen to these videos,  notice how non contradictory they are. How each concept builds on, and strengthens that which was presented previously.

For these concepts, taken and understood in their totality, provide one with a compass by which to lead a moral, non contradictory  and happy life. A life focused on the individual rational self interests, yet never forgetting the value of those with whom you share life in this world.

Here is John Galt #7

Schools are the Best Agents to Create Social Justice - So Says Randi Weingarten

Mindless me, I always thought the role of a teacher, at least a good teacher, was to challenge their students to excel to the best of their ability in learning subject matters critical to their own success as well as their countries success.

But a by far more advanced Neanderthal though gaining gravitas is that teachers unions, along with labor unions and the public shooks should become agent's for social change and justice. AFT President Randi Weingarten said it simply was enough the "instruct school children 7 hours a day;community schools should be the hub of the community."

Gosh, what did I and millions of other like minded folks forget. It seems we were were taught, and rightfully so, that parents, churches, grandparents, your  neighbors , the local laws enforcement professionals, Clergymen and women, community groups that serve the local area, like Boy Scots, Girl Scoots, The YMCA and the YWCA,  etc., etc., and the list goes on.

So once a gain we have a group driven by leftist ideology that wishes to politicize our children's education and spend more time indoctrinating our children in the beliefs that abortion, gay marriage, alternative life styles etc. And since we live in a free society (well maybe) they have right to a point.

Those of us who still poses a streak of reason and rationality hope Weingarten and here like politically minded socialist/statist lefties still understand the real purpose of education in the public schools. The issue of social change and progress is rightfully left for parents and spiritual leaders.

Here then is the disturbing video with AFT President Randi Weingarten.

You can read the full text of the article here.

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Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, the Aspiring Diplomat

The smiling face of the Vietnam War hero, oops, excuse me I mean  traitor, and  the face of the man the drone like electorate of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts keep sending back to the senate term after term.

However, due to international developing scenarios  the man of less than stellar integrity may find new international recognition. Something he has always sought to gain.

It seems the much esteemed Foreign Relations Chairman is contemplating a trip to Iran. The possible trip is reportedly with the sanction and blessing of the Obama administration.

The worry we should all have is this; the trip is possibly, and likely to play into the hands of the illegitimate Theocracy and Totalitarian Dictatorship that rules this once great  Persian nation.

As the most senior U.S. official to visit Iran in thirty years the effect, both in Tehran as well as globally, would be to give legitimacy to the current madman Ahmadinejad and the 7th century minded Mullahs and their modern day theocracy.

Of course it is possible the real reason behind the visit would be to get Iran's morally bankrupt regime  to accept U.S. and world pressure to halt their development of nuclear capabilities. As Tehran has remained heretofore resistant and belligerent it is unlikely  the urgings of a man of Senator Kerry's questionable stature will result in any positive outcome for the U.S. or the world.

With the current unrest in Iran, and the resultant widespread demonstrations and protests occurring in the country, it is likely unwise Senator Kerry, and untested diplomat, visit Iran and engage in activities that will likely prove harmful to the the Iranian opposition movement.

Rational Nation USA is all for meaningful diplomatic efforts. However they should be with the best interests of the Iranian people, U.S. rational interests, and the interests of  Israel in mind. It is indeed unlikely that a visit from Senator Kerry, bargaining from a compromising position, will have any real and positive effect. It is more likely to disrupt and damage the Iranian people's attempt to change their corrupt and illegitimate government.

We should be finding avenues to show our nations support for the cause of  the Iranian People. Hopefully Mr. Kerry and the POTUS  realize this and act accordingly should Kerry make the trip to Tehran.                                                                                       

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Memorable Quotes From the 18th Century To the Present

In keeping with the belief that great wisdom can often be found in the simplest of phrases Rational Nation USA will began posting weekly quotes that hopefully will stimulate thought within it's readership.

Wisdom can be found throughout the ages, from antiquity to the Enlightenment and The Age of Reason, to the present day.   The ability to use reason and logic, those characteristics  which differentiate  humans from all other animal forms, is what makes civil society possible.

Even with our ability to use reason and logic the human race remain mired in what seems perpetual conflict and violence. The only species on earth capable of logic and reasoning seems incapable of using it for their own rational self interest. 

While Rational Nation USA is not so delusional to believe the posting of a few thoughts by great minds of the past and present will have great impact, it is  however done so in the hope that perhaps a small number may be positively impacted and thereby the world is made a more understanding ,and thereby rational reality.

As a true independent and rational conservative, the owner of the name Rational Nation USA is dumbfounded by the lack of reason displayed by both parties that supposedly represent We The People. Equally as befuddling is the fact that we can not seem to find rational and reasonable solutions to our COMMON problems.

Rational Nation USA wishes to thank the conservative and libertarian readers of my independent conservative blog for their interest during 2009. A special thanks goes out to those readers of the left who "suffered" both the conservative and independent thoughts on my humble blog.

It is in this spirit RN USA begin's "Memorable Quotes From the 18th Century To the Present." While this will be the primary time frame of focus, others periods will not be completely overlooked.

Memorable quotes week of 12/21/09.

“Ethics is a code of values which guide our choices and actions and determine the purpose and course of our lives.” — Ayn Rand, 20th-century Russian/American novelist and philosopher

“Without civic morality communities perish; without personal morality their survival has no value.” — Bertrand Russell, 20th-century British mathematician and philosopher

"A moral being is one who is capable of comparing his past and future actions or motives, and of approving or disapproving of them." — Charles Darwin

“Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.” — Gen. Omar N. Bradley, 20th-century American military figure

“The best way to teach morality is to make it a habit with children.'' — Aristotle, ancient Greek philosopher

"But if you ask what is the good of education in general, the answer is easy: that education makes good men, and that good men act nobly." — Plato, ancient Greek philosopher

"You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth." — Kahlil Gilbran

Wisdom can truly be found everywhere, and from a multitude of minds. Thought is the engine of reason, let us begin to us it.

Quote of the week:

"Don't worry that children never listen to you. Worry that they are always watching you." — Robert Fulghum, 20th-century American author

Demonstrations in Iran

Again the Iranian people are showing their opposition to the regime of madman Ahmadinejad. A BBC article just out today reported.

Jon Leyne, a BBC correspondent in Tehran, said the opposition sources are creating a picture of widespread and violent confrontations.

There have been unconfirmed reports on reformist websites of several protests in the capital area. Also reported is that the government is using tear gas to breakup the demonstrators and protesters.

A source quoted by Reuters said said that opposition supporters gathered along a lengthy stretch of a main city route but that the government was preventing the groups from linking up.

The government is said to be reacting forcefully and beating protesters with batons and breaking the windshields of cars.

The opposition has claimed since Iran's recent national election that President Ahmadinejad's re-election in June was due to mass scale tampering with results. An allegation he vehemently denies.

The demonstrations have occurred during the beginning of  Shia religious festivals on December 26. The festivals mark the death of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson in the 7th century. The reformists have set the min date for demonstrations for December 27th, the last day of festivals.

Unrest has been growing since the death of dissident cleric the Grand Ayatollah Hoseyn Ali Montazeri (87) a week ago. There were reports of clashes following his funeral in Qom, as well as other locations in Iran.

Iran is indeed a country ran by a madman and a bunch of mullahs who rather than work to restore Iran to a rightful place in the society of nations, wishes to keep her mired in the 7th century mentality of an evil, unbending, and violent Prophet.  Under these conditions Iran poses a grave threat to the United States and Israel, as well as the rest of the free world.

It is time that our nation finds a way to either get the Iranian leadership to engage in honest diplomacy, or act swiftly and decisively to quell an emerging threat to the free world.
 Diplomacy when it is honest, and respected by both parties, is always the proper course to follow. I  fear the Government of Iran fail the test of desiring honest and fruitful diplomacy.

The people of Iran, being intelligent, independent, and industrious are beginning to rise up in protest against their Totalitarian Theocracy. Perhaps the Iranian people themselves may provide the key to a solution to the problem of Iran. If we listen. But I believe there may not be much time remaining.

More on Iran here.

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The POTUS and FLOTUS in Hawaii

POTUS and FLOTUS enjoining their well earned Christmas Holiday in the bright and sunny locale of Hawaii.

Now , after the grueling and highly intense heath insurance reform battles at home these past several weeks who could begrudge, or criticize the POTUS for such a hard earned break from it all?

So in the spirit of the Christmas season Rational Nation USA  takes this time to wish you, the FLOTUS, and your family (a bit belatedly) a Very Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year to boot!

Now  I may be mistaken, but I think not, while you and the FLOTUS were enjoying your holidays you found time to drop in at the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii to say in your words, "Hey guys Merry Christmas, I'm proud of you guys."  It is nice you found the time to drop in on our troops and spend some time with them at the safety of their base.

A thought however crossed the mind of this questioning individual. Would it perhaps been more appropriate had you visited the troops in Afghanistan, you know, the ones who have been laying their lives on the line for their county? you know, the troops who are far away from loved ones and friends during this important and spiritual time of the year? Might it have shown actual leadership and concern for those most in danger? Might it actually shown courage on your part?

Just a few questions from someone who had a few thoughts for the POTUS and Commandeer in Chief to contemplate.  It has been said for others to willingly follow, one must lead, particularly during times of great risk to those being asked to follow.

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This is John Galt Speaking Part #6

John Galt on the morality of life, choice and rationality. Concepts free men and women need actively seek out and constantly defend if they are to be that which they can be.

John Galt Speaking #6

Friday, December 25, 2009

Republicans Gain on Democrats in Generic Congressional Ballot

A December 22, 2009 Rasmussen Generic Congressional Ballot shows Republicans with an eight point advantage over the Democrats. The telephone survey reveals some interesting data, and when taken in full should give the Democratic leadership reason to rethink their strategic and tactical planning.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the far left congressional leadership of Pelosi and Reid et all is out of touch with American voters. While this certainly does not indicate the right is experiencing a resurgent, it does show the American electorate remains center to slightly center right.

Following are some highlights of the polling data.

44% said they would vote for their district's Republican congressional candidate while 36% would vote for the their democratic opponent.

Men tend to prefer GOP candidates over Democratic by 19%. Women are evenly split between to two parties. Voters not claiming a party affiliation preferred Republicans by a 43% t 19% margin.

While Republicans have had the edge for over four months the Republican margin since early November has been steadily increasing.

The landscape has shifted significantly since the fall and winter of 2008. During this time support for Democratic candidates ranged from 42% to 47% while support for GOP candidates was at 37% ti 41%.

When a potential Tea Party candidate is put in the mix the landscape changes significantly. In such a scenario the three way Generic Ballot indicates Democrats attracting 36% of the vote, the Tea Party candidate 23%, and the GOP candidate attracts just 19%. This clearly indicates that should this situation develop it will undoubtedly split the GOP insuring continued Democratic leadership into the future.

During November the number of Americans identifying themselves as Democrat fell to a four year low, however it is still greater than those identifying themselves as Republican.

73% of Republican voters think the party's leadership is out of touch with them. By comparison a plurality of 47% of Democratic voters feel their leadership agrees with them.

Nationwide 55% of poll respondents oppose the Senate Health Care bill while 41% are in favor.

57% of voters nationwide believe it would be better to pass no health care reform rather than the current bill that just passed the in the Senate.

66% of voters stated their preference for a smaller government and fewer services with lower taxes as opposed to a more active statist government with more services and higher taxes.

This poll indicates the shifting political winds in America. If close to accurate these poll numbers are promising for the Republican party, however only if a leadership emerges that can galvanize a broad cross section of Republicans, Libertarians, and Conservatives under a large and inclusive tent.

While the news is not good for the Democratic party, should the Republicans fail to provide clear and rational leadership Democrats will have little to worry about. If recent history is any indicator this is a clear and distinct likely hood. Read full poll reporting here.

Rational Nation USA, while only reporting the news, is hopeful that a principled and rational Republican party emerges. One who finds its intellectual principals and ethics in the likes of William F. Buckley and Barry Goldwater.

Via: Rasmussen Reports

Some Interesting Poll Data from Rasmussen

Polls at best provide a snapshot of public opinion at any given time, and depending on how the data is collected, tabulated, and interpreted can lead to varying  degrees of accuracy. None the less, having said this, they can be useful trending indicators for the intelligent and astute politician. The same can be said for the electorate.

I found the following recent poll from Rasmussen Reports interesting, and depending on your take on things, encouraging. I have removed the video due to technical issues and replace it with the following link here: Rasmussen Poll.

Via: Rasmussen Reports

This is John Galt Speaking Part #5

"I swear by my life, and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine."

The above quote, that of John Galt as penned by Ayn Rand in her best selling 1957 epic novel Atlas Shrugged, defines in one brief sentence the moral code by which free men and women ought live their lives.

Perhaps if more of our congressmen and women, as well as our senators and presidents, understood and lived by the moral code of John Galt our nation would not be in the terrible mess it finds itself.

It is in the hope our nation can find its way once again that Rational Nation USA posts the series "This is John Galt Speaking." The moral and ethical foundation by which a proper and just society can best live and prosper can be found in this series.

The social experiment that modern day socialism and statism is representative of, has proven to be a moral and ethical failure. As nations around the world continue to seek to emulate these irrational ethical behaviors the world will continue to sink further and further into the abyss.

And now, "This is John Galt Speaking." part #5.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lets Celebrate! And Then Lets Get Real

Hooray for the Senate Goon Squad! Three cheers for the architects of perhaps the smelliest pile of crapola ever to come out of the Chambers of the United States Senate.

As Americans we should allegedly be very proud of the back room dealings and special deals cut to salvage this pile of dung.

Next it is on to a Senate and House joint committee to reconcile the differences in the two bills so the President will have a huge smelly pile of pig dung to sign sometime likely in February, if not sooner. Whooahhhhhhhh, it's party down time for the proponents of Socialized Universal Health Care. It is now inevitable, Americans will have a revamped system that will not work efficiently and likely will cause further deficits and increase the national debt.

No single payer completely run Government program yet. Just wait, as it will come rolling down the pike dressed in a pretty pink outfit in but a few short years. You see, that is how the lefties of the social engineering brigade always work their agenda. Spoon feed a dull and half asleep public the pink kool aid until the whole damn enchilada has been swallowed by an unsuspecting public.

But perhaps, just perhaps this time will be different. The public's disdain for this smelly pile of useless pig dung is well known and documented. There are those who rightly recognize there are constitutional issues which may ultimately prevent a bill being enacted into law in its present form. And with the upcoming mid term elections a whole bunch of useless and spineless legislators just may be without a job come 2011. We can only hope.

Now for some straight talk less the overblown rhetoric. It is time the nation takes a serious look at how to improve our current system, still the best in the world, and make it more affordable, and extend coverage to those CITIZENS who still lack basic health care insurance. A system that retains market based competition, allows for completion across state lines, eliminates the pre existing condition clauses of most current insurances, and recognizes that tort reform is crucial. A system that retains choice with varied plans and at the same time allows the government to provide a very basic plan at the taxpayers expense. Recognizing that as quickly as the individual or family can afford to pay a portion of their insurance they are required to do so.

Rather than attempting to create a new wheel we should look at systems already working in other countries and identify if there would be any applicability to the US, and if any aspects would improve our already working network.  One such system that has elements cited above and is working is the Swiss System. It would be far superior to the crap just passed by our so called legislative leaders.

Now, if I hear any crap about me being a socialist of commie or whatever because I put out an idea that just might work and find common ground amongst rational caring conservatives I think I will scream! Oh, and just for informational purposes Thomas Paine, a darling of the conservatives and one of our founders would be smiling upon my pronouncements.  Don't believe it, check it out by reading his works combined with a little study.

This is John Galt Speaking Parts #3 & #4

During these times of Governmental usurpation of the rights an liberties of our people the words of John Galt need to be heard over and over again with an understanding deeper than ever before.

With the House and Senate poised to now go into conference sessions next year to reconcile the unconstitutional house and senate version of the "dung heap healthcare legislation" of 2010, let us hope there will be many Constitutional challenges that stop these abominable piles of stinking crap from becoming enforceable.

And now John Galt.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Dung Heap That is Health Care Reform 2009/2010

Given the mood of the majority of the public with respect to Obama's "Bunch of Crap and Special Interest Dung Heap Heath Care Plan", is it any surprise the President is on the offensive defending the pile of cow dung now going through the senate.

Rational Nation USA has no patience, or desire, to comment further on the bucket of crap the President and the useless Congress is about to dump on America. We truly have only ourselves to thank for this useless piece of legislation that will ultimately bankrupt this nation.

As we are led to the den of lions let us remember the words of Benjamin Franklin when asked if the Constitutional Convention had given us a Monarchy of a Republic. To which he replied, "A republic if you can keep it."

My take today is we are fast approaching a monarchy of sorts. Or put another way, rule by the elite.

America Beware!!

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Via: The Hill

This is John Galt Speaking Part #2

Having fixed the computers technological problems Rational Nation USA is once again back at the Freedom Post defending individualism, liberty, and the right to the Pursuit of Happiness. As always, RN USA is on the hunt to stamp out the Governmental Regulatory Strangulation of what once was the greatest and freest nation on the face of this earth.

Unfortunately it appears we have lost the battle for meaningful and sensible health care reform. It is obvious as well we have no integrity in the halls of congress. Bluntly put we have zero congressman or senators that posses any proper ethical or standards.

Our leaders simply have no proper philosophical basis from which to guide our nation. For this we have only ourselves to thank. So, in as much as this nation has lost its philosophical compass, Rational Nation USA will be presenting the series "This is John Galt Speaking" in hopes that the unthinking, and kool aid drinking crowd, will get the picture.

Rational Nation USA recognizes that the forthcoming presentations will offend most on the left, and many on the right as well. But as Rhett Butler said in "Gone With the Wind", frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. The truth is the truth and no amount of equivocation can alter the truth.

Having said the above, here is some truth from John Galt. It may be a good idea to revisit Part #1 on Rational Nation USA's preceding post. More to follow in the following days.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Very Happy New Year. One during which we should hope our current Congressman and Senators get voted out of office and we see a return to governmental integrity. But I guess that depends on us doesn't it?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Thanks to all who have visited, commented on, and supported my humble blog over the past six months. It has been your readership that has provided the fuel that keeps it going. Again, thank you

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Rational Nation USA.

For The Politically Correct - Happy Holidays.

Rational Nation USA will not be posting for a brief period due to computer problems. Hopefully the brains of the operation (the computer) will be in and out of the repair shop before the first of the year.  Whenever this happens daily posts will resume.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This is John Galt Speaking

John Galt speaks to us. Simple yet profound truths. Sit back, realax, and be uplifted by the words of reason.

Perhaps more later, if anyone is listening.

The Vatican Weighs in on Global Warming

The Pope has signed on to the religion known as GLOBAL WARMING. 

The Vatican has come out with the position that the industrialized nations must accept their responsibility for the climate, abandon their consumerism, and indeed begin living more sober lifestyles.

Sound a bit like the tolling of the altruistic socialist bells?

During his message to the Roman Catholic Church's Annual World Day of Peace the Pope had the following to say: "It is important to acknowledge that among the causes of the present ecological crisis is the historical responsibility of the industrialized countries,"

While acknowledging developing countries "are not exempt from their own responsibilities with regards to creation" the Pope leveled the majority of his criticism was at rich nations. 

In closing the Pope said; "Sad to say, it is all too evident that large numbers of people in different countries and areas of our planet are experiencing increased hardship because of the negligence or refusal of many others to exercise responsible stewardship over the environment."

I suppose the Pope has no choice but to take the position he has taken given the nature of his calling. However, all religious references aside, what he is saying in reality is the same as the world wide socialists who scream global warming, clamor for climate control based on questionable science, and demand the wealthiest of industrialized countries sacrifice for the rest of the world.

The Vatican should be apolitical. The timing of the Popes statements can only be considered as timed to bolster the  political fortune of  High Enviro Priest Al Gorleoni and the climate change brigade.

To read the full text click here.

Via: Memeorandum

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Obama's Iranian Policy

Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton has recently admitted that President Obama's position on Iran is flawed and and essentially a failure. Specifically the Secretary was speaking to the nuclear threat, however there is another side to the Iranian story.

The administration's policy of extending the "olive branch" if you will to the extremist and oppressive Islamic Republic of Iran is befuddling. There is a significantly large segment of the Iranian population that is opposed to it's misguided leadership and would welcome the support of a true Republic such as the United States supporting their efforts to change their government.

In the following video Iranian protesters are calling out to President Obama, and indeed all Americans: "Obama, Obama, are you with the regime or with us?"

I think we now the answer to their question.

And as to the nuclear threat Iran will ultimately pose; here is what Secretary Clinton had to say supported by former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton.

Given the above there may be an opportunity to improve relations with the Iranian people at large (I know several and they are warm and reasonable people), and diffuse the growing crisis if handled properly.

If the President finds a way to send the right message to the Iranian people, and begins dealing with the regime from a position of strength and less from a position of perceived weakness and lack of commitment, the combination could prove to be powerful.

We will likely have to wait, and wait, and wait, to see what his ultimate determination is.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bizarre Response to Climategate Question

The so called climate change experts, uncomfortable responding to pointed questions, simply find ways to evade or cut off further questioning. They even will go so far as to get armed reinforcements to squash questions they wish not to answer.

Hmm, makes one wonder just what they have to hide or fear doesn't it?

Monday, December 14, 2009

just a conservative girl: Senator Bayh, Doctors, and Obamacare

With all that is going down in the health care arena, and given all the disingenuous deals being worked out by the Dem's in Congress it is difficult to decide just what the truth is. So, in Rational Nation USA's search for what may actually be considered reasonable concerns as well as representing the truth, the following link to just a conservative girl  is as close as it gets. The letter from Doctor F.E. Fraser, MD points out significant concerns as well as providing  both the page number and  line in the Health Care bill.

RN USA wishes to thank jut a conservative girl for finding and posting this valuable information on the dangers inherent in the current drive to pass nationalized universal health care in America.

View at just a conservative girl: Senator Bayh, Doctors, and Obamacare

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Humble Libertarian: Real Conservatives Must Rethink War

I saw this post at The Humble Libertarian today. It is an excellent statement on true independent conservatism and Libertarianism.  True conservative and Libertarian values are often misunderstood in our current political atmosphere of baseless platitude from the far left and the mindless grunts of the far extreme right.

This link should help to dispel any misconceptions of true independent conservatism and Libertarianism.

I hope you enjoy this well thought out presentation. Rational Nation USA thanks The Humble Libertarian for finding and posting this excellent thought provoking video.

View the video at:  The Humble Libertarian: Real Conservatives Must Rethink War

Dem's Stop GOP Senate Filibuster

Senate Democrats just voted 60 to 34 to close off debate on a a $446.8 billion dollar omnibus spending bill that is to cover Justice and State Department spending as well as others agencies. The 59th and 60th votes were cast by Senator Byrd and Senator Lieberman.

The bill finances almost 50% of the federal government and will increase funding for the agencies covered by the bill by 10%.

The end of the Republican filibuster was delayed as Democrats had to wait for the 92 year Byrd, who has been ailing, to arrive to cast his vote. Lieberman, who is an Orthodox Jew and normally does not work on the Jewish Sabbath, nor does he drive on Saturday in honor of the Sabbath, walked the 3 miles from his synagogue to the capital, delaying the vote for another 50 minutes.

All but three Republicans opposed the spending bill citing wasteful spending on domestic agencies during a time of war. There were three Democrats, Senator's Evan Bayh, Russell Feingold, and Claire McCaskill who voted with Republicans in support of the filibuster.

It is great seeing our Republic function in it's tasks to serve the nation.  What befuddles is that irrespective of the waste (read pork) in the funding bills they always seem to inevitably make their way to the President's desk.

The gimmick of rolling unnecessary spending, read pork for someone or many, into legitimate funding bills is as common and accepted as Mom and Apple Pie. It is really time We The People demand our legislators stop with the b-llsh-t.

In all fairness though President Bush and the last Congress spent like drunken sailors (Bush #2 never met a spending bill he didn't like) and the current President and Congress are spending like a bunch of drunken sailors on drugs.

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Copenhagen and the Loonies

The lets "roll civilization back to the days of a more primitive and less advanced world economically" crowd in Copenhagen. Well coordinated, and color coded signage abounds. Was just wondering if Holy Enviro High Priest Al Gorleoni is getting kick backs from sign companies.

This whole movement is based on questionable science. The primary purpose is to attack capitalism at it core and set in motion gimmicks and false justifications to get wealthy industrialized countries to foot the bill for bringing up the standard of living of third world countries around the world.

Sounds like a noble and righteous cause.  That is if you believe you are responsible for the soul of everyone less fortunate that you. The concept of being your brothers keeper at the expense of your own welfare and happiness.

The results of the movement can can only be the leveling of the economic playing field. In other words industrialized and advanced societies lose and underdeveloped societies gain. Put another way; the world will sink to to lowest common denominator when all is said and done if a Climate Change Treaty is accepted by our Nation and others.

It is part and parcel of the Troika that is World Wide Socialism, One World Government, and One World Currency. For those that are into that mentality you'll love it. For lose who value liberty, individualism, and self determination you will be best served by fighting this movement, which has taken on the face of an almost religious like dogma, to it's death.

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