Thursday, February 9, 2017

trump's Propaganda Must Be Exposed And Destroyed...

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Chris Cuomo has it exactly right. Although his words were much to polite in describing the constant allegations of "fake news" trump uses in his attempt to delegitimize journalists and news organizations that disagree with his agenda and policies.

While this site absolutely agrees that the Office of the President is always deserving of respect the present occupant of the Office of the President  is deserving of little to no respect whatsoever.

Attacks on the press for being ‘fake news’ have become a staple of President Trump‘s rhetoric, with CNN — hosts/reporters included — often being called out by name.

“The only thing that’s bothersome about it, is that I see being called ‘fake news’ as the equivalent of the n-word for journalists, the equivalent of calling an Italian any of the ugly words that people have for that ethnicity.That’s what fake news is to a journalist.,” CNN’s Chris Cuomo told Michael Smerconish on SiriusXM POTUS (Ch. 124) Thursday.

“It is an ugly insult and you better be right if you’re going to charge a journalist with lying on purpose and the president was not right here and he has not been right in the past,” Cuomo added.


Cuomo was targeted in a @realDonaldTrump tweet in reference to his line of questioning aimed at Sen. Richard Blumenthal. Cuomo quickly refuted Trump’s commentary, showing a video clip that disputed the president’s claims.


“It is naive for someone to not see the value in a clear picture of the good, bad and ugly that is going on in the mind of the most powerful man in the world,” Cuomo explained, referring Trump’s tweets. “This is a gift to journalists. It is a gift to any empowered citizen who wants to know what the motivations are for the workings of their government. We’ve never gotten this kind of unvarnished insight into a president’s motivations.”

Cuomo also made clear that he believes “the president deserves respect.”

“The office deserves respect. The office demands fairness. The office demands testing of what is said and what is done,” Cuomo said.
“And when he says something that is false, or as you say ‘demonstrably false,’ that matters,” he added. “His words have implications, we’re seeing them, we’re hearing them echo around the international political sphere. It matters what he says.”

While Cuomo admitted, “I think there’s a learning curve in that job for everybody,” he reminded journalists that they have a specific role when covering the president.

To fill in the blanks LIFT THE FOLD.


  1. LOL! I noticed the FOX News crowd has taken to using the expression "Alt Left," with "mainstream media" and so forth. It was just made up to make some kind of moral equivocation between Nazi sorts and hippy sorts. Now it's in the Urban Dictionary.

    The facts, the narratives, the memes, they're all just silliness. The people have got to be better informed. This is a real, existential American problem.


    1. Right wing sources of "news" like InfoWars and Breitbart are equivalent to shock jocks on the radio. With little more than conspiracy theories and hyper partisan right wing propaganda these organisations have captured the imaginations of a yuuuuuge segment of the population.

      You're right Jersey, an ill informed/uninformed populace is the greatest existential threat to our democratic republic.

      FOX News is rapidly becoming like the more whacked out Breitbart and InfoWars. It has been interesting watching FOX devolve into the business of propagating right wing propaganda as a core principle of the media giant.

      It's going to take a concerted and sustained long term effort on the part of reasonable scientific minded rational people in politics, the media, business, and education to ever turn it around.

      With DeVos as Secretary of Education, Bannon as Cheif White House strategist and NSC member,and the Tweeter in Chief running things we may very well be seriously screwed for years to come. Think SCOTUS.

      It's a mess.

  2. If by chance anyone associated with the Trump administration is reading this here's a big middle finger for ya.


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