Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Time To Let Go Of A Losing Ideology...

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“Is The End of My Country’s Greatness Near” is a question I contemplated and subsequently wrote an essay on back in 2009. I ask the very same question today, almost nine years later. It troubles me more now than it did in2009. But it is not because the object and subject of my concern, Barack Hussein Obama and socialism has destroyed America, rather it is because the conservatism I had always believed in has been responsible for bringing to political life the narcissistic demagogue and megalomaniac Donald J. Trump.

Just to be very clear. I have not wavered from my core principles, a conservatism that is far removed from today’s Evangelical, Neocon, authoritarian, oligarchical, and board room conservatism. This weblog supports a conservatism that is based on constitutional principles, the belief that all people have equal right to opportunity, that race, ethnicity, or religion should not be a barrier in anyway, that diversity and differing views are in fact good, healthy, and necessary for a strong society, and that it must be the goal of conservatism to support the economic dreams of the lower and middle rungs of the socio-economic ladder rather than the dreams of the most wealthy.

President Obama, a man I once thought would change America in ways that would significantly and negatively impact my liberties to live my life as I desire has done no such thing. I am as free to live my life as I chose today as I was before he assumed office. My fears were completely unjustified and I must say I am embarrassed that I, one who values objectivity and reason, let myself be swayed by political hyperbole and the pressures of Tea Party conservative groupthink. With the birth of the Tea Party the conservatives unjustified hyperbole reached fever pitch and it is why today, I must renounce any and all connection to the present modern day brand of conservatism. A conservatism that seeks not to expand opportunity and civil liberties for all but rather strives to impose their views on all.

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  1. RN, it's very refreshing to hear people tell the truth rather than spew talking points and try to defend something that's obviously wrong. I have been true to my core beliefs as well, but I don't think Conservatism brought us Donald Trump. I think the Establishment (Democrats and Republicans) did. With all the corruption, lies and deceit, Americans are ticked off with politics as usual. Trump is not a Conservative, no doubt about that, but he's not a politician (I'm not defending him) and many people just want Washington fixed and it seems politicians either refuse to fix it, can't fix it, or don't want to fix it.
    And you're right, Obama hasn't taken away any of my rights. We had more rights taken away under Bush (PATRIOT Act and TSA) for Pete's sake.
    I'm not hopeful at this point that America can be saved. If we don't get a handle on our deficit and terrorism, I think we're done. I hope I'm wrong.

  2. I think in a sense you are right. Conservatism, when it is conservatism that holds to the true principles of classical liberalism, and recognizes what liberty for all, opportunity for all, equality for all means, and, realizes that this ain't 1776 anymore it indeed has nothing to do with Donald L. Trump, his demagoguery or the rest of his antics.

    I had great hopes for the Tea Party and initial believed it would be true to classical liberalism and a rational and thoughtful conservatism. Unfortunately the movement, IMHO, derailed early on and became what Trump is today. So in that sense I believe the brand of conservatism that fuels the anger and fear is not conservatism in the true sense. Therefore I cannot ever support the Tea Party or Trump.

    Yes Pam we did lose more under GWB than Obama, and, as you no doubt recall, GWB oversaw the biggest expansion of the federal government since FDR. We have become, with great help from the "conservative" neo cons, evangelicals, the NRA and firearms lobby, and big spending GOP'ers a nation in distress. But resorting to the Trump agenda is most decidedly NOT the path to making things "right".

    Terrorism is a threat, and, the efforts of our government have kept the threat small compared to elsewhere in the world. Frankly I'm more worried about the fear mongering and xenophobia that has taking hold in America. IMO it threatens not our civil liberties at the same time it plays into the recruitment efforts of the very terrorist we are fighting.

    I'm not hopeful either Pam. All we can do is keep plugging away in the slim chance a real prinicipled politician and leader surfaces before it's too late.

  3. Les, of all Obama's critics, you were always among the most rational. I think we can now see how Republican and conservative leaders really feel about their ostensible beliefs, as they either jump on the Trump boat or move to Hillary. Modern American Conservatism has been on the wain for some time now. Pam, above, sites part of the reason - conservatism does not address the real everyday problems faced by the American people. Terrorism should not be up there with jobs, healthcare, and education, and if anything, the war on terrorism has only exacerbated the national fiscal troubles. Conservatives rail about "taxes and spending" but never say a word about borrowing - borrowing from their masters on Wall Street. For conservatism to remain relevant, it must address the real problems we as a society face, but as you mentioned about it's paranoid approach to our moderate and sensible president, it does not.


  4. I am certainly in your corner on many points in this post, and in the comments herein. Yet, I am not ready to give up hope or throw in the towel. My hope is that this wave of resentment will pass.

    Everything depends, of course, on the willingness of the parties to return to an era of compromise and consensus. Most destructive of all is a GOP attitude that power comes before patriotism, and party before the public interest. Perhaps an election debacle will force them to come to their senses, I. e. that there is no future in Tea Party extremism.

  5. Thanks Jersey, although many "conservatives" I once associated with prefer to call me irrational these days. Go figure. :)

    Jobs, healthcare, and education indeed. All should be priorities for both political parties. Their focus needs to be on creating and supporting systems that are most effective and productive in the 21st century, not the 18th or 19th. Government should not attempt to do everything for the people. Thomas Paine had it right when he spoke about the General Welare. Unfortunately few are aware of the very rational writings of one of our greatest founding fathers. Other than a few phrases from Common Sense apparently.

  6. I am concerned that if HRC wins the election, and I believe she will, we will see more obstruction and a more toxic political environment than we experienced during the Obama presidency. Unless of course the senate and the house flip. I think there is a possibility the senate may, and the house may have a reduced majority.

    I hope you are right, but, unless the more reasonable and rational members of the GOP gain the upper hand it likely won't happen. The exact same holds for the Democratic party.

    Yes, there is indeed no future in Tea Party take us back to 1776 mentality. 3 million folks in 13 colonies is not the same as 350 million folks in 50 states that exist in a 21st century global economic and political environment.

  7. If you believe what you say you believe, then why are you in her corners like the rest of the Idiots?

  8. I realize it may be difficult for you to understand, but here I go.

    I am appalled, offended, made sick, and disgusted by Donald J. Trump. He is perhaps the greatest liar in American political history, and is unquestionably the biggest in modern political history. He is also a demagogue and a xenophobic as well as a misogynist and a megalomaniac.

    As for HRC, she is certainly less than fully honest and I believe she is more concerned with the Clinton family legacy than she may be about what is right for America. Having said that, she is decidedly NOT Donald J. Trump, not even close.

    I'm not "in her corner" AG, but left with choosing between the greater of two evils and the much lesser I'll go for the latter.

    As for idiots? I'll leave that one alone.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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