Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Obama On the Right Path With Cuba...

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President Obama, again doing the right thing. For America as well as Cuba and its people.

HAVANA — “Sí se puede,” President Obama told the Cuban people Tuesday in a nationwide address that promised a new beginning and a bright future together. “Yes we can.”

“It is time now for us to leave the past behind,” he said, clearly speaking told those watching him on television across the island, as much as to the restricted audience inside an ornate, colonial-era theater here. “It won’t be easy, and it will take time.,” but “we can make this journey as friends and as neighbors and as family.”

The speech was like nothing Cubans here have heard in many years. He issued an emotional appeal for an end to decades of “painful and sometimes violent separation” between those who left for new lives in the United States—who were long officially reviled here as traitors—and those who remained behind. He called on the government to unleash the “full potential” of Cuban ingenuity and youth by opening its doors to free expression and communication.

Later Monday morning, Obama met at the U.S. Embassy here with 13 of the most prominent political dissidents on the island, including Jose Daniel Ferrer and Elizardo Sanchez, who favor normalization, and Antonio Rodiles and Berta Soler, who have said the United States has reached out to Cuba but gotten nothing in return.

“All of the individuals around this table have shown extraordinary courage,” Obama said before the closed-door session began.

Before they sat at down, the dissidents were invited to dip their hands in red, white or blue paint and apply them to a work of art that formed the outline of both countrys’ flags. The interactive work was donated by Cuban artist Michel Morabal, who gave a similar one to the Cuban Embassy in Washington.

Why some conservatives in America have a problem with scraping a policy that has been a failure simply escapes all logic. However, in making a stab at it, one can only conclude ideology and stubbornness is the explanation. Even when reason points to the direction taken by President Obama.


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